annotated bibliography Writing Assignment Help

annotated bibliography Writing Assignment Help. annotated bibliography Writing Assignment Help.

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The subject is about ”Women’s rights in the Middle East”

It should have the following:

annotated bibliography Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

python spyder Programming Assignment Help

This link you can find the database in this first file to download it

Using the following database

answer to the following questions:

  1. Print names of columns
  2. Print number of records
  3. Number of the violation in 2018
  4. Number of an violation between 2010 to 2015
  5. Number of the violation occurred in daylight in 2013
  6. Number of injuries in 2015
  7. Number of fatal injuries in 2015
  8. Report:
    1. The time, day, month, the year that had the highest number of violation
    2. The time, day, month, the year that had the highest number of violation related to alcohol
    3. The brand of car that received the highest number of violation
    4. The new year of what year had the highest number of violation
    5. Compare the number of violations in different states
    6. Look at the trend of violation
    7. Look at the trend of violation related to alcohol
  9. Visualize the result and prepare a report on your findings. Your report should be emailed in a word document


LIBR100 Do: Citing a Website Humanities Assignment Help

Online citations generators remove some of the frustration involved in creating citations. A citation generator is an online tool in which you enter citation information (author, title, database etc.) and the program creates a citation formatted in a specific style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

However, citation generators are not always accurate. This is why we still teach you how to recognize what a correct MLA citation looks like and how to double-check it for errors; this way, if the generator is incorrect, you will be able to spot that there is a problem. Use citation generators with a critical eye. Review results.


1. Find an article on a website related to something you are learning about in another class.

2. Write a 2-4 sentence summary of the article. What is the article about? What are it’s main points? Don’t just copy and paste part of the article, I want to see you summarize it in your own words.

3. Create a webpage citation using MyBib (連結到外部網站。).

Double check to make sure the citation is correct!

A webpage citation should look like this:

Author. “Webpage Title.” Website Name, Publisher Name (omit if the same as the website name), Publication date,

4. Copy and Paste the correct webpage citation as your answer for this assignment.

Example: Here is what the citation for the webpage looks like:

Schipani, Vanessa. “The Facts on Chlorpyrifos.”, edited by Lori Robertson and Robert Farley, Annenberg Public Policy Center, 27 Apr. 2017, Accessed 21 Sept. 2017.


Using JMP to answer statistics quesiton Mathematics Assignment Help

You must use JMP to finish the quesitons

With Sentence and screen shot!–q41069241

the link is data you are going to use since they cannot allow me to upload the jmp file to here

(a) (3 pts.) Write out the theoretical equation for the full MLR model, then use the Fit Model platform to fit the full model. Overall does the model appear to be significant? Explain.

(b) (2 pts.) Obtain and confirm the adjusted R square calculation with hand computation. Interpret adjusted R square.

(c) (1 pt.) Write out the theoretical MLR model assuming standardized regressors and standardized response. Assume that we would use unit length scaling.

(d) (2 pts.) Obtain the standardized beta’s (the standardized coefficient estimates) from the Parameter Estimates table in JMP. Based on the standardized coefficients, which regressor seems to have the largest impact on Thrust (ignore the significance tests for now)? Which one has the least impact on Thrust. Explain.

(e) (2 pts.) Based on the original, unscaled coefficient estimates, which regressor seems to have the largest impact on the Thrust (again ignoring significance tests)? Explain. Why would the standardized betas possibly differ from the original coefficients in terms of which have the largest impact on the response?

(f) (2 pts.) From the Parameter Estimates table obtain the VIF values. Does severe multicollinearity appear to be present? Explain.

(g) (2 pts.) Using the Multivariate platform generate a scatterplot matrix for the six regressors. Based upon the scatterplots, which regressor is least likely to be involved in multicollinearities with the other regressors? Explain.


3 page Experimental Paper for Business Strategy Game (Bid only if you know BSG) Business Finance Assignment Help

Minimum of two (2) pages, to maximum of three (3) pages, (APA format) summarizing your experience with the BSG simulation.However, cover page and abstract is not necessary.

While the list below is not comprehensive, students are expected to address these and similar characteristics:

  • What were your key learnings during the BSG Simulation?
  • What strategies were successful and why?Which were not and why not?
  • What did you discover about working as a member of a management team?
  • How did your team decide to organize its activities, meetings, and work?
  • Did members of your team agree on your firm’s strategies?How did you handle disagreements?
  • What lessons can you take from this simulation and apply to your current professional role?



Generate Summary Statistics in Excel Business Finance Assignment Help


Company summary

LendingClub is a peer-to-peer marketplace where borrowers and investors are matched together. The goal of LendingClub is to reduce the costs associated with these banking transactions and make borrowing less expensive and investment more engaging. LendingClub provides data on loans that have been approved and rejected since 2007, including the assigned interest rate and type of loan. This provides several opportunities for data analysis.

Calculate Summary Statistics in Excel

We use Excel for basic validation. Remember, there is a limitation on the number of records that Excel can handle, so this is best for smaller- to medium-sized files. Excel’s toolbar at the bottom of the window provides quick access to a summary of any selected values.

  1. Open your web browser and go to: (Links to an external site.).
  2. In the Download Loan Data section, choose “2015”from the drop-down list, then click Download.
  3. Locate your downloaded zip files on your computer, and extract the .csv files to a convenient location (e.g., desktop or Documents).
  4. Open the LoanStats3c.csv file in Excel.
  5. Select the [loan_amnt]column. At the bottom of the window, you will see the Average, Count, and Sumcalculations, shown in LAB Exhibit 2-4A (Links to an external site.). Compare those to the validation given by LendingClub:
  • Funded loans: $3,503,840,175
  • Number of approved loans: 235,629

Q1. Do your numbers match the numbers provided by LendingClub? What explains the discrepancy, if any?

  1. Right-click on the summary toolbar and choose Numerical Countfrom the list. You should now see four values in the bar.

Q2. Does the Numerical Count provide a more useful/accurate value for validating your data? Why or why not do you think that is the case?

Q3. What other summary values might be useful for validating your data?

Required: Answer all of the questions from above and submit your Excel Data File.

Your well-written paper must be 3-4 pages, in addition to title and reference pages. The paper should be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements(Links to an external site.). Cite at least two peer-reviewed sources, in addition to the required reading for the module.

Generate Summary Statistics in Excel Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Complete 1050 word Psych Essay (UOP) Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment Content

  1. Choose one of the following topics and write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper summarizing the current professional literature on the topic. Many of these topics are broad and you may choose to focus your research on a more specific area of the topic, such as children showing resiliency when dealing with divorce. With instructor approval, you may select a topic that is not on the list below.

    • Resiliency in children
    • Gender differences in infancy and childhood
    • Effects of day care
    • Attachment styles
    • Causes and effects of child abuse and neglect
    • Effects of divorce on children
    • Prenatal influences
    • Prematurity, medical interventions, and long-term outcomes
    • Pros and cons of grade retention
    • Language development
    • Media influences on children
    • Influences on school readiness
    • Bullying causes, preventions, and interventions
    • Development of creativity
    • Sex differences in mental abilities
    • Effects of parental death on children
    • Emerging adulthood
    • Gender differences concerning aging
    • Midlife crisis
    • Adapting to life changes during adulthood
    • Developmental issues related to nontraditional families
    • Caring for aging parents
    • Victimization of the elderly
    • Death with dignity
    • Right to die

    Include at least four references from professional peer-reviewed journals.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


lesson plan reflection Humanities Assignment Help

1. Complete the two activitites in the lesson plan document

2.Annotate the completed activity (as with inserted comments or Post-Its), pointing out at least three things you’d want students to notice and why, were you to share this sample.

3. Write a 3-page reflection commenting on the lesson. Describe the process, the use, and the challenges. For instance, what does this lesson achieve? what problems need you anticipate? how will you evaluate student work? where will this exercise lead? Most important, quote and provide in-text page citations from at least THREE course readings to justify your thinking about the lesson. Include an MLA works cited, please.

reading sources: 1.…

2. kittle writers craft pdf that I posted



Psychology homework Humanities Assignment Help


There are several parts to this discussion – take the following IQ test, review the article about rising IQ’s, evaluate the following information from a previous text about variables connected to IQ levels, and then answer the following questions: (Links to an external site.)

Our IQs Are Climbing.docx

Variables that Affect IQ scores:

  • Large family size is associated with lower average IQs
  • First born children tend to be intellectually superior to later-borns
  • Occupational status and socioeconomic status are positively correlated with each other and with intelligence
  • Higher education is associated with higher intelligence
  • Urban regions tend to have higher IQs than rural areas
  • Teacher attitudes and expectations may play a role in whether a child fulfills his/her potential
  • African-Americans typically score one standard deviation (15 points) lower than European Americans – but when matched for socioeconomic status, this difference is greatly reduced
  • Asian Americans score higher than European Americans (11 points)
  • No consistent difference in gender is found in general mental ability, but there are certain specific abilities that differ between boys and girls

A. – Do you think the test results from your IQ test are above, about, or below your own perceived level of intelligence? Explain.
B. – Do you agree or disagree with the author’s conclusion that our IQs are rising (based on testing) but that we are not really any smarter than previous generations?
C. – How many of the variables apply to you personally (based on your family, economics, experiences, etc.) and do you agree with the research?

NOTE: I have attached the file for this question. it is named “Our IQs Are Climbing.docx


I have attached the file for question 2. It is named IQ assignment Jane 2


Students will review, critique, and respond to the selected article: “Common Problem Behaviors of Children and Adolescents in General Education Classrooms in the United States” by Harrison et al. (2012).

This review will help students see topics from a different perspective and will also include a personal reaction to the article. The first part of the article review will include a summary, review, and critique of the main points of the article in relation to knowledge gained or topics discussed within the course. The second part of the review will include the student’s perspective of helpfulness, inaccuracies, etc. The article review should be between two to three (2-3) pages. Please review the grading rubric before writing your article review to ensure that you are attending to all required components

I have attached the rubric and the article as well.



I need 550 words from this work as soon as possible Economics Assignment Help

In the spirit of institutional control create both a NLI process and financial aid process for a Division 1 member institution.

Scenerio: You are in charge of your compliance office and a coach walks in and says he wants to offer a $5000 scholarship to a PSA. Specifically, what do you need to have/check in order to offer a GIA and an NLI? What do you need to check for? What is the process for each?

  1. Create a draft form that you would use to capture this information. Read NCAA DI Manual: Bylaw 15 19-20 NCAA Manual .pdf

Bylaw 15 review: answers the questions below.

1.Team limits

a. Identify team limit maximums for each sport.

b. Explain and define both equivalency and head count sports.

c. What type of aid counts towards team limits?

2. Individual Limits

a. Identify individual aid limits for student -athletes.

b. What type of aid counts toward individual limits ?

c. By definition which sports have both equivalency and head count limits.

3. Counter

a. Define Counter.

b. Define non Counter.

c. Define Initial Counter.

d. How many initial Counters are permitted in both FCS and FBS football ?

e. When does a student athlete become a counter ?

4. Elements of Financial Aid

a. What are the key elements of Financial Aid?

b. When is it permissible to cancel Athletic Aid ?

c. When can athletic aid be cancelled during the period of award?

Design monitoring tools to properly monitor the following:


-Contacts and Evaluations

-Official Visits

-Unofficial Visits

-Telephone Contacts

Make sure to pay attention to sport specific!

*These do not have to be elaborate as this is a first step in monitoring. However, pretend you are hired on a campus tomorrow and you are asked to put together something that monitors these…you will want to start at the Bylaws and then add questions in your form/monitoring efforts that provide you with the information you need to make sure you are conforming to the rules. So essentially- what do you need to know for each of these to monitor and put a system in place to check them. Please let me know if you need assistance!


annotated bibliography Writing Assignment Help

annotated bibliography Writing Assignment Help

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