assignment 2 hist121 Writing Assignment Help

assignment 2 hist121 Writing Assignment Help. assignment 2 hist121 Writing Assignment Help.

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Assignment Instructions

For this Written Assignment, you will need to choose one of the following questions to answer in your paper. Your response needs to be based on the corresponding documents that I have provided below. Failure to rely heavily on these documents will result in a significant deduction in your grade, as the purpose of this assignment is to gain the firsthand perspective from people who experienced these events personally.

1. Martin Luther sparked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation when he posted his “Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences” (more commonly known as “the “95 Theses”) on the door of the cathedral in Wittenberg, Germany on 31 October 1517. In 1524-25, many peasants throughout the German states revolted against their noble landlords, often ransacking their homes, pillaging, and murdering. It was their claim that people such as Martin Luther would support their violent actions. Based on his “95 Theses,” did the peasants have reason to expect his support? Why or why not?

2. Witchcraft trials have taken place throughout medieval history, in almost every continent, but particularly in Europe and North America. Pope Innocent VIII supported and encouraged seeking out witches and putting them on trial for their alleged heretical beliefs and behaviors. Many others wrote speeches and guides explaining how to catch, prosecute and punish witches (the most famous example being the Malleus Maleficarum). Based on the ideas presented by Innocent VIII, Johannes Nider and in the excerpt from the Malleus Maleficarum, was it possible for anyone accused of being a witch to receive a “fair” trial? Why or why not? (Be sure to base your opinions firmly on the information provided in the required documents. You need to address each of the witchcraft excerpts in your paper.)

Your paper must be at least three full pages long (excluding your title page, notes and bibliography).

Historians in both academic and professional settings use Chicago style citations in their work, which requires footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography. You are not, however, required to use this format. If you are more comfortable with MLA or APA citations, I recommend that you use them. If you need help with any of the citation styles, there are guides within the APUS Online Library. I also encourage you to ask me any questions you might have. Whatever format you choose, your citations must be correctly done in order to receive full credit. Please be sure to include page numbers, if/when appropriate.

If you have any trouble accessing the readings, please let me know. In the past, some people with security programs on their computers (on military bases, for example) have had trouble. If this is the case, I can send you a PDF version of the sites.

For further guidance, please review these documents: Written Assignment Rubric

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What is Properties of Soil, Agriculture ? Science Assignment Help

Week 2 – Assignment 1

Properties of Soil, Agriculture and Water Availability Impacts Laboratory

[WLO: 2] [CLOs: 1, 3, 5]

This lab enables you to analyze the natural porosity and particle size of soil samples along with the chemical composition and profile of different soil types.

The Process:

Take the required photos and complete all parts of the assignment (calculations, data tables, etc.). On the “Lab Worksheet,” answer all of the questions in the “Lab Questions” section. Finally, transfer all of your answers and visual elements from the “Lab Worksheet” into the “Lab Report.” You will submit both the “Lab Report” and the “Lab Worksheet” to Waypoint.

The Assignment:

Make sure to complete all of the following items before submission:


I need help with my discussion. Business Finance Assignment Help

This week you have learned about how information has a strategic importance in creating a first-mover and competitive advantage. To demonstrate the strategic importance of information, this week’s discussion forum will involve researching an article using one of the following sources:

  • USA Today (
  • Wall Street Journal (
  • New Your Times (
  • Forbes (
  • Bloomberg Business Week (
  • Inc. Magazine (
  • Economist (
  • Entrepreneur (
  • Harvard Business Review- (

Your task is to choose a current article (published in last 60 days) from one of the above-listed sources that relate to how managers can utilize information technology as a strategic means to gain a competitive advantage.

  • What role does Information Technology play to successfully compete in the marketplace?
  • What key points in the article support your statements?

Copy and paste the URL address of the article so it can be easily shared with your classmates.

Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length.


Instructional Unit Plan Writing Assignment Help

When developing an instructional unit plan, an effective teacher will consider the placement within a sequence of events of the model curricula. Multiple perspectives of diverse backgrounds and the use of technology are embedded.

For this assignment, based on the knowledge and skills you have gained in the course:

  1. Develop a 5-day instructional unit plan that could be adapted to the current curriculum map in the classroom. The unit plan should be on High School Math level.
  2. The lesson plan for teaching small groups in weeks 3 and 4 will be 2 of the 5-day unit plan. Days 1, 2, and 5 can be built around the small group instructional plans. (I HAVE TWO, YOU ARE ONLY CREATING THREE) ** 9th grade Math Lesson Plans ***Use the “COE Lesson Plan Template” for each lesson. Include details on the resources and materials needed for the unit plan to be effective for all students and adequate for the discipline. If you are using websites or videos, provide a link to those sites in the lesson plan template.
  3. Be sure you are considering the unique learning needs of each student. Create an engaging unit plan that pays special attention to the appropriateness and effectiveness of the learning experiences planned and the opportunities to develop students’ knowledge and skills. In addition, pay close attention to relevant objectives as they support the embedded standards. Create relevant assessments that align to the appropriate learning goals and content standards.
  4. Your unit plan needs a cover sheet that outlines the grade level, subject area, and topic you are covering in the unit. The audience for this lesson would be the classroom you are currently completing your field experience in. Collaborate with your mentor teacher where appropriate.
  5. Additionally, in a 500-750 word reflection explain the process by which you continued to follow a curriculum map and developed five lessons to support the curriculum. Provide a rationale for the strategies selected and sequencing built. Explain the choice of assessments and any re-teaching that could be necessary. Explain how understanding cultural, ethnic, gender, and learning differences creates a more relevant learning experiences and promote ethical practice.

Support your findings with 3-5 scholarly resources.


assignment 2 irls210 Writing Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions

This assignment is a take-home essay consisting of 3 questions, 2 pages total, to test knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. Please exclusively use the course materials to support each answer. To answer these questions paraphrase, do not use quotations.

Please answer all three questions below in a paragraph format by listing the number followed by your answer. I recommend using the MEAL plan to organize your paragraphs. For more information, please check out this link. Please cite your sources using in-text citations; a reference list is not needed. Please review your work for errors before submitting it and ensure that it is grammatically correct. Your submission should be no more than 2 pages in length.

1. Zewei’s article is about two competing forms of international relations. Zewei shows that they were incompatible. Both could not win. What was so different about the Confucian-based system of China’s celestial empire and the Western system ushered in by the western Empires? Why were they incompatible? You can find this answer by reading the full article.

2. What are three good things Steinberg sees in NGOs? What are three serious critiques Steinberg finds about NGOs?

3. What crises made people think of business and human rights as a topic, according to Cragg, Arnold, and Muchlinski article from week 6?

Please note that all assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments within the Assignments section of the classroom. Use 12 pt. font and double-space. Be sure to put your name and class information on the document and put your name on the file. Name your file: lastnamefirstnamePA2classsectionumber example: GonzalesJose PA2 IRLS21001 Insert page numbers. Assignments will be graded using this rubric.







Answers open with clear information and topic sentences

Zewei question

Steinberg question

Cragg et al. question

Mechanics, grammar, editing




I/O Psychology-Diagnosing Organizational Systems Report Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment 2: Diagnosing Organizational Systems Report

An organizational assessment is the process evaluation of the various areas within the organization in terms of what is working well and what could be changed. An organizational assessment determines how organizational factors in the internal environment affect the competitive situation. It is a full system view of where the organization stands in order to maximize the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness in achieving its mission. When viewed as an open system, an organization can be diagnosed at three levels: the organizational level, the group level, and the individual level.

For this assignment, you will complete an activity designed to simulate the process of evaluating an organization and selecting or designing and conducting an organizational assessment.


For this activity, identify an organization to diagnose. It is best to select an organization where you are currently or were previously employed. Think of this organization as a system. Include the following in 4–5 pages:

  1. Identify and document all of the following at the organizational level: (1–2 pages)
    • The organization’s mission/purpose
    • All inputs from the system
    • All outputs from the system
    • All processes your organization performs to transform inputs to outputs
    • Organizational environments
    • Organizational alignment
    • Feedback mechanisms to determine correctness or performance measures
  2. Develop an organizational assessment tool (ten questions) at the individual level. This can be a format of your choosing, such as a written questionnaire or a SurveyMonkey form. (1–2 pages)
    1. Identify a situation in your organization to be assessed. It should consider funding streams, workflow processes, organizational structure, outcome measurement, client satisfaction, employee turnover, the capacity for change, etc. Develop questions you believe will assess the situation effectively. Again, write ten questions in total for your tool.
    2. Explain your rationale for your approach in developing the questions.
      (1 paragraph)
    3. Explain how you would administer the tool to the employees in your chosen organization. For example, is this a one-time event, an annual survey, or an as-needed assessment? Note: You do nothave to administer the tool; just develop a plan for administering it.
      (1 paragraph)
    4. Assess and explain your organization’s capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness including financial performance, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.
      (1–2 paragraphs)
    5. Select an appropriate communication and feedback method for how you would want to present the assessment and intervention results to your identified organization.
      (1–2 paragraphs)
    6. Turn in a copy of the tool you created along with your paper.

Your final product will be a Microsoft Word document approximately 10–12 pages in length. Utilize four to five scholarly sources in your research. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

I/O Psychology-Diagnosing Organizational Systems Report Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Paper writing Writing Assignment Help

you will share a draft of an annotated bibliography based only on one article you chose for this week’s Assignment. The article must be one you selected in the Week 4 Discussion that is relevant to the research gap you identified. You will review one another’s annotations to offer suggestions for improvement.

  • Read the Assignment of this week first.
  • Identify one article that you selected and that you are also including in this week’s Annotated Bibliography.
  • Review Chapter 4, “General Guidelines for Analyzing Literature” (pp. 31–42), in the Galvan text.
  • Review Chapter 9, “Dissertation Chapter 2: Literature Review” (pp. 89–91), in the Stadtlander text.
  • Download the Components of an Annotated Entry: Annotated Bibliography Sample Document.
  • Review the following web resources:
    • “How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography: The Annotated Bibliography”
    • “Annotated Bibliography Samples”

    ArticleEngle, J. (2018). Stories of tragedy, trust, and transformation? A case study of education-centered community development in post-earthquake Haiti. Progress in Planning, 124, 1–34.…
    Jacob, S. (2018). Massification and the public financing of higher education in Haiti: Issues and challenges. International Review of Administrative Sciences.


Module 3 – Case Assignment OPTIMIZING INVENTORY/TRANSPORTATION Business Finance Assignment Help

Module 3 – Case


Virtual World

EBBD EMAIL – for Internal Use Only

To: You

From: Danny Wilco <>

Subject: Re: Quarterly Ordering Decisions

Here is what we would like you to do. We want you to use the Import Beer product line as a test case for developing an optimization program. Use the Excel file that we have developed with the forecast information for the import beer product line. Other information that you will need has been provided by Accounting: inventory holding costs, product costs and price markups.

This information with the Sales Forecast and costs and prices has been provided in the Excel file.[EBBD-ImportsData]

We want you to develop a method that will determine the optimal ordering quantities so that we maximize the gross profits and also take into account inventory holding costs.

After you have developed this method, write a short report to management explaining what you did and how this method can be used going forward on a quarter by quarter basis and for the other product lines.

Also attach any calculations or analysis that you did in an Excel file.

Let me know if you have any questions.

~DW, VP LogOps.

Learning Wizard

If you have done all of the exercises successfully you should be able to easily complete the EBBD assignment from Wilco. Be sure to watch the videos.

Download the EBBD-ImportsData Excel (click on link above) file and look at how it compares to the practice examples in the EBBD Exercises spreadsheet.

Setup the decision cells, the inventory cells and inventory constraints. Then add the calculations for income and costs. Make sure you get the timing right for which inventory is sold in which quarter. You could develop intermediate cells that calculate the costs, just to help you keep track of this. Be sure to use the quarterly inventory holding cost rate. Then calculate the gross profit cell.

Then, open up Solver and add the aspects to it. Make sure that you add a constraint that keeps your inventory values positive.

Once you have the correct solution, save your Excel file and write the report.

Upload the Report and the Excel file with the solution to Case 3 Dropbox.

Assignment Expectations of the written report – write the report to your boss, Danny Wilco

The report should thoroughly address these aspects in depth and breadth:

  • Problem situation: clearly elucidate the problem situation at EBBD
  • Assumptions: what are the assumptions that need to be made and your critical evaluation
  • Solution: What is your solution for Order Quantities? Discuss how you developed the Solver solution. Keep in mind that your audience is not too technical and do not need a lot of detail on this.
    • Make sure you attach the Excel file.
    • You should refer to the Excel file when necessary.
  • Recommendations: what do you propose for EBBD in terms of using this method in the future and for the other product lines?
  • Justification & Explanation: clear reasoning as to why the recommendations were made
  • Writing style & Organization: well-formed sentences and paragraphs, well organized with flow of reason, and good use of language that pertain to concepts and terminology
  • Use of references & citations: Be sure appropriately cite sources within the paper and in the end reference list.


PICOT Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection CAUTI Health Medical Assignment Help

To complete this week, after reading chapter two in Melnyk and reviewing the lectures you submit a 2-3 page paper that explores the background of your issue. For this paper #1 you will be defining this issue or disease using the literature. It will end with the PICOT question. The parts of your paper should include:

  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • Epidemiology
  • Clinical Presentation
  • Complications
  • Diagnosis
  • Conclusion with PICOT Question

PICOT Question: In hospitalized geriatric patients (P), does incorporating educational strategies into the patient’s plan of care and use of medicated urinary catheters (I), compared to use of a medicated urinary catheters alone (C), decrease incidence of inpatient catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI’s) (O) over a three-month period (T).

All references must be in APA format and no older than 2013. References must contain a DOI or weblink to where it was found. Must use in-text citations as well. Please use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Below I have posted a few references that I have been using along the way for my research.

Justus, T., Wilfong, D. N., & Daniel, L. (2016). An innovative educational approach to reducing catheter-associated urinary tract infections: A case study. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 47(10), 473-476. doi:…

Nicolle, L. E. (2014). Catheter associated urinary tract infections. Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, 3, 23.

Rowe, T. A., & Juthani-Mehta, M. (2013). Urinary tract infection in older adults. Aging Health, 9(5), 10.2217/ahe.13.38.

Vincitorio, D., Barbadoro, P., Pennaccheitti, L., Pellegrini, I., David, S., Prospero, E., & Ponzio, E. (2014). Risk factors for catheter-associated urinary tract infection in Italian elderly. American Journal of Infection Control, 42(8), 898-901. Doi: 10.1016/j.ajic.2014.05.006

I uploaded 2 files of some information that was given in class that might help with writing the paper.


PS 385 Unit 3 DP Humanities Assignment Help

Read the following chapter in your Applied Behavior Analysis text:

  • Chapter 24: “Functional Behavioral Assessment”

Read the following chapter in your Ethics for Behavior Analysts text:

  • Chapter 8: “Assessing Behavior”

(2011). Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 2nd Edition. [Purdue University Global Bookshelf]. Retrieved from…

Functional Assessment

Scenario: It is Ms. Dawson’s second year of teaching. Things had gone fairly well during the first couple of weeks of the school year. She encountered only sporadic behavioral issues and was able to deal with them with minimal issues. Recently, a new student, Devin, joined the class. Devin often teases his classmates and, occasionally, becomes physically aggressive toward them. Devin frequently makes rude comments while Ms. Dawson is teaching. Ms. Dawson tries to ignore much of this behavior, but occasionally argues with Devin when frustration sets in. The other students often laugh at Devin’s behavior, and when she asks him to leave the classroom, he often refuses. Ms. Dawson has found herself admonishing Devin more and more and has noticed that other students, who were previously compliant, have begun to engage in the same behavior. Ms. Dawson is not happy about the atmosphere that Devin is creating in her classroom. She has tried some of the behavioral interventions she learned last year, but they are not working. She wonders what else she can do to stop Devin’s behavior.

Answer the following questions based on your readings in the current unit:

  1. What appears to be the probable function of Devin’s disruptive classroom behavior? Based on the principles underlying the function that you chose, explain why you have come to your conclusion.
  2. Why do you think that the teacher’s initial efforts to address the problem (ignoring, admonishing, previously used behavior intervention) failed to reduce the problem behavior? What are some direct and indirect methods that the teacher could use to gather information that would inform her of a more effective intervention to address Devin’s disruptive behavior?

Part 2

you will use the concepts learned to this point to analyze a school-based services scenario in which there is a need to conduct an initial behavioral assessment. While you should rely primarily on the textbook readings and the optional reading provided, you also may use other internet research if necessary.

Once you have reviewed the Unit 3 Assignment Case Scenario, view the Unit 3 Assignment instructions located in Course Documents.

Put your Assignment in a Word document.


assignment 2 hist121 Writing Assignment Help

assignment 2 hist121 Writing Assignment Help

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