AU Scott the High Modernist City Charles Edouard Jeanneret & City Planning Essay Humanities Assignment Help

AU Scott the High Modernist City Charles Edouard Jeanneret & City Planning Essay Humanities Assignment Help. AU Scott the High Modernist City Charles Edouard Jeanneret & City Planning Essay Humanities Assignment Help.

Read the article Scott_The_High_Modernist_City.pdf

Once you finish reading the article write a one page(double spaced) paper telling me who’s (Jacobs/ LeCorbusier)idea of urban planning you like better an why. Give specific examples from the reading. I will not grade you down for grammar or formatting errors. I am looking for you to critically think about both viewpoints presented in the article.


Mishima_Patriotism.pdf – reading assignment

This week you are going to read an article by Yukio Mishima. Mishima is one of the most famous Japanese authors. After reading the article “Patriotism” you are to write a 2 page reaction paper. This is a reaction to the article not a summary. You are free to discuss any thoughts, feelings, etc that came up as you read the article. You are also welcome to look into exactly who Mishima was and what he is known for. You can include any information you find on Mishisma in you reaction paper.

AU Scott the High Modernist City Charles Edouard Jeanneret & City Planning Essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ENG 225 San Diego Mesa Social & Cultural Resonance of Brokeback Mountain Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Part 1,

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 9 in your course textbook and review Chapter 1.

Reflect: As you have learned in this class, film is a far-reaching medium with the potential to affect the greater fabric of our culture. Our understanding this potential and our ability to analyze it reach far beyond just this medium and into all areas of our social structures and culture. For example, the practice of closely analyzing particular films, which you have honed in this course, is the same practice of analysis which you will find in other courses—or in learning any new skill.

Write 250 words

Based on the films you have watched and the ways you have learned to interpret meaning in them, discuss your ideas about how films engage social concerns and have lasting effects on society. Pick a film (or films) as evidence of this dynamic and describe the social and cultural resonance you see.

You must use at least two outside sources, in any combination of embedded video clips, still photos, or scholarly sources. All sources should be documented in APA style

Electronic Book Citation: Goodykoontz, B., Jacobs. C.P., Meetze, J., & Pritts, N. (2019). Film: From watching to seeing (3rd ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

Part 2,

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 10 from the course textbook.


As you prepare to write your overall reflection of your time in this course, take a few moments to review your discussion posts over the past 4 weeks.


Reflect on the analysis process and how you have learned to more thoroughly analyze film as well as how rigorous study of film enhances your development as a student and thinker. In this 300- to 500-word reflection, review your initial post from the “Post Your Introduction” discussion in Week 1, and consider how your ability to analyze movies has changed or grown. In this course, you have learned a variety of skills such as analysis, critique, the elements of storytelling, and have a greater understanding of many of the various roles that contribute to making a film. Discuss how the skills you have learned apply to areas of your life beyond film and how they could impact your future career. Your reflection should be personal and exploratory in nature.

Address the following question in your reflection with 300 – 500 words.

  • What can be gained through analyzing film?
  • How has this changed the way you view movies?
  • How are you able to use film theory and criticism to find and interpret meaning in movies?
  • In what ways has this course changed your understanding of how movies are related to society?
  • What are the top two skills you have developed during this course, and how might those skills be added to your resume or LinkedIn profile to benefit your future career or current profession?

You must use at least two outside sources different than part 1, in any combination of embedded video clips, still photos, or scholarly sources. All sources should be documented in APA style

  • Electronic Book Citation: Goodykoontz, B., Jacobs. C.P., Meetze, J., & Pritts, N. (2019). Film: From watching to seeing (3rd ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from


NURS 6512 University of Maryland Advance Health & Diagnostic Tests Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

Assignment 1: Case Study Assignment: Assessment Tools and Diagnostic Tests in Adults and Children

    When seeking to identify a patient’s health condition, advanced practice nurses can use a diverse selection of diagnostic tests and assessment tools; however, different factors affect the validity and reliability of the results produced by these tests or tools. Nurses must be aware of these factors in order to select the most appropriate test or tool and to accurately interpret the results.

    Not only do these diagnostic tests affect adults, body measurements can provide a general picture of whether a child is receiving adequate nutrition or is at risk for health issues. These data, however, are just one aspect to be considered. Lifestyle, family history, and culture—among other factors—are also relevant. That said, gathering and communicating this information can be a delicate process.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images/Hero Images

For this Assignment, you will consider the validity and reliability of different assessment tools and diagnostic tests. You will explore issues such as sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values. You will also consider examples of children with various weight issues. You will explore how you could effectively gather information and encourage parents and caregivers to be proactive about their children’s health and weight.

To Prepare

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider factors that impact the validity and reliability of various assessment tools and diagnostic tests. You also will review examples of pediatric patients and their families as it relates to BMI.
  • By Day 1 of this week, you will be assigned to one of the following Assignment options by your Instructor: Adult Assessment Tools or Diagnostic Tests (option 1), or Child Health Case (Option 2). Note: Please see the “Course Announcements” section of the classroom for your assignments from your Instructor.
  • Search the Walden Library and credible sources for resources explaining the tool or test you were assigned. What is its purpose, how is it conducted, and what information does it gather?
  • Also, as you search the Walden library and credible sources, consider what the literature discusses regarding the validity, reliability, sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, ethical dilemmas, and controversies related to the test or tool.
  • If you are assigned Assignment Option 2 (Child), consider what health issues and risks may be relevant to the child in the health example.
    • Based on the risks you identified, consider what further information you would need to gain a full understanding of the child’s health. Think about how you could gather this information in a sensitive fashion.
    • Consider how you could encourage parents or caregivers to be proactive toward the child’s health.

The Assignment

Assignment (3–4 pages, not including title and reference pages):

Assignment Option 1: Adult Assessment Tools or Diagnostic Tests:
Include the following:

  • A description of how the assessment tool or diagnostic test you were assigned is used in healthcare.
    • What is its purpose?
    • How is it conducted?
    • What information does it gather?
  • Based on your research, evaluate the test or the tool’s validity and reliability, and explain any issues with sensitivity, reliability, and predictive values. Include references in appropriate APA formatting.

Assignment Option 2: Child Health Case:
Include the following:

  • An explanation of the health issues and risks that are relevant to the child you were assigned.
  • Describe additional information you would need in order to further assess his or her weight-related health.
  • Identify and describe any risks and consider what further information you would need to gain a full understanding of the child’s health. Think about how you could gather this information in a sensitive fashion.
  • Taking into account the parents’ and caregivers’ potential sensitivities, list at least three specific questions you would ask about the child to gather more information.
  • Provide at least two strategies you could employ to encourage the parents or caregivers to be proactive about their child’s health and weight.


UCLA Letter to Future Self Re Envisioning Education in The Closing Quarter of 2020 Writing Assignment Help

  • Explored the importance of context and its impact on development;
  • Examined the importance of development, and its distinguishing features, throughout the life cycle;
  • Broadened your understanding of what constitutes “learning” and the plethora of contexts where teaching and learning take place;
  • Reflected on the need for, and challenges in, establishing educational equity and diversity;
  • Considered the interplay of individuals, groups, organizations and institutions within a community;
  • Explored unfamiliar communities and observed them through an asset-based lens;
  • Examined the need for, and practices involved in, equitable community work

For your final project, we’d like you to summarize what you’ve learned this quarter and write a 2 page (single spaced) paper. This paper will be a letter written to your future self and it should contain reminders of the ideas, values, perspectives and strategies you’ve learned this quarter and want to remember when you embark on your career.

Prompts for this letter might include:

  • What did you hear this quarter that changed your perspective on what constitutes “education” or learning?
  • Did anything change your perspective on the ways and places teaching and learning take place?
  • How did the course impact your understanding of yourself and others?
  • Did the course change your commitment to diversity and/or education equity?
  • In what ways have you expanded your understanding of human development and working with people of different ages?
  • How did this course help you better understand the people, organizations and issues at play within communities?
  • Did the class provide compelling reasons why it’s important to be an equitable partner with communities and how to achieve such partnerships?
  • In summary, in what specific ways has the information presented re-envisioned education for you?


  • Your letter should be no longer than 2 pages (single-spaced) and addressed to your future self.
  • You need to incorporate at least 5 weeks worth of material in your reminders to yourself (e.g. human development, education equity, community-based methods, etc).
  • Your letter should be well organized and easy to read.
  • We welcome your creativity in this assignment.
  • Please see the course website for a detailed grading rubric.


ETHN 445 Essex County College Contemplation and Consideration Discussion Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

Week 8 Discussion: Contemplation and Consideration

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 13
  • Lesson
  • Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook)

Some people believe that you can tell who a person is by what they do when no one is looking. Let’s look at the following case. John Doe, a nurse, has downloaded an application to her phone that allows him to download copyrighted textbooks for a nursing course (that Doe is going to take) without his Internet Service Provider knowing it. The application is called “Cloak” as in cloak of invisibility (a hooded coat one wears to make it so others cannot see you). The application disguises his phone and makes it so the information on it is inaccessible. John is aware that other people who are of a lower socio-economic status (like him) also use this software program for the same reason (and to save money). John Doe knows that his religion forbids him from using this application to download in this manner. John Doe is focused on his own economic situation and does not consider the publisher, author, and others involved in the books. Think about a course of social action; what social values should be used to address this moral issue and conflict.

  • Initial Post Instructions
    Create a personal ethical philosophy and explain from which philosophy or philosophies (it must include at least one of the following: virtue ethics, Kantian ethics, utilitarianism, virtue ethics, or social contract ethics) you created it and why the contents are important and meaningful for you. List its precepts.
  • Take your personal ethical philosophy statement and use it to work through John Doe’s case. What is moral and immoral per your theory?
  • How would the veil of ignorance or a different theory of justice address John Doe’s case?

Follow-Up Post Instructions
Respond to at least two peers or one peer and the instructor. When possible, respond to a peer who chose a different ethical theory than you did in your posting. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.



PSY 8350 Capella University Forensic Evaluation Draft Paper Humanities Assignment Help


The purpose of this assignment is to create a rough draft of the forensic evaluation that you selected in u05a1 from the following five options:

  • Competency to stand trial.
  • Child custody.
  • Parenting fitness.
  • Mitigation of penalty.
  • Recidivism potential (such as a violence risk assessment or a sexual risk assessment).


For this assignment, you will begin work on an outline of key components of a forensic evaluation, which will be further developed in Unit 9. In this initial draft of your forensic evaluation, include the following components. A forensic evaluation generally has all of these elements, although some evaluators may provide more background information on the evaluee than others. Many examples of forensic evaluations are provided in Chapter 19 of your Melton textbook (linked in Resources). Include:

  1. Introduction
    • Explain the legal question being asked.
    • Invent a fictional client to be evaluated and describe all relevant characteristics of this evaluee (name, gender, and age).
  2. Informed Consent
    • Include a paragraph explaining what you would inform the evaluee about the nature and purpose of the evaluation, including any limitations in confidentiality and release of information.
  3. Interview Questions
    • Based on the particular type of evaluation selected, include a section describing the questions related to the referral question that you plan to ask your evaluee.
  4. Collateral Information
    • Include other third-party information relevant to the legal question that you would obtain for review.
  5. Test Battery
    • Justify the appropriateness of two instruments that you would administer for the type of evaluation you are conducting.

A sample forensic evaluation is linked in Resources to assist in formatting your evaluation. Note that your forensic evaluation does not require the same level of detail in the background history.


Your assignment should fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Create a forensic evaluation appropriate to the age and gender of a fictional evaluee.
  2. Explain the legal question being asked.
  3. Explain all aspects of informed consent pertaining to this evaluation.
  4. Justify the questions most appropriate to ask the fictional evaluee.
  5. Describe the third-party information most relevant to the legal question being asked in this evaluation.
  6. Justify appropriate instruments for the evaluation being conducted.
  7. Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the above objectives, your assignment should meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Formatting: current edition APA style and format.
  • Length of paper: 6–8 pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points.

PSY 8350 Capella University Forensic Evaluation Draft Paper Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Colorado State University Global Campus Scenario Analysis Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Read the description of the two options in the Module 8 folder. This week, complete Scenario C.

Part 1: Perform the simulation multiple times and try changing input parameters to obtain a better score and complete the scenario with better results. In doing so, you will benefit from running the sessions using different options and trying different action items to experience various project challenges. After completing the simulation session, save a screen shot of the confirmation page showing your total score.

Part 2: Write a two- to three-page paper describing the scenario you completed, the intent of the simulation, and your lessons learned. Identify a minimum of four what-if assessments that resulted in obtaining a better score and completing the scenario with better results. Use scholarly resources to support your findings.

Be sure to organize your writing properly and include the following:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction
  • Body of your work with headings and subheadings
  • Analysis and recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • List of references
  • Appendix A – Screen shot of confirmation page showing your best simulation score.

Consult the Sample Paper template (Links to an external site.) for more information on how to organize the paper.

Support your assignment with a minimum of three scholarly references. The CSU Global Library is a good place to locate these sources. The written section should follow the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).


NR 566 Chamberlain Nursing Week 1 Treatment Goals for John Case Study Health Medical Assignment Help

Case Study & Discussion Questions

John is a 46-year-old male who presents for his yearly physical examination. He has no complaints. Previous medical history is notable for obesity and hyperlipidemia. He reports a very sedentary lifestyle. He sits at a desk for 8 to 10 hours per day and when he comes home he “just wants to relax in front of the television.” He doesn’t feel motivated enough to exercise on a regular basis, although he knows he should.

John is allergic to penicillin (hives). Medications include atorvastatin 10mg daily and a multivitamin. He occasionally takes acetaminophen for a headache.

Family history is significant for diabetes (mother, maternal grandmother, paternal grandfather) and hypertension (father and brother). He is a nonsmoker and reports drinking “a few beers on the weekend during football season”. His diet largely consists of fast food meals. He drinks sweet tea with every meal and an additional 3-4 cups of coffee per day. Previous labs and exam last year are unremarkable.

Vitals today: BP 130/70 mm Hg, pulse 82 and regular, temperature 98.7, respirations 18, height 6’1”, weight 235 pounds (up 3 lbs. since his visit 1 year ago). He completed fasting labs prior to this appointment as he was instructed which reveal the following:

Fasting plasma glucose=209 mg/dl, HgbA1C=9.1%, TSH=4.0mU/L and Free T4=1.1 ng/dl. Fasting lipid panel includes the following: total cholesterol=190 mg/dL, HDL=35 mg/dL, LDL=120 mg/dL and triglycerides=260 mg/dL.

Physical exam is remarkable for obesity but is otherwise normal.

  • What are your treatment goals for John?
  • What is your pharmacologic plan and rationale? (cite with appropriate clinical practice guidelines or scholarly, peer-reviewed journals)
  • What is the mechanism of action for each drug?
  • Please give five medication teaching points for each drug prescribed.
  • How would you change the plan if his initial HbgA1C was 14.0 mg/dL and his fasting blood glucose was 350mg/dL along with a urine dipstick that revealed 3+ glucose and + ketones? Provide a detailed alternative plan with the rationale.

**Be as detailed as possible, including mechanism of actions of medication(s), dose/frequency/duration of all medication recommendations and provide a detailed rationale (referencing review articles and guidelines for all treatments/treatment plans provided – supporting WHY you choose the agent you choose over other options), cite everything (in medicine, even facts you know come from a resource and require citations) and proofread***

Discussion Guiding Principles

The ideas and beliefs underpinning the discussions guide students through engaging dialogues as they achieve the desired learning outcomes/competencies associated with their course in a manner that empowers them to organize, integrate, apply and critically appraise their knowledge to their selected field of practice. The use of discussions provides students with opportunities to contribute level-appropriate knowledge and experience to the topic in a safe, caring, and fluid environment that models professional and social interaction. The ebb and flow of a discussion is based upon the composition of student and faculty interaction in the quest for relevant scholarship. Participation in the discussion generates opportunities for students to actively engage in the written ideas of others by carefully reading, researching, reflecting, and responding to the contributions of their peers and course faculty. Discussions foster the development of members into a community of learners as they share ideas and inquiries, consider perspectives that may be different from their own, and integrate knowledge from other disciplines.

Direct Quotes

Good writing calls for the limited use of direct quotes. Direct quotes in discussions are to be limited to one short quotation (not to exceed 15 words). The quote must add substantively to the discussion. Points will be deducted under the grammar, syntax, APA category.

**To see view the grading criteria/rubric, please click on the 3 dots in the box at the end of the solid gray bar above the discussion board title and then Show Rubric. 






Application of Course Knowledge



  1. Decisions are well supported with evidence based medicine (EBM) arguments that are in-line with the scenario; AND
  2. Proper rationale and reasoning skills are demonstrated; AND
  3. Information is taken from source(s) with appropriate interpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis or synthesis of the topic at hand; AND
  4. Applies concepts to personal experience in the professional setting and/or information has relevant application to real life; AND
  5. All of the post makes direct reference to concepts discussed in the lesson; AND
  6. Posts are on topic and answer all presented questions which demonstrates a solid understanding of the topic.

(6 critical elements)

Support from Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)



  1. Discussion post is supported with appropriate, scholarly sources; uses valid, relevant, and reliable outside sources to contribute to the threaded discussion; AND
  2. Sources are published within the last 5 years (unless it is the most current CPG); AND
  3. Reference list is provided and in-text citations match; AND
  4. Provides relevant evidence of scholarly inquiry clearly stating how the evidence informed or changed professional or academic decisions

(4 critical elements)

Interactive Dialogue



  1. Student provides a substantive* response to at least one topic-related post of a peer; AND
  2. Evidence from appropriate scholarly sources are included; AND
  3. Reference list is provided and in-text citations match; AND
  4. Student responds to all direct faculty questions OR if student was not asked a direct question student responds to either a 2nd peer post or a faculty question directed towards another student

(*) A substantive post adds new content or insights to the discussion thread and information from student’s original post is not reused in peer or faculty response

(4 critical elements)

Total CONTENT Points= 85 pts






Grammar, Syntax, Spelling & Punctuation



Discussion post has minimal grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, or APA format errors*

(*) APA style references and in text citations are required; however, there are no deductions for errors in indentation or spacing of references. All elements of the reference otherwise must be included.

Total FORMAT Points= 15 pts



University of Phoenix VA Health System Quality Reporting Research Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

Assignment Content

Nurse informaticists may be called upon to qualify data collected in their organizations for both internal and external stakeholders. In this assignment, you will examine the data your organization collects and analyze ways to compare, augment, and improve existing systems and processes. If you are not currently employed, choose an organization you hope to work at.

Research the national and state benchmarks for measuring the quality of patient care and reimbursement.

Identify the standards for measuring quality that have been established in your organization.

Create a table comparing the standards that your organization has established for quality reporting with the standards established by national and state benchmarks for measuring the quality of patient care and reimbursement.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you will discuss the following:

  • For parameters that meet the benchmarks, propose ways in which you could improve efficiencies, reduce errors, and improve user satisfaction of existing systems and processes.
  • For parameters which fall short of the benchmarks, propose viable solutions while following Triple Aim’s objectives of improved quality, improved patient satisfaction, and reduced costs.

Provide references for all sources cited and format according to APA guidelines


Norfolk State University Information Technology in Healthcare Thesis Statement Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a health & medical question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Here’s the required textbook: Shi, L., & Singh, D. A. (2019). Essentials of the U.S. health care system. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

  • Review and study Chapters 5, 9, and 13 in the textbook (Shi & Singh, 2019).
  • Use critical thinking skills and metacognition to:
    • Explain how Information Technology has become an integral part of healthcare delivery.
    • What are the cost increases associated with new medical technology, see Exhibit 5.5 in the textbook?
    • What is the cost-savings of medical technology, see Exhibit 5.6 in the textbook?
  • Create a thesis statement relevant to current trends in healthcare delivery. Write a 2-3-page paper in APA (2020) format, include a cover page, a reference page, three peer-reviewed references to support your rationale, and use the textbook. The paper should follow the SESC format of state, explain, support, and conclude, see the Sample Paper posted in this course.