Answer discussion question and 2 responses minumium paragraph each. Humanities Assignment Help

Answer discussion question and 2 responses minumium paragraph each. Humanities Assignment Help. Answer discussion question and 2 responses minumium paragraph each. Humanities Assignment Help.

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At what point in an intimate relationship do you believe that self-disclosure is appropriate? What are the benefits or potential problems associated with disclosing too early? Or waiting too long? Make sure you think outside of the box, this is a Psychology class, this question is not just geared towards how many people you may have been intermate with, but what else could be meant by self disclosure? Remember to cite. Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.

——————————– Please respond to these 2 posts minimum paragraph —-

Margarita Torres

T. Addison, Instr.

PSYC11 Chapter 7 Discussion 1

To be honest every relationship varies. It depends on what type of sexual relationship it is. Let me explain. Sometimes there are those types of sexual relationships that it is only about the sex. No personal information is exchanged between the two. They may talk and tell each other how they like certain sexual acts but that’s about it.

But then there are those one relationships that you actually talk for hours upon hours. Your conversations range from, “How was your day?” to your sexual fantasies. And that can be even before sex.

You can not really put a time clock on a relationship or when is the right time to self disclose. Like I said above one relationship no personal information is exchanged well another all you do is talk. A lot depends on how comfortable you feel with each other. I know this is probably not the answer they were looking for. But speaking from experience I have had a variety of different relationships.

The potential with self disclosure to early is the other person can get scared off. And if it is to late, then they can get tired of waiting. There are different levels of intimacy also. Intimacy does not always mean a sexual relationship. Because people have been known to get intimate with people online. At times it is easier to self disclose with a total stranger. But there are a lot of dangers that can follow. It is better not to give a person online personal information. For example like your address, bank accounts, or credit cards. You may think you know who your talking too but in reality they can be catfishing you.


Gabriel Cisneros
Professor Anderson
Bio/Psych 11
27 January 2020
Chapter 7
Is there really such a thing as a perfect or the right time to talk about self-disclosure id argue that there is not. It’s all about opinion when you should she speak up with your partner. If I was to chose for myself id have to say it is when I feel like I would enjoy to continue the intimate relationship for a much longer time which would benefit me to speak up about it as soon as I come to that realization that this was not going to be short term. Fear of the negativity that may be shown in return is a potential problem. An example could be if a person rather enjoyed the oral servicing of the anus and chose to disclosure and the partner finds that to be rather disgusting it could end the intimate relationship. A potential benefit would be that they also enjoy that service but have been scared to express themselves. leading to both sides to get what they want and reach more frequent orgasms (Derlego et al., 1993; Hendrick & Hendrick, 1992).

Answer discussion question and 2 responses minumium paragraph each. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Financial Returns and Capital Constraints Assignment Help


In order to be successful, companies must leverage their spending in ways that will add to their value and propel them in the marketplace. In this portion of your report you will use the skills and content you mastered in your Adaptive Coach this week, to analyze the business conditions and begin to create the big financial picture of how the chosen company is spending their money and managing their investments in the future value of their organization through purchases and research and development.

Include the following content in this section.

  • Formulate the expected financial returns and associated risks by completing the following calculations.

    • Calculate the Return on Equity (ROE) using the DuPont system.
    • Calculate the Constant Growth Stock Valuation (CGSV) and compare it to the current stock price.

  • Research starbucks company’s industry and evaluate what type(s) of capital constraints your company must consider in order to be competitive in the market. Explain the appropriate financial techniques that would be used in this evaluation.

The Financial Returns and Capital Constraints

  • Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:

    • Title
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted

  • Must use at least two industry or scholarly sources in addition to the course text.

  • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


webtext 7-11 Business Finance Assignment Help




Statistic Analysis paper-01 Economics Assignment Help

This is a statistic analysis paper. I already did the data parts. Only need to use my datas and write 1200 words count paper for this assignment.

I did “FOOD” and “AIR”. And the detailed assignment questions are post.

This is the writing instructions:

The following rules apply to your assignments:

The following guidelines apply to both assignments you submit for this course.

1. Reports should be created as Word documents using a minimum font size of 11
and line spacing of 1.5 or 2.0. You need to include an assignment cover sheet as
the first page of your document. You can download this from the assignment
section on the ELE page. Your reports will need to be submitted electronically
through the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE). Please do not include your name
or student ID number anywhere in the document.

2. The deadline for submission of all your written work is 13th January 2020, which
is the Monday following the exam week. This is the final deadline; assessed work
will not be accepted after this date. You would be very well advised to complete
your assignments well in advance of it – say, your first assignment at the end of
November, and the second assignment before you leave for the Christmas break.
Then you will be free to concentrate all your efforts on preparing for the

3. Your report should include a short preamble describing the nature of the
investigation (enough to show that you understand what’s going on), a
description of your methods and results, and a short conclusion summarising your
findings. Use at least of 1200 words, excluding appendices with the
estimation output (see next item). However, please note that just to hand in
computer outputs is not sufficient and will receive a failing mark. There must be
explanation, interpretation and commentary in your own words. Significant marks
are awarded for the quality of your written presentation.

4. Estimation results can be cut-and-pasted directly from your saved TSM outputs,
as described in the ‘Tips’ section in Exercise 1. However, be selective! Only report
results that are going to be commented on in the text of your report. Applying a
bold-face font to the parts of the output that you want to draw attention to is a
good idea. However, trying to ‘pad’ the report by including irrelevant results will
lose marks. Don’t list the data, and don’t include plots unless they are to be
referred to somewhere in the text.

5. Last, but not least: your reports must be your own work, and in your own


Commodity Paper-04 Writing Assignment Help

Commodification Paper Rubric:

Research and write a short analysis of an important early phase (in most cases, early 20 thcentury or prior) in the commodification and globalization of one commodity(i.e., bananas, cement, chocolate, coffee, sugar, diamonds, palm oil, rubber, tobacco…). Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of our assigned readings from Weeks 2-3(Nature’s Metropolisand The Travels of a T-Shirt) in your analysis. Your paper may cite assigned class readings, or journalistic or other sources, but in addition you must also make meaningful use of at least three academic, non-class sources (peer-reviewed books or journal articles). Your paper must be edited, proofread, double-spaced, 1” margins all around, and font 12-point Times New Roman, 900-1000 words (about 3-4pages; not counting bibliography and illustrations). A detailed rubric is available in attached file.

The purpose of this assignment is to be a short analysis of an important early moment (in most cases, early 20th century or prior) in the global commodification of one commodity. The criteria according to which this assignment will be graded are: how well it describes and analyzes the chosen moment of commodification, how well it integrates the moment into the readings and the larger context of the course, and how well it meets academic writing standards. Commodification is an ongoing process— nothing is ever fully commodified, merely commodified to a greater or lesser extent. In this assignment you will pick a single phase or moment in the commodification of one commodity, and analyze how that change came about. An excellent paper will contextualize this moment of commodification within the broader history of the commodity, but focus its energy on one time and place: what changes occurred, and why is it a particularly important moment? An excellent paper will use the concepts from the readings and class as an integral part of the analysis, employing quotes from the readings (and sources) where appropriate. An excellent paper will be written to academic style: along with good writing, the sources used will be appropriate to the topic, properly cited, and of academic quality. Finally, an excellent paper may use popular sources (newspapers, magazines, online sites, etc.), but it must also make meaningful use of at least 3 scholarly, non-class sources (scholarly = academic = peerreviewed journal articles or books; see below), and it must cite them properly. Note: commodities we have covered in class are not allowed for this assignment (wheat, corn, cotton, etc).

Check the attached file for grading rubric!!!!



Writing Essay Writing Assignment Help

The detailed writing instruction is post in the attached file. Please check for details !!!

Words count at least 1500

Topic: The Use of pesticides in Industrial/ Factory Farming.

Rather than finding the right answer to a Question

at Issue, this assignment asks you to research a

topic to decide (and ARGUE) what you feel are the

best and most vitally important questions running

around inside of it. Which question is the best one

to answer in the upcoming major independent

research project?


Discuss several questions related to your chosen

topic within the larger subject of food. Identify the

“best question” using an enthymeme thesis (see

Crosswhite) which features an assertion backed by

your best reason(s) to support that assertion. For

example: “X is the most important question to

consider in this research topic because of reason

Y”). What are the unique costs of not addressing

your chosen research question? Back up all

assertions with clear, concise reasoning, Food

Justice casebook sources, and proper MLA


Reading 1: Wallace: Consider the Lobster

Reading 2: Stuckler: “Manufacturing Epidemics”

Reading 3: LaDuke: “Ricekeepers”

Reading 4:USDA: “Preparing for the Future”

Reading 5: Crosswhite: “How to Reason”

Writing Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

To help you understand some of the information infrastructure in use today. To help develop your ability to see HIT in the context of the healthcare organization Writing Assignment Help


Important groundwork has to be done ahead of any information system change in a healthcare organization. Information system change is an opportunity to revise or develop a coherent model of how information will flow and be used throughout an organization. It is also a good time to review and consider additional key security components, particularly as healthcare organizations grow through merger and acquisition. In this assignment, you will respond to the questions below to develop your understanding of some of these important considerations.

You may use course materials and other sources to develop your answers. The purpose of the assignment is two-fold:

  1. To help you understand some of the information infrastructure in use today.
  2. To help develop your ability to see HIT in the context of the healthcare organization

This is an individual assignment and your work is expected to be your own.

Specific Requirements

Please respond to the questions below. You can start with your course materials and reach out to other trusted resources as needed. Please remember that while we all love it, Wikipedia is not considered a trusted or scholarly resources. Also, please be sure to explore the questions in an appropriate level of detail given the Evaluation Criteria. A short answer will not be worth 20 points.

  1. Describe the term Architectural Models and give an example of a modeling approach a growing healthcare organization could consider using. Explain why you think the model you recommend would be a good fit. (pg 107)
  2. Define Mobile Computing and describe one benefit and one challenge an organization would experience if they decide to integrate Mobile Computing in their Architectural Model. Also discuss one legal concern they would face. (pg 112)
  3. As a part of implementing an Architectural Model, a Firewall can help protect an organization. Explain what a Firewall is and what purposes it would serve for an organization. Also describe what its main functions are.
  4. As a part of implementing an Architectural Model, a VPN can help protect an organization. Explain what a VPN is and what purposes it would serve for an organization? Also, describe how a VPN would work with Mobile Computing. (pgs 118-9)
  5. Define Cloud Computing and describe one benefit and one challenge an organization would experience if they decide to integrate Cloud Computing in their Architectural Model Also describe one NIST established essential Cloud Computing characteristic that you feel is important for an organization to consider and why.
Assignment Organizational and Formatting Guidelines

On the title page of your report please put your name, the course number and the following honor pledge: “On my honor as a student I swear that I have neither given or received assistance on this assignment.”

Each report should demonstrate scholarly writing and use of appropriate references and in-text citations. You will need at a MINIMUM of 5 references from course materials and scholarly sources for this assignment. The in-text citation and reference formatting should conform to the specifications in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.).

Logical flow, clarity of presentation, correct grammatical structure, and correct spelling should be evident throughout. The paper should be proofread and free of typographical errors. Don’t forget that spell check doesn’t always work for correctly spelled words that are a mistake in a sentence.

The length of each paper should be between 3-4 pages, typed in a 12-point font. Length refers to the text and does not include the title page or the reference pages. Use one-inch margins top, bottom, left, and right. Use double-spacing only. Do not make lists in the paper; write in paragraph form, using the guidelines for seriating in the APA manual. Do not use quotes, unless for definitions or particular emphasis; paraphrase instead. Use third person, not first (I, we, etc is not acceptable). Write objectively, not subjectively. Express your professional opinion based on fact.

Please use only the questions given above as headings for your paper. Subheadings should be used for each individual question.

You may use course materials and other sources to develop your answers.

Method of Evaluation
Criteria Points
Question 1 20
Question 2 20
Question 3 20
Question 4 20
Question 5 10
Spelling, grammar, following organizational requirements 10
Total Points 100


how has electroshock been misused? short essay Humanities Assignment Help

please write a short essay on the following question-

How has Electroshock been misused? (Remember to consider the lived experiences of those who have gone through Electroshock

Write a 2­­-3 page paper that focuses on your key issue. You should summarize your issue, including the debate that exists surrounding that issue, and weigh in with an informed opinion. Be sure to refer to at least five peer reviewed journal articles

MUST include all of the following-

1) make sure it includes at least 5 peer reviewed journals with APA citations and in text citations

2) must include lived experiences

3) please make sure to include the reading I have attached, chapter 11 of the text we are using for the course. “Electroshock: Torture as “Treatment” by Don Weitz

the paper will be submitted into turn it in, so please make sure it is original and concise.

I need it done by 12 am tonight to avoid late penalties.

thank you


Population Effect Science Assignment Help

Refer to the population clock and take note of the increase of our population per day and per year. Think about how our lifestyle patterns, consumption of goods, and regions that we inhabit affect the environment. The relationship between our increase of population and degradation may seem to be direct and forthright, but there are many intricacies. Choose one area of environmental health that you would like to consider how the population increase impacts directly. You will submit a two-page paper that introduces the topic of your interest and the human issues surrounding it. The paper must be double spaced. An example of a topic and one that I considered before having children is the amount of diapers thrown into our landfills each day. This increases with population increase. The negative issues (besides the most apparent of waste) is the substances in fecal matter that are now put into landfills and the chemicals in the diapers themselves. An alternative would be cloth diapers.


Easy research and fill – Orientation to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) Part I Humanities Assignment Help


The Orientation to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual) assignment is a two-part assignment to enhance students’ knowledge and application of academic writing using APA style. Part I of this assignment will afford students an opportunity to become acclimated to the APA Manual, which is currently in its seventh edition.

APA style is not only a standard of writing for psychologists, but also for writers (i.e., students and authors) in behavioral and social sciences such as counseling. Students will be asked to write and submit a number of papers as a graduate student, which will assist in developing their professional voice. While some students will turn their papers into professional manuscripts, graduate-level writing largely is a method of presenting information clearly and concisely. Therefore, this assignment was designed to help students become acclimated to the standard of writing used in our profession.

Students are asked to work individually to complete the attached handout and to answer questions using complete sentences. Be sure to answer each of the sub-questions to be eligible for full credit. Part I of this assignment helps students recognize patterns in the seventh edition of the APA Manual and allows students to become familiar with some of the content in the APA Manual. Part I is worth 10 points.

Please note that two versions of the handout are attached below (i.e., accessible copy).



Answer discussion question and 2 responses minumium paragraph each. Humanities Assignment Help

Answer discussion question and 2 responses minumium paragraph each. Humanities Assignment Help

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