Art Survey U4R Humanities Assignment Help

Art Survey U4R Humanities Assignment Help. Art Survey U4R Humanities Assignment Help.

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Read the definition of postmodernism listed below.

The Art Story: Postmodern Art (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Choose one of the artists listed with the postmodernism definition on D2L (Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Bruce Nauman), read the websites, watch the videos, and look at the artwork associated with the artist, and answer the following questions.

  • Does the artist’s work fit into the modern or postmodern category? Why?
  • Describe the work of art using formal analysis and contextual analysis.
  • Does it remind you of anything we’ve studied in class up to this point?

Artist 1

Artist 2

Artist 3

Art Survey U4R Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

​Write a detailed report where you explain your findings and your experiences.​ Computer Science Assignment Help

Find a readily available sentiment text data set (see Technology Insights 7.2 (page 329) in your textbook(attached document) for a list of popular data sets) and download it into your computer. If you have an analytics tool that is capable of text mining, use that; if not, download RapidMiner ( and install it. Also install the text analytics add-on for RapidMiner. Process the downloaded data using your text mining tool (i.e., convert the data into a structured form). Build models and assess the sentiment detection accuracy of several classification models (e.g., support vector machines, decision trees, neural networks, logistic regression, etc.).


Determining the Need for Clinical Exercise Testing Writing Assignment Help

Inquiry #6: Determining the Need for Clinical Exercise Testing


With the printing of the 10th Edition of ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, several changes to the exercise pre participation screening algorithm have occurred. If you are presented with an individual who does not participate in regular exercise, describe the process for deciding the appropriate level of clearance and exercise intensity. In your discussion, clarify the signs/symptoms suggestive of CV disease to be aware of and how levels of intensity are defined in your decision. If medical clearance is required prior to exercise, what considerations are given to the procedures during clearance? Perform a pre participation screening on the following individual:

60 yrs, male

Single vessel AMI at 50 yrs old, stent placed in LAD artery

No recent changes to medical status

Walks 3x/wk/30 min

Cardiac Rehab unremarkable/successful

Goal: Wants to climb Mt. Rainier

Taking simvastatin and ACE inhibitor, and baby aspirin regimen


Certain individuals will nevertheless require clinical exercise testing for a number of reasons. Discuss the indications for a clinical exercise test to include an analysis of the pretest likelihood of ischemic heart disease. Prior to conducting an exercise test on a 65 year old male, you note during resting EKG the onset of previously undiagnosed atrial fibrillation. What would your recommendation be on whether or not to proceed with symptom-limited maximal exercise testing? Explain the process of coming to your decision in this case.

Use the textbook as ONLY primary source :

College of Sports Medicine. (2017). ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription,
(10th Ed.).

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


Write a 6 week exercise program for a particular population that YOU choose. Science Assignment Help

#3 Exercise Prescription: Write a 6 week exercise program for a particular population that YOU choose. The program should include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Population overview
  • Include demographics for a fake “person” that you will design the program for: i.e.: 26 yr. old male, HT: 5’9” WT: 267 lbs. with Type II Diabetes and family history.
  • Target HR recommendations (using Karvonen and a percentage of intensity determined by you.)
  • Contraindications (absolute reasons the participant cannot exercise) /risks and special considerations for that particular population.
  • Warm up/cool down/cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility guidelines/suggestions. Be creative. Most of the weeks should have different suggestions.
  • Sample exercises-pictures
  • Separate the program into weeks (week 1, week 2, etc.) and write specific recommendations/changes/progression for each week. Use table format with columns/rows.
  • The bibliography must include at least 6-8 references from peer reviewed journals (with only 1 or 2 references from websites). * This is worth 150 pts
  • Use APA formatting
  • Paper will be submitted on Canvas
  • Paper must be at least 8 pages not including cover page and reference page. Double spaced.

All assignments must follow APA guidelines to include cover/title page, double spacing , Times Roman font, 12 pt, headers, subheadings and references with hanging indent. Appropriate in text citations are required as well.


Situation analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union on the 29th of March of this year. The UK has three options available to it at this point: no deal Brexit, common market, or stay in the EU. The is a very complex issue for politicians in the UK. However, it is exponentially more complicated for business in the UK and elsewhere. This situation/assignment create an opportunity for you to see just how complicated international trade relationships can be for business with little or on control of the future.

You are a senior officer at Hi-Neighbor!® a multinational corporation with offices in New York, London, Frankfort, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, and Rio. Your CEO has come to you to ask for your recommendation for what your company should do following March 30, 2019. (The day the UK leaves the EU). The CEO wants your analysis of the following situations: deal Brexit b.common market Brexit( Like Norway) c.abandoned Brexit (UK stays in EU)

The CEO wants input on the following: 1.tariffs, access to markets 2.the need for a London office 3.changes in production schedules 4.changes in input availability 5.increased risk to the financial situation of the Pound 6.need for insurance against predicted losses 7.moreover, overall recommendation for the aftermath of the 3 Brexit situations

Again this is a formal document to be sent the CEO of the Hi-Neighbor!. You will need one memo for you the contains all three situations involving Brexit and information about CEO’s concerns. At least 2 pages.



8- a Discussion Questions 300 words. Writing Assignment Help

A minimum of a 300-word initial response to the discussion question(s) is required by each student, including a minimum of 1-2 peer-reviewed references and citations in APA format.

In addition, at least two responses to classmates are required. Responses to classmates include providing additional information about the topic and can also include asking probing questions.

Discussion Questions:

  • What health knowledge and practices are already present in your target population, related to your health issue?
  • Which factors or range of issues need to be considered when incorporating cultural information into the program development, implementation, and evaluation for your health issue, keeping in mind your target population?
  • Please begin to develop your culturally-sensitive health program, incorporating a theory you select. State which theory/model/assessment framework you will use to design your culturally-sensitive health program for your target population. Explain how this theory/model/assessment framework will help in the development of your program.

Integrate information learned from answering discussion questions #1 and #2 for this week. (Use the information you learn and discuss about the health knowledge/practices present in your population for your health issue, and factors/issues to be considered when incorporating cultural information into your program as you begin to develop your culturally sensitive health program.)

8- a Discussion Questions 300 words. Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

alternative liability resolution methods Business Finance Assignment Help

Describe and evaluate alternative liability resolution methods. Please review pages 247-256 of the Harris text in preparation for this assignment. Follow the instructions below and submit your written report with accompanying journal articles.

Many critics of our litigation system believe that the traditional court-based system can be significantly improved by adopting other methods of resolution for professional liability claims.

Specify one recommendation for improving professional liability resolution and find two journal articles from the peer-review literature that support your recommended alternative.

For your recommendation, address the following:

  1. How does the procedure work as an alternative to standard civil litigation?
  2. In what states, and under what circumstances, has the procedure been adopted?
  3. Has it been effective and how has this been determined?

Attach copies of your articles, and any other source material to your analysis.

The written analysis will be evaluated as follows:

  1. Appropriateness of litigation alternative: 25%
  2. Quality of research sources cited and articles attached: 25%
  3. Adherence to each of the three points specified above: 25%
  4. Quality of the written analysis: 25%


You should ideally familiarize yourself with the Weeks 7, 8, 9 and 10 Assignments, and the second R and R Studio Assignment, before submitting this assignment. Your outline should contain a Title (in the form of a research question) and the following, nu Other Assignment Help

  1. Introduction – restate the research question. Write “Findings TBA”.
  2. Economic Theory and Related Literature: find one “good” economic study that involved any sort of statistical analysis. Provide the bibliographic reference to the study; it should have been published in a reputable scholarly journal, (such as those indexed in EconLit or JSTOR) and which relates to your research question. Describe the economic hypothesis that this study tested.
  3. Data – In a sentence or two, describe the data (I know most people are using the ACS data, for PUMA 0608511, but imagine you are writing this for a reader other than the instructor of your course who doesn’t know what this means). Describe the outcome variable, and how you will be separating the data into two groups.
  4. Analysis – write “Difference-in-means hypothesis test results TBD.”
  5. Conclusion – write “TBA”.


Trends Issues M2 Business Finance Assignment Help

1. Research 3 different Parks and Recreation Department web pages and review their policies and procedures for registering for programs. List the different options for registration for each location and how the cost changes based on the different forms of registration. Discuss if you think the registration process makes sense and is fair to all people.

Minimum two pages typed due APA STYLE

2. Read the article Seamless Smart and In Sync (ATTACHED BELOW)and type a review of the article. In addition research 3 different types of recreation registration Software companies and compare and contrast them. What do each provide the recreation department and ultimately the consumer. How much would implementation of each cost?

Minimum two pages typed due APA STYLE


American Literature Class – ​Argumentative Research Essay about “The Grapes of Wrath book” Humanities Assignment Help

Argumentative Research Essay:

The book is “The Grapes of Wrath”

For this assignment, the student will create an original argumentative essay about the book that they have selected and read.

Purpose: To prove that the book is an important piece of American Literature by explaining its greater purpose in American society as an agent of change or greater understanding

Questions to help you arrive at a thesis:

1- What was one thing that really stood out to me about the novel?

2- What was the point the author was trying to make?

3- Does this point help to understand the concerns of a particular group of people at the time?

4- Who (what group of people) did the author want me to understand? (Think protagonist as symbolic )

5- wngWhat did the author want me to see as a problem that I might not have ever considered before?

Length: Paper 6 to 10 pages


Sources:At least 5 scholarly sources in addition to the book are required.


Art Survey U4R Humanities Assignment Help

Art Survey U4R Humanities Assignment Help

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