Assignment 2: Inviting Participants Writing Assignment Help

Assignment 2: Inviting Participants Writing Assignment Help. Assignment 2: Inviting Participants Writing Assignment Help.

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In this Assignment, you will take the first steps toward putting your interview guide into action. Invite at least five potential participants to participate in your study using the criteria stated in the document, “IRB Requirements for Selecting Participants.” To invite them, you can modify the sample invitation, but use the Informed Consent statement verbatim. These documents are located in the Learning Resources. You can approach friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else as long as they meet the IRB criteria. If you invite five, it is likely that two of them will be able to participate.

By Day 7

  • Prepare your participant invitation (refer to the example in this week’s Learning Resources).
  • Select from among your friends, colleagues, and other people you know at least five potential participants, as long as they meet the IRB criteria.
  • Copy and paste the content of your five e-mails to one Word document, and submit this document to the Assignment submission area.
  • Send your invitations to your prospective participants, via e-mail, with a CC to your Instructor.
  • Confirm two participants and send those individuals the IRB Consent Form.

Assignment 2: Inviting Participants Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

need a 3 page research paper on selected pre and post 911 terrorist events. Instructions below Law Assignment Help

In Unit VII, submit your research paper on your chosen domestic pre- and post-9/11 terrorist event. The research paper must be written using the following outline structure: The pre and post topics are below.


pre-9/11 domestic terrorist event- multiple shootings at Illinois and Indiana on July 2, 1999, and post-9/11 domestic terrorist event- the act of arson and destruction of property in the form of four multimillion-dollar houses in Echo Lake, Washington, on March 3, 2008.

  1. Title page
  2. Introduction: In this section, identify the two terrorist events that have been previously selected, and briefly explain why these events serve as good comparison points for evaluating how terrorist activities have evolved over time.
  3. Pre-9/11 terrorist event: In this section, describe the first terrorist event that is being used for comparison. The description of this terrorist event must include the nature of the event, methods used by the terrorists, and eventual outcome of the event.
  4. Post-9/11 terrorist event: In this section, describe the second terrorist event that is being used for comparison. The description of this terrorist event must include the nature of the event, methods used by the terrorists, and eventual outcome of the event.
  5. Terrorist events comparison: In this section, compare and contrast the two terrorist events that were described in the previous sections. Suggested areas for comparison include (1) motivations for attacks, (2) methods of attack, (3) impact on society, and (4) lessons learned from attacks that can be used to develop counterterrorist strategies. You should also discuss how terrorist strategies have evolved from the first event to the second event.
  6. Summary and conclusions: In this section, summarize the evolution of terrorism based upon the two selected events.
  7. References: Provide a reference list.

While the level of detail in each section of the research paper will vary, it is expected that the final paper will be at least three pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages.

Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.


Writing argumentative essay Writing Assignment Help

Now, read Karen Bromley’s 2010 academic investigation “Picture a World without Pens, Pencils, and Paper: The Unanticipated Future of Reading and Writing.”

Considering your analytical responses to Trubek and Dix’s main claims (arguments), Bromley’s research and your responses to the discussion questions for week #3, choose a position on the topic of literacy (reading and writing) in modern society. In a well-developed, organized, and supported argumentative essay, answer ONE of the following prompts:

  1. Do you think our educational requirements should focus so much on teaching literacy skills today?
  2. Do you think traditional reading and writing courses should be a necessary requirement for college students?
  3. Considering Bromley’s investigation and findings in 2010, predict the future of literacy skills for the next generation. How will literacy skills change even more? Do you think this change will be beneficial OR harmful to this next generation?

If you want to modify any of these prompts and form your own, you must share your ideas with me before you begin this assignment.

NOTE: You can use some of your ideas from your analytical response essays #1 and #2. However, these two types of writing assignments are completely different.

OUTSIDE SOURCES: For this assignment, you will use quotes and paraphrases from 3-4outside sources as evidence to support your ideas. All references will have proper MLA in-text citations and Works Cited information.
For good argumentation, you must identify a specific audience whom you are trying to persuade, keeping in mind your particular purpose as a writer. You must also use appropriate rhetorical strategies in our writing, appealing to your audience’s interests while remaining credible, trustworthy, and fair. Good writers appeal to their readers in several ways. They appeal to logos by making sound, well-reasoned, well supported arguments. They appeal to pathos by making the reader share the writer’s concern about the issue. They appeal to ethos by establishing the writer as fair, reasonable, and knowledgeable. In this writing assignment, you should demonstrate these skills. Please review the following handout carefully: Developing an Argumentative and Persuasive Essay.

Your argumentative essay must have:

  • a minimum of 4 full pages of text using proper MLA formatting, in-text citations, and Works Cited page as your final page. Note: The minimum page requirement does NOT include your Works Cited page. Therefore, your Works Cited page will probably be page 5 or 6. All outside sources must be listed properly following MLA guidelines. Remember to use proper formatting with source information and hanging indentation. Please review the following materials:
  • an introduction paragraph with a hook statement and background information about your topic and focus of your analysis which is connected to a clearly stated thesis statement (main claim) at the end of the paragraph.
  • several body paragraphs, each with an assertion at the beginning that focuses on developing your thesis statement (main idea) and logically connected with adequate specific details – supporting ideas, examples, quotes, paraphrases & explanation sentences to connect to your main claim (thesis statement). ALL body paragraphs must connect logically and focus on developing your main claim (thesis statement).
  • strategically and logically placed references (quotes/paraphrases) from outside sources, cited properly using MLA in-text citations and explanation sentences that explain, discuss, and connect the evidence to your main claim. NOTE: You should use a minimum of THREEcredible sources, the majority of which should be our class articles and essays that are posted in Essay #3 –Readings/Outside Sources
  • a counterargument paragraph before the conclusion paragraph. This paragraph identifies and acknowledges a strong counterargument (opposing view) in the topic sentence and includes references from readings that support this opposing view (similar to your analytical response essays- Trubek and Dix). Then you refute these ideas by connecting back to your position (main claim) stated in your thesis statement and use strong references from readings as evidence. Review the following example: Counterargument Body Paragraph Example.
  • a short conclusion paragraph with, a thesis restatement, short summary of major supporting ideas from your body paragraphs, and strong concluding thoughts about your topic and main idea that speak to your audience.
  • all ideas focusing on developing your thesis statement (main claim).


Discussion (Half page response) Writing Assignment Help

This discussion board will help you prepare for your final project by giving you a chance to learn more about logic models and your organization (see attachment below for more information on the Final Project requirements).

After reviewing the article, About Logic Models (below) and some of the support materials on your logic model builder site, think of a human services issue / program (based on a community need) for which you might develop a logic model and plan. This should be the program and organization that you will be using for your Final Project. Describe the target population of the program. This is the who will “receive” the program and should include the demographics of the target population as well as the service delivery area. Be specific in your description and consider similar demographics who won’t be targeted for your program. For instance, you may have a program which fights homelessness, but whose target population is homeless vets only.

Review the requirements outlined on the Discussion Board Rubric



Know Thyself and Love Philosophy Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Question to answer in your paper: What does “Know Thyself” and “Love” mean to you through the lens of Ancient Greek Philosophy and Stoicism?

Description of the Paper

This is a reflection paper on ancient Greek philosophy and the philosophy of Stoicism. Below is an overview of what we will have read and discussed prior to the due date of this paper . Please use what is listed below as inspiration and also include what ever else may have piqued your interest. In short, please explain what it means to you to Know Thyself and to Love as you have experienced it and come to think about it while studying ancient Greek philosophy and Stoicism.

Line of Reasoning: In your paper, you will take a position and rationally defend your position. Keep in mind that it is not merely a matter of taste, feelings, or emotions, but rather it must be a position you can defend with textual evidence, life experience, and a line of reasoning.

Four quotes minimum: Please include at least four text quotes from the assigned readings to support your claims.


• 4 quotes (see above)
• 1000 words (4 pages)
• Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font
• Double Spaced
• 1” Margins
• Cite ALL resources. You do NOT need to use any particular style (e.g., APA or MLA). Pick one style

and be consistent. For example, after a quote, (Rousseau, p. 572), (Zoom Lectures, June 29th).

Also, please include a Bibliography
• You may use first person “I”
• Upload on Canvas in the assigned dropbox • 15 points

Goal: Come to know yourself with the writings of Plato and the conversations Socrates engages in, in the Symposium, and Aesop, PreSocratics, Sophists. Also, Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations and Heloise’s first letter to Abelard. You do not need to use all of what you learned but at least one of the ideas from the Symposium and at least one idea from Stoicism, either Marcus Aurelius or Heloise.

How to Prepare: Review the readings and use the questions below to excite your thoughts. Also, please review the study questions, slides, lecture notes, and resources provided on the slides and lectures notes to be sure you understand the material (on Canvas under “Modules”)

Overview of what we’ve covered so far

• Aesop’s Fables
• Mythos to Logos: Aesop, PreSocratics, and

• Plato’s Symposium

• Socrates and Plato’s Philosophy • Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations
• Heloise’s First Letter to Abelard

Overview of Knowing Thyself and What is Love through Ancient Greek Philosophy and Stoicism I. Know Thyself

A lifetime of uncovering one’s false opinions to move to become wise


What is knowledge? This is a question that belongs to epistemology, the philosophical study of knowledge that analyzes what is known, yet unknown, and unknowable. What can you know about yourself?


“I know that I do not know.” Socrates

[If]“ I am wiser than this man; it is likely that neither of us knows anything worthwhile, but he thinks he knows something when he does not, whereas when I do not know, neither do I think I know; so I am likely to be wiser than he to this small extent, that I do not think I know what I do not know.” Apology (21 d)

Three different ways of knowing

• Belief
• Opinion
• Knowledge

II. Self

What defines you? Your body, i.e., the dwelling place of your soul? Your soul? What is your soul? Do you identify with Socrates’s notion of the soul?

According to Socrates, the most important thing is to care for one’s soul. What does Socrates mean? Do you agree? Why or why not? Does Plato’s description of the soul as described in Plato’s Phaedrus (253 d-e & 254a-e) resonate with you? Why or why not?

III. Wrong Doing

Socrates claimed, “All wrong doing is due to Ignorance” as opposed to Aristotle’s position on Akrasia

IV. Plato Forms – The Really Real

One comes to the knowledge of the laws of mathematics and geometry, according to Plato, through recollection. This must NOT be confused with memory (e.g., what one had for breakfast).

V. Recollection, according to Plato, is a coming to knowledge through:
(1) utilizing the dialectic to rediscover the knowledge of mathematics and geometry that is written into the soul of all human beings.
(2) the desire to know the Forms.

VI. Ladder of Love

Form of Beauty (beauty itself) is how one moves toward the form of beauty, toward the form as well as coming to know oneself. What is the role of erotic love? Love is, ultimately, wisdom, love of wisdom. In a word, “Philosophy”.

VII. Stoicism — Questions to inspire your thoughts

Aurelius (Stoicism) & Heloise (Medieval Stoicism):

a. Marcus Aurelius

What does it mean to have your thinking and willing in accordance with nature? Do you have virtuous intentions? Do you trust the unfolding of divine logos? Have you applied the Stoic Credo to your decisions making? What is useful? How might thinking in accordance with the Stoic Credo inspire you to love more? How is the phrase “Carpe Diem” essential to the philosophy of Stoicism? How might being in the present moment result in you loving fully and completely? Might fear of the future or trauma from the past interfere with your ability to love in the present?

b. Heloise

Is Heloise’s medieval stoic notion of the lover/beloved relationship a practical (useful) way to determine as if you are in a healthy relationship with friends, partners, family, etc? Why or why not? Heloise compares love to tending to a garden that needs attention, light, shade, water. If you were to love your beloved in line with Stoicism, might it improve your relationships? How can Stoicism (Aurelius or Heloise’s) inspire you to love more?

Writing a Philosophy Paper Guidelines

• Grammar matters. Please use complete sentences.
• Reasoning matters. Please be sure that sentences relate to each other. For example, sentence two follows from sentence one, and so on.
• Use new paragraphs to indicate a new idea.
• Consider using sub-headings to organize your thoughts and convey them in an organized fashion. • Be sure to introduce a quote and follow it with a sentence explaining why it is important to the point you are defending.
• The goal is, in short, to understand the material, convey an understanding of the material, take a position on the material, and defend the position with reasoning, and quotes from the text as evidence.
• While word count and page number matters, conveying your point and defending your position matters as well.



Management Business Finance Assignment Help

  1. Review Apple’s supply chain for its iPhone product. What differences set it apart from competitors?
  2. What are Apple’s key advantages in how it manages its supply chain operations?
  3. What are the challenges that Apple faces in the future, and what are the implications for its supply chain?
  4. What recommendations would you make to the company’s vice-president, Phillip Duchene, and why?
  5. In your opinion, how does Apple’s supply chain compare with Wal-Mart’s chain? How are they different and how are they similar?

In text citations from reputable sources. Single spaced, 10 inch text, 1 1/2 pages

Management Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Hi need someone to do me an essay Writing Assignment Help

The essay is about a book.

Assignment Type: Argumentative

Audience: Students NOT enrolled in this class.


Charles Duhigg asserts that “Habits can be changed if we understand how they work.”Explain and give examples of what Duhigg means by this: how habits work and how habits can be changed. Do you agree with his interpretation of the science he uses in his book? Often, we do not disagree with the science or the data we are presented; we are in disagreement with the way it has been interpreted and presented to us as readers. One way of looking at this topic is to see it simply: Ultimately, Duhigg’s claim is that we are not entirely in control of our behavior as much as we’d like to believe or think. This changes so much if we apply this argument to crime, addiction, study habits, hygiene, etc. A more philosophical question is this: If we can be “asleep” in our routines, are we really that in control of ourselves? When someone says, “He’s an alcoholic, he made a choice” is this an accurate argument in your opinion? Basically, I am asking you do you agree with what Duhigg is essentially implying? What is he implying? If you have difficulties getting started in your essay, start off with his assertion. Ultimately, is he weighing in on the topic of free will? If most of our habits are unconsciously learned, do we really have free will? Lots to consider.

Grading: This essay is worth 100 points. In your essay, be sure to use this checklist:

  • A clear, focused, and specific thesis (Remember, your thesis does not have to be at the bottom of your first paragraph. That is the 5 paragraph monster. But it should be identified)
  • Paragraphs with a main focus and a reasonable length
  • Effective explanations, summaries, and quotes that describe the ideas in the readings
  • Examples and details from the book or from other sources that illustrate the author’s ideas (cross-reference his sources and find them if necessary, eg. The Marshmallow Study, (Links to an external site.))
  • Thoughtful and in-depth discussion of the ideas from The Power of Habit
  • Well-written sentences
  • Words that effectively express ideas
  • Few or minor errors in the writing
  • Works cited page

Some Advice:

  • Assume your reader is someone who is NOT in our class. They are in another class.Spend time summarizing key ideas, defining any unfamiliar or important terms (eg. basal ganglia, keystone habits, the habit loop), selecting short quotes from the reading to help your reader understand the author’s ideas.
  • Include specific details, quotes, and examples from the reading to illustrate the author’s ideas.Similarly, include specific examples and details from your own experiences or observations so readers can understand your point of view.
  • Try to think beyond the obvious.Acknowledge the complexities or difficulties in the author’s ideas or your own situation.
  • Proofread your essay carefully.Think about the kinds of mistakes you tend to make (use your first paper as a guide), the writing we’ve been practicing in class, and the comments you received on your first essay.
  • Abandon the form-based approach and start from a place of purpose, audience, and content. These elements will build your context.


An economics writing course–Data and Regression Section Economics Assignment Help

You should download the data that you need to answer your research question and decide the Regression you are going to run. Then you can write and upload drafts for the Data Section and the Regression section by next week (let’s say by July 15).

The Data section is pretty easy to write. You need to:

– describe the data you are using and specify where you got them from (for example, Apple stock prices downloaded from

– clarify if you transform the data that you downloaded in any way: for example, taking the growth rate of the stock price, taking logs, taking first differences, etc.

– if you don’t have too many data series, you can include a graph of how they evolve over time.

The main point of the data section is that you should give enough details so that a reader would be able to replicate exactly what you have done.

For the Regression section, instead, you need to:

– Write down and explain the regression that you are going to use. Make sure that you are specific about the variables that you use and that you include the right subscripts, as well as the error term.

– Discuss a bit why you use those variables in the regression.

– In this Section, you don’t need to include the Results. You will need those next week. But if you are ahead in your project and already want to include regression results, you can do so. We can check them and see if they look right.

The deadline to submit Data and Regression sections is next Wednesday at 11:59PM.

Let me know if there are questions.


20 multiple choice – Principles of Microeconomics Economics Assignment Help

1. Jennifer’s two favorite flavors of soda are cola and lemon-lime. On a normal week, Jennifer bought 3 cola sodas and 3 lemon-lime sodas. After the price of cola soda increases, Jennifer buys only 2 cola sodas and 2 lemon-lime sodas in a week. This can be explained by

The fact that lemon-lime soda is an inferior good.

2. What happens in regards to moving along an indifference curve, if a consumer needs to make up for having one unit less of the good along the horizontal axis with only a small amount of good increased on the vertical axis?

In comparison with behavioral economist, traditional economists operate with the assumption that ________.

when people encounter a variety of situations, they fluctuate between rational and irrational decisions

Juan’s marginal utility from strawberries is 200 and his marginal utility from cream is 100. Juan spends all of his budget. The price of strawberries is $5 per pound and the price of cream is $5 per pint. To maximize his utility, Juan should

Which of the following statements is true based on what we know about the properties of utility?

Alexandra receives 20 utility from drinking one soda and 25 utility from eating a pizza. Therefore, Alexandra enjoys pizza more than sodas.

What is the typical pattern for consumers when they choose?

What will happen if a good that is normal has a decrease in price which causes a substitution effect?

The consumer will continue to purchase more of the lower priced good until his/her budget is exhausted.

8. If over the last twenty years consumer incomes declined by 20% and consumption of public transport increased by 10%, which of these statements must be true?

Read over the following scenarios. Which one best represents how a behavioral economist might view a situation?

Why do most demand curves have a negative slope?

Because consumers substitute higher quality goods for lower quality goods because of the substitution effect.

11. What is involved in the step-by-step process of finding the choice with the maximum utility?

Behavioral economist use something called a nudge to boost rational economic behavior. Which of these is an example of that type of nudge?

What economic concept is defined as the value, or satisfaction, that people derive from the goods and services they consume and the activities they pursue?

Greg eats pizza every day of the week. The marginal utility of pizza will most likely ________ by the end of the week, and all else being equal, this demonstrates the law of ________.

Jacob has a budget of $21 to spend on either soda or popcorn at the movie theater. A bag of popcorn costs $5 while a can of soda costs $2. Use the table below to identify the utility maximizing quantity of soda and popcorn given Jacob’s budget constraint.

Soda (Quantity) Total Utility Popcorn (Quantity) Total Utility
1 10 1 20
2 18 2 36
3 24 3 48
4 28 4 56
5 30 5 60
6 31 6 62
choose 1 answer

One difference between total utility and marginal utility is that

Which of the following best fits the typical pattern of total utility as consumption increases?

Jacob receives a total utility of 20 from consuming the first hamburger, 35 after consuming the second, and 45 after the third.

The utility an individual will receive from consuming a good is determined by

When considering consumer equilibrium on an indifference curve/budget line diagram, what is the slope of the budget line doing?

What must take place for a consumer to retain their original indifference curve trajectory in the presence of declining marginal rates of substitution, when time after time a unit of a good is sacrificed for another good?


Peer Assessment Programming Assignment Help

n at most one paragraph, describe a scenario that will require the use of multiple functions and parameters to for an application. You may use your Chapter 10 practice problems as a guide: #6, 7. Your assignment should require at least:

  • One function that returns a value
  • One function that does not return a value
  • One or more parameters

Then, solve your own problem. The solution should include:

  • an IPO chart to describe the solution
  • a function table that includes a row for EACH function
  • flowcharts for each function in the table
  • a complete Python program that implements your solution.

Question 1

Describe your problem, no more than one paragraph. Be sure to be specific.

Question 2

Create an IPO chart to describe the solution to your posed problem.

Question 3

Create a function table to include a row for each identified function.

Question 4

Create flowcharts for each function described in the function table.

Question 5

Submit a screenshot of your solution and output.


Submit a screenshot of your solution and output.


Submit a screenshot of your solution and output.


Submit a screenshot of your solution and output.


Assignment 2: Inviting Participants Writing Assignment Help

Assignment 2: Inviting Participants Writing Assignment Help

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