Anthropology writing paper -05 Writing Assignment Help

Anthropology writing paper -05 Writing Assignment Help. Anthropology writing paper -05 Writing Assignment Help.

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The purpose of these assignments is to get you thinking about the materials presented for the week. I am looking for engagement with the subject materials, critical thinking skills, and good writing skills. Please review the Course Schedule for due dates. Any students caught plagiarizing will receive a 0 for the assignment and depending on the severity either fail the class or at most be able to receive a C in the class.

Written Assignment #1 : Write a summary/synthesis of the articles assigned in Lesson 2 (Fiedel 2000; Waters and Stafford 2007; Erlandson et al. 2007; Nature 2018). Please compare/contrast the theories and perspectives of each paper and include a brief critique (your opinion). All answers must be written in proper essay format using correct grammar, spelling, etc. Essays should be a minimum of 700 words (2-3 pages, double-spaced). All articles referenced must be included in a separate References Cited page at the end, which does NOT count toward your word minimum.

Need to summary all these readings: (Fiedel 2000; Waters and Stafford 2007; Erlandson et al. 2007; Nature 2018).

No outside resources needed for this writing paper.

Anthropology writing paper -05 Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Relate the Job duties with the subjects Computer Science Assignment Help

identify below actual tasks/assignments that really supplemented your education. The catch – you must be able to relate them, if needed – not here, to the job duties we already provided like: implement monitoring services to identify issues, review and diagnose issues, troubleshoot Apex, maintain compliance with security policies. 1-3 sentences.

Job Duties:

  • Work with all aspects of Salesforce configuration, technical, and functional capabilities, including all changes and potential system implications related to ongoing releases.
  • Implement monitoring services to proactively identify issues by utilizing CSS, HTML, Javascript, Triggers, and Apex Code.
  • Review and diagnose issues across systems and take corrective action which may include coordinating with development teams or other appropriate peer teams and escalating where necessary.
  • Maintain updated system documentation and Salesforce policies and procedures.
  • Manage validation rules, monitor page layouts, troubleshoot Apex and integrations, manage user access, share models, and create and maintain custom objects and fields.
  • Coordinate bulk data migrations by managing databases and utilizing SQL to transfer imperative information throughout the organization.
  • Contribute to knowledge-sharing projects to develop best practices and workflow, lead knowledge-sharing sessions, and mentor junior staff and new hires.
  • Manage tasks and projects in a fast-paced support environment, driving all issues to resolution with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and efficient task execution
  • Maintain compliance with all written security policies, SOX procedures, and change management controls.


Legal Regulations, Compliance, and Investigation

Access Control

Operations Security

Physical Security

Information Security and Risk Management

Business Continuity and disaster plan


Tele Comm and Network Security

Application security

Security Architecture and design

Note: You can combine the tasks and relate them to the courses mentioned above


Network Security Plan Writing Assignment Help

The NetWay Corporation is a new startup that wishes to sell their new phone, called
NetWayPhone, to the public. NetWayPhone plans to offer two options. 1) a secure
version of the phone designed for business organizations called the NetWayPhone
B+, and 2) a highly secure version of the phone designed for the government, called
the NetWayPhone G+.
Due to the fear of corporate espionage and government security requirements, there
are many security concerns that must be addressed. As a network security
professional, you have been employed to design a network infrastructure for their
two campuses located in Atlanta and Cincinnati based upon the following
1. There needs to be a constant connection between the two locations that can
carry at least 50 Mbps of data.
2. Each facility has three floors. The buildings are rectangular with each floor
3. There will be 200 network connections on each floor with an additional 100
network connections in the data centers located on the third floor of each
4. The primary data center will be located at the Atlanta location.
5. There will be a failover data center at the Cincinnati location.
6. Each location should be protected from intrusions that are not limited to
state change attacks.
7. The Atlanta location will house the two secure development teams. As such,
it will need the greater level of security. The primary database servers and
the corporate Web servers will be housed at that location as well.
8. Database servers will also be located at the Cincinnati site as well.
9. All servers must have redundancy.
10. The solution must have a plan to verify security measures.
Your task is to develop a report addressing the details of the secure network
infrastructure design that meets the requirements above. Your submission must
address the following items. Please provide as much details as possible. Please make
sure that while addressing these points, your discussion must be specific to the case
scenario given and it must not be discussed in generic terms. In other words, make
sure that you directly address all the following points
1. Create a network drawing, specific to NetWay Corporation, listing the
network’s topology including any necessary hardware. Your drawing must be
detailed enough and show how the topology is interconnected. Viewing this
diagram should give the reader detailed understanding about the NetWay
network environment including devices and device locations.
2. Your network diagram must be drawn professionally and you must discuss
your drawing and justify your choices. Please don’t submit your drawing
without a detailed discussion of all of its aspects
3. Address any recommended cabling for this installation.
4. Recommend wiring closets for both campuses and their configuration
wherever you determine they are needed.
5. Recommend ways to ensure that the network is safe from being attacked.
Discuss what measures and installations are required in terms of firewalls,
IDS, Anti-Virus software or other measures as you see appropriate.
6. Make recommendations for laying traps to stop attackers and prevent
damage to the NetWay network infrastructure.
7. Include recommendations for WAN connections that takes into
considerations the geographical factor of the two locations.
8. Include recommendations for wireless technology and the type of wireless
communications to be used in both locations.
9. Include recommendations for any technology needed in the data center for
high availability.
10. Justify your recommendations with external sources referenced using APA


Response paper – Anthropology Humanities Assignment Help

These response papers provide
opportunities for discussion and critical analysis of current
biological, cultural, and social issues related to human growth and
development. Reaction papers are only 450 words long so writing should
be concise and focused around a couple of main points. For this week,
choose one of the articles attached to respond to.

Option 1:
Check E. 2005. Screen test: A new technique could allow doctors to spot
hundreds of potential genetic problems in unborn babies. But is it too
soon to put it to use? Nature 438: 733-734. (see attached reading 1)

&15 minute History -Eugenics:…

Option 2: Johnson HM. 2003. Unspeakable conversations. The New York Times; 2/16/03.(attach reading 2)

Option 3: Weil E. 2006. A wrongful birth? The New York Times. 3/12/06 (attach reading 3)


9-1 Discussion: Qualitative Coding Exercise Humanities Assignment Help

Using the instructions and data provided in the Open-Ended Coding Exercise spreadsheet (.xlsx), create a coding scheme and summary table of your results. Post your responses to this discussion. Even if you finish early, please wait until at least Wednesday to post your response. We want to give everyone a chance to create their own coding scheme without any outside influence.

Review the results posted by your peers. When responding to your classmates, consider the following questions: How did your approaches to coding the data differ? How did they overlap? Which ones look most effective? Why?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.




2 paragraph discussion post on hybridity, diversification, and transnational/diasporic cultures Humanities Assignment Help

Read – Chapter 10:The Global Flow of Visual Culture (pp. 379–424)

& New York Times article on Ai Wei Wei – New York Times article: Ai Wei Wei, Dissident Chinese Artist is Detained

WeiWei Article

Look at – PDF: Globalization

Watch – PBS: Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei?; Shirin Neshat and Guillermo Gomez Pena clips

– PBS: Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei?, 2011 link (18 minutes) (

– Shirin Neshat ( (this is a video with many of her photographic images)). Feel free to watch others, such as the trailer for her feature-length project “Women without Men.”

– Guillermo Gomez Pena ( & Feel free to watch more of his videos on YouTube. You may find Peña’s work much more difficult to watch, but please read up on it and give it a chance–our goal is not to make you like it, but be able to talk about it.

  • Write – Discussion Post 8: Globalization

After watching the clips on Shirin Neshat and Guillermo Gomez Pena discuss at least 2 ways they each represent concepts of hybridity, diversification, and transnational/diasporic cultures. What are some of the visuals that each artist uses to highlight these concepts? Make sure you are writing at least 2 paragraphs . (20 points)

2 paragraph discussion post on hybridity, diversification, and transnational/diasporic cultures Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Capsim team project 1 for business strategy Business Finance Assignment Help

This whole assignment is done on the Capsim website so please watch the videos so you know what you have to do, once you are logged in (ill give you the info once it is assigned ) go to the menu and look at how to get started and all the other information. Then complete practice round 1 part 1 and 2 making decisions for the company and then uploading it under team activity under my name, you can also check the other names and see what the other of my team have done. My part of the company is HR.

This week, your team needs to get together and start making some business decisions for your company. As a reminder, I also put your teams into place within Capsim. I have decided to give you two practice rounds to familiarize yourself again with Capsim. Please see the schedule posted with the Team Assignment under the Course Information link.


Hiring Process Project Business Finance Assignment Help

You must contact a business manager in Billings, Montana. This must be really done and not fake.

This project is designed to have you to delve into a company’s process of hiring employees. You will interview a business manager who is involved in the hiring process at his or her organization. The manager may be a family member, friend, acquaintance, unknown, etc. You may need to interview more than one person if your contact does not know how the company functions in all areas of selection. You will gather information about the hiring process the company, and then you will evaluate that process


Discussion post Health Medical Assignment Help

I need two discussion posts fot the following scenarios. About 300 words each.

Scenario 1:

A patient confides to you, as the bedside nurse taking care of her on the oncology unit, that she signed a paper agreeing to be in a research study conducted by the university the hospital is affiliated with, but she doesn’t really understand it and doesn’t want to be a “guinea pig.”

Consider the scenario and answer the following questions in a new thread.

1. What would you do in this situation?

2. Using the information provided in the Belmont Report video (you can probably just read about the Belmont report) and the “What does a clinical research nurse do?” article (…) , what is your rationale for your decision?

Scenario 2:

Watch the video to view for this discussion: Deadly Deception: Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (You can just read the summary about it)

1. What fact about the video you chose is most impactful to you? Why?

2. Connect the ethical principles of human subjects research in the Belmont Report to the ethics (or, more accurately, lack thereof) of the experiment detailed in the video you chose. For example, if you choose beneficence, explain what is meant by that per The Belmont Report, and explain how the ethical principle was violated by the experiment. Use information from your chosen video and the Belmont Report video to support your answer.


2 part Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

ind the attachment.

for file name task 1 ( the answer sheet is attached “Answer Sheet, Exercise 6”)

for task 2 here is the directions and I will attach both required files



The exercise is based on the attached article – in your analysis, skip the stuff about Joseph McCarthy’s HUAC committee. That is a background issue to the situation discussed in the article and the making of the movie On the Waterfront but, for this exercise begin on the first page with the paragraph that begins, “The Real Story.” The articles is about 3 1/2 pages long.

The purpose of this exercise is to go deeper into the subject of evil. The idea of sinful social structures (e.g., the institutionalized racism sometimes embedded in otherwise very good institutions is still powerful today) is probably the best handle on how evil actually works in the world. Evil cannot always be described as demonic; perhaps a better characterization today of evil would be “slick.” For evil to be “slick,” it must be hidden and take advantage of people’s “badness” as well as people’s inherent goodness. In this way it gains power and is able to cover up its goals and methods and to even make these sound worthwhile and worth protecting.

For example: Using the slogan “separate but equal” in trying to maintain segregation and preventing African-Americans from going to the (usually much better) schools and jobs that whites had access too. Our example next unit will be sweat shops (or otherwise known as “how we are able to buy cheap clothes”).This exercise tries in some way to expose this overall dynamic.


  • The exercise is elaborated on the attached assignment.
  • The easiest thing to do is fill out the answers on the assignment itself, include a heading, then rename it and submit.


Anthropology writing paper -05 Writing Assignment Help

Anthropology writing paper -05 Writing Assignment Help

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