APUS Identify Stage of Child Development & Why You Are Interested in This Age Ques Humanities Assignment Help

APUS Identify Stage of Child Development & Why You Are Interested in This Age Ques Humanities Assignment Help. APUS Identify Stage of Child Development & Why You Are Interested in This Age Ques Humanities Assignment Help.

This week’s discussion is an application of learning activity. Please identify and describe a child developmental concern that a parent may have and discuss how you could support a parent to increase their self-efficacy in this area. Please discuss 2-3 resources that you would recommend to a parent.

Please make sure that your discussion includes this information.

  1. Identify the stage of child development and why you are interested in this age
  2. Identify a key developmental milestone in one of the domains (physical, cognitive, social, or language) and explain why this milestone is important. Explain what behaviors you may see if this was an area of difficulty for a child.
  3. Discuss in appropriate detail 2 to 3 resources or ideas that you would recommend to a parent to help them and how it will be helpful to them.

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DeVry University Factors that Support the Immune System Discussion Writing Assignment Help

This is a discussion post so there will be 2 parts. The first part will be the actual post. The 2nd part will be the reply to 2 classmates. I will provide you with 2 classmates posts to respond to once the initial post is completed.

It is a flu season. What do you think how can we help our immune system to attack and defeat the flu virus? Can we even prevent to get sick? Why or why not? If your name starts with A through L state how can you prevent flu with supporting your immune system? From M-Z discuss how can you support your immune system but explain why we can’t prevent flu with them. Due 3/01 at 11:59pm. Don’t forget to comment on 2 of your classmates’ responses and have at least 1 reference.


Baltimore City Community College Shifts in Demand and Supply Presentation Economics Assignment Help

Part A:

Draw and label the Y and X axis for this market

Draw a supply and demand curve/line, making sure to properly label the lines

Label the equilibrium e1

Now consider the effect of the following two events on the market for interior paint:

*An increase in the cost of labor

*A decrease in the price of a paint brushes

*You are to create an event that would shift either the supply or demand curve for paint.

Draw the new supply and demand curve/lines

Label the new equilibrium e2

Part B -Elasticity :

What would be the price elasticity (Ed) a long the demand curve if the price decrease from $1.80 at a quantity of 10 paint brushes to$1.60 at a quantity of 20 paint brushes. Use the mid-point formula.


Low Income Business Collapse Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

Post 1

https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/19/business/private-equity-dividend-loans.html?searchResultPosition=4 (Links to an external site.)

The article I am sharing this week is about private equity firms are piling on debt to pay dividends. This form of borrowing is surging just as private equity firms are likely to face greater scrutiny with Democrats now in control of Congress and the White House.The revival in these transactions — called dividend recapitalizations — can be traced back to the upheaval of the pandemic and the policy responses meant to steady the economy.First, there’s pent-up demand. Second, there’s plenty of cash available from lenders willing to make these loans.

What do you think are the reasons for some companies to carry out dividend recapitalization transactions? According to a report by S & P global market intelligence’s leveraged Comment & data, private equity companies are borrowing more and more to pay dividends or restructure debt. What is driving these transactions? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages for the long-term development of private equity companies in paying dividends through borrowing?

Post 2


News Brief: IBM Explores Sale of IBM Watson Health (Links to an external site.)

News and Analysis: IBM’s Retreat From Watson Highlights Broader AI Struggles in Health (Links to an external site.)


IBM is exploring a sale of its Watson Health unit. Watson has been a well-publicized effort to use artificial intelligence to solve problems in the healthcare industry, ranging from the interpretation of diagnostic tests to management of patient communications. As a business, Watson Health has struggled to gain adoption and isn’t currently profitable. A potential sale of Watson Health fits into IBM’s efforts to focus more closely on cloud computing.


  • As IBM built the software and infrastructure behind Watson Health, management must have made several capital budgeting decisions. Taking an outsider’s perspective, how would you evaluate these decisions?
    • What did IBM leadership get right?
    • What factors would have strengthened their analysis?
    • Is there anything that they failed to consider?
    • Do you think Watson Health was a good investment for IBM?
  • The move to sell Watson Health is part of a broader effort to “slim-down” and focus.
    How would you evaluate this effort?
    • What are the pros and cons for shareholders?
    • Can our study of NPV and capital budgeting inform divestment decisions too?

Post 3

There has been a lot of press at the start of 2021 about Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) as an alternative to traditional IPO’s. A recent example of this is the space venture company, BlackSky – a satellite imagery specialist, that is merging with Osprey Technology (SFTW).
https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/18/satellite-imagery-specialist-blacksky-latest-space-spac-going-public.html?&qsearchterm=spac (Links to an external site.)

SPACs are essentially a ‘blank-check company’ that gets listed on a public exchange with a goal of acquiring a startup that then takes its place on the stock market. SPACs have two years to acquire a company at which time the initial investment gets returned to the investors. Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc., and DraftKings Inc. both went public through SPACs. Industries that are more heavily targeted by SPACs include Technology, Health care, Leisure and hospitality, Energy, and Financial. These investment vehicles originated in the ’90s and have fallen in and out of popularity since then.
https://www.wsj.com/articles/when-spacs-attack-a-new-force-is-invading-wall-street-11611378007?cx_testId=3&cx_testVariant=cx_5&cx_artPos=1#cxrecs_s (Links to an external site.)

An interesting metric is the amount of money raised by SPACs ($38.3B) in 2021 vs traditional IPOs ($19.8B).
https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-spac-boom-visualized-in-one-chart-11612962000?mod=searchresults_pos15&page=1 (Links to an external site.)

  1. Have you heard about SPACs or are you familiar with them?
  2. Do you think this recent surge in popularity is here to stay or is it a fad like it was in the ’90s and 2000s?
  3. What are the risks or benefits for BlueSky to use a SPAC rather than IPO?


JWI 505 Strayer University Week 8 Presentation Preparation Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Next week, you will give your presentation. Your goal is to feel confident about your topic. However, as you read this week, some people fear public speaking more than death.

First, identify the topic and audience of your persuasive presentation.

Second, considering the course materials for this week, describe the strategy you will use to hold your audience’s attention, establish credibility, and convey nonverbal emotions. For example, how will you keep your nerves calm? How will you make sure you cover each point you want to make? How will you use effective hand gestures, exert the right tone, and speak with confidence? How do you stay within the time limit? Discuss why you chose that strategy.

Post your initial response by Wednesday, midnight of your time zone, and reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ initial posts by Sunday, midnight of your time zone.



SEU Competitive Advantage Cost Analysis Review Business Finance Assignment Help

Review AirAsia: The World’s Lowest Cost Airline Click for more ooptions nd discuss the concept of cost advantage. Using the value chain in cost analysis.

A case study is a puzzle to be solved, so before reading and answering the specific questions, develop your proposed solution by following these five steps:

Read the case study to identify the key issues and underlying issues. These issues are the principles and concepts of the course area which apply to the situation described in the case study.

Record the facts from the case study which are relevant to the principles and concepts of the course area issues. The case may have extraneous information not relevant to the current course area. Your ability to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information is an important aspect of case analysis, as it will inform the focus of your answers.

Describe in some detail the actions that would address or correct the situation.

Consider how you would support your solution with examples from experience or current real-life examples or cases from textbooks.

Complete this initial analysis and then read the discussion questions. Typically, you will already have the answers to the questions but with a broader consideration. At this point, you can add the details and/or analytical tools required to solve the case.

Case Study Questions:

Discuss how AirAsia achieves a cost advantage. Provide an in-depth analysis for AirAsia Construct and use a value chain to show how AirAsia achieves its multiple cost advantages.

Are AirAsia’s cost advantages imitable by other airlines? Why or why not?

Can AirAsia effectively compete in long-haul air travel given the nature of its existing strategy and the nature of the cost advantages that underpin AirAsia’s existing strategy?

Use APA style guidelines.

SEU Competitive Advantage Cost Analysis Review Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ENS Contrasting Gothics Architecture and Fictions Discussion Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a writing report and need support to help me understand better.

A comparative analysis of British vs American gothic
fiction horror focusing on ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ and ‘The Telltale Heart’.The student will find, evaluate, and select credible
resources to create a research product.

a) Verify the validity and accuracy of all information.

b) Analyze information gathered from diverse sources by
identifying misconceptions, main and supporting ideas,
conflicting information, point of view, or bias.

c) Evaluate and select evidence from a variety of sources to
support claims and introduces counterclaims.

d) Demonstrate ethical use of the Internet.



BSC 2010 UCF Cells Breathing without Oxygen the Fermentation Process Discussion Science Assignment Help

You will be writing a one page abstract on either cellular respiration or fermentation. Using the Exercise #4 Experimental Data.pdf as well as the documents linked below to complete this exercise. Remember to only use the assignment guidelines for the topic you pick.




Please tell me if the pdf doesn’t work.

This is a simple assignment but I’m now busy I have no time to do it. Please take a look at the instructions to able to understand what you need to do.

Please do your best because this assignment is important.

Good luck and best wishes to you.

Please tell me if you have any questions about this as. Feel free to ask me at any time. I’ll respond to you.

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FNU Health History Assessment and Physical Assessment Reflection Health Medical Assignment Help

This assignment is to write a reflection that describes your experience. The reflection may be anywhere from 1 to 3 paragraphs long. Use APA formatting. No Reference page required.

1. Be sure your reflection addresses each of the following questions:

a. How did this assignment compare to what you’ve learned and expected?

b. What enablers or barriers to communication did you encounter when performing a health history and physical exam? How could you overcome those barriers?

c. Were there any unanticipated challenges encountered during this assignment? What went well with this assignment?

d. Was there information you wished you had available but did not?

e. How will you alter your approach to obtaining a health history and conducting a physical examination the next time?


JC Traditional Learning Is Better Than Online for A Teenagers Mental Health Essay Writing Assignment Help

APA STYLE 6th edition or 7th .


use at least 10 reference APA style

essay to be APA format

1500 words, +- 10% plagrisim coming from references only.

A ROGERIAN!!! argument about whether traditional learning is better than online for a teenager’s mental health.

ensure it is a ROGERIAN argument and not an argumentative essay

para 1: statement of the issue and context

para 2: the other side’s POV

para 3: the other’s side POV

para 4: your POV (traditional learning is better than online)

para 5: your POV


para 7: conclusion



Please tell me if the pdf doesn’t work.

This is a simple assignment but I’m now busy I have no time to do it. Please take a look at the instructions to able to understand what you need to do.

Please do your best because this assignment is important.

Good luck and best wishes to you.

Please tell me if you have any questions about this as. Feel free to ask me at any time. I’ll respond to you.

All instructions are clear, right? feel free to ask me if there anything I can do.