Assignment # 2: Three Web Pages with Hyperlinks Programming Assignment Help

Assignment # 2: Three Web Pages with Hyperlinks Programming Assignment Help. Assignment # 2: Three Web Pages with Hyperlinks Programming Assignment Help.

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Follow the directions below to complete Lab Assignment 2:

  1. Create three (3) Web pages: index.htm, tips.htm, and glossary.htm. Open and close all tags appropriately using the correct tags.
  2. Display your name in the title bar of the browser, declare the DOCTYPE for HTML5, and create a comment listing the lab number, the author, and the date.
  3. Create links on each page that link to the other two (2) pages.
  4. Create navigation links on each page that link to the other two (2) pages.
  5. On the home page, create an image linked to
  6. Create alternate text for the image link that says “Strayer University.”
  7. On the glossary.htm page, create a definition list of at least five (5) terms and their definitions.
  8. In the definition list, create bold tags for the terms only (not the definition).
  9. Display the special characters “<” and “>” somewhere in the term definitions.
  10. On the glossary.htm page, create at least two (2) links to areas on the same page.

  • Write the code for each lab assignment.
  • The code is to be submitted in a single compressed folder (zip file) to the online course shell. The file must contain all .htm files, along with any other files that may be necessary for your project to run (ex: text files, images, etc.).
  • When saving the file, it should be saved as Lab_#_Last name_First initial.htm. For example, if your name is Mary Smith the file for Lab 1 should be saved as Lab_1_Smith_M.htm
  • Any and all written answers must be entered into the online course shell with the submission of the attached lab assignment.

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Three Essay Questions Writing Assignment Help

  1. Describe the different roles in a business buying center. Then identify each member of the buying group in a medium-sized company that purchases components and assembles small household appliances.
  2. Imagine that you are a marketer for one of the following companies:, Apple, Starbucks, Burger King, or a nationally recognized company of your choice. Decide whether your company will expand internationally into Mexico, India, or China. Write a brief report outlining and describing the issues your company must consider regarding each of the following environmental areas: economic, social-cultural, technological, and political-legal.
  3. What are several pluses for businesses that use outsourcing techniques? What are several minuses? What can companies do to make the best of these widespread practices?

Will be submitted on turnit

APA with refrences


Making of Foreign Policy Humanities Assignment Help


  • Understand the various levels of analysis theories that are involved in foreign policy making with a focus in US foreign policy. Reading and lecture will focus on theories by Kenneth Waltz and Robert Jervis.

The reviews MUST follow this Format/Content: review is based on video an pdf attached

1 All the readings for each week of the syllabus should be covered in the corresponding Review. The degree of attention and space you devote to each reading in your review, however, is up to you. The point is not to write a detailed summary of the readings but to identify the key and salient points of each author’s findings and assertions. You can, but you do not need to, write these reviews in essay format; you can simply name the author and identify key arguments/points that you think are most important in that particular reading. Your grade for each review will depend on:

◦ a) the comprehensiveness of your coverage, i.e., inclusion of the assigned readings and materials

◦ b) meeting the minimum of required pages

◦ c) following the format provided here

◦ d) timely submission

2 A minimum of a 5 page, maximum of a 8 page, Review on the required readings/materials for every two weeks is mandatory. The Review must be typed double-spaced, with one inch margins and font 12 format.

3 Must Bold the names of authors.

4 Try to identify key points/main ideas of each reading.

5 Contrast and compare relevant and related reading materials when a comparison is appropriate.

6 For the Video/Audio lectures (or conversations) that are required for a review, you need to focus, as is the case with the readings, on identifying a few main ideas and key points.

7 Avoid long quotations.

lecture video link :



congressional system of the United States Humanities Assignment Help

Compare and contrast the congressional system of the United States and the parliamentary system of another country. Be sure to include the historical, constitutional, and institutional aspects of the US system and of the country you are comparing with.

Papers must be 4 pages. Papers must be properly cited, using APA writing style and formatting. All papers must be submitted via TurnItIn. There are FIVE possible topics, throughout the semester, the student will pick ONLY FOUR to write.



anthropology writing -2 Writing Assignment Help

These response papers provide opportunities for discussion and critical analysis of current biological, cultural, and social issues related to human growth and development. Reaction papers are only 2-3 pages long so writing should be concise and focused around a couple of main points. For this week, choose one of the options listed below to respond to. Additionally, read and respond to two of your peers’ posts. Engage the material and think “evolutionarily“. Total word count: 700

Option 1 (2 readings):

1. Co-sleeping and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Braiker B. 2005. A quiet revolt against the rules on SIDS. The New York Times; 10/18/05.

& 2. McKenna JJ. 2001. Why we never ask: “Is it safe for infants to sleep alone?” ABM News andViews 7(4): 32, 38.

Option 2 (2 readings):

1. Harris G, O’Connor A. 2005. On autism’s cause, it’s parents vs. research. The New York Times; 6/25/05.

& 2. McNeil DG. 2002. When parents say no to child vaccinations. The New York Times; 11/30/02.



ITECH5403 – Assignment 2 – Parallel Implementations Programming Assignment Help

You are tasked with creating a program for a pizza shop –however, as this is a comparative languages course,
you will be creating the same application in the following programming languages:
 C,
 Python,
 Java and
 Lisp.
As you implement the application in each language, you should keep notes on the features of the languages
used, which you found useful, as well as any issues or complications which arose due to the complexity or lack
of any language features. A brief discussion based on these programming features for each individual
language accompanying each implementation is required. Finally, a comparative overview of the languages
highlighting applicability based on your experience in the design, implementation and debugging of your code
is also required.
If you foresee or encounter any complications, you may opt to implement or incorporate additional language
features which may be lacking, i.e. data structures. This can be done via:
 Your own implementation,
 Through libraries, or
 Via the incorporation of existing source code. You can use code found on the Internet, but use of any
existing code must be referenced.

ITECH5403 – Assignment 2 – Parallel Implementations Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

List at least one of each transaction related to all of the following business events: Business Finance Assignment Help

For your main Discussion post, list at least one of each transaction related to all of the following business events:

  • Purchase of goods or services for cash:
  • Providing services for cash:
  • Providing services on account
  • Purchase of goods or services on account
  • Payment of a previously recorded expense
  • Receipt of a previously recorded revenue earned

Be sure to explain your logic in the analysis of your business transactions and do not repeat examples from the textbook. Also, list the type of source documents that may serve as evidence for each accounting transaction.

Here is an example of a purchase of goods for cash:

My Company purchased $1,000 of supplies during the current accounting period; payment was made at the time of purchase. The source I would need is a sales receipt from the company from which I purchased the supplies.

Additionally, for each business transaction presented, answer these questions:

  • Which accounts are affected for each transaction?
  • How is each account affected (debit or credit, increase or decrease), specifically?

For example, given the above scenario:

The Supplies account, which is an asset account, would be increased (a debit) for $1,000 and the Cash account, also an asset account, would be decreased (a credit) for the same amount.

Lastly, assume one of the six transactions listed above was not entered in the accounting records in error. How would the trial balance be affected, specifically?

For example, given the above scenario:

If the transaction were not journalized and posted to the ledger, the Supplies account would be understated and the Cash account would be overstated. Because both accounts are asset accounts, the trial balance debit column in total would not be affected.


Obsesity in Adults Writing Assignment Help

Refrences APA style & NO PLAGARISM

  1. From the Topics and Objectives or Leading Health Indicators, available on Healthy People 2020 website, select a topic of interest
    1. Describe the problem and its background providing relevant facts, statistics, mortality, and morbidity rates
    2. Provide etiology and risk factors associated with the topic
    3. List one Healthy People 2020 goal associated with your topic
    4. Name a benchmark that is used to measure whether the goal is achieved by 2020
    5. Report the current goal outcome/status
  2. Synthesis of two peer-reviewed articles that support the HP2020 goal
    1. Find two peer-reviewed articles using an electronic database (CINAHL, OVID, etc)
    2. Analyze the article’s content
    3. Explain how the article’s content supports or refutes the HP2020 topic/objective
    4. Indicate how this research is applicable to current practice
  3. Describe a nursing role in improving population outcomes in disease management and prevention
    1. Describe a nurse’s role in promoting HP2020 objectives
    2. Provide specific examples of actions that a nurse may undertake to reach the HP2020 topic benchmark


Complete the Competency Science Assignment Help

Biomechanical Competency: 150 pts

You should be competent in ALL topics in the course but to DEMONSTRATE competence you are required to submit evidence for THREE of the topics in each section. (To receive the points ALL competencies must be turned in)

Due: Prior to Exam 1, Exam 2, and the Final Exam (consult calendar)


ALL LABORATORY RESULTS and INTERPRETATION are REQUIRED competencies. Graphs must include Figure Caption and labeled axes and units. The competencies are evidence that YOU understand the concept and can explain it to a colleague. Evidence CANNOT be lecture slides. Evidence CANNOT be an Infograph that you did not make. Include in your competency the following information:

For the competency assignment assume you are a CONSULTANTfor an athlete or a team (BE SPECIFIC). For each competency explain how it will affect your athlete or team.

  • Your name
  • Name of Competency
  • A description of the concept with the perspective of your team or athlete (short paragraph or bullet points)
  • Evidence (Laboratory results, Warm ups, Preparation Guide Application Questions, Class Case Studies)


Write a paper about Genetic Engineering. Writing Assignment Help

Write a paper that responds to the questions: What, if any, limits should be set on genetic engineering? Provide justifications for views from the required readings in Chapters 22 and 14.

Please consult the readings in chapter 22, “Genetic Engineering”, for the pro and con perspectives on this issue. Then, choose the article with which you agree most and lead your paper with arguments from that article. Next, counter that article with the views of an opponent. You will do so by critiquing the first article you discussed with arguments from one of the other articles. In addition, supplement one of these articles with one of the readings assigned from chapter 14 on Climate Change. Finally, conclude the essay by responding to the opponent’s arguments with views of your own.

The structure of this paper is a common one for philosophers. Begin with an argument with which you agree, counter it with views of a reasonable opponent. Then, respond with counterarguments to the latter’s arguments. You can develop your own ideas in this final counterargument. You may integrate the third article in whichever way you see fit.

You must discuss at least one of these articles attached in chapter 22 (Not So Fast; Gary Comstock, Ethics and Genetically Modified Foods; Stat Shot) in some way in the paper, even if you merely incorporate elements of it into the paragraph on your view.


Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 12 Point Font, Correctly Cited. At least five references and do not write more than 5 pages.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Assignment # 2: Three Web Pages with Hyperlinks Programming Assignment Help

Assignment # 2: Three Web Pages with Hyperlinks Programming Assignment Help

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