Arts Education Policy and Funcding Legislation Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Arts Education Policy and Funcding Legislation Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help. Arts Education Policy and Funcding Legislation Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help.

Research your home state and local legislators and learn about their voting records for arts-based initiatives. You may choose your state legislators OR Congress members serving your area. Using the readings and other online resources, draft and advocacy letter to your representatives advocating for a legislative issue that is most important to you.

Your letter needs to advocate for one of the legislative issuesfound on the American’s for the Arts Website. Your letter should include 1) facts and figures to support your case. Additionally, your letter should include 2) a personal connection and story about why you are advocating for your cause. For assistance and template letters to use as examples, visit the advocacy toolkit on the American’s for the Arts Website.

Your letter should be 1 page in length and be appropriately addressed and formatted. Research the appropriate way to format a letter.

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THCT 202 The University of Melbourne Christian Sacraments Symbol & Ritual Discussion Writing Assignment Help

There are three essay questions to be answered. Be sure to answer them completely, each at least 400 words with an approximate upper limit of 600 words. You should cite at least two sources in each answer (just supply author/book, name of document, name of ritual book, etc.; you do not need to include footnotes or full publication details for the sources).

1. Explain why saying “just a symbol” is a serious misunderstanding of how symbols function in Christian sacraments.

2. Describe the ideal process and context of infant baptism, and talk about what complications can arise in our present-day culture that make realizing this ideal difficult.

3. How can the celebration of the “Fourth Rite” of Reconciliation (non- sacramental Penitential Celebrations) benefit Christian communities? How is the theology of this non-sacramental celebration different from the Sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation?


MGT 530 Saudi Electronic University Waiting Lines Model Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Many businesses utilize waiting lines to manage customer service. For example, banks, amusement parks, supermarket checkouts, fast food restaurants, call centers, check-in counters at airports, emergency departments of hospitals, and so many more. In the course of your week, consider an experience you had that led to a temporary demand for service that exceeded capacity, for example, variation in service duration or arrival rates, which led to a waiting line.

Explain common measures of system performance and which of the common measures may be useful for the business where you experienced a waiting line. Detail why that measure would be useful, and develop a strategy to minimize the waiting line while minimizing cost. Develop a calculation to aid the business in making their operational choices.

Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references.


Hofstra University Joe Biden Unity Speech Reflection Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Reflection Paper

The first assignment requires that students submit a four-page (title page, two pages of narrative, and references) reflection paper. The abovementioned reflection paper will be submitted four times during the course of the semester. A reflection paper describes students’ intellectual and emotional reaction/s to a specific topic presented in the required readings, classroom lectures, experiential exercises and videotapes. This assignment is due at the beginning of the class. Due dates for these assignments are included in the course syllabus. Please see page 19 of the course syllabus for detailed guidelines to follow in completing this assignment.


The first assignment requires that students submit four times during the course of the semester a reflection paper. The reflection paper must describe students’ intellectual and emotional reaction/s to topics presented in the required readings, classroom lectures, experiential exercises and/or videotapes. This assignment is due at the beginning of the class. You will lose five points per day for each day that the class meets. Due dates for these assignments are included in the course syllabus.

Reflection Paper Writing Guidelines

A reflective writing paper describes your intellectual and emotional reaction to topics presented in any of the course material. Do not give me a synopsis of the material.

1. The title page should reflect APA Publication manual standards. The reflective writing paper should be four pages in length. Please put on the reflection papers your name, date, and number. Reflection papers are submitted at the beginning of class on the assigned due date.

3. The paper should indicate that you have thought critically (intellectual reaction/s) about whether the material (readings, lectures, videotapes, experiential exercises, etc.,) has helped you to identify and challenge some of your attitudes, values, beliefs and prejudices about people who may have different social identities. In particular, describe how the material expands your understanding of the way/s in which systems of privilege and oppression function in contemporary society.

2. The paper also should describe any affective response(s) (emotional reaction/s) that you may experience as a result of being exposed to any of the material in the course. In particular, describe what impact you’re the material may or may not have on your current, attitudes, values, beliefs, prejudices and your social work practice.


HUM 1301 LC Arts Influence and Understanding on Cultural Experiences Essay Humanities Assignment Help

HUMA 1301

Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of humanities by choosing two (2) writing prompts to serve as a basis for two (2) short essays and three (3) multimedia examples to demonstrate their view on the prompt.

Writing Prompts:

  • Humans throughout history have demonstrated their creativity in many different ways. Describe the scope and variety of artistic and/or intellectual accomplishments made between pre-history and the Gothic period.
  • Describe how a given work expresses the values of the individual and society within a historical and social context.
  • Analyze a work of art (painting, sculpture, literature, philosophy etc.) discussing the experience that the work creates in the viewer/reader. Was this the creator’s intention or has perception of this work changed over time? If so, how and why.
  • Describe how literature, philosophy, and the arts influence knowledge and understanding on cultural experiences, and give an example.
  • Discuss why humans create and how.

Components of the Portfolio:

Title Page (will include Title of Portfolio, Student’s Name, and Date Turned In

Essay #1

Essay #2

Multimedia Example #1

Multimedia Example #2

Multimedia Example #3

Works Cited (properly MLA formatted which includes the sources used in your essays and multimedia examples)

Essay Criteria:

  • Each essay will be between 500 to 750 words
  • The essays will use the MLA Writing Style
  • The essays must also be properly cited using in-text parenthetical citations.

Essay layout:

  • Introduction paragraph
    • State your thesis
    • Introduce the writing prompt
    • Lay out the structure of your argument
  • Body (Minimum 3 Paragraphs)
    • Make your argument
    • Be sure to support your argument with facts and references
  • Conclusion
    • Briefly restate your argument
    • State your fact-based conclusion clearly

Multimedia Examples Criteria:

  • Students can use pictures, audio recordings, video, etc…
  • Multimedia examples MUST be included with the portfolio. If the example is an audio recording, you could use a picture that represents the audio recording.
  • Multimedia examples should relate to the 1 of the 2 chosen writing prompts.
  • Each multimedia example MUST be accompanied by a short passage explaining the significance of the example in regards to the writing prompt. This passage should be longer than 100 words for each example.



ENG 225 WU Advanced Composition & Research Bias Short Story Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Task 5

Welcome to this week’s Task!

Read this short story from the Winnowed blog and look for the biases of each character as you read:

Answer the following questions in paragraph form. Include direct quotes from the story to support your answer.

1.) What is Sameer’s opinion of the area he is walking?

2.) What are Sameer’s biases against the woman?

3.) What are the woman’s biases against Sameer (Sam)?

4.) In what ways were both of them wrong about each other?

Remember to use APA formatting (12 pt. Times New Roman Font and double spacing). Upload your answers to Moodle.

ENG 225 WU Advanced Composition & Research Bias Short Story Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Clayton State University Types of Database Drivers for JDBC Research Paper Computer Science Assignment Help

Database Drivers

Most applications need to connect to a database to manage and interact with the dynamic data. Most database servers have their own versions of the client-server protocols. As a client of the database server, you must be able to interact with this protocol to access the data from the database. Database vendors provide a database driver that exposes an application programming interface (API) so the application can interact with the database.

However, there are many different database driver types for each type of database and language. Research at least two types of database drivers for JDBC to compare and contrast. Which situations would make you choose one database driver type over the next? How does the choice of database driver affect the coding and performance?


University of California Los Angeles Equity Financing and Debt Financing Presentation Health Medical Assignment Help

Most entrepreneurial ventures must find funding early in the startup process. For this reason, having a clear understanding of the various forms of funding available is essential to the success of an entrepreneurial business.

Create a 7 to 10 slide presentation with detailed speaker notes that compares types of equity financing and debt financing alternatives. Include the following in your presentation:

  • The steps taken to determine which financing alternatives to pursue
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the following:
  • Corporate venture capital
  • Private venture capital
  • Angel financing
  • Debt financing
  • Explain which stage in the entrepreneurial process is most appropriate for equity financing and debt financing.

Include speaker notes between 45 to 90 words on each slide.

Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your paper.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


Xenophobia Racism Persecution & Intolerance Should Hate Speech Be Protected Essay Humanities Assignment Help

7 Pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margin, 12 point font.

Paper Topic: Hate Speech-Should it Be Protected Speech?

Plagarism will result in an automatic failure.

Your papers will be graded on:

  1. Content, including writing quality and comprehensiveness of research (85%);
  2. Adherence to complete and proper citation style, grammar, punctuation and spelling. (15%)

When writing your paper, please make sure to attribute all direct quotations or block longer quotes. Never write a research paper using first-person pronouns

Please provide a cover page with appropriate information-title of your research paper, course, your name, and date.

Within your paper, you will have an introduction, a statement regarding your topic and a review of pertinent literature, including major arguments pro and con on your topic. After making an objective—not opinionated—study of the subject, you also are expected to come to some conclusions based on your analysis of the literature.

You will use a minimum of 5 acceptable sources—traditional, scholarly sources, such as law journal articles, legal newspapers, cases, statutes and scholarly books, credible web articles, textbook, newspaper articles, encyclopedia, trade magazines, articles. Please feel free to use all of the links listed on your course page.

If you are citing to a case, please cite as follows:

Name of Case (underlined or italicized), Volume, Reporter, Page where case begins (Year of Decision).

Example: Brown v. Bd. Of Education, 100 U.S. 294 (1999)


Equality in Prescriptive Usage Is a Concept that Is Loaded & Highly Contested Ques Humanities Assignment Help

Equality and Discrimination

1) Explain the element of the principle of equality that asserts that differences must be real. How does this fit with arguments for affirmative action that want to use created differences to justify differential treatment?

2) Explain the element of the principle of equality that asserts that one must show that there are real differences rather than just surmise that they exist.

1)This week, Clifford makes an interesting case for the moral responsibility we have to not believe anything without sufficient evidence. In fact, he states, “It is wrong everywhere for anyone to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” After reading Clifford, what do you think counts as sufficient evidence? When do we know we have done our due diligence in seeking out the required evidence for our beliefs? Finally, do you think we actually do this in life? If we do, in what situations are we most likely to seek evidence before adopting a belief?


Arts Education Policy and Funcding Legislation Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Arts Education Policy and Funcding Legislation Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help