Bartleby the Scrivener Writing Assignment Help

Bartleby the Scrivener Writing Assignment Help. Bartleby the Scrivener Writing Assignment Help.

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2 pages single spacing.


How would you describe the process you went through to come to your current understanding of the story and what it tells us about the dignity and meaning of work. Write an essay of about 500 to 850 words in which you chart your own understandings of the story.

Some points to focus on:

1. Discuss your first impressions of and understanding of and confusions about the story.

2.. Discuss how secondary sources helped you to understand the story. Mention the specific sources.

3..Explain how your own experiences helped you relate to the story.

4. .Explain your current understanding of the story and what it says about dignity and meaning.

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advertisement and fraud Humanities Assignment Help

Part 1

Describe two of any of the following: Current catalogs, advertisements, direct mail advertisements, or online offers, that you have received or seen and indicate which ones are Offers and which ones represent Preliminary Negotiations. (See below for descriptions. Number your responses and clearly indicate why it is an offer or a preliminary negotiation.)


A. Offer made in jest: An offer which the offeree knows or should know is made in jest is not a valid offer. Thus even if it is “accepted,” no contract is created.

B. Preliminary negotiations: If a party who desires to contract solicits bids, this solicitation is not an offer, and cannot be accepted. Instead, it merely serves as a basis for preliminary negotiations. (Example: A says, “I would like to sell my house for at least $100,000.” This is almost certainly a solicitation of bids, rather than an offer, so B cannot “accept” by saying, “Here’s my check for $100,000.”)

C. Advertisements: Most advertisements appearing in newspapers, store windows, etc., are not offers to sell. This is because they do not contain sufficient words of commitment to sell. (Example: A circular stating, “Men’s jackets, $26 each,” would not be an offer to sell jackets at that price, because it is too vague regarding quantity, duration, etc.)

1. Specific terms: But if the advertisement contains specific words of commitment, especially a promise to sell a particular number of units, then it may be an offer. (Example: “100 men’s jackets at $26 apiece, first come first served starting Saturday,” is so specific that it probably is an offer.)

2. Words of commitment: Look for words of commitment — these suggest an offer. (Example: “Send three box tops plus $1.95 for your free cotton T-shirt,” is an offer even though it is also an advertisement; this is because the advertiser is committing himself to take certain action in response to the consumer’s action.)

D. Auctions: When an item is put up for auction, this is usually not an offer, but is rather a solicitation of offers (bids) from the audience. So unless the sale is expressly said to be “without reserve,” the auctioneer may withdraw the goods from the sale even after the start of bidding.

Part 2

Fraud is most likely to occur in one of these departments: Accounting, Customer Service, Executive/Upper management, Operations, Sales or Purchasing — according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (AFCE). In fact, in the ACFE’s most recent Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, some 77% of frauds are committed in at least one of these departments. While most employees won’t even consider fraudulent behavior, others may look at fraud as a great way to get ahead. So, what should you know about conditions that make fraud likely to happen?

Just as fire requires fuel, oxygen, and heat, occupational fraud requires motive, opportunity and rationalization. These are what forensic accountants call the “fraud triangle.” And economic downturns, such as the ones we have experienced in the past, can ignite fraud by fueling all three factors.

As described by J.K Loebbecke, M.M. Eining, and J.J. Willingham, Jr., “Auditors’ experience with material irregularities: Frequency, nature, and Detectability” (Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, Fall 1989), the fraud recipe contains three ingredients: Incentive, Opportunity, and Attitude/Rationalization.

The first ingredient, Incentive, addresses whether executives have a reason to commit accounting fraud. Common reasons include compensation factors (stock options, bonus targets), strong pressure to perform, and expectations analysts place on the company. Putting pressure on executives certainly is a good motivator, but it is important to recognize when the pressure becomes so intense that people resort to fraud to make the numbers.

The second ingredient is the Opportunity to commit accounting fraud. The main deterrent to opportunity is strong internal controls, the focus of section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Controls should address routine transaction processing and asset safeguarding, as well as estimates and assumptions used in preparing the financial statements. If section 404 work improves internal controls, the side benefit should be a reduced risk of accounting fraud.

The third ingredient in the fraud recipe is Attitude/Rationalization. In other words, can someone with a reason to commit fraud and the opportunity to do so explain away such behavior? Is the fraud okay because it saved jobs? Is it okay because it happened only once and will be corrected in the future? Is it okay because the CEO said “make the numbers or else”?

For this discussion, please address the following:

1. What four elements make for the perfect recipe for fraud?

2. How do they apply to every day business?

3. What conditions make fraud more likely to happen? Any thoughts or suggestions on how to prevent fraud from happening? (For full credit on this assignment, please opine to at least one of your classmates’ responses to this 3rd question only. )



importance of relationships with asia- 2 page paper Business Finance Assignment Help

please read the paper before bidding

Written Requirements

You will write a summary of and provide comments on the article.The summary and commentary should include the following:


  • A summary of the article, including how the article adds to the information in the textbook
  • Your comments about what you learned, what you thought was surprising, what was most interesting, what was most valuable from the article, etc.


  • Include a title page which contains the following:(1) the article title, (2) the course number, (3) your name, and (4) the date.
  • The written assignment should be at least 2 pages in length, with at least 1/2 page devoted to your comments.The assignment should be double spaced.
  • Use 1 inch margins
  • Use a font no larger than Times Roman 12 pt. font.

Citation and Article

  • Provide a citation of the article at the end of your paper using APA format.Information on writing a proper citation in APA format is provided in two links to Purdue University in the D2L section titled “Writing Assistance.”
  • Upload a copy of the article along with your paper.In the case of videos and podcasts, the citations will suffice.


Week Benchmark assignment Grand Canyon University MHW-640 Humanities Assignment Help

QUESTION & DIRECTIONS: In a minimum of 500 words, create a role-play script with a patient who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Use at least 10 questions in the script that a behavioral health provider would use to assess the patient’s lifestyle management needs. Explain the impact of well-being in human functioning and achieving life satisfaction and disease management.

Use two to three scholarly resources to support your explanations.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.


Disaster Recovery Plan Computer Science Assignment Help

Develop a Complete Disaster Recovery Plan to be submitted to the executive board of your company.


  • Only MS Word (.doc, .docx) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats are acceptable.
  • Please note that this is a formal writing, all references (peer-reviewed) mostly must be cited appropriately within the text.
  • Clearly avoid plagiarism.
  • The paper should have a minimum of 10 pages, 1.5 spacing and Times New Roman font.
  • A minimum of 5 peer review references must be provided.
  • Reference style is APA.

Also, create a PowerPoint Presentation for the same Disaster Recovery Plan with no less than 10 slides.



English reading and writing Humanities Assignment Help

1. complete the “Previewing the
Text” activities on Page 2 of textbook. Focus on the bullet
points and the bold text; use the questions after the bold text to guide
you, should you be unsure of what to look for.

2. Read the assigned text. For Thursday’s class you are to read A View from the Bridge” p. 481,482,483

3. After you have read the text, complete the “Reading Closely and
Critically” activities on page 4 of your course text book. Focus on the
bold text in the bullet points, using the questions following those
bullet points to guide you, should you be unsure of what to look for.

4. Then, complete the “Responding to What you Read” activities on
page 5 of your course text book. Again, focusing on the bold text in the
bullet points, using the questions following those bullet points to
guide you, should you be unsure of what to look for.

English reading and writing Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

need 1& 2 in different docs with APA Format and please 2-3 references each no plagarism Engineering Assignment Help

1)Length: Minimum of 400 words

If an attacker can retrieve the API and libraries, then use these to write an agent, and then get the attacker’s agent installed, how should Digital Diskus protect itself from such an attack? Should the business analytics system provide a method of authentication of valid agents in order to protect against a malicious one? Is the agent a worthy attack surface?

2)Length: Minimum of 600 words

Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references.

Consider the data flow “octopus,” as shown in Figure 8.1. How can the analysis system gather data from all these sources that, presumably, are protected themselves?


I want someone who could answer this short essay Humanities Assignment Help

Poem selections from Dien Cai Dau:

  1. “To Have Danced with Death”
  2. “Saigon Bar Girls, 1975”
  3. “‘Missing in Action”
  4. “Losses”
  5. “Facing It”

Purpose: To analyze race and violence in relationship to the Vietnam War in Dien Cai Dau

Skills/knowledge practiced: Textual analysis; close reading; writing with citations; use of textual evidence; developing argument; analysis of poetry and poetic language; following proper MLA formatting guidelines; paraphrasing quotes

Submission instructions: Please submit your 200-400 word response as a Word doc on Blackboard (no paper copies will be accepted). Every submission should include at least one quote from the text.

Grades will be based on the completeness of your submission (including textual quotes + sufficient word count length) as well as proper grammar/spelling and the depth of your critical analysis. Four points total:

    • 1 pt. for proper citation use;
    • 1 pt. for sufficient length;
    • 1 pt. for sufficient depth of content/engagement;
    • 1 pt. for proper assignment formatting.

Assignments should be formatted as follows: 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced with header, page numbers, Times New Roman font, Word Count listed, Works Cited page on separate page, submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF. This may seem like a lot but it is the golden standard for document preparation, and if properly followed will make your writing immediately more consistent and easier to read. See the following for an example: MLA Citation Template and Example.pdf

select a single poem above and analyze 2-3 of its poetic images. What does Komunyakaa’s imagery suggest about the particular nature of race and violence in the context of the Vietnam War? What insight does it give us regarding the international politics and racial ideology of the United States during that era?


ECON Discussion Economics Assignment Help

In this module/week’s forum, you must read one of the articles above or listen to one of the podcasts and provide a summary of the article or podcast in the opening paragraph. In your second paragraph, you must explain an economic idea contained in this story. This should relate to something from the text book reading. Specifically, note how the economic idea plays a prominent role in the story. In the third paragraph, you must explain what you think about the events in the story. You do not have to agree with what is going on, but you do need to provide your reaction to it. This is your chance to express yourself: what are your opinions? Be sure to defend your position. Finally, what do you think is a Christian response to this situation? Provide details to support your view (in other words, do not just say “Christians wouldn’t act the same way as economists”).



3-5 pages week 6 Writing Assignment Help

  1. Scenario: You are a Special Assistant to the Mayor of a large city. The city has seen a huge increase in refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan. These are political refugees resulting from the U.S. involvement in those countries. This refugee population now numbers about 15,000. They receive city services and their children attend city schools. Since the majority does not speak English and there is no one in the city who understands their culture, the city and the schools have been experiencing problems in delivering city services and education to this population. The Mayor has asked you to develop an initiative to resolve this problem. To be successful the assignment needs to consider what services need to be provided, how to prepare the city/school districts for this new initiative and the recommendations and implementation plan should include the organizational components necessary in those organizational components.Cover page with assignment, your name and class. Do not use headers or footers. The cover page does not count as part of the 3-5-page count.Summary: Summarize: (From the readings including setting the stage, reasons for policies, defining the diversity, creating competent practices, and creating supportive organizational climates.Analysis: Evaluate and analyze: evaluate and analyze the information in the readings to develop an organizational initiative to create a culturally sensitive program for a refugee population. Describe between 3-5 areas where a city government including school districts provide services to immigrant communities, e.g. police, education, social services. Be specific. Include the organizational components necessary to make this initiative successful and include the cultural capabilities that the city will need.Synthesis and Recommendations: describe the comprehensive recommendations for creating and implementing this organizational initiative that you would make to the Top Executive and include what he or she has to do to make this a successful initiative.


Bartleby the Scrivener Writing Assignment Help

Bartleby the Scrivener Writing Assignment Help

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