BIO 208 St Louis Nutrition Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Discussion Science Assignment Help

BIO 208 St Louis Nutrition Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Discussion Science Assignment Help. BIO 208 St Louis Nutrition Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Discussion Science Assignment Help.

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Seeking complete assistance with a discussion board assignment. No paragraphs! displayed in the form to be used as a study guide for quiz and exams. Can be done in word or pdf. I uploaded power points to view. Instructions are as followed

  • Complete the following tasks to receive full points:
  • Organize & explain the three processes of carbohydrate metabolism – glycolysis, anaerobic respiration, & aerobic respiration. Be sure to include all the steps of each process.
  • Be sure to do so in a way that makes you, the student, understand. Do not just copy the PowerPoint or textbook.
    • You can accomplish this by:
    • Drawing Pictures – You can upload an image.
    • Using Words – You can type directly into the entry box or upload a document.
    • Diagrams with Arrows – You can upload an image or a document.
    • and More

BIO 208 St Louis Nutrition Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Discussion Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Strayer Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning Summary Computer Science Assignment Help

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

This assignment consists of three parts: a business continuity plan (BCP), a disaster recovery plan, and a summary. You must submit all three files (in either Word or PDF format) in the same submission for this assignment. Include BCP or DRP in the name of those files.

For this assignment you will need to download, extract (unzip), and install the Business Continuity Planning Suite. Step by step instructions can be found at the site.


You are an information technology (IT) manager working for the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan. DLIS is an organization within the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which is the largest logistics combat support agency for the Department of Defense. DLIS creates, manages, and disseminates logistics information to military and government customers using the latest technology.

Senior management at DLIS decided that your team must develop a BCP and a DRP in order to overcome issues that might occur now or in the future since your team is doing so well. You have been assigned to develop these new plans. Take into consideration the following information on the DLIS IT infrastructure:

DLIS has a global reach and has at least 50 file servers and multiple (12) databases running everything from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to the organization payroll system that has an electronic funds transfer (EFT) capability. Also worth noting is that there is a warm site within 50 miles of the headquarters data center. No plans exist for it. You will want to use it in your planning. Each remote location also has local servers and desktop computers that are not connected to the HQ data center. Currently all system backups are performed by an outside vendor; however, your team will want to recommend a new process and vendor, and develop a new back-up plan for approximately five terabytes (TB) of critical classified data.

Events to consider include, but are not limited to, hardware and software malfunctions, failed storage systems, power outages, terrorist attacks, computer viruses, and natural disasters such as snowstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, and pandemics.

Part 1: Business Continuity Plan

Run the Business Continuity Planning Suite tool by clicking Start Now. Click on the Business Continuity Plan Generator to extract and run the tool (see install instructions). Create your BCP using the information provided in the scenario. When complete, print your file and save it as a Word or PDF file. Note that in your BCP at Chapter 2 – Critical Business Information, you only need to select the IT/telecommunications team.

Part 2: Disaster Recovery Plan

Click the Disaster Recovery Plan Generator to extract and run the tool (see install instructions). Create your DRP using the information provided in the scenario. When complete, print your file and save it as a Word or PDF file.

Use your imagination while filing in the forms. Be verbose while filling in the template for areas such as the policy and objectives. Make up a fictional organization chart and use fictional contact names.

Part 3: Summary

Write a one-page summary addressing the following;

  1. What was your strategy in using the information provided within the scenario to fill in the BCP template and what assumptions did you make while incorporating the information into the form?
  2. What was your strategy in using the information provided within the scenario to fill in the DRP template and what assumptions did you make while incorporating the information into the form?
  3. Describe your opinion of the tool and if you would use it in your current or future career as a planning tool for events. If you would not use the tool, discuss what tool or methods you would use to capture BCP and DRP information.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

  • Evaluate and categorize risk with respect to technology, individuals, and the enterprise, and recommend appropriate responses.


PHIL 1301 University of Houston Victoria Philosophy Question Writing Assignment Help

Please follow all directions below. You may write this exam
on any word processor you choose at your own pace. Please answer everything
clearly and completely. There is no limit on length—you should answer
everything thoroughly. Format your exam such as that each answer is given in
the same order as it is asked and that each answer starts on a new page. Please
double space your document. You will be expected to write at a college-level
and submit a proofread exam. After the exam goes live, I will not answer
questions about the academic content of the class—however I will answer all
logistical questions about formatting or submitting the work. (A half letter
penalty can be assessed for improper formatting.)


CIS 527 Strayer Univeristy Crisis Within an Organization Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

The quality of an organization’s business continuity plan (BCP) will directly influence how well it performs during a crisis. For example, the city of Springfield, Tennessee, suffered a ransomware attack in 2016. See the story, Springfield City Hall Recovers From Ransomware Attack.

It was good that the city was able to reinstall its data from backup instead of yielding to the hackers, but the network was still down for several days. A more effective BCP may have kept things up and running throughout the process of recovery.

Find two recent examples where an organization didn’t perform well through a crisis because of its BCP:

  1. Explain fully the incident that occurred.
  2. Describe how it affected the organization.
  3. Give your opinion and suggestions of how the organization could have adjusted its BCP to improve performance.


Post University Pace Growth and Leadership Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Due Date: 11:59 pm EST, Sunday of Unit 7
Points: 100
During Unit 7, we focused on fine-tuning your business model, developing a business
plan, raising capital, and developing a recruiting and retention program. This week’s
reading in our textbook highlighted all of these concepts. The research highlighted in
Chapter 2 is the basis of our Unit 7 Paper.

Adding to your paper in Unit 6, consider your readings in Chapter 2 of our textbook. As
you read the research, consider our course objectives for Unit 7 and answer the
following two questions.

What did the research highlight regarding the following two
concepts: (1) How did those surveyed learn to delegate; and (2) How did they meet the
challenges of the management team?
1. Consider your business that is the focal point of this course. How will you
manage or pace growth? When and in what order would you install more
controls and processes. Explain.

• Include a Title Page, 12 Point Font in New Times Roman, Double-spaced,
reference page, with intext citations.
• Submit a Word document in APA format.
• The required length is five paragraphs minimum.
• Papers should have a clear introduction to the thesis, body, and conclusion



University of Phoenix Use of Technology in the Agency Essay Writing Assignment Help

1Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you:

  • Explain how an inductive fallacy (e.g., generalizations, weak analogy) or a fallacy of language (e.g., confusing explanations) may affect the public perception of the police.
  • Provide a categorical claim related to the negative public perception of the police.
  • Create a visual showing a categorical relation that is negative between the police and the public.
  • Provide recommendations and examples about what the department can do to:
  • Change the perception
  • Develop a positive relationship with the public.

Include comprehensive speaker notes.

Cite at least 1 reference to support your assignment.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

2.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What does the future hold for the use of computers and artificial intelligence in criminal justice agencies?
  • What technology do you feel could be developed to help fight crime?
  • How can computers be used to enhance critical and creative thinking to ensure that criminal justice agencies improve their performance?

3.Research technology used for data collection, communication, and crime fighting.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word report for the agency’s leadership team in which you:

  • Explain how technology can help the agency collect data, solve problems, and resolve complaints. Provide examples of technology that could be used, and how that technology would address the agency’s challenges.
  • Explain how implementing technology would help improve the agency’s internal and external (i.e., with other agencies) communications. Provide examples that outline the technology that would bridge this gap.
  • Identify ways that technology can aid in minimizing bias and generalizing. Provide at least 1 example of specific technology that could be applied.
  • Describe how the use of technology would aid in tracking and referencing offenders. Provide examples and statistics.

Cite 2 sources to support your assignment.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

University of Phoenix Use of Technology in the Agency Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Long Term Care Administration Health And Medical Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a health & medical question and need an explanation to help me learn.

For this exam, you will write a critical analyses paper demonstrating understanding and application of key concepts learned on chapters 1-13. Your paper must be 3-4 pages in length excluding references pages, 12p font, and double spaced. Adherence to APA, 7th Edition guidelines must be demonstrated where appropriate. Your paper will include a critical analyses of the concepts below. A critical analyses entails a comprehensive examination of key concepts and/or theories. The grading rubric is attached. Please critically analyze the following:

  • Components that have contributed to the development and need for long-term care
  • Provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that directly impacts long-term care providers
  • Address components of accessibility to long-term care services
  • Trends likely to affect assisted living in the future
  • Benefits of integration for long-term care consumers
  • Meaning of long-term care being reimbursement driven


Pratt, J. R. (2015). Long term care managing across the continuum (4th ed.). Sudbury: Jones and Barlett.


Advance Science Institute End of Life Issues and Decisions Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

350-400 words answer the questions below and about 50 words respond to another discussion (that I’ll send later).

Questions to answer (please give in-text citation):

  1. Based on the slides, and your readings, I would like you to pick one of the 10 cases from the link below, and reflect on how the legal process limits, neglects, or removes the ethical or moral elements of the case you chose…what I mean, is where should the laws protect the vulnerable from neglect/abuse, versus where does humane treatment become obfuscated, or impeded by our legal and justice system.
  2. Where do you personally stand on the issue of right to die? Is it a right? Or is there an obligation to survive? What is the role of your personal belief system in your opinion?
  3. What is the role of suffering in the developmental process? (I’m looking for your opinion, but I want you to substantiate or support it with our readings)………


ITESM Education Equality in The United States & Learners Specific Needs Essay Humanities Assignment Help

I don’t know how to handle this Sociology question and need guidance.

The purpose of Research Paper 2 is to examine education equality n in the United States.

Your work must be structured as follows:




Problem Statement/Objective

Review of Literature Evidence on Education Equality in the United States

Discussion and Conclusion


Research Paper 2 must:

Be 4-5 pages long (double space, 12-point font, and one-inch margins).

Be based on research evidence from a small sample of sources/articles (from 2-4 academic articles).

Be free from any syntax problems, and documented according to the APA manual.

Have a title page that includes the paper title and your name (on the top half); and the paper abstract on the bottom half.

The research paper abstract must be a short paragraph consisting of three statements, one after another: problem statement (purpose of your work), methods statement (how it was done), and findings.

Your work will be evaluated using the rubric provided in LiveText.

Your work must be submitted via both MOODLE and LiveText.


St Johns College Disaster Recovery Plan Computer Science Presentation Computer Science Assignment Help

I’m working on a computer science project and need support to help me understand better.

Hi, I need help for a final BCP/DRP plan paper (6-8 pages), a draft BCP/DRP plan paper (2-3 pages) and a PPT slide for final BCP/DRP plan paper. All the instructions are given below:



You and your team just received the following email from the Devry University Library Director, XXX. He has requested your group’s assistance in developing a Disaster Recovery Plan/Business Continuity Plan (DRP/BCP).

Group 2 Topic:– Manmade Disasters – Hazardous Materials, Building fire, Electrical Outage


Our Devry University Library system really needs help with disaster recovery. I would like to leverage the expertise that you have developed in SEC6060.We are currently undergoing a review of our disaster recovery and business continuity plan. The university is currently developing/updating their emergency preparedness plan. All Devry departments, including the library, are being reviewed and will have DRP/BCP contingencies in this plan so, at this time, there is no specific plan for the library. I would welcome input to our plan. We are struggling. I would like your recommendations as we go through this process. I look forward to having an opportunity to read or listen to your plan.

After reviewing other University Libraries’ disaster planning strategies and plans and developing your group’s own plan, complete the following assignment:

Review your group’s BCP/DRP Project Plan with other Libraries’ approach and revise the BCP/DRP Project Plan (IAW the MIT BCP template) accordingly based on your group’s assigned scenario.

Remember the steps:

  • Identify threats or risks.
  • Conduct a business impact analysis.
  • Adopt controls for prevention and mitigation strategies
  • Test, exercise and improve your plan routinely.


PowerPoint presentation details are given below:

Then, develop a group PowerPoint presentation WITH AUDIO for Devry University Library Director, Jim McCloskey. Your presentation should follow the attached PowerPoint template, with sound at a minimum, and address the following:

  • Overview
  • BCP Plan Organization
  • Recommended Business Continuity Management Team (BCMT)
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Business Impact Analysis
    • Critical Functions
    • Essential Functions
    • Necessary Functions
    • Desirable Functions
  • Test/Exercise Strategy


Note: Must be an APA format paper


BIO 208 St Louis Nutrition Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Discussion Science Assignment Help

BIO 208 St Louis Nutrition Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Discussion Science Assignment Help

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