Ashford University Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education Discussion Question Writing Assignment Help

Ashford University Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education Discussion Question Writing Assignment Help. Ashford University Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education Discussion Question Writing Assignment Help.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review the webpages Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education (Links to an external site.) and 2018 Most Innovative Schools (Links to an external site.).

As you read the article on “2018 Most Innovative Schools,” you may have noticed that each of the universities listed demonstrated formidable achievements, but that few were related to student learning, effective operations, or improvements in approaches to higher education. The achievements were mainly research related.

Some have argued (as noted in the article “Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education”) that universities’ innovations should be in the form of adapting to business models; creating new lines of business such as continuing education, facilitating business training, and professional development; and/or focusing on outcomes.

For this discussion choose one of the articles listed on the web page “Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education” to critically assess and discuss.

In your initial post,

  • Provide a citation and web link for the article you critically analyzed.
  • Provide a brief overview of the article.
  • Critically assess the innovation described with respect to its viability, usefulness, and overall value.

In your critical assessment, address questions such as the following. (Note that you don’t have to answer these precise question, which are provided only as possible avenues for inquiry.)

  • Is the innovation something that would appeal to you as a learner or to others in your social group?
  • What characteristics and/or qualities make it viable and potentially useful?
  • What are the flaws in the innovation?
  • What are some of the concepts that you find appealing?

Ashford University Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education Discussion Question Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

MCC Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison Essay & The Yellow Wallpaper Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion #1: Theme Analysis

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Purpose: To analyze the conflict, plot, and theme of a story.

All fiction is driven by conflict. In the story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, the oldest daughter Dee (later renamed “Wangero”) experiences conflict with her family regarding her racial and cultural identity. In deciding to adopt a more authentically African identity, Dee/Wangero undermines the African American identities of her mother and sister. This conflict is ultimately resolved, revealing a theme about heritage and identity.

WRITING PROMPT: For your discussion this week, make an argument that identifies at least ONE theme “The Yellow Wallpaper” by considering what the protagonist’s main conflict and how she attempts to resolve this conflicts.

Remember, a conflict can come from multiple sources; a protagonist could be in conflict with another character, society at large, the natural world, fate or a god, or as is often the case, himself/herself. Start your analysis by considering with what/whom Jane ( the protagonist in “The Yellow Wallpaper”) is in conflict. Address how she deals with the conflict and whether she is successful. From this, draw a conclusion about the theme and what Gilman was trying to show readers.

For example, in “Everyday Use,” one of the conflicts the narrator, Mama, faces pertains to familial relationships: she must choose whether to give the old quilts – made by she and Grandma Dee – to her eldest daughter, Dee, or her youngest daughter, Maggie. On one hand, Dee has the family namesake of her grandmother and great grandmother; however, Dee changed her name to Wangero, saying “I couldn’t bear it any longer being named after the people who oppress me” (483, par. 27). Of course, she is referring to the historical practice of slave owners naming their slaves, which she directly links to an African American heritage that she seeks to reject in exchange for an African identity. Though her family members did not oppress her, she seeks to disassociate from their history of oppression.

On the other hand, Maggie is immersed in her African American identity. Maggie may not consider how problematic this identity continues to be, but she also does not recoil from it. While Wangero believes Mama and Maggie don’t understand their heritage, it is actually she who has negated it in lieu of another heritage. I would argue that because of Mama’s characterization, she is successful in resolving this conflict by not allowing Dee to take the quilts, instead preserving them for Maggie, who has immersed herself in learning to make quilts and who appreciates them for “everyday use,” as opposed to reducing them to cultural artifacts to be hung on a wall. In this, Mama has made an assertion for upholding her family’s heritage and honoring the daughter who has consistently done the same. One theme that Gilman is suggesting, I believe, is that people should not abandon their personal history and heritage regardless of how unpleasant and unjust it is.

Allow the theme to come to you as you work through the conflicts and plot in the story. Don’t try to start with a theme and see how the plot events fit it. The theme I gave above is only one possible theme among many, and so you all may come up with different themes, based on the conflict you focus on and the way you interpret the resolution of the conflict. (For instance, those who feel that the narrator of “Everyday Use” has failed to embrace her true African heritage because she acquiesces to expectations of a white society would come up with a different theme for the story than those who see Mama as representing the richness of African American culture.)

Do not use any outside research for this discussion; your analysis should be completely original.

*********Essay is done below *******VVVVVV

NOTE: For this paper, do not explicate the same passage you analyzed in Discussion #3.

For this assignment, you are going to explicate a passage from one of the short stories we have read thus far. As the textbook explains, explication involves spelling out the implications of what has been written. In other words, you will carefully explain a passage from a short story by spelling out the meaning of the specific details, setting, events, characters, actions, imagery, themes, or dialogue. In this way, you will interpret the literary work for your readers, presenting them with your unique reading experience.

For explication, you will choose a meaningful passage from a story – one that is central or critical to the overall meaning of the story. A passage can range anywhere from a paragraph to a page. Please consider the following:

  • What is the significance of the plot, setting, characters, theme, or symbols/imagery in the passage?
  • What does the passage do? How does it work with respect to plot, theme, characterization, imagery, and/or dramatic effect (as relevant)?
  • What is significant about this passage to the literary work as a whole?
  • How does the author engage readers at the level of language, ideas and style?

Walk your reader through the passage, commenting upon and quoting specific words and phrases as you go, and be sure to delve more deeply where you see the greatest significance to the meaning of the story overall. Your essay should be structured in a way that explains the passage chronologically – as it appears in the text – so the reader can follow your points and keep your analytical thread if they were to read the story themselves.

Along with your explication of the passage, you should explain how your reading of this passage impacts and enriches your understanding of the text as a whole. If you are able to draw from prior knowledge, feel free to explore the additional layers of meaning related to historical, cultural, or social phenomena surrounding the production of the work. You may use the first person “I” for this section, but do not seek “help” from outside sources.

Let me repeat: Please DO NOT use secondary sources for your explication. I am only interested in your own honest interpretation and close reading of a story, and I will respect your attempts to make meaning of it using your own close reading and critical thinking.

Above all, your essay must promote a clear controlling idea about the significance of the passage to the overall meaning of the story, as well as demonstrate coherent organization and thoughtful, thorough development. The paper should be formatted in MLA and organized as a standard academic essay, with an introduction that contains the thesis, a multi-paragraph body, and a conclusion. Each body paragraph should be unified; topic sentences will help you do this. Use a clear order of supporting details, and provide transitions between paragraphs.

The paper must be a minimum of 1,000 words long, but there is no maximum limit. Save the paper in .doc, .docx, or .pdf. I will not be able to make marginal comments in other file formats.

To view the rubric for this assignment, click the following links: “Grades” (to the left) > “Explication Paper” > “Show Rubric” (upper right corner).


ACC 2410 Sullivan University Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Your response should be 2-3 paragraphs and incorporate at least one outside reference. You will NOT be able to see others responses until you make the initial posting. You are then encouraged to engage in the discussion as frequently as possible. Provide citations.

book used for this class: Accounting Tools for Business Decisions with WileyPLus Edition: 7th Author: Kimmel ISBN:9781119598381

The double-entry process of recording accounting transactions has been around for many, many years. Why do you think the process has remain unchanged? Are there any changes in technology, for instance, that may alter the way the system works?


Los Angeles Pierce College Living Like Our Ancestors Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

We can see that something remarkable happened to us as humans, as we look at the cultural and architectural works that remain from the early artifacts of civilization.

Archaeologists and historians interpret the structures and places where we live today, dig into the earth and find both the daily items used by those before us, and excavate buried grave goods to understand how our ancestors lived their lives and to try to understand what they believed to be the nature of their existence.
Please write eight to ten sentences discussing what you believe to be similar in
the way we live compared to the way our ancestors lived.

Please include any sites and images that you find in your online research.


MG 495 Park University Everyone Does It Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Case 4: The Audit

Conduct a strategic analysis using the Executive Summary template. Prepare and submit a three-page executive summary that discusses what strategic alternatives are available and provide a recommended strategy.

You are to work alone to analyze and prepare the Executive Summary for the case. NOTE: Click “Submit Assignment” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to turn in your Executive Summary no later than Sunday, midnight CT. Name your file with your name and the unit number, i.e. Jones1 or Brown1. Your file should be in either Microsoft word (.doc or .docx) or rich text (.rtf) format.

The following information will be required for the Executive Summary. TEXTBOOK CASE ANALYSIS GUIDANCE(CAG) and the TEXTBOOK BUSINESS CASE ANALYSIS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TEMPLATE These files are required for the unit textbook case studies.

Synopsis of the Case: The content of the synopsis should present relevant background facts about the case under examination.

Relevant Factual Information about the Problem or Decision the Organization Faced: State the precise problem or decision the organization faced. The section should include information that addressed the business issue under examination. This section should be no longer than a single paragraph.

Explanation of Relevant Concepts, Theories and Applications Derived from Course Materials: This section should be the bulk of your paper. Analysis of the business problem or decision in light of the course concepts must be presented, as well as the business lesson another organization could learn from this situation. Besides citation to the text, learners must conduct research in the University library related to the top. Citing the textbook only is not enough to demonstrate you understand and can apply the course objectives. Here is where comparative and contrasting positions should be considered and examples and illustrations provided.

Recommendations: Provide logical recommendations to address the business lesson identified above. The recommendations need not to be specific to the organization examined, but should consider how other organizations, if similarly situated, could lessen the impact of the problem or decision identified. Recall, that the organization under examination has already moved pasted this problem so any recommendations made, at this point, are fruitless. The focus of this section should be on what other companies should be aware of to address similar problems or decisions. Citation to the textbook alone is insufficient for analysis in this section. Learners should conduct research in the University’s library to support their positions. Depth of scholarship is not demonstrated by providing personal opinions alone, but by using examples, analogies, comparison and illustrations from the academic literature. Not only does this synthesize the material to assist the reader’s understanding, it is an effective way to present the academic sources and extend the discussion of your ideas. This section should be a paragraph or two.

Alternative Recommendations: This section is not a continuation of the prior. Provide suggestions for how to avoid the problem or decision the examined organization faced. Analysis here should be may be forward- thinking, predictive or, most likely, preventative in nature but tied to the thesis statement. Again, opinion is insufficient to provide the required academic analysis. Sources, other than the text, must be provided to sustain the statements made. This section should be a paragraph, at most.

Conclusion: End the assignment with a summary of the important points made in the document. No new information may be presented. Writing a conclusion can be done by rewording the opening or reformulation the topic sentences of each paragraph to make a summary for the reader. This section should be a paragraph, at most.


Unit 2 – 8 Homework Rubric

Unit 2 – 8 Homework Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization

5.0 pts

Written work is remarkably well organized with clear headings and subheadings. Tables and charts are easy to understand.

4.0 pts

Written work is well organized with clear headings and subheadings. Tables and charts are easy to understand.

3.0 pts

Written work is well organized with clear headings and subheadings. Tables and charts are easy to understand.

2.0 pts

Good but some sections seem out of place. Some headings may be missing. Tables difficult to understand.

1.0 pts

Frequent misspelled words, serious grammatical errors.

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDepth

5.0 pts

Relevant, telling, quality details give important information that goes beyond the obvious or predictable.

4.0 pts

Supporting details and information are relevant, but one key issue or portion of the answer is unsupported.

3.0 pts

Supporting details and information are relevant, but several key issues or portions of the answer are unsupported.

2.0 pts

Supporting details and information are unclear or unsupported

1.0 pts

Supporting details and information are very unclear or not related at all to the topic. There are no supporting details or information.

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting Style

5.0 pts

Writing style is extremely uniform throughout the paper and appropriate for this type of paper.

4.0 pts

Writing style is uniform throughout the paper and appropriate for this type of paper.

3.0 pts

Writing style is uniform throughout the paper and appropriate for this type of paper.

2.0 pts

There are noticeable spelling and grammatical errors. Some formatting errors.

1.0 pts

Frequent misspelled words, serious grammatical errors.

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar, Spelling and Formatting

5.0 pts

The plan has been very thoroughly spellchecked and proofread. Almost no grammatical or spelling errors. No formatting errors.

4.0 pts

The plan has been thoroughly spellchecked and proofread. Very few grammatical or spelling errors. Few formatting errors.

3.0 pts

The plan has been spellchecked and proofread. Few grammatical or spelling errors. Some formatting errors.

2.0 pts

There are noticeable spelling and grammatical errors. Some formatting errors.

1.0 pts

No citations. No reference page.

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReferences

5.0 pts

Material used in the writing of this plan which is taken from external sources is very appropriately referenced both within the document and on the reference page.

4.0 pts

Material used in the writing of this plan which is taken from external sources is well referenced both within the document and on the reference page.

3.0 pts

Material used in the writing of this plan which is taken from external sources is fairly well referenced both within the document and on the reference page.

2.0 pts

Some Material not referenced. Mistakes on reference page

1.0 pts

No citations or references, or very limited.

5.0 pts

Total Points: 25.0



This supplement to the syllabus is provided to assist you; HOWEVER, it is also a directive on how to adequately accomplish a case analysis. The case format guidelines MUST be followed.

CRITICAL THINKING AND ANALYSIS – As a business/management major, or other major for that matter, and soon to be college graduate, one of the most important skills/abilities you should possess is the ability to engage in critical thinking and analysis (using the skills and knowledge you have learned throughout your education and applying them). You will never have everything presented to you when you are a junior manager/executive, but you are expected to take what you have and use your knowledge and skills to make decisions and to arrive at valid and accurate conclusions, which may and should include “thinking outside the box”.

To those who think you may have some problems, here are some suggestions and guidance to aid you in your case study preparation:


The information provided below is designed to assist you in case analysis.

Don’t make anything up; just take information from the case and the time frame of when the case was written. You are required to use problem solving and critical thinking skills in this analysis. If something isn’t specifically stated, then consider the likelihood of it being a possibility for this given firm considering the timeframe that the case is taking place in, and the type of industry that the firm operates in.

Also, DO NOT go on the Internet and look at where the firm is today. The only information about the company that I want you to use in your case analysis is what is contained in the textbook or in any approved outside sources specifically listed.

a. The case analysis will be based on the time frame of the case. For example, if the case was written in 2006, then students will use information from 2006 or earlier publications.

b. Students will use for references other sources of information as well as the textbook.These sources should include business magazines and professional journals.Online sites such as Wikipedia, Portable MBA, Quick MBA are not acceptable references for case analysis in this course.

c. Students should use any of the following magazines and publications as references:

Barron’s, Business Week, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal. However, these aren’t the only outside sources that might be applicable, so don’t limit yourself to just these few. Using Google or other Search Engines can certainly assist you. For assistance in how to locate articles in the above publications, email and/or call the Park Library, toll free at (800) 270-4347.

d. Make sure that you cite and reference the Case Authors, and NOT the Textbook authors when giving credit for information obtained from the case.


Use the tools listed in the textbook for your analysis.


Student Name


Textbook Case Analysis Executive Summary – Week

Date Submitted:

Course (include the section number:

MG495 Business Policy

Statement of Academic Integrity:

I certify that:

  1. I prepared this document specifically for this class;
  2. I am the author of this document;
  3. I am fully disclosing and giving proper credit to any outside assistance received in its preparation;
  4. I cited sources of information (e.g., data, ideas, charts, etc.) and used this material to support this document.
  5. I did not receive any assistance / help / guidance from others.

Student’s Signature (type your full name):



HRM 340 Grantham University Importance of Teams in The Organization Paper Writing Assignment Help

HRM 340


Twenty years from now, the typical large business will have half the levels of management and one-third the managers of its counterpart today.

Work will be done by specialists brought together in task forces (teams) that cut across traditional departments. Coordination and control will depend largely on employees’ willingness to discipline themselves—not by Human Resources.

Please write a word paper on the importance of Teams in the Organization.

  • Explain how (you as a manager) would hire, manage, compensate and motivate teams working under your leadership in order to meet the goals of the organization and Human Resource Management.

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

  • Write 3 pages using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.
  • Use font size 12 and 1” margins.
  • Include cover page and reference page.
  • At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.
  • No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.
  • Use at least three references from outside the course material, one reference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and other materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the three reference requirement.
  • Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paper and list on a reference page in APA style.

HRM 340 Grantham University Importance of Teams in The Organization Paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Chamberlain College Nursing Workforce & American Nurses Association Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

Discussion Questions

Access the following information. You may read the PDF online or download it.

American Nurses Association. (2014). Fast facts: The nursing workforce 2014: Growth, salaries, education, demographics & trends. ANA. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

  • Review the data presented in the ANA Fast Facts and describe some of the key attributes/characteristics of this sample of the nursing workforce.
  • Discuss some of the data that you found interesting; include what you believe the purpose (intent) of ANA sharing these results.
  • The instruments and tools that we use to collect data need to be reliable and valid. Define these terms and explain the importance of each. Share one way that can be used to collect data that you were not aware of or familiar with.


Purdue University Global Palliative Care Case Study Health Medical Assignment Help

Topic: Palliative Care

Case Study

Mr. Brown, who was your eighth-grade science teacher, has been a patient in your practice for many years. Several years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing treatments. He recently was told that his cancer was no longer responding to treatments and that his condition is terminal. Mr. Brown, along with his wife and daughter, have scheduled an appointment to discuss palliative care and what can be expected. Although Mr. Brown’s death is not imminent, his care needs clearly will continue to increase, and they will continue until his eventual death from the disease. The disease process is typically accompanied by an increasing level of pain, which is of great concern to Mr. Brown and his family. The meeting today is intended to determine whether the patient and the family feel that palliative care is appropriate.

Case Questions

  1. What are some open-ended questions that can be asked to explore the need for palliative care?
  2. The decision is made to proceed with palliative care, and a plan to manage pain is being developed in partnership with Mr. Brown and his family. What does total pain management entail, and why is managing total pain important to the well-being of Mr. Brown and his family?
  3. How should Mr. Brown’s spiritual well-being be evaluated, and why is it part of total pain management?
  4. As you learn that Mr. Brown’s level of pain has increased since his treatments ended, you suggest the use of opioids for pain management. Mr. Brown’s daughter expresses concern about the use of opioids to manage pain, stating, “Aren’t opioids bad? I hear about people dying from opioid abuse on the news all the time.” What information should you provide to assuage the daughter’s concern?
  5. As the disease process progresses, the patient begins to demonstrate signs of dyspnea, including confusion and anxiety. What treatment should be initiated, and what are important considerations when initiating this treatment?


Hendrix College Jainism Religious Belief Descriptive Essay Writing Assignment Help

The book that I need you to use is (Bowker, John. World Religions: The Great Faiths Explored and Explained.) you will find the book in this website .The username: The password: 12345qaws

Each student will post a weekly reflection/discussion on the Monday discussion board. Students will pick one point of interest from the weekly readings and post a 100-150 word reflection each week.

Please note that there are 2 levels of due dates for this assignment:

Reflections will be due on Mondays at 1:10pm and will constitute the student’s first post for the discussion board.

Then, each student is expected to re-visit the discussion before the Wednesday in-person class meeting (1:10pm) to read and respond to at least 3 other student’s posts/reflections.

Posts and responses must be substantive and engaging and written in grammatically correct English; no texting language.


Columbia Southern University Enforcing COVID 19 Liability Waiver Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Many businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic are having customers and clients sign Covid-19 liability waivers. Liability waivers are a contract designed to release a business from liability if the customer is harmed in any way by the business. A major question that has come up is are these waivers valid? There is no affirmative answer to this question yet because cases involving Covid-19 and businesses still have not made their way through the courts. This is an incredibly exciting and new issue in contracts! Yes I am nerding out and get excited about things like this! =) Below is a link to a brief article on Covid-19 waivers. Please read the article for reference and more information on waivers. Then answer the following questions:

1. What are some potential benefits of courts enforcing Covid-19 waivers?

2. What are some potential issues surrounding enforcing Covid-19 waivers?

Keep your answers short (identify one benefit/one issue).


Ashford University Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education Discussion Question Writing Assignment Help

Ashford University Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education Discussion Question Writing Assignment Help