APUS The Most Interesting Subject in School Is History Discussion Other Assignment Help

APUS The Most Interesting Subject in School Is History Discussion Other Assignment Help. APUS The Most Interesting Subject in School Is History Discussion Other Assignment Help.

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You have been given 4 outlines attached here. Choose one to follow and to write an essay. Remember that the outline is to be followed to the “T”. Your essay is due on Sunday. I have given you 4 outlines here. You are to choose 1, follow it, an write your essay. Note that you will have a 5 paragraph essay with the talking points that are given in the outline. DO NOT combine topics. Be sure to use Microsoft Word and to have your paper properly headed in MLA format which requires Times New Roman, font size 12 and double spacing. See the syllabus again or Purdue University OWL to help with this. Afterward, attach the assignment here.

Choose one of the following outlines to do the Essay in MLA Page Format:
The Most Interesting Subject
Thesis: The most interesting subject in school is (your choice).
I. Interesting content and/or theories
A. one reason why the content and/or theories make it the most interesting subject
B. another reason why the content and/or theories make it the most interesting subject
II. The application of the information outside the classroom
A. One reason (such as career training) why the application of the information outside the
classroom make it the most interesting subject
B. Another reason (such as solving a social or environmental problem) why the application of the
information outside the classroom make it the most interesting subject
III. The people and/or activities involved in the subject.
A. One reason (such as participating in archaeological digs) why the people and/or activities
involved in the subject make it the most interesting subject.
B. Another reason (such as wildlife observations) why the people and/or activities involved in the
subject make it the most interesting subject.
Concluding statement: (Your choice) is the most interesting subject.

Ways to Cut Expenses
Thesis: The best ways to cut expenses are to avoid eating out, to minimize car travel to save
gas, and to avoid unnecessary spending. (You don’t have to use these ways. You can
substitute your own ways of cutting expenses.)
I. Avoid eating out to cut expenses.
A. eating out is expensive.
B. preparing food is much cheaper especially if living with family
II. Minimize car travel to save expenses
A. plan and combine errands to avoid duplicated trips
B. car pool or use public transportation when practical
III. Avoid unnecessary spending
A. learn the difference between what is really necessary and what is not
B. learn to do without what is really not needed
Concluding statement: The best ways to cut expenses are to avoid eating out, minimize car travel to
save gas, and to avoid unnecessary spending.

Thesis: Lying is sometimes the right thing to do.
I. with children
A. not old enough to handle to the truth
B. to enjoy childhood – Santa, the Easter Bunny, and so on
II. when the truth is just not anyone’s business
A. highly personal experiences or feelings
B. information about friends and/or family
III. To protect someone’s feelings
A. when a person’s hair or clothes are not the best, but it is not possible to change
B. when a person tried to do something good yet caused a problem
Concluding statement: Lying is sometimes the right thing to do.

Thesis: Lying is never the right thing to do.
I. Lies lead to more lies
A. one “white” lie can lead to a series a lies to cover the first one
B. others could be brought into the lie to help cover
II. Lying is a waste of time and energy
A. requires the liar to remember and keep perpetrating the lie
B. can result in the liar believing the lie
III. Causes mistrust
A. affects relationships
B. trouble keeping friends/partners
Concluding statement: Lying is never the right this to do.

APUS The Most Interesting Subject in School Is History Discussion Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Harvard University Societal Relationships Paraphrase Paper Writing Assignment Help

(NO grammar errors can be accepted for this paper or incoherent paragraphs)

(Paraphrase the paper attached)

(Avoid PASSIVE VOICE as much as possible)

(The number of words should stay close to the original file)

File Name: Paraphrase Societal Relationship

Total words : 900


Request: The document is fully retrieved from external sources due to that it has a high plagiarism percentage. Your purpose is to rephrase each paragraph in order to reduce the plagiarism to under 6% ( make it passable through Turnitin). Also the paper needs to score at least 90 points out of 100 on Grammarly (which means it should not have grammar errors). Providing a work which is not coherent will result in a refund.

Other information: DO NOT USE ANY PARAPHRASING SOFTWARES – my universities system identified this type of paraphrased work. In some instances, you might even have to change the place of the paragraph (highly sensitive plagiarism software!)


  • APA Format
  • No plagiarism is accepted
  • No Grammar errors (this has to be written as a native English writer, otherwise it will be declined).

*** Thank you in advance for your support ***(NO grammar errors can be accepted for this paper or incoherent paragraphs)


HIST 201 University of California Los Angeles Explorations and Discoveries Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

The historical events that unfolded resulting in the creation of “The New World” were a mix of exploration, colonization, determination, economic necessity, and luck.

Prompt: What are your impressions of the “The New World?” What do think were the most significant developments in the chapter and why?

In your answer, you should consider and properly cite the readings, audio, and video for this week’s Unit. Your discussion will be evaluated using the rubric below. This work should be at least 150-300 words. Please check the materials i attached. Thanks!

Discussion Forum Rubric

  • 10 points: The discussion posting demonstrates excellent understanding of the material by completely answering the entire discussion question, and considers the implications of the question. Posting gives thoughtful analysis. Posting has excellent synthesis of material with proper citation where appropriate.
  • 8-9 points: Posting demonstrates an above average understanding of the material by completely answering entire discussion question. The posting gives good analysis. Posting attempts to synthesize materialwith proper citation where appropriate.
  • 6-7 points: Discussion posting only answers the question by doing the bare minimum required. Offers little to no analysis.
  • 4-5 points: Discussion posting is below average. Does not meet the minimum requirements. No analysis, nor synthesis.
  • 1-3 points: Posting is an attempt to merely complete the assignment. Summation or regurgitation ofthe reading and/or other students’ posts.
  • 0 points: Fails to meet the minimum requirements per the syllabus/No attempt made to do the assignment.


Ashford University Pride and Prejudice Criminal Justice Comparative Essay Law Assignment Help

Choose one of the three



Choose one of the three reading selections from the list of topic choices below. The focus is on brief but important primary source material written by important authors. In each case, the subject relates to the problems of certain people who are oppressed or impoverished. In each topic, a different genre or approach is adopted to help readers see and perhaps address the problem. Read the selections as identified with each topic below. Write a 4–5 paragraph essay (350 words minimum) that analyzes the work. Follow the list of Essay Requirements below

Topic Choices
  • Reading selection of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. Her works are very popular today, with Austen reading clubs and all types of new books and events based on her ideas. In 2017, England printed new £10 bank notes bearing Austen’s image. Chapter 43 should be read in full.
  • Reading selection from Samuel Johnson, “No. 91. Sufficiency of the English Language,” an essay first published in The Rambler. Johnson was the editor of two coffeehouse magazines, The Rambler (1750–52) and The Idler (1758–60), and was the author of Dictionary of the English Language. He was also the subject of one of the first biographies, by James Boswell. In his life, Johnson overcame numerous illnesses and handicaps.
  • Reading selection of Olympe de Gouges’s Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female citizen (written in 1791). The selection should be read in full, with background provided on page 874 of our class text. You should also look at the revolutionary document of 1789 that she is “correcting,” called Declaration of the Rights of Man. Olympe de Gouges has the status of women as her main concern. The general context is the French Revolution and the attempts to redefine rights and status once one replaces monarchy.

Essay Requirements

For the reading selection and topic you choose, your paper should cover the following:

  • Briefly introduce the writer and the situation that the reading is about. (Who is the author? Why did he or she write this piece?)
  • Identify the genre or nature of the reading.
  • Using specific examples or lines within the reading, suggest the author’s key views and key aims for the reading audience. (Give a 1–2 paragraph summary of ideas.)
  • Describe how the reading impacted you. Think about any similar situations today and key lessons you get from the reading that could be relevant to one’s professional and personal life.


Events of The Cold War and Recent American History Presentation Humanities Assignment Help

Cold War Events Project

Cold War Events/Hotspots Project

Task: Create an events ‘timeline’ for the Cold War.


1). Iron Curtain Speech

2). Berlin Blockade

3). Korean War

4). Suez Crisis

5). U2 Incident

6). Bay of Pigs Invasion

7). Cuban Missile Crisis

8). Prague Spring (invasion of Czechoslovakia)

9). USSR Invades Afghanistan

10). Iranian Hostage Crisis

11). INF Treaty signed

12). Fall of the Berlin Wall

Each event slide is worth 5 points, for a total of 60 pts. Grading will be determined based on the information contained on each slide (listed below).

Information on EACH slide:

●Event #, title, date, location named

Location on map

Background/Summary – what led to this event? Make sure to use key terms/people. Capture the essence of the event and why it is important. This must be in your own words! Make sure to use key terms/people.

US Response/Actions – How did the US respond to this event? Note: the US may have initiated the event, so there may not be a response!

USSR Response/Actions – How did the Soivet Union respond to this event? Note: the USSR may have initiated the event, so there may not be a response!

You do not need to include any other images/additional information besides what is listed above. These slides will serve as your notes for each event. Each event will be paired with additional reading/videos to provide the information for you.



MIS 320 Wilmington University Cost of Production and Management Thesis Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that its role is as the “principal fact-finding agency for the federal government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.” The data that the bureau provides via its website are available to anyone, free. This can represent a treasure trove of business intelligence and data mining for those who take advantage of this resource.

Visit the website www.bls.govLinks to an external site.. Review the different types of information that this site provides.

You have been assigned the responsibility for identifying at least 3 locations to target for the initial start-up. Identify at least 5 categories of information to use in making this decision. Define a rating for the values in each category: Ex: Unsatisfactory – Yellow; Satisfactory – Green (Some may not be coded as they were neutral.)

Create a spreadsheet in Excel to gather this information. The categories should be identified in columns, with the locations in rows. Complete the spreadsheet with the information gathered from the website. Format the cells based on your value ratings.

Along with attaching the spreadsheet to this assignment, in text:

  • Identify the criteria that you selected and the reason for their selection.
  • Explain your findings.
  • How would this information benefit a new start-up business?

MIS 320 Wilmington University Cost of Production and Management Thesis Paper Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

PSYCH 201 NCTC Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment Plan Paper Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will provide a diagnosis of a client vignette (depressive or mood disorder such as bipolar I or II, schizoaffective disorder), describe the current evidence regarding the causes and prevalence of the diagnosis, and briefly explain the current treatment recommendations, including individual therapy, family/couple therapy, and medications.

As an additional part of this assignment, you will analyze a client (pick one of the cases from the available vignettes) during an initial session by describing their symptoms, developing a diagnosis from the various options located in the DSM-5, and then addressing the following in an assessment based on the client in the vignette.

  1. Diagnosis and Supporting Evidence – Develop an accurate diagnosis using the DSM-5 criteria listed for the disorders studied. Support the diagnosis by writing a description of the symptoms and related information from the vignette that substantiates your conclusions. While developing your argument to support the provided diagnosis, specifically address each of the criteria and include an example of how the client fits the criteria. If there is a rule-out diagnosis, please highlight the ways in which the client does not fit a rule-out diagnosis based on the criteria.
  2. Description of the Disorder –Briefly describe the possible causes (genetics, biological basis), course, and effects of the disorder. Please address the impact of the diagnosis on a client’s family members or significant others. Many psychiatric conditions have a genetic basis and family history; therefore, dynamics are very important to consider.
  3. Cultural Considerations and Implications: Provide a paragraph description in which you briefly comment on each component of Garcia and Petrovitch’s (2015) Diversity/Resilience formulation (see Week 1 readings): Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Community, and Spiritual. How is each of these illustrated in the client vignette?
  4. Treatments – Based on the readings and other outside information, please outline the best current evidence regarding treatment of the condition you diagnosed. Be sure to address each of the following:
  • Medications: What are the best current medications used to treat this condition? Be specific to identify the drug classes used. You do not need to identify specific medications, but you do need to identify which class of drugs that are commonly used.
  • Assessment of Suicide Risk: Describe how you will assess the risk of suicide using a standard assessment (e.g., Columbia Scale). How will you work with the client to develop a safety plan?
  • Psychotherapy: What psychotherapy approaches have the best evidence in treating this condition? How do these approaches address the symptoms of the diagnosed condition and improve functioning?
  • Family and/or Couple Interventions: Identify which family and/or couple interventions that have the best evidence supporting their use in treating the diagnosed condition. Describe two specific interventions you could implement with this case.

In your description of the treatments, be sure to continue to integrate information about the case from the vignette (i.e., do not simply discuss what you would do with a person with the given disorder; write about how the model and interventions that you have selected fit with the specific client from the vignette). Do not replicate the vignette in your paper. Simply provide a synopsis of the vignette as you would in a clinical note.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages


ENG 328 Ashford University Week 2 Collaborative Writing Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7. Each response is required to meet or exceed 250 words.

Response 1


Hello Everyone,

Collaborative writing can assist in the writing process when collaborating as a team. “The more complex and longer your project, the more likely you will be to work with others” (Smith-Worthington & Jefferson, 2011, p. 93). Any benefits of collaborative writing are that the team can learn from each other, time can be more easily invested, and the final design is increased. The understanding of what the other team members can bring to the table helps each team member. Working as a team will also help make time work in their favor and tasks can be done more effectively in a smoother way. Overall, the team’s layout and approach will continue to enhance the flow of writing and proposals through the collaborative process. Some of the drawbacks of collaborative writing can involve problems such as unleveled workload and interpersonal dispute. Not all work the same way or makes as much effort as others because if one or two people do not do as much work, the other team members can be left doing more work. This can be challenging because the job must be completed, but unfortunately, others can work better than some, but they will all get the same amount of recognition. Interpersonal disputes may also be part of unleveled workload efforts and, indeed, human personal habits or histories. There may be misunderstandings and there may be disagreements within the team that may make it impossible for the team to operate smoothly.

I will start with planning to coordinate a collaborative writing process. “Planning is the first stage of the writing process when a writer thinks of an idea and prepares to develop and research it” (Smith-Worthington & Jefferson, 2011, p. 81). As part of the preparation stage, I would get my team to start with the subject and then start developing the proposal. Then, I will chart the concepts between the teams by clustering and branching out the various views. To ensure that there is continuity between the writers on my staff, I would highlight the importance of project preparation and logistics. It will help to ensure that working together works for everyone by ensuring that there is a good schedule in place that has a timeline or deadline. In the plan, it would guarantee that everyone contributes something to the project by assigning various parts or proposals to each team member to ensure that there are enough ideas to go around to finish the project. Overall, collaborative writing can aid with getting a job completed in a timely and coordinated way while supervising a team of authors.

I had a hard time even selecting one for my project for my graph, chart, or graphic to use. My proposal aims to provide most of the telecommute-style working hours to help improve workflow, job satisfaction, minimize stress levels, and increase the total return on investment in the long term. I did not find a nice graph, but I found a nice chart that breaks down the top benefits of telecommuting. According to a study published today by the Computing Technology Industry Association, businesses that allow their workers the option of telecommuting have increased morale, reduced wages, better employee wellbeing, and greater retention of employees.

Response 2


Hello Class,

In my final project I am proposing to telecommute more and how it saves both the companies and employees time, money and an increase in health. Imagining that this is a group project or a collaboration with a team, it is important to know what each person is assigned to complete and that they actually participate. According to our reading, to ensure everyone has a part and are participating in the project, I would organize the project as our reading suggests, “Break down a large project into several smaller tasks. Working backward from what you must deliver to your client or manager, partition your project into its component parts, making a list of what steps your team must take to complete the project. This task is not only the foundation of project management but also a good strategy for determining the resources you will need to complete the project successfully and on time. After you have a list of tasks to complete, you can begin to plan your project, assign responsibilities, and set deadlines” (Markel, 2017). This will enable everyone to see the big picture and what must be done in order to be successful. Keep in mind that it’s a team effort and everyone has something they can contribute to make the project successful, so take full advantage of it. It is also good to have a team leader for this collaboration to help keep everyone on task and to help manage time.
Lists everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and I would also organize tasks according to strengths, “The team leader also keeps the team on track, leads the meetings, and coordinates communication among team members” (Markel, 2017).

The pros and cons of collaboration according to our reading is, “collaboration draws on a wider base knowledge and wider skills base, No one person can be an expert manager, writer, editor, graphic artist, and production person.” (Markel, 2017). It will take the entire team to function and work together to get the job done. And more people can think of different details that need to be addressed in the project, “each collaborator acts as an audience, working with collaborators produces more questions and suggestions than one person could while writing alone.” (Markel, 2017). This also will ensure you have maximum participation from each team member.

The graph that is attached shows the benefits of telecommuting. I chose this graph because I feel it truly represents what I am recommending to my organization. If more companies would use telecommuting and have programs for this, they would see a higher yield in production and more happier employees and even healthier employees, which will lead to less sick days and more missed work days. I believe if we can really tackle some of the issues behind telecommute, we will find it is more beneficial for everyone and that the advantages really outweigh the disadvantages by far.


DDHA 8450 Walden University Plan for Completing the Doctoral Study Report Writing Assignment Help

Now that you are completing your proposed Doctoral Study Prospectus, it is appropriate to look ahead at completing the Doctoral Study itself. The entire process will be much smoother if you take time at the beginning to plan each step and consider how you will go about achieving your research plans.

Post your plan for completing your Doctoral Study. In your plan, be sure to list the specific milestones and your detailed timetable for completing these milestones, Make sure to indicate when, in particular (e.g., in the evening, on weekends, etc.), you will work on your Doctoral Study. Also, comment on how you will keep your Doctoral Study committee informed of your progress. Be specific and provide examples.

Support your Discussion with citations and specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the resources for this course.


HU Acupuncture in Comparison to Standard Stroke Therapy in Mobility Report Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a nursing project and need support to help me understand better.

DIRECTIONS/OUTLINE: Project should follow the outline provided and address each item adequately. Writing should be scholarly and demonstrate appropriate use of APA format for all citations, including in-text and the reference page.

    • Scenario of Clinical Issue or Problem
    • Pico Question (Pico/ Picot/Picots)
    • Brief Background Review to Support Significance, Need, and Purpose for the Project
    • Include Evidence Summary Table
    • Include Synthesis Table
    • Include Diagram
    • Class Presentation
  9. Announcement from professor:
    Reminder: Outline due feb 2nd. You can find details for completing Outline under the Assignments tab. This is your blueprint for laying the ground work for your project details. This will highlight the basics for what is needed to move forward with filling in all the gaps to help you determine what is needed to produce a thorough and complete EBP project.PICO(T)– If you do not have a grade for your PICO question then additional edits are needed. First determine what type question you are developing. Next make sure your intervention and comparison is clearly stated with as few words as possible. Finally, not ally will have a time frame. Note a time frame is helpful and worth giving serious consideration. With any evidence based initiative you must have a time frame in order to complete the evaluation. Consider this: If a project is not worth evaluating, is it worth inquiry and implementation?
    My Picot Question:

    PICOT Question

    In elderly patients of 60 years and older who have experienced an ischemic stroke, how effective is acupuncture in comparison to standard stroke therapy in improving mobility over a 12 week period following the ischemic event?

    Professor feedback on submitted PICOT question:

    Interesting topic.
    Were you able to find supporting literature?
    Concerned about the 12 week period. Is that a long enough period for evaluation
    What is standard stroke therapy? Will have to provide definition in terminology.


APUS The Most Interesting Subject in School Is History Discussion Other Assignment Help

APUS The Most Interesting Subject in School Is History Discussion Other Assignment Help

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