Army military science Business Finance Assignment Help

Army military science Business Finance Assignment Help. Army military science Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Assignments part 1 and 2 MUST be done on separate powerpoints. So it should be 2 powerpoint presentation submitted when completed.

Part 1

BCT narrated power point assignment.

Each of you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation based on the BCT that your group analyzed (IBCT)

Minimum 5 minutes and 3 slides.

Group 2 IBCT

Address the following using FM 3-96 as a reference:

  1. Determine the missions of your BCT and explain its role.
  2. What are the differences between the BCT missions? What makes them unique, why is your BCT different form the others? What advantages and disadvantages does your BCT have over the others?
  3. Create a task organization for your assigned BCT. We will not focus on military symbols. Outline the battalions and squadrons and other units it contains; how many infantry battalions, cavalry squadrons, brigade support battalions, etc. and the purposes each serve.

Part 2

Task to Subordinate Units Exercise

Each of you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation for the Tasks to Subordinate Units exercise according to the assignment you group was assigned.

Minimum 7 minutes and 4 slides.

Use the reference materials listed in the February 4th folder on Blackboard.

Group 2 (whomever completed the IBCT brief will complete the Defense PE)

Explain how your platoon is organized.

Explain in detail each of the requirements and your rationale for your decisions.

For example, what personnel/element was assigned as EPW and why they were chosen. What is your order of movement and why did you place squads in the order you did? Some of this you will have to make up. For example, SGT Smith has the strongest land navigation skills in the platoon or something to that effect.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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revising two journal Writing Assignment Help

The journal you write in class and the one you hand in for points are different.

In-class journal

Revised journal

Fast (time limit)

Slow (no time limit)

Get lots of ideas

Add focus (clear topic sentence, more details/examples)


Organized (add hook, transitions)

May have grammar mistakes

Grammar is corrected


Academic tone (example: no contractions)

  • Typed and printed
  • Double spaced with the first line indented
  • At least 200 words in length


Accounting Financial statement analysis -01 Writing Assignment Help

Need at least 3 full pages, word count at least 950.

The detailed grading rubric is post in the attached file. Please check.

Writing instruction

The written project requires you to analyze the financial statement of an organization. It will be 3 – 5 pages long. If you have not selected an organization to use then I would suggest looking at ShelterCare, which is a nonprofit located in Eugene. Most of what you need would be located at

ACTG 211 Financial Statement Project

value: 10.00

value: 8.00

value: 6.00

value: 3.00

value: 0.00


Introduction – (20%). Describe the organization’s purpose and provide relevant background info.

Introduction and description of the organization’s purpose is stated clearly and described comprehensively, delivering all relevant information necessary for full understanding.

Introduction and description of the organization’s purpose is stated, described, and clarified so that understanding is not seriously impeded by omissions.

Introduction and description of the organization’s purpose is stated but description leaves some terms undefined, ambiguities unexplored, boundaries undetermined, and/or backgrounds unknown.

Introduction and description of the organization’s purpose is stated without clarification or description.

Introduction and description of the organization’s purpose is missing.

Financial Statement Analysis – (40%). Review and analyze financial statements

Financial statement analysis is both thorough and extensive and describes what the financial information means to the organization.

Financial statement analysis is both thorough and extensive but does not describe well what the financial information means to the organization.

Financial statement analysis is somewhat thorough and extensive but does not describe what the financial information means to the organization.

Financial statement analysis is minimal

Financial statement analysis does not address the financial information found in the financial statement.

Conclusion – (20%). What are the major things you have learned about this organization?

The conclusion is strong and leaves the reader with a feeling that they understand what the writer is “getting at.”

The conclusion is recognizable and ties up almost all the loose ends.

The conclusion is recognizable, but does not tie up several loose ends.

There is no clear conclusion, the paper just ends.

There is no conclusion.

Spelling/Grammer – (10%).

There are no grammar or spelling errors.

There are 1-2 errors in grammar or spelling.

There are 3-4 errors in grammar or spelling.

There are more than 4 errors in grammar or spelling.

Grammar and spelling errors are prevalent and detract from the paper.

References – (10%). Citations within text use APA format, reference page is alphabetized, all sources use correct format, and quotations have page #’s.

References use correct APA citation format.

The references use a mostly correct APA citation format.

The references are a somewhat correct APA format.

References are present but not in APA format.

References are not present.

This report should be 3-5 pages long and typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font.


MSCI3300 software design loan calculator Programming Assignment Help

US:1 As a site visitor, I want to calculate my monthly loan payment, so that I know if I can afford the
car I am interested in purchasing.

US:1 Notes:

Loan payment calculation requires:

Loan amount (A)

Number of periodic payments (n) = payments per year * number of years
Periodic interest rate (i) = annual rate / number of payment periods
Discount Factor calculation:

Discount Factor (D) = ((( 1 + i ) ^n ) – 1 ) / ( i ( 1+ i) ^n)

Assume $100,000 borrowed at 6% interest for 30 years, to be repaid monthly:

A = $100,000

n = 360 (30 years * 12 monthly payments)

i = .005 (.06 / 12 monthly payments)

D = 166.7916 (((1 + .005) ^360 ) – 1 ) / (.005 (1 + .005) ^360))

Loan payment (P) = A / D = $599.55 (in this case monthly payment)…

Suggested Workflow:

  1. Create a new GitHub repository for this homework and initialize it. Clone down the repository
    to your local computer.
  2. Create a .gitignore file to omit files and directories from Git as suggested for Python and Flask.
  3. Create a Python virtual environment inside of the project folder and active the environment.
  4. Create and add the basic Flask template.
  5. Start your Flask server and browse to your website. You should see “Hello world!”
  6. Add basic Jinja template directories and files. Modify to return render_template.
    Restart your Flask server and test.
  7. Create a “basic Flask server” commit.
  8. Create a feature branch and change into this new branch.
  9. (INPUT) Modify base.html, index.html, and stylesheet.css based to create an HTML form based
    on requirements from the user stories.
  10. Test & commit with useful commit messages.
  11. (PROCESS) Modify to collect the data from your form into variables. Calculate the loan
    payment amount based on the formula found in the user story notes.
  12. (OUTPUT) The calculation should produce a value stored in a variable that is displayed on
    index.html after processing.
  13. Test your application.
  14. Create a requirements.txt file for you project (pip freeze > requirements.txt)
  15. Merge the feature branch into the master branch.
  16. Push to GitHub.
  17. Create a resource group, app service plan (Linux), and app service (Python) in your Microsoft
    Azure account.
  18. In the app service  Deployment configuration, connect your web app to your GitHub
    repository for this project.
  19. Visit the URL shown in your app service. You should see the web application running.
  20. Test it. If there are issues, create a “debug” local feature branch and change into this branch.
    Fix the issues and commit with useful messages. Merge the feature branch back into the local
    master branch and push to GitHub. You should see the changes update on your Azure web


  1. The URL to your running web application
  2. The URL to your GitHub repository for this application


Paraphrase the below points asap in your own words Business Finance Assignment Help


No. The leadership of the company found out about the data breach and what they did was offload their share. This was done in anticipation that the share prices of the company will plummet and they need to save their personal asset. The company did not come forward with the data breach information. If they would have, people across the country could have frozen their credit. This could have thwarted the cyber attackers or at least made their attacks inefficient for some time. Finally, from a technical point of view, the fixe for the Apache vulnerability was present from March-April of 2017. However, Equifax as a company did not use the fixe to update their system and plug the gaps.


The only thing Equifax could have done is to use the fix provided by Apache foundation to reduce the vulnerability. The vulnerability in their system was due to the framework provided by Apache Struts. However, Apache had released a fix for this and the companies needed to update their software, apps, etc. Equifax did not do this immediately. If they would have, they could have prevented the data breach incident



Excel project Business Finance Assignment Help


To follow are the requirements for analyzing sales records in the data set.

1. There are some typographical errors in the data set in the Region and Insurance Type fields. Find

and correct these errors.

2. Rank the states from the highest total insurance sales to lowest total insurance sales. Sort the

data by sales, from highest to lowest.


Which state had the highest sales? What was the total dollar amount?

b. Which state had the lowest sales? What was the total dollar amount?


What is the average amount of insurance sold per state?

d. How many insurance policies were sold in each state?

e. Do any states not meet the $800,000 minimum sales level?

3. Sort the state data by average policy amount, from highest to lowest.


Which state had the highest average policy amount?

b. Which state had the lowest average policy amount?

4. Rank the regions from the highest total insurance sales to lowest total insurance sales. Sort the

data by sales, from highest to lowest.


Which region had the highest sales? What is the total dollar amount?

b. Which region had the lowest sales? What is the total dollar amount?

5. Who is the leading salesperson in each region?

6. What is the total dollar amount sold for each type of insurance? Create a graph to show total

dollar amount of each type of insurance sold, by region. What does this graph show?

7. Create a map chart that shows total sales for each state. What can you surmise from this map


8. Analyze all the information you have gathered or created in the preceding requirements. What

trends or takeaways do you see? Explain.

Excel project Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Magic theater demographic survey and business plan Business Finance Assignment Help

We’re going to prepare a long-term magic theater in this area of Toronto and now we need to do a census and a business plan

First, please find out how many people there are in Toronto in 2020 and what the age distribution is like. Then I looked at how many Chinese people were in Toronto, and how many to how many ages. (make sure the 2020 figures are up to date!)

Then there’s the business book. Let’s say you now need a proposal to get potential investors to invest in your project.

0. Project status

(we’re going to do the first magic theater in Toronto, the kind that offers performances every week.)

1. Market overview

What kind of field to enter, how much market space, how fast. Describe the current size of the industry you are entering and how much space there is for the future.

2. What are the needs and pain points of target customers? What are the needs of target customers? What are the problems that need to be solved? Our chances are. What unique insight do we have into the pain points of others — articulations

3. How to solve the pain points and how to meet the needs and create value product/solution description and business model description

4. Competitors — competitors (how many competitors there are and who they are) How to solve our differences/advantages with our opponents

5. Future planning — how to develop in the future and what is the strategy? Including business planning!


In the census section, I need to make an intuitive table so that I can see the population data

All information must be true because I need to use it in three days. Therefore, if my partners find that the information is incomplete, they will directly apply for a refund if they fabricate or lack references, because we have no extra time to make modifications.


Child Development Theories Class Humanities Assignment Help

Answer the following prompt with 2 FULL paragraphs. The professor is asking for at least 15 sentences! Nothing less! Also, the Professor wants you to reference either the powerpoint or the article (That I uploaded in the files section below). She will take off points if you don’t mention either the powerpoint or article at some point and reference it…. Here is the following prompt..

Evaluate whether you, personally, experienced development (according to Freud’s definitions).

For example, did you experience a sexual attraction toward the parent of the opposite sex or castration anxiety/penis envy?

2 paragraphs required and reference to the lecture, video viewed in class or article read at home must be made within your forum.

Here is an example of what some of my classmates have written… PLEASE do NOT plagiarize it, but it is just an example of what majority students have been writing in the discussion boards.. You can read it and get a little example of it, BUT do your own work and do not copy…

According to Freud’s stages of development, I personally experienced the oral stage. Up to 14 years of age my nails were a mess. Ever since I can remember I would bite my nails because I was nervous or anxious about something. Eventually, it became a bad habit that I would turn to when I was simply bored. Based on Freud and his stages, this definitely fits with his assumptions. I don’t know why or how this became a problem for me because I had a normal feeding schedule where I was satisfied to move on to the next phase. In fact, my parents always say how I never took a pacifier when they would try to give it during desperate situations to make me calm down.

In the article, “Psychosexual Development in Infants and Young Children” Hoing writes about Freud’s theory of a child’s first year of life, they turn to sucking for nutritional purposes and sensual gratification, orally from the mom. In other words, children become sexual beings from birth, and in order for them to reach different stages of their development, they have to be sufficiently satisfied with this phase first. Looking back to my nail biting, it becomes a little contradicting because even though I did suffer from one of the outcomes of the oral developmental stage, I however didn’t suffer from the sensual gratification received through breastfeeding. Today, nail biting has become taking off my nail polish by scratching it off when I’m feeling anxious and nervous. This makes me wonder. What if I wasn’t actually as satisfied as I think I was?

I also have a very bad nail biting problem…. Ever since I was 5 until 21 I am always biting my nails and biting my skin when nervous… So I would also say Nail biting.


answer this 7 questing using your worlds Humanities Assignment Help

1- Discuss when, why, and how does a manager use the three different decision-making

criteria, and describe the conditions that managers usually face which lead to the

maximax, maximin, and regret minimax choices.made a decision ?

2- In a short essay, differentiate between the symbolic view and the omnipotent view of

management. Include specific real-life examples of each view to support your answer.

3- What are training techniques for diversity skills and briefly give a description of diversity

skills training in workplaces.

4-Compare and contrast the ideas of social obligation, social responsiveness, and social

responsibility and give examples of firms that use each one.

5- What are the eight steps of the decision making process?

6- List the 5 protected classes under the Civil Rights Act of 1964:

7-A person applies for a job as a janitor. During his interview, the person mentions that since birth he has sometimes experienced short term memory loss. Why must you consider this person as being part of a protected class?


​Presentation in typography (6 slides) #Topic: One space after a period (why), quotation marks and apostrophes vs dumb, superiors, inferiors (superscript, subscript)? Business Finance Assignment Help

Subject Matter:

Characters and glyphs are a large part of knowing and setting type correctly. There are also numerous

‘typographic rules’ that designers must know and use in designing visual communications. In this project,

you will be researching, discussing, and demonstrating the topics using InDesign. You must involve your



1. Read textbook and research: Adobe, websites, books, articles.

2. Create a 5-minute visual presentation that describes your assigned topics. Make sure you

discuss the main points, show samples (good and bad), and give a demonstration using InDesign.

3. Topic:

a. One space after a period (why), quotation marks and apostrophes vs dumb, superiors,

inferiors (superscript, subscript)?


Army military science Business Finance Assignment Help

Army military science Business Finance Assignment Help

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