Autobiography Tweet midterm Business Finance Assignment Help

Autobiography Tweet midterm Business Finance Assignment Help. Autobiography Tweet midterm Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Select an English-language autobiography (written by the subject) of your choice.

As you read the autobiography, try to learn the voice of the person you’re reading about. What is distinctive about them?

Chose five moments from their autobiography and draft a notional Tweet about that moment. It does not have to be verbatim from their book, but the Tweet should tell us something about either the moment in which the subject lived, or something specific about their personality.

For example, if you chose to read the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass you might chose to tweet the moment he escaped from slavery, using his distinctive voice.

Follow the below steps for this assignment:

1. Chose your autobiography– only one student may be assigned an autobiography. Use the Biography Choice assignment on canvas to type in your three options by 3 February. This way, we can de-conflict everyone’s choices.

2. Read your autobiography– note the unique voice of your character and what moments they mention that you want to notionally have them Tweet. Draft your five Tweets.

3. Chose a photo of your subject.

4. Photoshop the image of your subject into a notional Tweet screen capture. Produce your five Tweets in photoshop, using the text you drafted during your reading.

5. Upload your photoshopped products here, combined into one PDF.

6. Finally, you will give a presentation your historical figure and present your work, explaining why you chose those moments. You can find the presentation as a seperate assignment in canvas.


Autobiography Rubric (1)

Autobiography Rubric (1)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomesubjectDid the student chose an appropriate English-language subject with a distinctive voice and historical importance?

Did the student identify 5 appropriate Tweet opportunities that either tell us about the experience of that person, or their historical voice?

Did the student appropriately mimic that subject’s voice?

45.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePhotoDid the student chose an appropriate photo of the correct person?

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePhotoshopDid the student produce their own Photoshop product that combined the photo of their subject with a Twitter screen-capture template and notional quote from the historical figure?

Did they produce 5 Photoshop products?

40.0 pts

Total Points: 95.0

Autobiography Tweet midterm Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

I need help please Law Assignment Help

Time Line

Module Assignment




Analyzing Using IRAC


Distinguishing Cases to Enhance Analysis


Explaining What You’ve Learned Through a Legal Memorandum


Purpose of Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate use of IRAC to analyze a fact pattern.

Course Competency: Apply legal sources to a specific set of facts using the Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion (IRAC) method of writing.



  • For this assignment you will be preparing your own analysis of a fact pattern, using IRAC. You should provide the issue, state the rules you obtain from the cases provided, analyze the facts considering the case law, and then draw a conclusion, using the IRAC method. The cases you should read to locate the rules have been provided for you here:
  • The following is your set of facts to analyze:
    • Steven owns a bar, The Lucky Duck. The Lucky Duck employs five bartenders, all of whom he has provided training on mixing drinks and general employment issues. It also employs a security person on weekends, when the patrons are a bit rowdier. The Lucky Duck has posted signs in the restroom giving patrons the phone number for local cab companies in the event they are too intoxicated to drink home.
    • One Saturday night, Michael went to The Lucky Duck with a group of friends to celebrate his promotion. His group of friends was ordering rounds of shots from all the bartenders, and large beers all night, toasting to Michael’s recent success. As the night went on, the group became more intoxicated, and rowdier. At 1am, one of the bartenders, Melissa, told Michael that it was his “last round,” as he was staggering when he walked up to the bar. After finishing that beer, Michael had his friend go buy him another beer from a different bartender, Sally. Shortly after he finished his last drink, Michael decided that he was ready to head home. Security watched as Michael walked out towards the parking lot, muttering “what a drunk.”
    • On his way home, Michael ran a stop sign and ran into Mindy, who was driving home from a late shift as a nurse at the local hospital. Mindy was severely injured with a concussion, fractured ribs, internal bleeding, a broken arm, and lacerations to her face and hands, and contusions where her seatbelt dug into her. Mindy was forced to take several months off work to recover, and her hospital bills were large.
    • Mindy sought out an attorney, who told her that she should sue Michael. Michael however, lost his job after the accident, and was drowning in debt. Therefore, the attorney told Mindy that she should also sue The Lucky Duck for overserving Michael.
  • You should discuss the liability of The Lucky Duck and any potential outcome to a suit against The Lucky Duck using IRAC. You should use the case law and facts provided in your analysis.


  • Your final assignment should be formatted as follows:
    • Write the caption “Issue” and list the issue under it
    • Write the caption “Rule” and list the rule under it
      • After each rule, you should indicate where you obtained that rule in proper Bluebook formatting as we learned last week.
    • Write the caption “Analysis” and provide your analysis under it
    • Repeat the steps for “Rule” and “Analysis” if needed
    • Write the caption “Conclusion” and provide your conclusion under it
  • Your assignment should have proper spelling and grammar throughout.


Music Esaay (3-4 pages) Writing Assignment Help

Part One – Introduction (2 points) – You will write the introduction to your paper in class without any notes! Your introduction should be about 75 – 100 words long. Write this part of your paper at home first. Learn it (memorize it?) Come to class and write it down with a pencil or pen on paper.

What are spirituals?

Explain the name (the word – “spirituals”) and describe this kind of music in general. Answer these questions.

1.Who created this music and why?

2.Why is this song a spiritual? What is “spiritual” about it? How does this song relate to religion and to special parts of the Old Testament of The Bible?

3.What is a less obvious (hidden) meaning for some spirituals?

Be prepared to write this first part of your paper in your own words and without notes in class. This first part of your paper should not exceed 100 words.

Part TwoWhat is this song about? (1 point) – Print the lyrics to this song. (Only once! Lyrics should be single-spaced and in a small font size, say 10.) Separate the verses and choruses with a line of space.

1.What is “spiritual” about these specific lyrics? Are they from the Bible? If so, where in the Bible? If so, explain the Bible passage.

2.Do the lyrics of the song tell a story? What do the lyrics mean? Is the singer explaining something he or she is thinking about or hoping for?

3.What is the form of this song?


6 pages case study. Writing Assignment Help

Your papers must begin on the first line and end on the last line with your own original
work. You must submit all citations and references on a separate page, as such material does not
count toward the minimum page requirement.

The assignment must be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spacing. Do not begin your
papers with a header that contains your name, due date, etc. Do not begin your paper by restating the assignment. Do not
use extra spaces between paragraphs, create long numerical or bullet point lists, or use any other
means of quickly exhausting writing space. Such tactics will result in rejected papers.


reading an articles and summarizing it 2 readings Writing Assignment Help

I will attach everything.

#1: 1. Your first paragraph should be on the Demeter reading from last week.

2. Your second paragraph should be on teh Northcott coursepack reading (this week we are reading p. 1-16 of the Northcott PDF, just the “Introduction”).

As usual, a satisfactory post includes: 1. Two paragraphs (of at least 8 lines each) of your own interpretive reflection; 2. At least two thoughtful replies (of at least 4 lines each) to posts made by your peers

And then you need to write a 2 page summary of one of the readings.

will attach readings later picking a tutor



A shot writing Science Assignment Help

The writing is about a challenge that do not use single-use plastic products (e.g. straws or lids). You do not need to do it.

You should write a short paragraph (~250 words) describing the experience and whether it has changed the way you view and use single-use plastics. Did it become easier to avoid the plastics over the course of the challenge?

For this challenge, I buy a glass made straw and bring it with me. Ans also, I buy a 650mL bottle to bring water when I go to class instead of buying purified water in school.

Base on these information, you need answer questions. And also you can talk about mind change of using plastic and life change.

A shot writing Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Identify 3 significant challenges facing leaders in your industry(Public Relations). Support the choice of these challenges with research. Business Finance Assignment Help

I need a ROUGH draft tonight. The paper is due 3/7/2020.

Identify 3 significant challenges facing leaders in your industry(Public Relations). Support the choice of these challenges with research. Choose the MOST significant challenge (i.e. technology, economics, personnel, global influence, politics, etc.) facing leaders in the field of study for your graduate program. Make five recommendations on how this challenge might be addressed to ensure organizational success and support your answers with research from scholarly sources (at least 5 academic references from the UMUC databases). The focus of your paper should not be about a challenge in a single organization, but a broad focus on a challenge in your chosen field (Marketing, Public Relations, Non-profit Management, Homeland Security, Human Resources, Acquisition and Supply Chain, etc.).

Criteria: Five-page paper, excluding the cover and references page. Cite concepts from the course readings, scholarly sources from the UMUC online library, and/or the weekly modules to support your analysis – your paper should contain at least five sources. published within the last five years. Follow APA style guidelines for the cover page, citations, and references page. The paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins with 12 pt. Times New Roman.


Child Development Theories Class Humanities Assignment Help

Answer the following prompt with 2 FULL paragraphs. The professor is asking for at least 15 sentences! Nothing less! Also, the Professor wants you to reference either the powerpoint or the article (That I uploaded in the files section below). She will take off points if you don’t mention either the powerpoint or article at some point and reference it…. Here is the following prompt..

Evaluate whether you, personally, experienced development (according to Freud’s definitions).

For example, did you experience a sexual attraction toward the parent of the opposite sex or castration anxiety/penis envy?

2 paragraphs required and reference to the lecture, video viewed in class or article read at home must be made within your forum.

Here is an example of what some of my classmates have written… PLEASE do NOT plagiarize it, but it is just an example of what majority students have been writing in the discussion boards.. You can read it and get a little example of it, BUT do your own work and do not copy…

According to Freud’s stages of development, I personally experienced the oral stage. Up to 14 years of age my nails were a mess. Ever since I can remember I would bite my nails because I was nervous or anxious about something. Eventually, it became a bad habit that I would turn to when I was simply bored. Based on Freud and his stages, this definitely fits with his assumptions. I don’t know why or how this became a problem for me because I had a normal feeding schedule where I was satisfied to move on to the next phase. In fact, my parents always say how I never took a pacifier when they would try to give it during desperate situations to make me calm down.

In the article, “Psychosexual Development in Infants and Young Children” Hoing writes about Freud’s theory of a child’s first year of life, they turn to sucking for nutritional purposes and sensual gratification, orally from the mom. In other words, children become sexual beings from birth, and in order for them to reach different stages of their development, they have to be sufficiently satisfied with this phase first. Looking back to my nail biting, it becomes a little contradicting because even though I did suffer from one of the outcomes of the oral developmental stage, I however didn’t suffer from the sensual gratification received through breastfeeding. Today, nail biting has become taking off my nail polish by scratching it off when I’m feeling anxious and nervous. This makes me wonder. What if I wasn’t actually as satisfied as I think I was?

I also have a very bad nail biting problem…. Ever since I was 5 until 21 I am always biting my nails and biting my skin when nervous… So I would also say Nail biting.


Continuing on same subject dental care center Writing Assignment Help

Module 3 of Business Plan: Mission Statement and Description of Business

You are continuing to develop your business plan. In this component you will develop a general

company description that includes the following elements:

Introduction: Please re-introduce your target market, size of facility and total client/customer

membership base.


Mission Statement: A general clear, concise identification of “what is our business”.

It explains your reason for being and your guiding principles.


Identify your legal form of business (sole proprietorship, partnership, or some form

of corporation).


Goals and objectives of the organization

: Identify 2 Goals and 2 Objectives

IV. A brief description of your industry and what types of products and services you

provide. Also, identify what company strengths you have that will make you competitive.

Make sure you document all sources accurately and in APA format.

The following content is partner provided


gathering notes about Median U-Tern Writing Assignment Help

For HW, students will be reading and gathering notes from a set of five (5) articles attached. When gathering notes, students should avoid simply copying and pasting passages from the journal articles but rather focus on expressing the thoughts in the students’ own words. While doing this, passages may be copy and pasted (within quotes) and properly referenced but these must accompany an explanation of the passage/section as developed by the student. The point is to display knowledge and understanding.

Notes: 1- Please the main focus in these articles is Median U-Tern.

2- I need the article below on 2 pages, the rest one page

“Synthesis of the Median U-Turn Intersection Treatment, Safety, and Operational Benefits”


Autobiography Tweet midterm Business Finance Assignment Help

Autobiography Tweet midterm Business Finance Assignment Help

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