Bioterrorism Business Finance Assignment Help

Bioterrorism Business Finance Assignment Help. Bioterrorism Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Your goal in this assignment is to use the resources available to you as a Thomas Edison State University student to find three articles relating to one of the topics listed below. Using any of the Research Resources ——See attachments Below.

  1. Include specific source information about each of the three resources you chose, indicating: (a) the author of the item; (b) the date of publication; and (c) the book, periodical, or website where the information can be found. You will not be graded on the details of citation style, but your assignment should include all of the above information. (If you are already familiar with proper citation style, feel free to cite your information in that format. Otherwise, just list the items.)
  2. Indicate why you chose these sources. Write two or three sentences explaining each choice.

Keep in mind that this assignment involves the initial part of the research process, selection and evaluation of resources, not the actual writing of a paper. Your assignment should consist of:

  • Three appropriate resources from credible sources.
  • Information about the author, date of publication, and source (book, periodical, or website) of each resource.
  • A reason why you chose each source over others

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Discussions Writing Assignment Help

1. Discussion:(from marketing) Discuss the notion that firms should stop doing business with customers
who constantly generate losses versus the notion that the customer is
always right.


a) Main discussion with 400 word length

b) Response for the discussion with 300 word length(First response with 300 words length and second response with 300 word length)

c) No plagarism and Three references

d) double-spaced

2. Discussion: (from Management) Discuss the risks of avoiding confrontation of a problem employee.

a) Main discussion with 400 word length

b) Response for the discussion with 300 word length(First response with 300 words length and second response with 300 word length)

c) No plagarism and Three references

d) double-spaced


Human resource management: Help me find a news and analyze it Business Finance Assignment Help


Please help me find a news from websites:

the news need to be about human resource aspect and should be in this year. (Jan-Oct, 2019)

1. copy the link for me and tell me where do you find it

2. Write a paper: tell me where do you find it at first, and write a reflection from the human resource angle, tell me what the issue is, what the key point is, or any solution.

Please help me to find a primary and easy-to-understand article, since i need to read it in class.

The paper need 1 page


Accounting Question less than one page Single-Spaced Business Finance Assignment Help

finance assignment about Asymmetric information trade

This is finance assignment about trade. The first file is instruction. Please read the instruction and requirement very carefully. You only need to write question number 5 less than 1 single spaced page. (in the 2.3 Instructions for how to write your report). No. 3,4,5,6 files is the data we made. You may need this data, and please follow the instruction. You can some references to write. Please use academic language to write.

Only 1 paged single spaced not more.

This is the question

(5) Given the structure of the signals follows the true ‘final’ price as below: ?? = ??? − ? ( 300 − ? 50 ) What do you think would be an “optimal” set of first two signals to receive? What would be the ‘worst’ set of first two signals to receive?


Scholarly Paper. Final Project Writing Assignment Help

***READ the following assignment and attachments carefully:

*** You’ll find the topic I picked in the attachment.

***Example is provided


“The scholarly paper ultimately accounts for 20% of your grade, making it an important deliverable of the course. Graduate level, scholarly writing* is the priority. See * below). In addition, faculty members pay attention to the mechanics of APA style and paper construction. Note – You must follow the APA template in Course Documents. This helps to lay the foundation for the rest of your coursework, and ultimately your capstone project.

Remember that this is a *scholarly paper.

– Cite references often and correctly. You must ground your paper in the literature.

– The emphasis is on facts and factual information (thus the need to cite references).

– Avoid inserting your opinion. Unless you are a published author or field expert, your opinions have no place in a scholarly paper If you are a field expert, you may add your thoughts to the paper, but only if you can support those thoughts with current literature.

– Avoid gross exaggeration words like “exponential” and “every day.”

– Avoid personal pronouns like me, I, you etc. Stay in the third person.

– Don‘t mix singular words like “first responder” with plural words “they.”

– Read your paper out loud to yourself before you submit it. Make sure your thoughts are readable and make sense. You will likely find incomplete sentences (usually missing a verb) as you do this.

Click on this link, then ‘Sample Paper’ to see the APA format that you must use for the paper. You will lose points if you don’t use that required format. You will also find an APA Template in Course Documents. It doesn’t get any easier

*** Paper length should be approximately 3500 focused words (not counting cover page and reference list), but substance is more important than volume. Use recent articles (5-10 years depending on the subject) from peer-reviewed journals as well as textbooks. Texts are often out of date soon after published. Expect to use no fewer than 10 references. See link below for a description of writing an outline. Writing an outline greatly improves your paper’s organization.”

End of assignment

***Example is provided

*** You’ll find the topic I picked in the attachment.



Hero’s Journey paper Writing Assignment Help

-I need a essay about A movie ” Twilight”. The paper need to have 2 part. Finish the journey’s clock and you can pick out 4 of those to write the complete essay.

– Checklist for Hero’s Journey paper

. A complete Hero’s Journey paper includes:

. The Linda Seger article with annotations (or just the annotations—the Writing Assignment is in

your Module for the Hero’s Journey paper)

. The Hero’s Clock worksheet

You do not need to do formal citations. You should quote the text; but you do not need in-text

citations and a Works Cited list.

Hero’s Journey paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

chapter6 of social problems Humanities Assignment Help

Each reading response has two parts:

  1. Notes on the assigned reading
  2. A letter to Jen with your thoughts about the reading

Reading Notes

Take notes on the reading that are organized in a visually memorable way. Your notes must define key concepts and capture key points from the reading. If you prefer to take notes by hand, that’s fine–upload photographs of your notes. For many of us, our notes will be most helpful if they are organized in strongly visual ways, such as diagrams, concept maps, or brain doodles. If you are unfamiliar with these approaches, you can learn more about them here:

  • Draw a diagram, flowchart or concept map of the key concepts/ideas, their definitions and relationships to one another (see How to Create a Concept Map for advice about how to make concept maps)
  • Draw visual/doodle notes of the main points of the reading (see for more info about visual notetaking)

Letter to Jen

I want a peek inside your brain. 🙂 Write a one paragraph letter/note to me about your thoughts about the reading (and I will write you little notes back). One paragraph is equivalent to roughly 150 words. Here are some questions to choose from to write me about:

  • What new insight does this reading offer you to explain something about your own life?
  • Who in your life or in the world needs to hear something about this reading and what would you say to them about it?
  • What ideas/concepts in this reading are new to you and especially intriguing?
  • How do the ideas in this reading connect to the ideas in another reading we have done this quarter, or things you have learned in other classes?
  • What in this reading challenges your thinking or made you react negatively and how come?
  • What is ONE question that you would like me to answer about this reading and why?

For each reading, you may choose one of the above questions. Be sure to mix it up throughout the quarter—try not to answer the same question every time.


create the outline for the proposal you will be submitting later in the semester. Humanities Assignment Help

Attached Files:

File Week Eight Slide Presentation Week Eight Slide Presentation – Alternative Formats (2.622 MB)

After viewing the instructional materials and required reading, you will create the outline for the proposal you will be submitting later in the semester. You must include all the information requested and use the format presented in the review of this assignment in the instructional slide presentation. Please use the proposal outline template as a guideline. YOU WILL NEED TO CREATE COMPLETE SENTENCES IN YOUR OUTLINE.

Remember to be consistent with your use of font, bullet and outline styles and with the appearance of the document.


Informative Speech Writing Assignment Help

Instructions:For this speech you will convey knowledge and understanding, not advocate a cause.In constructing your speech, pay special attention to how accurate, how clear, how meaningful, and how interesting your speech is.Constructing a thesis statement will be much more difficult for this speech, and each topic will lend itself to a different form or structure.

Pick a topic that you know or would like to know more about, such that when you are gathering information, you can refine your search to information that is on that topic. If you do not prepare at least a skeleton outline beforehand, you may find that a lot of your research is irrelevant to the topic you have chosen.For this assignment you are REQUIRED to find at least four (4) outside sources. You are also required to have at least two quotations in your speech.You will need some type of visual aid (posters, Powerpoint, handouts, an object, et cetera).

Example of outline


CMPM 176 Complete short answer questions after reading Sellers, ch. 7, pages 235–6 Writing Assignment Help

Please read Sellers, ch. 7, pages 235–60 and 264–5 and complete reading guide.

Make sure rubrics are fulfilled

Grading Rubric:

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcometype and differentiation (1 for each)

3.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcomedescribe deadlock (1) explain using an example of a game that’s not used in the book (1)

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcomewhy is it important (1) what design approach does Sellers suggest (1)

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcomemost important (1) why (1)

2.0 pts

Total Points: 9.0


Bioterrorism Business Finance Assignment Help

Bioterrorism Business Finance Assignment Help

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