asignment 1 Mathematics Assignment Help

asignment 1 Mathematics Assignment Help. asignment 1 Mathematics Assignment Help.

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Find the least squares polynomials of degree 1 for the data in the following table. Compute the error E. Use MATLAB. Do not submit again. Only show values of Pxi.

xi 1.0 1.1 1.3 1.5 1.9 2.1
yi 1.84 1.96 2.21 2.45 2.94 3.18

1. Plot (xi, yi) and plot (xi, Pxi) found from assignment 8. Use one graph to plot xi,yi and the polynomial. You can use markers or legends or line width etc. to differentiate the lines. Use title, and label the axes in the graphs. Copy and paste ALL WORK for the graphs.

2. Plot (xi, yi) and plot (xi, Pxi) found from assignment 8. Use separate graph to plot xi,yi and the polynomial. You can use markers or legends or line width etc. to differentiate the lines. Use title, and label the axes in the graphs. Copy and paste ALL WORK for the graphs.

3. What did you notice when you compare the two graphs? why?

asignment 1 Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

I will post one question Other Assignment Help

please provide an outline that itemizes the concepts that you will

include in your CLA2 paper and final PPt. Please be sure to include concepts learned in the course

and information (findings, conclusions) from your PA1 and CLA1 papers. Provide some brief details for

each item that is outlined. Please keep in mind that you should have place-holders for material not yet

covered in lecture from week’s 6 and 7. Here is an itemized list that summarizes the requirements of this

DQ (include every item in the bullet list below, or you will not receive full credit):

  • Outline
    that itemizes concepts learned in the course
  • Include information (findings, conclusions) from your PA1 and CLA1
  • Brief
    details for each item that is outlined
  • Place-holders for material not yet covered


Data Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to have students synthesize the data analysis concepts they have learned so far in the course. Students will apply SAS® for data analysis and analytics to discover trends that can be applied to business issues and influence business decisions.

Resources: SAS® Visual Analytics software

Using the database and organization from your Week 2 assignment, describe the business problem that you are trying to solve and identify how data trends can be applied to the problem. You will create a business report in which you present the conclusions of your analysis and describe both the data and the steps that you took to reach these conclusions.

Prepare a business analysis report using a maximum of 1,050 words, and complete the following:

· Define the business problem that you are trying to resolve.

· Identify the data source that you are analyzing.

· Explain how the data was collected (if known).

· Describe the fields available in the data source.

· Assess the preliminary results of your data analysis.

· Apply your analysis of the data to the business problem.

· Recommend potential solutions to the problem.

· Select a proposed course of action to resolve the business problem based upon your analysis of the data.

Create a table, bar chart, or histogram from your SAS® Visual Analytics analysis.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


Case Study #1: Reaching Audiences through Social Media (READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY) Writing Assignment Help

The purpose of the assignment is to create a case study of how organizations are using social media to connect with their audiences (customers, clients, shareholders, nonprofit donors, citizens, taxpayers, etc.)

Step 1: Decide on one (1) sector (for-profit business in U.S. or Global, nonprofits, or government) as the focus for your case study. Choose three (3) different organizations within your sector to study. Below are links to find companies by sector.

Step 2: Visit the websites of the 3 different organizations you have selected.

Step 3:From the data you’ve collected, write a 3-4 page (double spaced) analysis paper as follows. Use the titles provided as section subheadings for your paper.

  • All good papers should have a title. It should be descriptive for the reader, not simply “Paper #1.” (5 points)
  • Introduction(1 paragraph). Provide an introduction to the paper. Cite the sector you studied and the 3 organizations you chose to examine for the case study. (10 points).
  • Summary (1-2 paragraphs for each of your 3 organizations). Summarize your findings for the 3 websites you examined. What social media platforms are being used? Click on each of the social media links and describe what is being posted. How often does the organization post? What are the topics? How many followers does the organization have for each platform? Do followers respond, retweet, and/or like the posts? What do you believe each organization is trying to achieve through their use of social media? Use specific examples in your discussion. (25 points)
  • Compare and Contrast (2-3 paragraphs). Compare the 3 organizations and how each uses social media. What are the similarities and differences between the organizations? Use specific examples in your discussion. (25 pts)
  • Analysis (2-3 paragraphs). In your opinion, which organizations are doing social media well? Would you give advice to any of the organizations to improve their social media? Again, use specific examples in your discussion to support your analysis. (25 pts)
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph). Summarize your key findings. State what you learned from this assignment. (10 points)

NOTE: This is a professional communication course. All papers should be carefully proofread for grammar, spelling, content, etc. Any paper that does not meet these standards, will be subject to a loss of up to 10 points.


PowerPoint : Company Presentation Writing Assignment Help

Hello! I need help in creating PowerPoint Company Presentation. Please, follow the instructions below and see the attached rubric.

For this final assignment, imagine that you are an HR Manager on a
global HRM planning committee. You are required to present to upper
management six (6) main concerns related to global human resources

You have compiled data about four (4) of those concerns in previous
assignments, but you need to add two (2) more elements to the

The VP of Human Resource Management has asked you to present a PowerPoint presentation to upper management to discuss your previous findings. Those
findings included culture in a global environment, expatriate turnover
reduction, recruitment factors to consider for Japan or Saudi Arabia and
important steps to consider in an on-boarding process.

In addition to presenting data of the previous assignments, the VP of
Human Resources Management wants you to discuss a compensation strategy
that would support international operations in your company and to
identify two or three (2-3) key strategies your company could use to
enhance ethical behavior, labor relations, and work conditions.

Create a 15 slide PowerPoint in which you:

    1. Share information you have learned about different cultures that exist in a global corporation and global market.
    2. Explain why expatriate turnover exists.
    3. Discuss recruitment strategies in Japan or Saudi Arabia.
    4. Explain an on-boarding process.
    5. Recommend compensation strategies, as well as strategies that enhance ethics, labor relations, and work conditions.
    6. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:

a. Format the PowerPoint
presentation with headings on each slide and one (1) relevant graphic
(photograph, graph, clip art, etc.). Ensure that the presentation is
visually appealing and readable from up to 18 feet away. Check with your
professor for any additional instructions.
b. Include a title slide
containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s
name, the course title, and the date.
c. Narrate each slide as if you
were presenting them in a meeting, and write out detailed speaker
notes. More information about narrating PowerPoint slides can be found here.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Determine the nature of globalization, cultures, and labor markets, and assess the impact on human resource management (HRM).
  • Analyze international business strategy to identify human resource
    requirements and formulate supporting HRM plans that can improve
    productivity and contribute to the firm’s competitiveness.
  • Propose staffing alternatives for foreign operations and address the
    considerations for the use of expatriates versus localization or
    third-country nationals.
  • Assess recruiting and selection strategies that can be used to
    effectively meet organizational requirements for operating in multiple
  • Select performance management processes to assess and improve performance throughout a multinational corporation.
  • Propose training programs to improve performance throughout a
    multinational corporation and address the considerations for effective
    learning in a diverse workforce of expatriates, host country nationals,
    and third-country nationals.
  • Suggest compensation strategies to support international operations
    and balance global operational efficiencies with responsiveness to local
    labor conditions.
  • Analyze effective approaches to the broad spectrum of employee
    relations issues, including fostering ethical behavior, labor relations,
    and work conditions.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in global HRM.
  • Write clearly and concisely about global HRM using proper writing mechanics.



Tutoring on the Normal Distribution Mathematics Assignment Help


Demonstrate the use of the normal distribution, the standard normal
distribution, and the central limit theorem for calculating areas under
the normal curve and exploring these concepts in real life applications.


Frank has only had a brief introduction to statistics when he was in
high school 12 years ago, and that did not cover inferential
statistics. He is not confident in his ability to answer some of the
problems posed in the course.

As Frank’s tutor, you need to provide Frank with guidance and
instruction on a worksheet he has partially filled out. Your job is to
help him understand and comprehend the material. You should not simply
be providing him with an answer as this will not help when it comes
time to take the test. Instead, you will be providing a step-by-step
breakdown of the problems including an explanation on why you did each
step and using proper terminology.

What to Submit

To complete this assignment, you must first download the word document, and then complete it by including the following items on the worksheet:

  1. Incorrect Answers

    • Correct any wrong answers. You must also explain the error performed in the problem in your own words.
  2. Partially Finished Work

    • Complete any partially completed work. Make sure to provide step-by-step instructions including explanations.

  3. Blank Questions

    • Show how to complete any blank questions by providing step-by-step instructions including explanations.

Your step-by-step breakdown of the problems, including explanations,
should be present within the word document provided. You must also
include an Excel workbook which shows all your calculations performed.


Tutoring on the Normal Distribution Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Assignment: Story 1 Writing Assignment Help

I need a worksheet completed for the assignment instructions attached. This assignment is in conjunction with the outline I have also attached from a discussion assignment. Please let me know if there are any questions.

Assignment: Story 1

This assignment requires you to:

  • Identify and focus a factual story idea
  • Gather essential information
  • Conduct one interview
  • Write a 300-500 word newsworthy article

Follow the steps below and fill out the Assignment 2 Worksheet:

  1. Review the corresponding Week 2 Lessons and Resources in the classroom.
  2. After reviewing course materials, doing research and brainstorming, identify your story idea. This is based on the outline you provided in the Week 2 initial Discussion Board Assignment post. Consider the following:
    • Is this a large topic area that can be broken into categories and subcategories and then story ideas? (For additional information review the Topic to Story and Finding Story Focus lessons in the classroom).
    • What is the value of this story? What are the newsworthiness factors? Clearly identify the “So what?” and impact of the information.
    • What fresh, new or different angle can you take on this story? Why should an audience come to you for this story? (Consider localizing the story to a geographic area or specific community).
    • Who will be your relevant, informative source to interview for this story? Who do you have access to?
    • Story ideas can include: news article, press release, event coverage, profile on someone in your community, one aspect of a community issue, etc.
  3. Write your story following the Assignment 2 Requirements:
    • 300-500 words
    • Written in a journalistic style (third person), don’t say “I” or “we” unless it is in a quote
    • Includes a headline, lead, lead support, nut graph, lead quote, background and support information, and a conclusion (When in doubt, use the inverted pyramid structure)
    • Includes at least two direct quotes from a relevant source. (You must interview this source. You cannot lift quotes from other stories. You must include their first and last name in the story. No anonymous sources or name changes). You will provide this person’s name and contact information to me on the assignment sheet
    • Integrate relevant hyperlinks throughout the story
    • Use proper attribution and sourcing. Clearly show your audience where you got your information (an interview you conducted, an article, a report, a data set, etc.)
  4. Edit and proofread your story, checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
  5. Add a headline
  6. Fill out and upload the Assignment 2 Worksheet below to complete this activity.


Two discussion assignments need completed. Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment 1:

Attached you will find the worksheet (cf diversity wroskheet) needed to complete the discussion below.

Choose two of the cultural groups identified on the worksheet. Expand on the detail that you gave in the “Implications for Your Work” column for those two groups. What are your strengths in working with those two groups, and what opportunities exist for growth?

Reflect generally on how you completed the two columns in the template. What were your “big ideas” or “aha” moments related to how your diversity characteristics apply to your work?

Assignment 2:

Attached you will find the documents needed (example and self assessment proposal) to complete the assignment. I have also included an example of what it needs to look like.

Just to give you an idea of what I do for work is I work as a financial aid coordinator for a university.

Describe the main strengths that emerged from your self-assessment of the course knowledge and skills.
Describe opportunities for growth that emerged from the self-assessment.
Identify three goal statements for learning during this course. Each goal statement should be observable and measurable so you can evaluate your progress later on.
Create a brief action plan. Explain which observable actions you will take to address each of your goals throughout the course.


Business Annual Report viewing and find information Business Finance Assignment Help

Company: Inc

1st step is read the annual report of the selected company

2nd Find out where their room for growth is for that year, what are they lacking and use direct words they used.

State it directly straight from business plan (Company Challenge #1) As seen in your annual report it state this year main focus or use another way but start and state

Challenge # 2

3. Read about SAP SUCCESS FACTORS HR website is

what products can help them and why.

Including their challenges and what prouduct can help them, don’t be a robert make it professional and applealing

4. Find any article up to date how it show that HR is proven to help ( in relation to topic.)

4. Find a video of SAP Success Factors that relates to what you are closing up together can find on youtube , Linkedin.

After this you’ll write a introduction to company as you are writing to HR perosn..

Example and change to your own wording please

Hi, thanks for taking the time to view this presentation that I put together for (COMPANY NAME). I’ve been following (COMPANY NAME) for a while and it’s evident from looking over your annual report, as well as your annual information form on (where did you find it), that continued failure to retain skilled personnel, engage top talent, and successfully train employees could lead to adverse effects on( business name) Product L.P.’s business operations and development. I put together this page as I believe the below information could be of interest to you as you consider options to address these challenges.

Best, name


Hypothesis Tests for Two Samples Mathematics Assignment Help


Formulate and evaluate hypothesis tests for population parameters
based on sample statistics using both Critical Regions and P-Values, and
be able to state results in a non-technical way that can be understood
by consumers of the data instead of statisticians.

Student Profile

You are a statistician working for a drug company. A few new
scientists have been hired by your company. They are experts in
pharmacology, but are not experts in doing statistical studies, so you
will explain to them how statistical studies are done when testing two
samples for the effectiveness of a new drug. The two samples can be
dependent or independent, and you will explain the difference.

Concept being Studied

Your focus is on hypothesis tests and confidence intervals for two
populations using two samples, some of which are independent and some of
which are dependent. These concepts are an extension of hypothesis
testing and confidence intervals which use statistics from one sample to
make conclusions about population parameters.

What to Submit

Your research and analysis should be presented on the Word document provided. All calculations should be provided on a separate Excel workbook that should be submitted to your boss as well.


[supanova_question] provided. All calculations should be provided on a separate Excel workbook that should be submitted to your boss as well.


[supanova_question] provided. All calculations should be provided on a separate Excel workbook that should be submitted to your boss as well.


[supanova_question] provided. All calculations should be provided on a separate Excel workbook that should be submitted to your boss as well.



asignment 1 Mathematics Assignment Help

asignment 1 Mathematics Assignment Help

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