answer these assignments Science Assignment Help

answer these assignments Science Assignment Help. answer these assignments Science Assignment Help.

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  1. search the internet for a Didactic Material that could be used to teach the class or lab about one aspect of Climate Change. A didactic Material can be a Video, a Video Lecture, a web page, and interactive activity or a virtual or on-line lab.
  2. Keep in mind that your audience is composed of students. Non-majors with little science background. This means you are targetting the general public, so beware of using materials that are too complicated, or require advanced knowledge in computer programing, math or science.
  3. Once identified the Didactic Material they want to use, write a lesson plan.
  • identify the Didactic Material and give a link
  • What are the objectives of the lesson you will use this material for? Identify at least 2.
  • Describe the material you are presenting
  • How would you use it? How would you assess if the students achieved your objectives (test? quizz? report? lab worksheet?)
  • Write 5 questions you would use on a test for this material. 3 should be multiple choice and 2 should be essay questions.
  • What do you expect would be the reaction of the class if you used the material in a lesson?

Human Lab Worksheet…

Select 4 human impacts you learned about in the activity, 2 from the Island and 2 from the Atol.

List the following information for how each impact affects the ecosystem:

a. Describe how the human impact you selected affects the ecosystem.

b. Summarize some of the evidence of humans’ impact on the ecosystem. You might need to use other resources from the internet.

c. Describe specific types of evidence people should look for in their own ecosystem to determine whether humans can reverse the impact to the local environment.

d. How do you think this impact will change over the next 100 years?

Island Impact 1





Island Impact 2





Atol Impact 1





Atol Impact 2





Also answer three questions from this exercise link at end on part 3…

sustainable renewable energies

1. Title page

2. Introduction – Develop an introduction that presents your investigation. You can use the questions from the case study as a guide. A good introduction should include background information on the topic, the definitions your reader will need to understand your report and a brief summary of what you are going to tell us in the body of the report.

3. Content – You can call this section content, or you can divide the section into several sections each with their own title, but in general the content sections of your report should contain the results of your investigations. In other words, the answers to the questions posted in your case study. Don’t limit yourself to answering each question with a sentence or two. The questions are realy just there to guide you and point you in the right direction. Make sure you investigate the topic and write an complete account of what you found. Feel free to include tables, figures or pictures, or any other visual aid you can embed in the word document.

4. Figures and Tables must be properly labled and numbered. In scientific reports, tables always should have a Table number and a title ABOVE the table ( for example Table1. Master list of groceries and where to buy them. Figures, however, should have a title and a number that appears UNDER the picture, and are usually accompanied by a short explanation of what is included. (for example;under a picture of a farm you would write Fig.1 – Owen Brothers Farm, South Mills, NC. This farms produces organic cage-free eggs and sells to the public at farmers markets in the area.). Figures and tables should be there for a reason, and should enhance the text of your report.

5. Conclusion – This is the section where you tell me your opinions about the things you discovered on your investigation. Its a good place to include some of the final questions from your instructions. The fact that these are your opinions however, doesn’t mean you can write anything you think off. Your opinions must be backed up by the facts you presented in your research.

6. References – Any scientific report has to be properly referenced. If you use somebody elses words (cut and paste) you should do so in quotations and you need to reference the source. the same is true if you use pictures or tables. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE LARGE SECTIONS OF YOUR REPORT!!!! this needs to be your own words. But quoting a source is a very appropriate use of your reference material. To write your references properly, follow the instructions given on the Reference section you’ll find here.

answer these assignments Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Common Training Mistakes Health Medical Assignment Help

Final Project Writing Assignment – Common Training Mistakes: Using information from Internet, you will present a research essay that addresses common mistakes made in training for 2 activities of your choosing. Examples include:

* Weight training nutritional mistakes

* Distance running training mistakes

* Basketball training mistakes

* Football physical training mistakes

* Any sporting activity that interests you that examines common mistakes.

Please note that Your paper must be 8-10 pages in length (not including cover page or reference page) and must be in 3rd person voice. Your essay should include an introduction and summary.


Profile of a Successful Businessperson Economics Assignment Help

Format: APA. Length: 3-4DS pages, plus a title page, abstract, and “references” page that includes at least four primary sources. (Do not cite Wikipedia ,, or other students’ papers.) At least eight citations are required within the body of the paper. Create at least one citation for each source on your References page. Cite each source from your References page at least once. Sources you consult, but do not quote, paraphrase, or otherwise use, will not appear on your References page. Review your originality report and remedy any issues before submitting your work. Your similarity score should be 0% or close to it. Papers that demonstrate a disregard for these guidelines will be returned ungraded. Permission to revise (or write a new paper) will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Blatant cases of plagiarism may be escalated at the instructor’s discretion. As needed, seek assistance from the FIU Center for Excellence in Writing (Links to an external site.). Although these are somewhat formal research papers, the use of the first-person POV is permitted (but not required).

  • Executive Profile: Select a contemporary entrepreneur, CEO, or other accomplished business leader (from any industry, including the public sector). The person need not be famous or wealthy. Select someone who inspires you, someone you don’t know personally, and someone active in business today. Avoid Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, and other predictable choices–unless you are certain that you can approach them from a fresh, creative perspective. The person you select can be best known for their achievements for something other than business (e.g. sports, entertainment, or music) — so long as they have achieved business or entrepreneurial success.
  • Abstract: (See the Purdue Owl sample APA paper.) Length: 50-100 words. Avoid 1st person POV for the abstract.
  • PART 1: Provide a brief overview of the person’s path toward wealth, power, influence, and/or innovation—whatever you consider to be “success.” Did the person’s education and family background contribute to his or her pursuit of private-sector and/or public-sector interests? Did the person face leadership, financial, health, personal, and/or legal challenges? Note surprising shifts in career trajectory and mention surprising details that set them apart. Don’t randomly pick a wealthy or famous person: find someone who inspires you and whom you might continue to learn from. Someone who could serve as your “virtual” mentor. Perhaps you’ll find a person whose background, in some way way, reminds you of yourself.
  • PART 2: Provide insights into the person’s habits, leadership approach, and career advice. What lessons can you gather from this person that are applicable to your successful path in business and in life? Include quotes from the person that capture their message.
  • Please ask me about the person that you think will easy or good for you to complete the assignment so age on the person


Module 04 Lab Assignment – Documentation of an Assessment of the Gastrointestinal System Health Medical Assignment Help

You will perform a history of an abdominal problem that your instructor has provided you or one that you have experienced and perform an assessment including nose, mouth, throat, and neck. You will document your subjective and objective findings, note any abnormal findings, and submit this in a Word document to the drop box provided.

Remember to be objective when you document; do not make judgments. For example, if the person has a palpably enlarged liver, do not write “the liver is enlarged probably because they drink too much.” Avoid stating that something is normal but instead state WHY you think it is normal. For example, if you think that the abdomen looks “normal” – which is subjective – then document that the “abdomen is flat, skin color consistent with rest of body, no lesions, scars, bulges, or pulsations noted.”

Gastrointestinal System Assignment

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.



assignment help Law Assignment Help

Risk of Violent Crime Victimization During Major Daily Activities


On the basis of your analysis, respond to the following:

  • Describe the authors’ research questions, methodology, results, and findings.
  • Describe how the methodology helped the authors answer the research questions.
  • Describe how this article could or should influence public policy.
  • If you were to replicate the research of Lemieux and Felson using the data from Week 2 Project,
    would you have all the data you need to replicate their research? Are
    the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) statistics sufficient for reproducing
    their research? seven pages for the whole paper
  • What might be missing and preventing you from completing their research using the data from W2 Assignment 2?
    • How would you go about getting the needed information to complete their research?
    • Identify and describe other measures of crime in the United States
      that would be more appropriate to replicate their research and include a
      description of those data sources.
    • Be specific as to how the sources you identified are more appropriate measures than the UCR.



Museum assignment Business Finance Assignment Help


This assignment will include an overview of your museum, including a floor plan, a list of key artifacts in different sections of the museum, and a guided tour.
You have to present this project as a PowerPoint presentation with audio and video, as appropriate.
Your research and all sources must be documented, and you must include a Works Cited list. (This may be in the form of credits at the end of a video, but it has to be there in some form.)

All the information is attached as “Research Paper” and all you have to do is get the information from there and start creating a powerpoint.

You do not have to do any research! All the information is given!


Museum assignment Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Create a survey using qualtrics program. Computer Science Assignment Help

Background for the survey: Heinz Field
that starting
with the
they will create a student

only seating section where ticket prices will be half price of regular ticket
(subject to
verification with
valid student
upon entering the
). The student

only seating
section will also have its
dedicated food and beverage concessions.
In order to decide
what type of food concessions should be in the student

only seating section,
Heinz Field
hired you to build a Qualtrics survey, collect data
from a sample of the population
prepare a report that contains
based on
the survey results.

Assignment Requirements

The survey
must contain
an introduction

Since the
section will be a student

only section,
you need to check
student status of
. If the respondent
is not a student
, you should not allow
to continue the survey (i.e., screen out)
All respondents must be

The survey must contain 4 questions related to respondent demographics.

The survey must contain a question that checks how often respondents
go to
sporting events. Those who answer
“rarely” or “never” should be shown an
additional question
why they do not go to sporting events.

The survey must contain
at least
3 questions about the food respondents
would like
sporting events.
These questions can be about the type of food,
sizes, packaging, condiment selection,
cuisines and how much money respondents
are willing to spend on food.

The survey must
contain a free

text question asking respondents
when they would
prefer to eat during the sporting events
. Their response should be limited to 50

The survey must contain at least 1 skip and 1 display logic.

The survey must be
distributed and completed by at least 8
that are not
screened out due to their student status


MS Word file
of your survey design
exported from Qualtrics

PDF of your
downloaded from Qualtrics

MS Excel
(or csv file)
with the raw survey results downloaded from Qualtrics,

MS Word file containing a
that explains your Qualtrics
(including the population, sampling strategy and characteristics of
the sample chosen)
of the
should also make
(derived from the survey findings)
on the type of food concessions
Heinz Field
in the student

only seating section.
should be
at least 300 words.


I need an proposal done for a research question Writing Assignment Help

I need the following proposal redone to reflect the current title. The research information must be referring to the title only. Watch sentence structure-nouns-pronouns-verbs etc. Must focus on homeless women and children mostly!


The impact non-profit organizations have on the homeless community specifically women with children and the ways they can assist with building resilience for the future.

As a result of several years of working to support the homeless population in my current city, I have developed a passion for serving underprivileged women and children to help them improve their lives. Working with women and children has caused me to want to do more to assist them with being able to live normal lives and now worry about living on the streets or shelters. My experience with these disadvantaged populations has led me to search for more ways that I can help homeless families and individuals.


In a matter of time, life within our cities may change and suit more favorable individuals. However, as time goes by, we must look at the different stakeholders that are available within a given setting. The primary purpose of my research is to identify the possible ways through which the non-profits and other groups within a given economic setup may be of value to the homeless and needy persons. The research will focus majorly on women and children, which is a group most vulnerable to different adverse situations due to a lack of basic needs throughout their daily operations. Having separate reporting on the continued risks that face the women and children in the streets, will show a need to explore better solutions in handling this situation at hand.

The living standards of individuals ensures the availability of the basic requirements daily. By improving the situation at hand for homeless families and especially affected women, will help enhance the impact of the entire economic setup by ensuring livelihood in the communities (Arvidson, 2018). Additionally, the cause of the alarm is the increased number of individuals with a lack of basic needs that require immediate action to ensure they are well-taken care of by society.


According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development assessment report in 2018, there were around 553,000 people who are homeless in one night. Homelessness among women and children causes them to face a lot of challenges in their lives on the streets. They face high cases of rape cases, violence, drug abuse and deaths due to disease. My research among the homeless community will enable someone to understand the causes and effects of homelessness, especially for women and children. It will also show the role non-profits can play in reducing the many cases of homelessness. My study seeks to give recommendations on how the government can reduce and handle cases of homelessness.

In the last couple of years, the increase of homeless people and street families has posed several questions as to the purpose of society. Despite the many efforts of reinstating these individuals to better places, the continued cropping up of the same has gotten visibly identified in significant towns within the country. However, different organizations have continually invested in ensuring that these cases are taken care of early in advance. Non-profits offering services have contributed to the improvement of the situation on our streets. While we understand the different causes of the same from the interaction with these individuals, we still have a few issues unattended to as the continued increase of such situations despite the efforts to manage the current situation. This continues to open up for a need to explore more and gain a better understanding and facilitate service provision.


Some research questions that come to mind are:

What are the significant causes of homelessness among women and children?

Why are there more homeless women than men?

What are the challenges that homeless people face, especially women, in the streets?

How many government or non-profit organizations have helped them?

Do we feel like the government can handle homelessness and how?

What recommendations can be made to help homelessness in the USA?

Why does homelessness generate so much confusion and debate?

What are the statistics on mental health and substance abuse in the homeless community?

What role do a person’s health and finances play in becoming homeless?

Why do some people choose to be homeless?

Why are there so many men shelters compared to women ones?

How can nonprofits connect more with the homeless community?

What are the effects of homelessness on school-aged children?

Does being money-hungry affect a nonprofit’s ability to help the homeless?

The research issue under consideration is mainly the increase of homeless people and more so women and children on the streets. It leads to the development of the research question. What are the causing factors that might mainly affect women and children to cause an influx in the streets as homeless families? In answering this question, it will help understand the economic needs that are within different individual requirements within the society. Additionally, it will create a better action plan that would help the non-profit and other voluntary groups understand and improve their service delivery to these families. Furthermore, by answering the research questions, it will help prepare us for future advances that enhance the living standards.


Extended periods have shown several challenges in getting critical services needed for families. However, research shows that several non –profit organizations have come together in aid of these homeless families and children to help in offering better living standards. According to Manwaring (2019), the need for education is one of the most basic requirements that individuals need and would help in improving living standards. Implementing a better education system for the adults would show a reduction of the dependency rate within society, reducing the risks of poverty and the lack of basic needs. The need to train and improve individuals with previous cases of mental illness has contributed to the rooting of the different organizations to help support these needy families. This has worked in supporting the homeless population through the creation of care centers where they are in a position to get the most critical needs on a continued basis.

Working without food reduces an individual’s output. Something like this may be the cause of different drug-related operations in search of accessible food on the streets. Various causes of rape would only be manageable by ensuring that individuals who are homeless get proper care and are continually engaged in multiple activities. However, the management of such situations would require individuals who are more qualified, and that will offer the best services to these individuals willingly. Research also indicates a need for attachment with individuals to provide possible solutions and gain better performance. My research question would get fully answered through the allocation of time and resources for managing the homeless. Greater focus should be made towards women and children who from research have shown a more significant need compared to men.

The numbers continue increasing as it has been documented in a recent study by the Department of Housing and Urban development in 2018, which has shown that the number of homeless individuals is continuing to rise. Early polices were used to curb the homeless situation but were only a temporary situation. According to recent studies, homelessness continues to be a national disaster, even with the construction of shelters. Research has shown that there is still a gap in solving homelessness, and the government should do more like providing affordable housing, employment opportunities, and better solutions.The long-term objective of my research will be to investigate the role non-profits have in helping reduce homelessness in the USA. Moreover, to also come up with a long-term solution that will help homeless individuals afford affordable housing by the government and other non-governmental organizations. The objective of the current study is to review the causes and effects of homelessness, specifically among women and children. Also, it will provide a comprehensive understanding of the homelessness situation in the US. It is also going to investigate the current solution for the homeless by the US government. Moreover, how effective they have been over the years.


My type of research methodology is the use of qualitative research designs because I want a detailed research process. I am going to use both open and close-ended questionnaires through in-depth interviews with affected homeless women and children. I will also use case studies on several homeless individuals where I will learn how they live, why they came on the streets and the problems they face based on the location of the homeless individuals. I will utilize different areas to perform case studies. Also, I will use sampling by selecting several homeless individuals in homeless shelters, ask them structured and unstructured questions. The number of the sample size will be twenty, and the sample group will be women who are under the age of thirty-five and children less than ten. Moreover, I will use focus group discussions with women and children in shelters. This will help me get detailed information about the research being conducted. The use of observation methods on observing the homeless individual’s lives will help me know the problems they face when living in shelters and on the streets. I will also use secondary information examples books, newspapers and government publications based on homelessness in the US to help me gather more information.

The research to be conducted is diverse and will require different identification and interaction with different people. However, to ensure the most critical aspect within the research question is engaged, the need to use a mixed element of research methods in gaining enough data and securing that there are better analysis methods in data quantification. The research will employ the use of questionnaires and interviews with the target audience in continually gaining data to act on in the entire investigation. These methods are elaborated and identified in their usage.


It’s a critical tool that would ensure I get first-hand information that helps me understand the situation. However, the list of questions attached to multiple choices that the individual can understand and give their view. It’s a critical data collection tool and ensures the continued analysis of data collected as the raw data identified gets majorly used in providing a specific output of my research.


The raw data collected from the interviewee is critically analyzed and better understood to provide the essential conclusion to the research is reached. The data collection would be the most critical part, and that will require the maximum time to accomplish. However, the best option would be to ensure that there is data safety, as this might drain on most of the resources allocated. Bearing in mind that there is a need to quantify and analyze the results, the researcher would invest much effort and time in the data collection. Similarly, a pilot test would be conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the data collection tools. If they suite the research idea at hand, then they are quickly adopted into the research. However, in cases where there is doubt about the research tools, there is room for consideration and amendment to suit the target population and acquire the necessary information.


Baum, A. S. (2019). A nation in denial: The truth about homelessness. Routledge.

Ravenhill, M. (2016). The culture of homelessness. Routledge.

Walliman, N. (2017). Research methods: The basics. Routledge.

Arvidson, M. (2018). Change and tensions in nonprofit organizations: beyond the isomorphism trajectory. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 29(5), 898-910.


Describe an issue in the health care environment, or delivery of care system (in your place of employment, locally, nationally or federally) that would improve with a change in policy. outline a plan, and discuss the details Health Medical Assignment Help

According to Abood (2007) As soon as one is aware of a situation in which a change in policy would improve the health care environment or the delivery system, one can move to exploring the pros and cons of possible solutions, and then work to get others interested and involved in the issue.

Describe an issue in the health care environment, or delivery of care system (in your place of employment, locally, nationally or federally) that would improve with a change in policy. Considering that many health care issues are too complex to be tackled and easily resolved by a few phone calls or even the dedicated efforts of one person, outline a plan, and discuss the details of how you would work to mobilize key players to become interested and get involved in implementing your proposed plan of action. Analyze the pros and cons of the stated solution for the issue you have identified. Please apply related principles from Nurse Profile: Connie Hill—Click link below: (Box 5-3, p.230).


Describe an issue in the health care environment, or delivery of care system (in your place of employment, locally, nationally or federally) that would improve with a change in policy. outline a plan, and discuss the details Health Medical Assignment Help

It should be APA format, and 750-800 words

cite in text from the link below (include page number too)

According to Abood (2007) As soon as one is aware of a situation in which a change in policy would improve the health care environment or the delivery system, one can move to exploring the pros and cons of possible solutions, and then work to get others interested and involved in the issue.

Describe an issue in the health care environment, or delivery of care system (in your place of employment, locally, nationally or federally) that would improve with a change in policy. Considering that many health care issues are too complex to be tackled and easily resolved by a few phone calls or even the dedicated efforts of one person, outline a plan, and discuss the details of how you would work to mobilize key players to become interested and get involved in implementing your proposed plan of action. Analyze the pros and cons of the stated solution for the issue you have identified. Please apply related principles from Nurse Profile: Connie Hill—Click link below: (Box 5-3, p.230).


answer these assignments Science Assignment Help

answer these assignments Science Assignment Help

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