answer this question below please

answer this question below please. answer this question below please.

I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

do the essay, 3 pages. below i attached the guidelines.

Final Paper: International Career Planning

By the indicated deadline you will upload onto Brightspace a carefully proofed and clearly organized (3 pages, written in first person, with appropriate use of headings, double-spaced, paginated, 1-inch margins, 10-12 pt. Type, MLA style) final draft of your International Career Planning paper to help guide

you in your future international career planning and development.

Do not include a table of contents. Be sure to use appropriate headings, citations, and include a final reference section–all following MLA style.

● Introduction: This brief opening section (e.g., a half-to-full page) indicates why you are doing this paper, why it can be important to your future, and generally what the paper will cover.

● Previous International Exposure:

A two-page analysis of your own past international

exposure based on the categories identified in your initial assigned reading (Vance’s “The Personal Quest for Building Global Competence”). Include in your analysis your feelings about and assessment of the impact that your various exposure experiences had upon you.

answer this question below please

answer this question below please

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