BLAW 3314 Library Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

BLAW 3314 Library Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help. BLAW 3314 Library Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help.

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The assignment is to write a minimum three-page paper (double-spaced) regarding either an actual real estate transaction you have been involved in or know about, or a fictional one. In writing the paper, try to incorporate as many of the principles of real estate law we have studied as you can. There is no need to have citations, but you may cite to the book or other authorities if you wish.

If you choose to create a fictional real estate transaction, you may be as creative as you desire.

Word processing only. The hard copy is due in class

BLAW 3314 Library Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Questions about Crying of Lot 49 Humanities Assignment Help

After reading the first three chapters of Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49, discuss the following:

  1. Though the most obvious reference is the name of Miles’s band, The Paranoids, there are several other instances of paranoia in the early chapters of the novel. What role does it seem to play so far in the novel? Is Oedipa also paranoid, or merely surrounded by other paranoid characters?
  2. There have been many forms of communication so far in the novel: a phone call, a letter, a radio station, a TV, a play, a “religious moment,” and images scrawled on a bathroom wall. What role does communication play at this point in the novel? How effective are they at communicating useful information?
  3. There is a lot of motionlessness in the early chapters, which is also countered at times by a sense of chaos (though this may be imagined). What do you think this represents?


Annual Report Business Finance Assignment Help


A critical financial-accounting skill is the ability to read, analyze, and make actionable determinations from any financial statement. Business leaders gain valuable information from the analysis of their direct competitors as well as organizations that operate in similar fields.


You are the CFO of an up-and-coming athletic company, which desires to someday become the #1 athletic company in the world. Strategically, the company uses Nike and Under Armour as their key competitor benchmarks. Your CEO is a big believer in learning from the competition and is requesting two things from you regarding Nike and Under Armour’s most recent annual reports: An Executive Summary and a brief PowerPoint Presentation of your findings.

Create a PowerPoint DeFck in support of your financial presentation

  • Highlight some key findings from the executive summary. Focus on key insights that wouldbe helpful for the leadership team.
  • Your PowerPoint should be complementary to your Executive Summary.
  • Remember to keep your slides legible. Avoid small fonts, too much text, or distractinggraphics.
  • Maximum 5 slides.

Note to tutor: I have completed the Executive Summery (which is attached and should be used to complete the PowerPoint).


ordinary probit regression result summary Economics Assignment Help

There are stata ordinary probit regression result, i want a the summary and explaination of the result,

The background is the goverment conducted a survey for manager about how firm will delegate the real authority to the workplace. there are 3 responses which are 1,2,3 if the response equal to 1 which means that firm will make a decentralized decision because workplace has the right to decide if the response equal to 3 which shows that the firm will make a centralized decision because that only higher level of the organization can decide what to do. If the response equal to 2 which demonstrate a mixed decision, workplace level management and head officer will be coordinated together to make a decision.

the detail please check the attach


Business Report Presentations With Findings And Recomendations Business Finance Assignment Help

The first of objective of this
week’s deliverable is to provide Robert M. Lopez with a business report
presentation of your findings.

Use the modified spreadsheet that you submitted in Module 04 for this deliverable.
Your report should visually identify:

  • Outliers
  • Sales consultants trending towards noncompliance

the Excel spreadsheet as input, create a visual representation of the
data. Use the visual representation of the data in a 2 slide PowerPoint
of your findings.

The second objective of this week’s deliverable is to provide Robert M. Lopez with an executive summary of your findings.

a 2 page paper, APA formatted with references and citations, summarize
your findings. Give proof for your analysis. Within your paper, explain
the process you did to come up with the findings. Based on the findings,
provide business recommendations to Mr. Lopez.



Professional Resume Humanities Assignment Help

In order to demonstrate an awareness of psychological career alternatives in a community setting, you will develop résumés for each of the professional experts chosen for your presentation in the Week Three discussion, (which were Dr. David H. Barlow & Dr. Dorian Traube).

Include relevant academic and professional experience that highlights their careers, appropriate skills, and expertise. Brief job descriptions identifying the major duties associated with each relevant work experience should also be included in the résumé. The job description format should be based on the “Professional Experience”/”Relevant Experience” section in one of the sample résumés provided below. Each résumé should be two to three pages in length. You may use the resources available on the following web pages:

Sample Résumés:

You may use additional sources for career information as long as they are credible. An example of a credible source for this information would include The Chronicle of Higher Education (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Utilize at least two professional career-related sources as a basis for the information you will use to complete the required sections in the résumé. All sources must be documented in APA style, as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center.

Professional Resume Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Documenting the Project Lifecycle Computer Science Assignment Help

Well-written project documentation clarifies intent, documents decisions and results, and allows project managers to assess project progress (and report it, as necessary, to project stakeholders) at every step of the project lifecycle.

For this assignment, you will create two examples of project documentation that align with the Project Plan Draft assignment you completed in Week 1. The documentation you will create for this assignment aligns with the initiation and planning phases of a project.

If you chose the waterfall methodology for your Week 1 Project Plan Draft assignment, create the following:


Help me in the question below Computer Science Assignment Help

When change needs to happen in an organization, a business case is
used to justify the change. On page 464 in your textbook is a generic
business case template. The template is intended as a generic starting
point that needs further customization to better match organization
requirement and preferences. The template also acts as a checklist of
considerations that pertain to adoption. The business case can be used
to have healthy conversations around the legitimacy of the cloud or any
technology adoption in the preliminary planning stages.

For this assignment, please complete business case sections G.3 and G.4 starting on page 464 in the textbook.




Draft Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

My topic is FOOD. I need you give me the draft paper before 10:00pm today, because I did not work well, so my ta said me I can rewrite my research question, so you need to think a research question about food before you start draft paper. if you are ok, you can help me write final paper(due on nov.25). And this course is sustainability 100, this is my writing requirement course.

6. Research Paper (25% total) 3 components as noted below
Each tutorial section is assigned a broad topic, and each student will develop a specific research question related to that topic. Your question should be one that has an answer that can be justified with academic evidence and that requires literature research by you to develop a complete answer. You will work on the steps of your Research Paper over several tutorial sessions. The final paper will be 7 – 8 pages long, double-spaced, containing 1700-2000 words of body text. You must refer to a minimum of 7 sources for your paper, including a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed academic sources (books or scholarly journal articles). Citations are required in APA style. You are required to include one graph and one image that are both clearly relevant to your research; you must refer to these in your body text. Captions and image sources are required for images. The Research Paper will be marked with equal weight given to three elements: i) research (depth and breadth of appropriate academic sources, selection and use of evidence); ii) analysis (the clarity, originality and sophistication of argument); and iii) writing style and structure.

a) Research Paper Outline and Evidence (5%) due on Brightspace


  • Ø You are to use your own words whenever possible
  • Ø Direct quotations from sources must be indicated with quotation marks and correct citations (APA style)
  • Ø Ideas from sources also require citations (APA style)

Outline and evidence for your research paper following the format template provided in Tutorial 4. Successful completion of this assignment requires that you have gathered, read, and analysed your sources, and planned the structure of your paper.

b) Draft Research Paper (10%) due on Brightspace
The Draft Research Paper is a full draft text of your paper, in paragraph form, with in-text citations and a reference list. It is not a “first draft” or “rough draft” – we expect your best effort at a complete paper. It will be assessed using the same rubric as the final paper. It is submitted on Brightspace; grading and feedback from your TA will be posted on Brightspace.

c) Final Research Paper (10%) due on Brightspace

The Final Research Paper will incorporate further development of your Draft Research paper, based on advice from your TA and the writing TA and focused work in Tutorial 8. Grading will reflect the expectation of further development; a Final Research paper that is unchanged from the Draft Research paper will receive a lower grade.


AccountingComprehensive Case Business Finance Assignment Help

This case is a review of the
information covered in this chapter. Please complete the reading and
lecture material before attempting the case.

This comprehensive case should be completed and uploaded to Moodle by the last day of week 3 at midnight.


Complete the Comprehensive Case #51 (beginning on page 310 in Chapter 5). Follow the instructions found in the text. Place all of the worksheets required in one (1) Excel workbook. Label each sheet in the workbook. Be sure to use formulas for your calculations!!

Subtitle or Section:

Label each sheet in the workbook.


BLAW 3314 Library Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

BLAW 3314 Library Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

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