Assignment 1 Health Medical Assignment Help

Assignment 1 Health Medical Assignment Help. Assignment 1 Health Medical Assignment Help.

Selecting a Clinic Site

By Day 1 of Week One, your instructor will assign each student an option, and this option will be used for at least one of the weekly assignments and the Final Project. Your healthcare organization has charged you as project manager for establishing a new clinic. Using real estate available in your area, identify three potential sites for your new assigned clinic. When deciding on a site to locate a clinic, four key considerations are: convenience, ease of access, connections to the community, and visibility. Using these factors and two additional factors of your choice, develop a model for selecting the ideal site for your clinic. Summarize why you selected the site. Include in your report a comparison of the three sites and include at a minimum:

  • Site location/address
  • URL for the site
  • Square footage of the site
  • Monthly rent
  • Cost per square foot
  • A minimum of six factors for selecting the site
  • Recommendation and rationale for site.

Second Part of the assignment

Sunnyvale Clinic Visit Forecast and Start-Up Costs

In this assignment, you need to prepare the following information:

    • Using the information for your assigned option, calculate the patient visits for the next three years and prepare a line chart (See embedded Final Project file). The line chart should include a chart title, the X and Y-axis title, and the projected patient visits forecasted.
    • Assuming the renovation cost is $100 per square foot, estimate the construction cost for the new clinic site [$100 times the square footage]. Assume the renovation will take three months and you need to prepare the budget for the renovation, including the three months of rent. What is the cost of the renovation and three months of rent? Show all work.
    • Using the Final Project Assumptions Template (available in the online classroom), estimate the start-up costs for the clinic. Start-up costs include the renovations, rent during renovation, and capital costs.

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    Proactive Law Enforcement Issues and Best Practices Business Finance Assignment Help

    400-600 words

    As the United States invests more resources into security and protection, all levels of law enforcement are affected. After each national crisis, regardless of whether it is natural or man-made, numerous researchers point to the mental health of all of those individuals involved. Police officers, by the very nature of their jobs, are some of the first to respond to disasters. It is no surprise that emergency responders become a major focus in the mental health field after such events.

    Based on your reading in the text and credible research from the Internet, respond to the following:

    • How can you ensure that information about available mental health resources and psychological assistance is provided to first responders? Explain in detail.
    • What types of communications and information management systems can you utilize to ensure that psychological assistance is provided for first responders? Explain in detail.
      • Be very specific in your application plan, and support your response with scholarly and academic resources.
    • How would you implement a performance management system? Explain in detail.
      • You will need to ensure that communications channels are two-way.
      • Be specific, and fully justify your response.
    • As a manager, how will you allow complaints to be communicated? Explain.
      • How will you store and organize that information so that complaints are addressed appropriately? Explain.


    Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Education Writing Assignment Help

    1. Describe one educational research study for which qualitative research would be optimal and a second research study for which quantitative research would be optimal. Describe a third study in which mixed-method research would be optimal.

    2. How does descriptive research differ from qualitative research and quantitative research? Provide an example of a descriptive research question in education, and the possible outcome.

    3. Read chapter 8 in An Education Research Primer: How to Understand, Evaluate, and Use It.

    What do you consider the most important points of this chapter that has enhanced your learning?

    Chapter 8 is uploaded.


    consciousness/the self/personal identity Humanities Assignment Help

    Choose any two of the philosophers that we read in Unit 2. Recap each philosopher’s main view about consciousness/the self/personal identity. Explain at least one difference between the two philosophers’ views and state which view you prefer. Then, offer an argument (i.e., evidence) against the view that you reject.

    If you need to re-familiarize yourself with the central issues on personal identity, I suggest that you review the following (20-minute) podcast: The Self and Personal Identity. Additional information regarding personal identity can also be found here:…

    • Start with making a careful summary of two of the philosophers we read in Unit 2. What were their main concepts and definitions, what were their distinctions? How did they imagine that the self was different from the brain or different from the mind? Restate their theory and include “direct quotes”, specific references from their work.
    • Explain carefully how these views compare and contrast. Be sure to identify and explain at least one difference between the philosophers’ views. How do they define a key concept or make a major distinction differently?
    • State which view you prefer.
    • Offer an argument against the view that you reject.


      • The body of the essay must be (1250-1500 words) in length
      • 1 inch margins
      • 12 point, Times New Roman font
      • Title Page
      • Words Cited Page – cite all quotations/paraphrases used by naming the author of the work, the tile and the chapter/section that you are citing from.
      • Properly use MLA in-text citations for paraphrasing and direct quoting (Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide – Here is an example essay with MLA citations.

      Writing Tips:

      Tips for proper citations for the readings and Podcast:

      • For all your sources, you should do “direct quotes” with parentheses citations in the paper, and full Works Cited information on the last page.
      • For Podcasts: There might not a publication date, but there can be information about when you accessed the podcast/viewed it/listened to it. (The example citations below from the Purdue OWL site could be dates when these podcasts were heard and viewed by the student, for example.)
      • I would follow the format at the Purdue OWL site below for the Works Cited, and then in the text of the paper, use a parenthesis with the time, as in “the podcast says x.” (Bell and Philips, 2:19) for two minutes and nineteen seconds. It’s always a good idea to listen to the podcast, pause it, and take notes with times!
      • If you aren’t sure how to do citations for our online readings, that is alright, check this Purdue OWL site for that information as well, there are all different kinds of sources listed on the left side menu: . Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and locate the following information:
        For all podcasts, provide as much information as possible; not all of the following information will be available. Possible addition identifiers may include Producer, Director, etc.

        Audio Podcast: Bell, T., & Phillips, T. (2008, May 6). A solar flare. Science @ NASA Podcast. Podcast retrieved from Video Podcast: Scott, D. (Producer). (2007, January 5). The community college classroom [Episode 7]. Adventures in Education. Podcast retrieved from Additional tips: John C. Bean, in his book Engaging Ideas (2011) cites three ways that students tend to avoid a thesis or write in spite of the ones they have developed. TAKE CARE NOT TO COMMIT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING MISTAKES IN YOUR WRITING OF THIS PAPER

        1. “And Then” Writing – “And Then” writing is essentially chronological, narrating a person’s life or series of events. Students often do this when they are asked to analyze text(s). They, instead, just tell you what happened, event by event. Or, you might see this in a literature review in which a student just summarizes the articles in the order in which they are read.
        2. “All About” Writing – “All About” writing strives to say EVERYTHING about a topic or issue. The paper may be somewhat organized because the student has addressed things topically but s/he has also failed to produce a thesis or position that guides the paper. The topics are, then, not reasons for the thesis. The structure is inappropriate and ineffective in a thesis-governed paper.
        3. “Data Dump” Writing – “Data Dumps” on the other hand have no apparent structure. There is little transition or cohesion between the things that are stated and discussed. The student has no guiding thesis, no guiding idea, and so s/he goes to Google and grabs it all. These are often the most likely to be plagiarized because the student is just cutting and pasting from websites (and occasionally books or journals). It is incomprehensible and unoriginal.


    Write a mini paper(1-2 pages) Business Finance Assignment Help

    Develop a short paper critically analyzing and summarizing one to
    three key content points
    from weekly readings/chapters/articles, etc. Remember: At a Master’s level
    course you are critically evaluating and synthesizing material. Use
    scholarly articles/journals found in our University Library. Search the
    databases for reliable, scholarly, academic resources (not Wikipedia,
    someone’s PowerPoint or blog, and keep to a minimum the content you pull
    from a website)
    . Also, remember an important element of your
    assignments is to apply the learning – How to apply motivation,
    leadership, etc. to your organization-your experiences?

    The paper will include:

    • Title/cover page
    • Introduction
    • Content/Critical
      Thinking Analysis (Identify key concepts, theories and models-how can
      you apply this information to an organization-give examples).
    • Conclusion
    • References

    will be 1-2 pages in content length, mostly narrative in format. Papers must follow Publication Manual of the APA 6th ed., 2nd printing
    (especially in regards to citing sources to avoid plagiarized
    work). You will utilize content from resources, such as scholarly
    articles, journals, books, assigned videos. (Note: Wikis, blogs, and
    any other publicly editable or opinion based information is not a scholarly resource)



    Public Image of Nurses Health Medical Assignment Help

    An essay about the title.Paragraph 1:Introduce topic and provide background. Include a thesis statement.If you are

    unsure of how to write a good thesis statement, contact the writing lab or consult an online


    Paragraph 2, 3, 4:Each individual paragraph should be focused on a single idea that supports

    your thesis. Begin paragraphs with topic sentences,

    support statements with evidence

    and be

    clear in stating your ideas. This is

    not a self opinion essay but must include supporting

    references for your ideas/statements.

    Outside references must be utilized. Cite your references in the body of paper and

    use correct APA format throughout the essay.

    Paragraph 5: Summary of main points; conclusions (make it meaningful!). Include a reference

    list at end

    Public Image of Nurses Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Art Survey Homework Humanities Assignment Help

    no cheating please

    Ancient Egypt

    Examine the British Museum: Ancient Egypt (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website and post your responses to the following questions to this discussion topic and respond to a fellow learner’s posting.

    • Describe the three most interesting characteristics of Ancient Egyptian life you found in the website. What was it that captivated you?
    • Select one example from the material about Ancient Egypt. Describe how the information learned from reading the material AND the information found in the website has changed the way you think about or look at the example of Ancient Egyptian art.
    • How does this broaden your appreciation Ancient Egyptian culture?


    Info Techology in a Global Economy Writing Assignment Help

    Each student will create a new wiki assignment for a peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the week’s assigned reading. This will be a detailed summary of the research paper and what you gained from the research. Each week, you will find an article/peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the week’s assignment. If you have a difficult time, Google Scholar is a wonderful location to find these types of articles:

    Once you find the article, you will simply read it and then write a review of it. Think of it as an article review where you submit a short overview of the article.


    Bus Cont Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan Engineering Assignment Help

    Develop a business continuity plan for your organization. Describe the basic activities that must be managed by the BCP. Develop plans for alternate site relocation, and develop an estimated monthly budget for the alternate site operations.


    Make sure to follow APA style. Please make sure your submission is 2 – 3 pages in length and meet the minimum APA formatting guidelines:

    • 12-pt, Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced
    • 1” margins on all sides
    • Please provide a title page including your Name, Course Number, Date of Submission, and Assignment name.
    • Paraphrasing of content – Demonstrate that you understand the case by summarizing the case in your own words. Direct quotes should be used minimally.
    • Reference Section (A separate page is recommended.) Please cite the source using APA formatting guidelines. If you need guidance or a refresher on this, please visit:… (link is external) Be sure to include at least three reference sources.
    • In-text citations – If you need additional guidance, please visit:… (link is external


    ANCOVA in SPSS Mathematics Assignment Help

    Assignment Instructions and Research Problem:

    To improve retention and graduation rates, the Developmental Studies Committee of Sussex Junior College (SJC), directs the Remedial Reading Department to offer special non-credit developmental (remedial) reading classes for under-prepared first-time, full-time, college freshmen. SJC has been offering non-credit remedial reading classes (aka Developmental Reading Instruction) for the past thirty years as an attempt to elevate under-prepared students reading levels to meet the demands of college-level classes. But like most open-enrollment community colleges throughout the country, these remedial classes have little impact on improving students reading comprehension levels or their retention or persistence in college. Consequently, most SJC Developmental Students drop-out of college in the first year. The new SJC program, named the College-Success Program, differs from traditional developmental reading classes in that students start receiving basic remedial reading instruction in mid-summer, four weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester.

    Asked to assess the effectiveness of the College Success Program, SJC’s Director on Institutional Research, Andy Wald, designs a study to compare the total number of credits completed during the first year of college (fall + spring semesters) for a random sample of College Success Students, (n = 10), a random sample of traditional Developmental Reading Students (n = 10), and random sample of Non-Developmental Students (n = 10) – students whose reading comprehension levels are at college-level, and were not required to enroll in developmental reading classes.

    Director Wald also collects student scores on the CTP-Reading Comprehension test (CPT-R) – the test that SJC uses to assess the reading comprehension levels, and to place students into developmental or traditional college-level classes during their 1st semester. This data is collected to rule-out the possibility that the reading comprehension levels of students selected to participate in the newly created College Success Program may differ significantly from their traditional Developmental Student counterparts.

    The sample of Non-Developmental students was included in the study to determine if College Success Students would complete annual credits comparable to traditional non-developmental college students.

    Using the attached SPSS data file, conduct an ANCOVA in which Credits is the DV, Group (College Success, Developmental, or Non-Developmental) is the IV, and CPT-R is the covariate (CV). In correct APA Style, fully summarize the goals, results, and conclusion that can be drawn from the study. Be sure to include the appropriate Tables and Figures in the summary.

    Here are the required elements of the Week 8 Application Assignment.

    1) Write a Null and Alternative Hypothesis specific to the research question.

    2) Explain the goals of the study and of the analyses.

    3) (Optional, not part of the grade rubric) Describe the sample.

    4) (Optional, not part of the grade rubric) Test the assumptions of ANCOVA (hint, Levene’s test for the between group factor, and the test for homogeneity of regression) – report the results of these tests to determine if the data meets the assumptions of ANCOVA. Summarize your findings in correct APA format. See my sample summary.

    5) Within your summary include a correctly formatted (APA Style) table. Within the table report group means, 95% CI for means, SDs, SE, adjusted means. Be sure to refer to the table within the summary.

    6) Plot the adjusted means. Be sure to refer to the figure within the summary.

    7) Create an APA formatted table of the ANCOVA Results. Be sure to refer to the table within the summary.

    8) Fully summarize the results for the ANCOVA in correct APA style. Be sure to report and interpret the results for the covariate (CPT-R) and for the between groups factor. Be sure to report and interpret the appropriate effect sizes. And, be sure to report the type of post hoc test conducted, and the results from (Bonferroni’s) the post hoc mean comparison tests.

    9) Be sure to explain what conclusions can be drawn from the study?

    10) Attach the SPSS output in an appendix to your paper.

    [supanova_question] (link is external