BA 6400 Case Study #1 Short-term investment returns: money market instruments Economics Assignment Help

BA 6400 Case Study #1 Short-term investment returns: money market instruments Economics Assignment Help. BA 6400 Case Study #1 Short-term investment returns: money market instruments Economics Assignment Help.

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The analysis report to be presented to the Director is to include:
1. Your concise statement and recommendation of the specific short-term investment options that
meets the firm’s criteria.
Followed by:
2. A detailed summary of the investment asset and the parameters you will use in which to base
your recommendation.
3. A detailed description of the upside and downside risk of each investment. The latter is of
particular importance as the firm may decide to manage excess cash in one or more vehicles for
longer than one year.
4. Source identifier for all investment selections
a. Example: website URL
5. A spreadsheet (embedded into the report) illustrating the following:
a. Asset category/classification
b. Specific money market instrument identifier
i. Example: U.S. Treasury CUSIP
6. EAR for each investment
7. YTM for each investment
a. If held to maturity
b. If sold at the end of 12 months
8. Total return for investment portfolio if held to maturity
9. Spreadsheet model is to include all cell-based formulas for all calculations
Your conclusion is to summarize the recommendation made in item #1 above
Format for report. Your report must:
1. Be presented in Word file format
2. Analysis must be between 3 to 5 pages maximum, including spreadsheet analysis
3. Excel spreadsheet is embedded into the Word file
4. Submit Excel file separately

BA 6400 Case Study #1 Short-term investment returns: money market instruments Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Critical thinking research report and PowerPoint presentation assignment- Scoliosis Science Assignment Help

Develop a Research Document Report and PowerPoint by apply researched information on their topic.

  1. Define the disease,
  2. Cause of the disease,
  3. Signs & Symptoms of the disease (If apply, includestages, levels, or types of the disease),
  4. Laboratory findings (include, all blood test names, genetictest, urine test, i.e.) Must include all normal versusabnormal levels that will confirm the disease,
  5. Images of the Disease (X-ray, MRI, Ct Scans, PET scans),
  6. Treatment for the disease (this includes name of themedications, dosage, side effects, alternative medications,
  7. Diet for the patient,
  8. Demographics of the disease,
  9. Prognosis of the disease,
  10. Photos of the disease throughout the PowerPointpresentation.

11. All students must apply APA and writing style format.

12. References must be within the last 5 years and no less than 10 references.

All references are to be included in the PowerPoint presentation and Written Report in APA format. Google scholar, eMedicine, World Health Origination (WHO), Center for Disease and Prevention Control (CDC), Web-Med, MayoCLinic, and other healthcare organizations, i.e.

Recommended reading: Herlihy, B. The Human Body in Health and Illness, 6th Edition. Elsevier.

Each student will be awarded points based on the MOP (Mode of PowerPoint Presentation) rubric, APA and writing style, Oral comprehensive exam of topic (pathology).

Research Rubric
















Please consider posting 40 hours below. Thanks. Mathematics Assignment Help

Capstone project & Spss ,Editing or proofreading

I filtered the Excel file so that you have all the types of smoking = current, frequent and ever and I filtered this data out so that you have only Youth cigarette smoking. Not smokeless tobacco.

I ran the data two ways: first looking at raw data numbers in relation to differences in gender and education (middle school and high school) and the only ones that were significantly different were in education. I also ran the data value = percent and found statistical significance at the education level not gender.

So, you can put this data into my paper and discuss and then seek out in the literature what types of smoking cessation methods are working in relation to telehealth and mobile health apps that are effective

re-tasting data using SPSS and get now result,


​Monique is planning to increase the size of the manufacturing business that she operates as a sole proprietorship. Writing Assignment Help

Monique is planning to increase the size of the manufacturing business that she operates as a sole proprietorship. She has a number of older assets that she plans to replace as part of the expansion. To finance this expansion she will have to sell some of her personal assets. Because it is close to the end of the tax year, she can time the sales of the assets to take the greatest advantage of the tax laws. Monique’s ordinary income of $600,000 currently places her in the 37 percent marginal tax bracket.

Following are the assets that Monique plans to sell; assume that she will realize their fair market value on the sales.

Business assets Acquisition date Fair market value Depreciation method Adjusted basis Original cost
Truck 2001 $3,000 MACRS $0 $20,000
Office building 1996 300,000 MACRS 160,000 285,000
Machine 1 2010 10,000 MACRS 25,000 80,000
Machine 2 2011 60,000 MACRS 55,000 95,000
Personal assets Acquisition date Fair market value Original cost
Sculpture 1998 $400,000 $260,000
Painting 2005 400,000 525,000
100,000 shares ACC 2012 800,000 1,050,000
10,000 shares of BBL 2016 400,000 350,000

In addition to the proceeds from the sales of the business assets, Monique needs a minimum of an additional $800,000 for her planned expansion. Which assets should Monique sell to minimize her tax liability on the sales of the business and personal assets?


ELM-360 Need help with “Planning 5E Questioning Strategies” Assignment Science Assignment Help

This assignment states:

– Using the ‘5E Lesson plan template” you wrote in Topic 3, the “5E Questions Table” and Webb’s DOK levels, draft two different questions for each of the 5Es (total of 10 questions). Incorporate the following into your questions:

– ensure each question is aligned to the learning target of the lesson plan.

– represent all four DOK levels in the table, and at least half the questions need to be at a level 3 or 4.

– questions should encourage exploration, problem solving, and activating prior knowledge.

Compose a 250-500 word rationale of why the questions align with the “E” and meet the DOK levels for each question.

Submit the “5E Questions table” and the rationale as one submission.



EDIT WORK macroeconomics Economics Assignment Help

Edit work macroeconomics.

Edit following things.

  1. Q2 is asking for the state of the economy, which you do describe in the lead up to the crisis, but you need more information for after the crisis. What was GDP growth in 1992? In the years after? What were inflation and unemployment in the years after the crisis? You need to show me the numbers.
  2. Q3 asks for the impact on the financial system, and it would be useful to explain what happened to the stock market and to interest rates. You do mention that they had raised rates initially, but did they lower them after the crisis?
  3. For Q5, when it comes to policy response, you need to explain both fiscal and monetary policy. Were there changes in taxes or government spending? You need more details in your answer to Q5.

Assignment attached below

EDIT WORK macroeconomics Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Answer two questions Writing Assignment Help

Researchers have examined changes in the institution of marriage in terms of reasons as to why individuals are getting married to each other – cornerstone marriage model to capstone marriage model, companionate marriage to individualistic marriage – to explain a general decline in the marriage rate among individuals. A model known as the suffocation model of marriage is being used to explain both the decline in marriage rates as well as an increase in divorce rates. According to the suffocation model, individuals are likely to leave the marriage when they believe that there is an imbalance between their high expectations from the marriage and what they have invested into it . Individuals feel suffocated because of not having invested enough to gain the maximum fulfillment from the marriage. The suffocation model draws some of its core ideas from Maslow’s theory on the Hierarchy of Needs.

Respond to the following questions in about 300 to 400 words (for all the questions put together):

1. Summarize the relationship between the fulfillment of needs in a marriage and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (after having read the article).

2. What is your opinion about the fulfillment of needs in a marriage? Is there a “one-size fits all” model when it comes to marriages (keeping in mind the author’s thesis about the suffocation model)? Do you think the fulfillment of needs in a marriage varies based on gender, age of the individuals in the relationship, culture of the individuals, social class, etc? Explain your answer


access project Programming Assignment Help

1.You have been asked to perform each of the following select work steps in Access. You will first need
to load your data into Access
2. As you perform each work step, document your findings in detail and propose any audit adjustment.
Using the table at the end of this document, add or remove “audit findings” rows as needed based on
your work. Before you perform the next work step, make certain to remove the corresponding results
from your analysis so you can gain the best insights from the work step.

3. Prepare a brief, one-page summary of your overall findings that includes your summary table (below).


Around 250 words easy work! Writing Assignment Help

1.Discuss your perspective on the significance of distance education in Indigenous communities(150words)

2. Also, post your own additional questions regarding Distance Education Indigenous Peoples and Access

3.Read this: Distance Education in Indigenous Populations allows students to gain a post-secondary education while living far from campus. The study we read for this week’s learning Module Post-Secondary Distance Education in a Contemporary Colonial Context: Experiences of Students in a Rural First Nation in Canada noted that when distance education was available, there was an increase in enrollment. The popular fields of study make sense for the demographic as they include Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Education, and Bachelor of Nursing. These fields allow the learner to stay within their community and support those within their communities. Many Frist Nations peoples live on remote reserves where there is a dire need for Teachers, Nurses and Social Workers to help the members with the complex needs on the reserves.

leave one comment, just few sentences(50 words)


Research paper on Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. Writing Assignment Help

  • Acceptable file formats for submissions include Microsoft Word (doc, docx) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF). No other formats are acceptable.
  • The research paper must be at least 2,500 words supported by evidence (citations from peer-reviewed sources).
  • A minimum of four (4) peer-reviewed journal citations are required.
  • Formatting should be double-spaced, one-inch boarders, no extra space for headings, no extra white space, no more than two levels of heading, page numbers, front and back matter).
  • Extra white space use to enhance page count will negatively affect student grade.
  • Chapter 1 illustrates the document details of the research report and constitutes Background/Introduction, Problem Statement(s), Goal(s), Research Question(s), Relevance and Significance, Barriers and Issues related to topic chosen. Chapter 2 should consist of student paraphrasing the cited research material (i.e. what happened in case study x). Chapter 3 should be the reasoning for doing a basic compare/contrast or advantages/disadvantage of what was stated in Chapter 2 (do not state because the professor said so). Chapter 4 is a complete analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of what was stated in chapter 2. In effect, chapter 3 is a statement of what will be done and chapter 4 is what was done and what the findings were. Again, thus far the writing is objective and must not contain student opinion. Chapter 5 states results, conclusion, and future work recommendations. Here is where student opinion (or any researcher) can state their respective opinion as the student has now “done the work” and are justified in stating results.
  • All
    images, tables, figures are to be included in the appendices and IS NOT included in the 15 page
    requirement. This means appendices are not included in the 15 page requirement

  • Footnotes
    are NOT permitted.
  • Long
    quotations (i.e. paragraphs) are NOT
    permitted. Only one quoted short sentence
    (less than 14 words) is permitted per


BA 6400 Case Study #1 Short-term investment returns: money market instruments Economics Assignment Help

BA 6400 Case Study #1 Short-term investment returns: money market instruments Economics Assignment Help

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