Answer Sociology Questions Humanities Assignment Help

Answer Sociology Questions Humanities Assignment Help. Answer Sociology Questions Humanities Assignment Help.

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The Prompt:

Identify three major television shows that you are familiar with (Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and The Haunting of Hill House). For each of the shows, identify the main characters of the show. For each of these characters, please identify the ways in which they are portraying traditional or non-traditional gender roles. Please discuss ways in which several of these specific characters might influence young female and male viewers.


* No word limit.
* Plagiarism will not be accepted. Write in your own words.
* Use the TV shows I mentioned in parenthesis above.
* Answer all the questions above.

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Preventative controls Other Assignment Help

Create Preventative Controls for SunGrafix, a video game design company. In some cases, the outage impacts identified in the BIA may be mitigated or eliminated through preventive measures that deter, detect, and/or reduce impacts to the system. Where feasible and cost effective, preventive methods are preferable to actions that may be necessary to recover the system after a disruption. Preventative controls include the identification of effective contingency planning preventive controls and maintaining these controls on an ongoing basis. Identify and incorporate a variety of preventive controls into your BCP. Some of the listed controls are the following:

  • Appropriately sized uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to provide short-term backup power to all system components (including environmental and safety controls);
  • Gasoline- or diesel-powered generators to provide long-term backup power;
  • Air-conditioning systems with adequate excess capacity to prevent failure of certain components, such as a compressor;
  • Fire suppression systems;
  • Fire and smoke detectors;
  • Water sensors in the computer room ceiling and floor;
  • Heat-resistant and waterproof containers for backup media and vital non electronic records;
  • Emergency master system shutdown switch;
  • Offsite storage of backup media, non-electronic records, and system documentation;
  • Technical security controls, such as cryptographic key management; and
  • Frequent scheduled backups including where the backups are stored (onsite or offsite) and how often they are recirculated and moved to storage.


Home Fit Guide Assignment Writing Assignment Help

This assignment requires you to complete a Home Assessment. You should review the AARP Home Fit Guide as well as the worksheets that they provide for the Home Fit Assessment process.

You should complete the Assessment using the detailed instructions in the Assignment and complete your writeup using the guidelines that appear in the Assignment instructions. The site visit needs to be documented with a picture of the home you are visiting that has a date and time stamp on the picture (you can also include other pictures of the home so I have a better idea of how the home is structured).

2 page written assessment (no fluff) of a home, APA format Cover page ,

I will attach the house pictures when this get assigned.


Racism final paper writing Writing Assignment Help

This is a final project essay, requires 10 pages, reference not count here.

The topic is list in the attached file, need to choose one topic and write with Details, do not analysis and argue in a board way, need to be very specific on one point,

Step 1. Need to choose one topic from the attached file.

Step 2. read the grading rubric, make sure meet all the requirement.

This is a research paper, use MLA format.

Your final group paper will be graded according to the
rubrics and information provided in our syllabus, in the Final Group Paper module,
and in my announcements. Grading is based on the appropriateness of your topic,
the amount of research, time, and effort you put into your paper, the clarity
and critical thinking in your writing, and how seamlessly the work of group
members is integrated into a coherent whole.


reply to discussion post below hmls wk3 Science Assignment Help


The Reference Manual to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings is part of the BIPS and serves as a guide to reduce physical damage to components of buildings and related infrastructure and to reduce the number of casualties related to building-focused attacks. The manual focuses on the eight designated sectors from the NIPP by the DHS, including: Banking and Finance, Commercial Facilities, Communications, Critical Manufacturing, Government Facilities, Healthcare and Public Health, Information Technology, and Postal and Shipping. The measures applicable from this manual are for large occupancy buildings. Furthermore, the updated FEMA 426 outlines NIPP-defined activities that speak to corporate leaders and owners of buildings. They are the main audience of this manual, as they are majorly in control of the security going on within their buildings. And not just within their buildings, but the structure of the buildings as well. The manual helps the private sector industry develop and prioritize key missions that will enable their asset protection or restoration. The NIPP provides a unifying structure for the protect efforts of CIKR into a single national program.

Something that the manual also supports is the concept of resilience and continuity of events after an event has occurred. It basically talks about how well a company can recover and withstand an attack. Resiliency is very important, but can be hard to achieve depending on the type of terrorist attack. It is important to estimate what risks there are to the infrastructure, but this provides challenges in itself, as it really is difficult to predict when or when a terrorist may strike. It is common that high-occupancy buildings are larger targets, so it is imperative that security is a priority when dealing with these buildings.

I recently watched the movie Skyscraper with the Rock as its starring actor, and the concept of risk management and protecting infrastructure was a dominant theme in this movie. The building portrayed had next-gen level protections against fire and many other hazards. It also had fail safes in case something did not work according to the first plan. In the movie, this building’s security cost an outrageous amount of money, but in reality, isn’t supreme security worth the money?

It seems that a lot of companies, and people in general, ignore the risks. And perhaps it’s not that they ignore the risks, but that they aren’t as aware as they should be, or they simply don’t believe something terrible would happen to them or their company. People think it will never happen to them, until it does. Security measures against terrorism attacks against high-occupancy buildings need to be implemented at every building or company, for the safety of all those who work there.



Two chemical questions Science Assignment Help

Question 1:

Balance the following equation and indicate what kind of reaction it is. (synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, combustion, neutralization, redox)


What is the mass of the solute in 0.750L of 1.35 M HNO3? (Record to the thousandth’s place.)

If 12.8g of Cu is reacted with 0.750mL of 1.35M HNO3, 2.55 g of NO is produced.

  1. What is the limiting reactant?
  2. What is the theoretical yield?
  3. What is the percent yield?

Question 2:

Write the complete ionic equation AND the net ionic equation of a mixture of the following:

K2C2O4(aq)+Ba(OH)2(aq) (know how to make chemical formulas from the name)

If 12.8g of K2C2O4 is reacted with 125mL of 1.755M Ba(OH)2 , 8.55 g of insoluble product is produced.

  1. What is the limiting reactant?
  2. What is the theoretical yield?
  3. What is the percent yield?

Two chemical questions Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Marketing/ Professional Development- Note Different Due Dates Business Finance Assignment Help

ssignment 1 – Due Date 06/05/2019 11pm EST

The objective of this class exercise is to gain a thorough understanding of segmentation variables by designing a target market for a new retail operation.

Prompt for Students:

You have just received a sizable inheritance. After giving part of it to charity, you have $500,000 remaining to begin a new retail operation in your local area. What kind of operation will you open? Indoor Go cart Center

1. What market or segment of a market exists in your area with unfulfilled needs or wants?

2. Briefly describe the nature of the operation you would open to meet the needs of a specific market segment(s).

a. Product or service?

b. Price range?

c. Location? Saint Croix

3. Will you use a concentrated or a differentiated targeting strategy? Why?

4. What segmentation variables will be useful in describing your target market(s)? Why?

Business plan will be posted. please use to answer the questions.

Assignment 2- Due Date 06/05/2019 11:30 pm Est

The 10 minute video segment is part of a Frontline series called “The Merchants of Cool.” While this program aired years ago, it is still relevant. Frontline is an excellent program and all of its episodes are available online at the PBS website.

Note:Some episodes contain content which may not be appropriate for all classes.

Today the teen market is a very desirable market segment since they set trends and have high levels of disposable income. This video (Part 1: Hunting for Cool) demonstrates some of the research techniques used to identify what is cool to the various segments of teen culture. View the following link below below:…


How do marketers know what is “cool” for a particular segment?

Assignment 3- Due Date 6/6/2019- 10pm EST

Research a career of their choice, and explain the duties and responsibilities associated with the said career within a business organization.
Submit a two-page, APA format, typed, double-spaced and grammatically correct report in Times New Roman with Font size set at 12 point with margins of at least 1 inch. APA format is required. Please use intext citation. completely original work

Human Resource Manager- Juan Luis Hospital, Saint Croix VI

Assignment 4- Due Date 6/6/2019- 10pm EST

Professional skills are related to your performance on the job. They also affect other job opportunities and future careers. Discuss “Internship: The opportunity of a College Career” in a two-page, APA format, typed, double-spaced and grammatically correct report in Times New Roman with Font size set at 12 point with margins of at least 1 inch. APA format is required. Please use intext citation. completely original work

Use this journal- “Internship: The opportunity of a College Career


​Questions Week 1 Humanities Assignment Help

The Ancient Greeks on reason, virtue, politics, and justice.

Please respond to the following two sets of questions:

1. Since Socrates, what is the political significance of “reason” for the meaning of virtue for Plato and Aristotle? In other words, what role does reason and virtue play in politics, citizenship, and the formation of a good or just society? And, how does Aristotle’s view differ from Plato’s?

Note: These questions above overlap and are meant to ask the same question from a few different angles. Your response should meet a minimum 350 words and maximum 400-word count.

2. What is Plato’s idea of justice both for the individual and for the polity in Plato’s Republic? Your response to this second question should meet a minimum and maximum 200-250 word count.

Please start your own thread. For guidance, please refer to my criterion in the Introductions forum instructions and the following formal undergraduate rubric in Resources.


Create a Relationship Graph Mathematics Assignment Help

For this discussion, you will have the opportunity to create your own relationship graph. Use the illustration tools in Microsoft Word to make the graph. It can be a graph of your friendship network, or professional connections, or it can depict some other relationship that you find interesting.

Your graph should have at least six vertices. You should clearly label what the vertices are as well as explain the significance of their connection. For example: the vertices in the above graph are different actors/actresses, and they are connected by an edge if they have acted in the same movie together.

For your initial post, upload a copy of your graph and summarize what you discovered from this exercise. What insights did you gain from the graph?

For your response, discuss with your peers other places in your life that relationship graphs could be applied.

In your initial post, create a graph in Word and attach it to your post (or place it in your post). Make sure you also explain what the edges and vertices represent and what relationship you are trying to display. Your initial post should be at least 150 words in length.

To demonstrate participation, you need to provide at least 2 quality reply posts that demonstrate that you have read and analyzed your classmates’ posts. Make sure you are providing at least 50 words per reply.


everything is in the requirements below Science Assignment Help

Find 3 articles that deal with geological/ oceanographic issues and write a summary of each article. Combine the 3 summaries into a paper that is no more than 2 pages long. Articles may be found in the Los Angeles Times, Discover Magazine, Newsweek, Time Magazine, California Geology (in the Library), etc. Provide your opinion or analysis.

  • The ONLY item at the top of your paper should be your name.
  • Paper should be 1 to 2 pages, typed, 1.5 spacing, standard margins and fonts and concise.
  • The quality of your English composition is important. Don’t forget to use correct essay form – Intro paragraph with thesis statement, three examples, and conclusion paragraph.
  • A bibliography and copies of your articles are required as well.


Answer Sociology Questions Humanities Assignment Help

Answer Sociology Questions Humanities Assignment Help

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