BLS 111 SUNY at Binghamton Elements of Negligence Cases Study Business Finance Assignment Help

BLS 111 SUNY at Binghamton Elements of Negligence Cases Study Business Finance Assignment Help. BLS 111 SUNY at Binghamton Elements of Negligence Cases Study Business Finance Assignment Help.

1. With Driver at the wheel, Driver and Passenger motored into town. Passenger fell asleep
during the trip. Driver parked 5 feet from a fire hydrant, next to a bank, in violation of a
municipal statute which bans parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. Driver went into
the bank to make a deposit. Passenger remained asleep. Trucker, who was driving
down the street where the bank is located, suddenly swerved the truck to avoid hitting a
dog which darted into the street and in front of Trucker’s truck. Trucker’s truck smashed
into Driver’s car resulting in a serious injury to Passenger.
Had Driver parked anywhere else, Trucker’s truck would not have smashed into Driver’s
car and injured Passenger. Passenger sued Driver in Negligence. Discuss whether
Passenger will recover in Negligence Per Se as against Driver. Passenger sued Trucker
in Negligence. Discuss whether Passenger will recover as against Trucker in Traditional


Paul Produce made the following statement to Barbie Buyer…..”Hey Barbie, I am thinking of selling my complete supply of bananas for 10 cents per pound.” Discuss your legal position on whether the statement is an offer. If so, how long does it remain an offer? Now assume that Paul scribbled the above quoted words on the skin of a banana, gave the banana skin to Barbie and told Barbie that he was leaving soon for South America in order to get a new supply of bananas to sell. Discuss your legal position on whether the “banana skin” is an offer. If so, how long does it remain an offer? Now assume that Paul was in his garage working on his 1962 Studebaker Lark. During this work session, Paul felt chilly. Paul lit a bundle of rags and wood chips in order to start a small flame so that he could warm up. Unfortunately, because of the fire, the bananas that Paul and Barbie had discussed blew up and turned into useless “banana mush.” Now Barbie wants to accept the banana offer. Discuss the legal issues raised above. Use legal rules and concepts to support your legal discussion.


Phyllis Fuller is 17 years old. Phyllis wants to buy a Corvette automobile.
The price of the Corvette is 82000 dollars. Phyllis works as a cash
register operator at The Greasy Spoon Restaurant. Phyllis earns 12 dollars per hour. Phyllis
works 20 hours per week.

Bob Ferapples is a Corvette Dealer. Phyllis went to Bob’s dealership
and informed Bob of Phyllis’ desire to buy a new Corvette.

Using relevant material as presented in the text, advise Bob how
Bob could structure this deal to make it work. Include all legal rules

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International & Intercultural Communication Between Argentina & Spain Discussion Writing Assignment Help

After reviewing section 2.4 of the text titled International and Intercultural Interpersonal Communication, visit The Hofstede Centre (Links to an external site.) ( and continue to explore national cultural dimensions. Here you will choose two countries to compare and contrast in terms of cultural dimensions.

Develop a two-page, APA-formatted paper that addresses the following:

  • Describe how the two countries are similar in terms of Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions.
  • Describe how the two countries are different in terms of Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions.
  • Given a scenario where two organizations, one located in each country, are to do business with each other, provide recommendations that would be beneficial in helping management address communications in terms of the different cultural perspectives. Your paper must be two pages (not including title and reference pages) and must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide. You must cite at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


PU Linda William and the Department of Veterans Affairs Legal Memorandum Law Assignment Help

Legal Memo

Assignment Scenario

This week you met a new client, Linda William, the wife of a now deceased Vietnam Era veteran. Linda shared with you that her husband, John William, was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, and deployed to Phan Rang, Vietnam from 1968-1969, with the 101st Airborne Division, as a Combat Medic in support of the Tet Offensive. While SSgt. William returned home safely; he was repeatedly exposed to Agent Orange while in Vietnam. Exposure to Agent Orange has been linked to increased risk of cancers and other illnesses in later life, including Diabetes Mellitus, Parkinson’s Disease, Prostate Cancer, among others.

Many years after Vietnam, Mr. William was diagnosed with diabetes, and received continued treatment by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for his diabetes. During an annual physical, blood tests revealed Mr. William’s PSA levels were extremely elevated, which alerted his doctor that Mr. William should have a follow-up blood test a month later. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error, it would take an additional six months before Mr. William would be scheduled for another blood test. Following this second test, his PSA levels registered even higher than before, but Mr. William was not made aware of the results, and his doctor never contacted him, a clear violation VA hospital policy. However, his doctor did notate Mr. William’s medical records, indicating he was at a high risk for prostate cancer, and that a biopsy was needed immediately.

Although Mr. William continued to receive care and treatment at the VA, it took his doctor two years to schedule a biopsy. Following the biopsy, Mr. William tested positive for an aggressive form of prostate cancer, common in Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and that he would need to undergo surgery to remove his prostate immediately. While his doctor was hopeful, he did acknowledge to Mr. and Mrs. William that due to the delay in treatment for two years, and the aggressive nature of the cancer, the outlook was not positive.

Mr. William underwent treatment to remove his prostate cancer, but sadly succumbed to the cancer eight months later. Mrs. William believes that due to the doctor’s failure to test and treat her husband for over two years, the VA is responsible for her husband’s death, and would like to bring a lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Assignment Instructions

Your supervising attorney, Liam Joseph, has asked that you draft a 2-3 page memorandum discussing, at a minimum, the following issues:

  • Sovereign immunity, including a brief discussion of its history and function today.
  • Discuss the Federal Tort Claims Act, and whether Mrs. William may bring a cause of action against the Department of Veterans Affairs for her husband’s death.
  • Using the discussion included in 11.5(c) in your textbook, assuming Mrs. William is successful in her lawsuit, what remedies are available?

Example Organization:

To: Liam Joseph, Supervising Attorney, Kelly & Associates, LLP

From: [Your Name]

Date: [Date memo submitted]

Re: [Client Name, specific description of subject matter of memorandum]

  • Organize your memorandum with an introduction, body, and conclusion.


ABC Block Chain Technology & IT Import in Strat Plan Research paper Writing Assignment Help

Industry experts believe blockchain is a technology that has the potential to affect the business of most IT professionals in the next five years. Pick an industry you feel will be most affected by blockchain and how blockchain may be used in that industry. As an IT manager, how would you embrace blockchain? For instance, how would training occur for your team, what strategies might you use, what security methods may you recommend be used?

Please meet the following requirements:

• Be approximately four to six pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.

• Follow APA7 guidelines. Paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.

Atleast two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook.


Coastal Pines Technical Colleges Push and Pull and Relation in Marketing Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

this will go through an originality report system must be under 10% overall this is only with sources. no quotes needed from any source or previous work as well as online articles. This will increase the percentage for the originality results.

250+ words per question (does not include references)

4 (Wikipedia, encyclopedias not included)

Information clearly relates to the question(s). It includes: 3+ different sources supporting details and / or examples using APA in-text citations that includes the reference page.

No grammatical, spelling or punctuation or indention errors. •Font = Times New Roman, •size = 12, •size = medium HTML •single space within paragraph, double space between paragraphs.



BIO 120 Post University Unit 1 Water and Its Properties Oxygen Atoms Paper Science Assignment Help

Water: What is water, and why is water essential to life? List three properties of water and how each is useful to many species on earth.

The paper should be 400- 500 words (~ 1 double-spaced, APA formatted page). Do not simply list the properties. Give an example of how each property of water make it better than other liquids for supporting biological systems. Refer to the attached document for the grading rubric.

Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.

BIO 120 Post University Unit 1 Water and Its Properties Oxygen Atoms Paper Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Northern Virginia Community College Web Technology HTML Computer Science Assignment Help

Please complete this prior to watching this week’s video. Create Lesson5.html on your VM .

You may use any resource. In your lesson write up you will include a write-up and screenshots of this web page.

  1. Create a web page named lesson5.html
  2. create a link to your home.html page
  3. create a link on your home.html page to lesson5.html page
  4. create an h1 heading title My Summer. (you can change this to My Holiday, My last Vacation, etc…)
  5. add a p tag describing in a sentence what you did this Summer.
  6. add a second p tag describing your favorite food you ate this summer.
  7. add an image that is stored in your images folder. Use a different picture than what is on your bio page.
  8. add an embedded CSS that sets the overall background to blue.
  9. Change the text color of the second p tag to yellow.
  10. Set the size of the first p tag to be 40 px and the background to red.

Here is the video for the lesson. Make sure you include screenshots for each of the main topics covered in this video.

In the first part of the video, you will use your lesson4.html file. In the second half of the video, you will use the lesson5.html file.

Topics covered: creating and linking an external CSS File, external rules and which take precedence, Classes and Ids, hr tag, border fun, images and thumbnails, figure and figure caption, border-radius.

In the first part of the lesson, I have an HTML error that I do not correct and when I show the web page. What mistake do I make? Bonus points for finding these errors and discussing them in your lesson report.


ASU Won Tickets as Prize in A Contest Sponsored by Cool Ranch Doritos Email Writing Writing Assignment Help

Part I: Scenario

You just won tickets to that thing you love as a prize in a contest sponsored by Cool Ranch Doritos™ that you forgot you entered three months ago! Bummer, though, you have both class and work on the day of the thing. Now you have to write a bunch of emails, because there’s no way you’re going to miss the thing, if at all possible.

In one word document, write an email to each of the following people:

  • Your boss: You must get out of work!
  • Your teacher: You are so not going to class, but your teacher is a total freak about attendance and pop quizzes and junk!
  • Your buddy: You wouldn’t dream of going to the thing without your buddy, but–oh, no!–your buddy is in class with you on that day. What do you say to your buddy? Will they write the instructor, ditch, or just not go to the thing? Email your buddy with a plan!

Part II: Comparison

When you write your emails, imagine your boss, one of your teachers, and your best buddy. Try to imagine what you would say to each person in your email. Make your tone realistic for each situation. Once you have written the emails, use the Comments feature in your Word or Google doc to compare the style you used in each, and address the following:

  • Highlight and comment on the general differences do you see
  • Highlight and identify words and/or sentences that characterize the different styles
  • Comment on which email do you think would be the most effective, and why

Submit your highlighted and commented Word document.



SSC Wk 8 The Characteristics of High Quality Managerial Economics Discussion Economics Assignment Help

Discussion #1

1717 unread replies.1717 replies.

Read – The Characteristics of High Quality Discussion Posts (in the announcements section) before participating in discussion #1.

In these tough economic times, many people have no choice but to turn to their credits cards to pay some bills. Most economists argue that this is not a financially prudent course of action.

Credit cards companies have long been accused of being less than reputable in their business practices.

The question for consideration this week; are credit card companies exploiting American consumers, especially in these worst of economic times.

Although discussion points are the easiest to earn, some students lose many points because they do not adhere to some simple rules.

Type all submissions in the text box, no attachments allowed.

These rules will apply to all discussions going forward.

Your initial post should be at least 300 words and due by Wednesday, your two subsequent posts should be at least 200 words each and due before the discussion closes.

The word requirement guidelines will be strictly enforced going forward and you are required to submit a WORD COUNT with each posting. You will not be able to post to the forum after the due date.

Deductions will be made for non-participation, inadequate participation, late submissions (the later, the higher the percentage taken off), no word counts, many grammatical and/or spelling errors, incorrect or a lack of citations or for comments that are not related to the topic or those that clearly do not meet the above-mentioned criteria.

Because you are not subject matter experts, you are required to do some basic research on this topic and use/cite at least two academic sources (not including your text book or websites such as, Wikipedia, ProCon websites,, articles or websites with unknown authors, or any other such websites. You can only use sources with reputable authors) when constructing your initial post. You are required to use in text citations along with a WORKS CITED at the end of your document.

The most important reasons to employ a citation style such as the APA method is to ensure you are giving due credit to others for the ideas that you are using as a basis for your essay. Any ideas or research you incorporate that are not your own must be cited, otherwise you risk being accused of plagiarism.

Here are some links that provide some guidance on citing sources correctly.

APA webpage (Links to an external site.)

APA vidcast series—There are 6 videos that include how to set up the page, citing, and the References


PHI 1520 Rasmussen College Ren And Other Key Concepts Of Confucian PPT Business Finance Assignment Help

As you will recall, the concept of Ren, or humanness, is the most important principle in Confucian ethics. This is the idea of treating others with compassion. Ren frames all other virtues (both moral and non-moral).

For this assignment, demonstrate your understanding of Ren and other key concepts of Confucian ethics by choosing one of the following options:

  • Write a Poem
  • Write lyrics and/or record a Song (may be an original tune or a parody)
  • Write a script and/or record a TV or Radio Commercial
  • Create a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Create a Movie Poster
  • Create a Travel Brochure

While you may choose any of the above formats, you must cover some of the basics surrounding Ren. Include a definition of it, examples of Ren in everyday life, why Ren is an important tenet in Confucian ethics, and how does one show Ren towards others?