Article Review: A reflection/reaction to a topical article on academic leadership from a higher education journal must include an analysis

Article Review: A reflection/reaction to a topical article on academic leadership from a higher education journal must include an analysis of the application of theory. The article must be related information studied throughout the semester. You must use an article from a higher education journal for this assignment. Using the reflective mode, you should include the following four components: describe, analyze, appraise and transform. These four components will be the title of each section of your paper. As you prepare for writing the reflection, the following questions may help you focus your analysis and review: 1. What are the most important ideas expressed in the article? 2. How do I make sense of these ideas? 3. How can I relate the readings to my own personal or professional experiences? 4. What ideas are particularly interesting, new, surprising, or even confusing? 5. What new questions do the readings raise for me that I should explore further? 6. How might I apply what I read to my current job/role? NOTE: A sample Article Review is included above. It includes the proper format and provides a good example of what each section should include: Describe: This section includes a basic description or summary of the article/research content. Analyze: This step involves digging deeper. The “why” of the research or author’s content/perspective and the “how” it relates to leadership issues, theories, and/or circumstances. In this section, you will determine the author’s purpose –why did he/she believe that this research/content needed to be done—this is the author’s justification for the content of the article. Therefore, focus on how the author justified her/his work—not whether or not you agree. You will be able to assert your ideas in the next section. Appraise: The actual assessment as you interpret and make a judgment about the author’s methodology, sample choice, conclusions, significance to or impact on higher education leadership, etc. This is the section where you are critical (or supportive) of how the author came to his/her conclusion or position, did s/he use a good research method and have enough people in his sample, did s/he contribute anything useful to the study of higher education leadership, etc. DO NOT restate what the author believes or what the author concludes. This section is about YOUR thoughts. Transform: This section presents an opportunity for growth. Here you describe what you learned and how you can apply this to your current position or development as a higher education leader. Use insight gained from reflection of your own opinions, perspectives, and practices as a leader. Did the information from this article transform you? Remember—you can learn both what to do and what not to do from the article.

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