Background, reaon, how (mainly), effects, and your own views on how to view and solve it.

This is not an article written for the general public and the average person. The people who read the article are scholars and teachers of economics. Therefore, this this topic needs to be analyzed and developed from the perspective of economics. (Use economic theory, models, and data to analyze).

This article needs to be composed of five parts in total:
1. Abstract:200 words at most

2. Introduction(In its final version, it must include these elements: purpose of research, motivation, general background, original contribution, methodology, and brief summary of your results or findings, and conclusions.):About 15% of total length of paper
3. Background Review and/or Literature Review(Must contain background of your subject, conceptual development or conceptual framework.):About 40% of total length of paper
4. Results/Findings/Analysis:About 30%-40% of total length of paper
5. Conclusions:About 10 – 15% of total length of paper.

At the end I would like to see notes at the beginning of each section to explain the location of the five parts.

There are two main parts in the file I uploaded: the first part is my framework for this article (you can make simple changes but the final direction needs to be the same). At the same time I provide five Sources about the article and my understanding of these sources, and I also send a few links about the direction of the trade war. The five sources I wrote in the document are required to be used in the article. Since this article requires at least eight sources, you can use your own or the ones I posted in the comments for the remaining three.

Finally, this article requires that you cannot use just one trade war case for your presentation. It is more expected to use multiple cases to analyze and prove your point and theory.

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