approaches to leadership book report (only author strenghts part) Business Finance Assignment Help

approaches to leadership book report (only author strenghts part) Business Finance Assignment Help. approaches to leadership book report (only author strenghts part) Business Finance Assignment Help.

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write a 2 page report (single spaced) about the strengths of the this author’s approach [valuable insights] on leaderahip

Book: JOHN C. Maxwell: Five levels of leadership: Proven strategies to maximize your potential

i don’t need an introduction to the paper and I don’t want any other leadership approaches from other authors. the paper has to be only about the above mentioned author’s book, so no other references. Directly talk about the strengths of the author’s approach on leadership that he has presented in the above mentioned book and other valuable insights of the above mentioned book.

approaches to leadership book report (only author strenghts part) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

You will write a 5-7 page response paper to the novel, Dracula AND the Graphic Novel, Dracula. Humanities Assignment Help

You will write a 5-7 page response paper to the novel, Dracula AND the Graphic Novel, Dracula. This is a first person, narrative response to your experience reading this seminal text in both traditional novel format and as a Graphic Novel. Consider how your experience reading the graphic novel is similar to and different than reading a traditional text. Cite specific examples from the Graphic Novel and the original novel to support your points. This is a MLA formatted paper. Be sure to include internal citations and a Work Cited entry for the Graphic Novel and the novel, Dracula. DO NOT CONSULT OUTSIDE SOURCES! You must use and cite at least three passages from each text.

Stoker, Bram (adapted by Jason Cobley). Dracula: The Graphic Novel, The Original Text. 2012

Stoker, Bram. Dracula


Operations and Project Management Business Finance Assignment Help

ASSIGNMENT information PLEASE READ: The submission is in the form of an individual written report. This should be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and font size 12. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate, and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The maximum word limit is 2

Select an organisation of your choice either in the manufacturing or service sector.

You are asked to review and critique the effectiveness of operations management principles.

Write about Our organisation (Alizz Islamic bank)


  • Present a brief introduction of the organisation and its core business activities.
  • Describe at least three major operational functions carried out in the organisation by clearly identifying the processes carried out.
  • Review various operational activities and critique the effectiveness of these by clearly identifying the major flaws in various operational activities.

(Grade available LO 1- P1, please read page 3 carefully)

2. Six Sigma is a methodology for improving the quality of operations management by eliminating errorsand defects, reducing cost, and saving time. For the selected organisation identify the areas where Six Sigma and Lean principles can be implemented

Review and critique the implementation of operations management in relation to six sigma methodology and lean principles.

(Grade available LO1 – M1, please read page 3 carefully)

3. Prepare a continuous improvement plan based on the review and critique conducted on the operation management principles within the selected organisation. Could apply various theories/concepts or models to prepare the improvement plan.

(Grade available LO2 – P2, please read page 3 carefully)

4. Analyse the effectiveness of continuous improvement plan suggested using appropriate theories, concepts and/or models. What are the factors to be considered in selecting appropriate quality improvement methodologies?

(Grade available LO2 – M2, please read page 3 carefully)

5. Apply appropriate theories, concepts and/or models to improve efficiency and justify strategies of a continuous improvement plan for achieving improved efficiency.

(Grade available LO 1& 2 – D1, please read page 3 carefully)

,500 words.


Please help me with this chart Humanities Assignment Help

Prompt: To help guide your exploration of the four liberal arts lenses, you will complete the following lenses chart. You will use the information you gather in this chart on Projects 2 and 3, the KWL chart and the presentation.

After exploring each liberal arts lens, complete the associated column in the table below. Be sure that you are making notes about the lens, not about the subject of the articles you reviewed (air pollution). The goal is to capture the main characteristics of each lens in the chart to help you see the similarities and differences between the lenses, and to also gain an understanding of how professionals in each field approach finding information.

Aspects of the Lens

Social Science

Natural Science



Key Characteristics

Types of Questions

Types of Evidence

Commonalities & Differences




Egress and Life Safety Analysis Engineering Assignment Help

1. Gasoline spills in a room and creates a pool measuring 0.25 meter in diameter.

Gasoline has the following properties:

Mass burning rate = 55 g/m2-s
Heat of Combustion = 43 kJ/g
Combustion efficiency = 60%

The room has a ceiling height of 3 meters. What is the temperature and velocity of the ceiling jet at
a radius of 0.5 m from the centerline of the fire? Assume ambient temperature is 298 K.

2. For the following problems, use the appropriate calculation spreadsheet on the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission
website (link on BB) to solve. ATTACH SPREADSHEET PRINT OUTS WITH

this is website the Nuclear Regulatory Commission



powerpoint presentation 8-10 slides Writing Assignment Help

PowerPoint presentation:

Select a topic from the list below relating to Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies (

  • Patient Centered Care
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Quality Improvement
  • Safety
  • Informatics

Assignment Criteria:

Students will develop a simple PPT relating to a selected QSEN competency that includes the following criteria:

  1. Define the competency and include a picture or clip art that describes the competency.
  2. Identify two issues or trends related to the selected competency.
  3. Discuss how each issue or trend impacts the role of the professional nurse in the healthcare delivery system.
  4. Add additional information for the presentation for clarification to the speaker note area of the PPT slide.
  5. The presentation should include 8-10 slides total; this includes the title and reference slide and no longer than 8-10 minutes. Be complete and concise. Use bulleted statements not complete sentences or paragraphs.
  6. Use APA format for PPT, which always includes a title slide, a reference slide, and APA requirements. Resources found in APA Documents/Resources.
  7. A minimum of two (2) references will be required for this assignment. References should be from scholarly peer-reviewed journals (check Ulrich’s Periodical Directory) and be less than five (5) years old.
  8. Submit both the PPT with presenter’s notes and the Kaltura presentation to the assignment drop box by posted due date.

Include the following in your slides:

  • Slide 1: Title-Develop a title slide. This should include the title of the presentation, student name, and the university name. Use APA format (does not need to be in Times New Roman for a PPT)
  • Slide 2: Introduction-Briefly discuss what the PPT is going to address. Use key words in bulleted statements versus paragraph format
  • Slide 3: Purpose Statement-Develop the purpose statement utilizing the instructions above. Place on the slide using bulleted points
  • Slide 4: Define the competency and include a picture or clip art
  • Slide 5: Present the two issues or trends
  • Slide 6/7: Discuss how each issue or trend impacts the role of the professional nurse in the healthcare delivery system. Remember to utilize the literature to support information on the slides; include citations. Again, utilize bulleted statements
  • Slide 8: Conclusion-Include a summary of the main points covered. Again, utilize bulleted statements
  • Slide 9: References in APA format. Please remember to include in-text citations on slides. References should use APA format


powerpoint presentation 8-10 slides Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

module 6 revised Economics Assignment Help

I have completed this assignment. However there were some changes that needed to be made. My professor has outlined the changes in the power point. The grading rubric is also within the powerpoint. I used the wrong excel sheet in the beginning, and i am now attaching the correct one. Please review slide numbers 1,2,6,9,11,14 and make necessary corrections. Please use the attached excel.

Remarks from Professor-

Deliverable 6 asked that you evaluate
the profit maximizing quantity and price for your product to submit to your
manager. You were given an Excel file with data
to be used to calculate ATC, AVC, MC. You were then asked to use that
information to support your discussion of Profit Maximization and Profit/Loss,

I have included a list on the second slide
of your presentation showing you were you included the necessary information,
where the information was not correct, or it it was missing from your

You can find additional comments on the
areas of your work assessed in the body of your presentation and the rubric at
the end of the presentation highlights your grade.


Understand economic terminology and economic definitions pertaining to decisions made by managers.

Course Scenario

Oil Company X is a large oil refinery which has been expanding and
taking on new investment projects. Recently, they have considered
building a pipeline that stretches across the United States, from Canada
to New Orleans. As an alternate investment, they are considering
increasing production at existing facilities.

In order to compare these investment opportunities, the head of the
Cost Analysis Department has tasked you with finding the profit
maximizing quantity and price if production continues at existing
facilities. You will then present this to the head of the department in a
meeting, along with supporting documentation such as cost curves, data
tables, and equations.


As a Cost Analyst at your firm, you are being asked to evaluate the
profit maximizing quantity and price for your product to submit to your
manager. Assume that your firm is a monopoly supplier of oil in your
region, due to extensive trade restrictions.

Another team member in the Cost Analysis Department has compiled the necessary data in the linked spreadsheet.
You will have to complete the missing columns for ATC, AVC, and MC. If
the company is incurring a profit, include the amount of the profit
earned when quantity and price are maximized. If your company is
incurring a loss, prove whether it should shut down or continue
operating at a loss. Use graphs and equations to support your argument.

You will create a short screen recording with narration arguing your
case to your manager. Create a PowerPoint presentation to support your
recommendation which can serve as the visuals for your recorded screen

There are many free screen recording software/Webware options
available (such as Screencast-O-Matic) to use in presenting your
PowerPoint. Make sure that both your voiced narration and the PowerPoint
slides are captured during your screen recording.

Be sure to include a cohesive introduction and conclusion of your
findings. Your body slides should include any relevant curves created in
Excel from the data spreadsheet.

After recording, paste a link to the recording on the last slide of
the PowerPoint presentation. Attach the PowerPoint presentation as well
as the Excel spreadsheet showing how you created the curves and obtained
the profit maximizing quantity and price, as well as the corresponding
profit or loss.

Format your PowerPoint to include a title page, introduction, body
slides, conclusion, and references. Remember to cite your sources using
correct APA format, and also use correct grammar, spelling, and


databases Computer Science Assignment Help

Considering the following four tables:
Farmer(SIN, name, age, sex, vname)
Village(name, area, population, province)
KKids(SIN, f_sin, m_sin, s_name)
School(sname, vname, no_classes)
Where: sname=school name, vname =village name, f_sin and m_sin stand for the father`s and mother`s SIN, respectively.
Code the following queries in Tuple-Relational Calculus and Domain-Relational Calculus:
a) Find SIN of farmers who have some kids going to school?
b) Find name of each school attended only by kids from the same village where the school is located?
c) Find the name of the most crowded village(s) (most population)?
d) Find SIN numbers of farmers who have at least one kid in every school registered in the database?
e) Find names of villages with no schools?
f) Find the school attended by all kids of Mark? (all kids of Mark must go to school and must attend same school)
g) Find names of farmers whose kids go only to schools outside the Province where the farmers live? (the farmer may have kids not going to schools at all, but if some of the kids go to schools then the schools they attend must be in other Provinces)


Research Design Health Medical Assignment Help

Q1) Humana laboratories have produced a new human insulin. They would like to determine if their insulin is as good as Humulin (an already marketed human insulin).Please conduct a study to determine if these insulin are equivalent from the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic point of view.Provide the last expensive and less time-consuming study design. Provide graphs and/or tables of the results.

Q2) Design a study to investigate if the use of ibuprofen is responsible for the increased incidence of Acne. Use the most efficient study design. What results would you expect if ibuprofen is not effective? Simulate data. Discuss number of patients, and other variables that you may consider have interest in order to match the groups.

Q3) The FDA requested that you design a study to determine if Atenolol is effective in the Prevention of Vasovagal Syncope in subjects older than 60 years of age.

Background:Syncope is a very frequent disabling condition. It is associated with decreased quality of life, trauma, loss of employment, and limitations in daily activities. The median number of faints in a year is 6. There is no known medical treatment for frequent fainting. However 3 observational studies suggested that beta blockers prevent syncope in older subjects.

Describe in detail the study design that best answers the research question.

Include how you would take care of all steps of the research design you proposed?

Would you include a comparison group?

Duration of the study?

Interim analysis: yes or no and why?

Expected results if atenolol resulted effective? Simulate data in a tabular form, and discuss best statistical test to determine if the results were statistically significant


Application: Attitude Formation Other Assignment Help

Application: Attitude Formation

One of the central areas of study and research within social psychology is attitudes. There are three key areas of research: (1) how attitudes are formed, (2) the functions they serve, and (3) the nature of the attitude–behavior relationship. Early theorists speculated that attitude formation comes from an ego-defensive nature. More current research focuses on precise functions of specific attitudes. Ultimately, one goal of increased understanding of attitude formation is to be able to link attitudes to actual behavior, although this area of study has yielded conflicting results.

For this Assignment, consider the impacts of cognition, affect, and behavior on attitude formation and think about the functions of attitudes.

The Assignment (3–5 pages)

  • Explain at least two ways cognition, affect, and behavior impact attitude formation. Explain at least three functions attitudes serve. Support your response using both formal theoretical and empirical literature addressing attitude function.
  • Explain the extent to which you believe attitudes can have an impact on behavior.
  • Be specific and use the Learning Resources and the current literature to support your response.



approaches to leadership book report (only author strenghts part) Business Finance Assignment Help

approaches to leadership book report (only author strenghts part) Business Finance Assignment Help

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