Book Reading question Writing Assignment Help

Book Reading question Writing Assignment Help. Book Reading question Writing Assignment Help.

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Read Born a crime chapter 10 pg 130-133 and finish following three parts


After reading the assigned chapter(s), the Summarizer will make sure to summarize what the chapters/pages the group read, explaining concepts that may have been difficult for some group members to comprehend or helping them find the most articulate way to convey the events and discussions from the memoir. This person may print out a summary, but is still responsible for reading it outloud to the group during the meeting.


This person will find connections between the memoir and the concepts from the previous readings. This may require this person to re-read some of the readings on grit, mindset, habits, etc.. During the meeting, this individual will make sure to thoroughly explain the connections, not merely say that they exist.


The Quoter will filter through the text and find quotes that may be beneficial for the essay and/or presentation. This Quoter should also include some sort of paraphrase and/or translation of the chosen quote and explain its significance.


Since connecting ideas from what we read to the world around us helps us understand the significance of the ideas, the Philosopher will do some outside research, finding situations parallel to either the concepts from the readings or from the memoir. Is there a recent news story that is similar to that of your memoirs subjects? Is there any information or updates on the events of the memoir? What are some of the other opinions out there relating to what you’ve read?

Book Reading question Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

litlutre reviw Humanities Assignment Help

i need you to write literature review about these 2 sources write what these author might think or say about air pollution also you need to include the research question of that author the hypothesis of the author the key independent variable and the key dependent variable the unites of observation in the article


KNILL, CHRISTOPH, MARC DEBUS, and STEPHAN HEICHEL. “Do Parties Matter In Internationalised Policy Areas? The Impact Of Political Parties On Environmental Policy Outputs In 18 OECD Countries, 1970-2000.” European Journal of Political Research 49.3 (2010): 301-336. Web. 23 Mar. 2018.


I need help finding quotes Writing Assignment Help

Read Tennessee Williams’ play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof . I know it looks lengthy, but it moves fast and is an easy read. Warning: the play deals with controversial themes and has graphic language. Write a 1,000-1,500 word critical analysis using the play for support.

The question I need help finding quotes for is The play also deals with the theme of deception. Analyze the incidents of deception throughout the play. When you find the quotes please tell me who said that quote so its easy for me to find so I know what page it will be on in my book.

I wIll need enough quotes and analyising with it to make 1000 words in end for my paper.


How did the Belmont Report impact research today? Health Medical Assignment Help

Answer the following questions. Response should be well written, concise paragraph for each. Videos and links have been attatched to provide background information.

  • The Nazi medical experiments and the Tuskegee syphilis study were perpetuated on human subjects. Had these medical atrocities not occurred, do you think that there would be mechanisms in place today to protect human subject in the conduction of research? Explain your response in details.
  • What’s the overall significance and importance of the Tuskegee syphilis study towards medical research regarding human participants today?
  • How did the Belmont Report impact research today?…


Research context Humanities Assignment Help

Your task is to research the historical context of *Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. Choose 10 meaningful cultural events that occurred during that time period, and create a timeline that describes the importance of the events you have chosen. Follow these steps for your submission:

  • On your timeline, provide the dates of each event, a description of each event, and an explanation of the event’s impact on citizens, the nation, or life in general.
  • Once your timeline is created, reflect on the events you selected. In a well-developed paragraph, discuss the events and explain how you see them shaping or reflecting life, ways of thinking, values, and motivations of the period.



how are the songs sweet dreams and 99 luftballoons relate to the main character Marjane Satrapi from the book Persepolis Humanities Assignment Help

create a presentation slides that answer the question and include pics of the artists/ crew of the songs and lyrics, genre of the songs, something interesting about the artist or crew for both songs, and include some evidence and pics of how these songs relate to Marjane.

sweet dreams i want it to be from the first part of the book. for example when she was young she always had a dream of becoming a prophet when she goes to sleep

99 luftballoons i want it to be from the second example. also it is suppose to be the reason why marjane moved from Iran.

how are the songs sweet dreams and 99 luftballoons relate to the main character Marjane Satrapi from the book Persepolis Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

letter of recommendation Writing Assignment Help

can you change or add things to this letter to make it more professional


I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for —–.In my capacity as Mr.—– Computer Science I and Senior Seminar/Senior Project Professor, I found him to be a self-motivated and hardworking student. He received high scores in my classes. Mr.——-is enthusiastic about his studies and shows a dedication to learning and achieving his personal best.

Therefore, I offer my strong recommendation of Mr.—— for any educational and/or professional opportunity he pursues.his initiative, commitment, aptitude and good judgment will make him a valuable asset to any academic program or employer.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.



evaluate my essay answering the questions below/ 300 or more words Writing Assignment Help

answer each question under each category according to the essay that is attached.


  • Is the essay double-spaced and in proper MLA format?
  • Does the opening of the essay grab the reader’s attention?
  • In the introductory paragraph of the essay, does the writer of the essay introduce the title of the story, the author of the story, its publication year, and a brief (1-2 sentence) intro to the period or author to establish cultural context of the story?
  • Does the essay have a clear thesis statement (selected theme of the story) and plan of development (three characters that propel said theme)? Has the author only chosen one (1) theme (one is the maximum)? Are the thesis and plan of development conjoined and positioned at the end of the introductory paragraph?
  • Are the topic sentences of each supporting paragraph well-structured, and is each topic sentence aligned with its respective plan of development point (in support of the thesis).
  • Does each supporting paragraph solely examine its own plan of development point in support of the thesis argument, and does each supporting paragraph follow the same sequence of the plan of development?
  • Has the author of the essay avoided any unnecessary digressions from his/her point? Is the essay focused?
  • Has the author used transitional words/phrases at the beginning of each supporting paragraph and at the start of certain sentences to indicate a particular progression or shift in thought and when launching supporting examples (i.e. First, Secondly, One way X is so, Additionally, Next, Conversely, for example, for instance…etc.)?
  • Does each paragraph have a proper closing sentence to bring that specific paragraph and its topic to a successful close? This is a great place to reinforce that all of the examples provided in that paragraph are ways that the character (topic) highlights/connects to the theme of the novel (thesis).
  • Does the essay have a strong concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and plan of development to properly frame the essay? Does the author leave his/her readers with a final thought, a resolution, or brief and relevant quote that ends the entire discussion on a thoughtful note?


  • Does the essay provide sufficient, relevant, and compelling evidence to support the authors’ main claim/thesis?
  • Does the author properly introduce the quote or paraphrased passage? After denoting the borrowed passage, does the author examine the significance of the selected passage to his/her argument? Essentially, does the writer apply the Triple-E Formula (Example + Evidence + Explanation) when presenting supports. Please refer to the Writing Assignment 2 packet for textual support requirements (amount). Are there detailed examples used in each supporting paragraph?
  • Has the author avoided vague information or language that is confusing to the reader? Does the author properly connect the dots from the evidence to his/her argument for readers?
  • Is the argument flat? If so, how can the author make it interesting, give it dimension and significance?
  • Is the argument convincing? If not, what can the writer do make his/her argument more compelling?
  • Does the author include too many long quotes (4+ lines)? If so, perhaps he/she can paraphrase or sum up some of the longer quoted passages.
  • If the author has used a long quote (4+ lines), has he/she properly formatted the quote according to the current MLA standards by indenting 1″ and removing quotation marks.
  • Has the author avoided using quotes back-to-back?
  • If the author has modified the quote, has he/she used brackets around the modified portion
  • If the author has condensed a quote, has he/she used ellipses to show omission of information?


Is the essay easy to read? What are the main syntactical problems with the essay? Use the criteria below to make a list, so that your peer can use it when he/she reviews my Closing Comments for assistance, or when he/she goes online for help. I have also provided a checklist in the Writing Assignment 2 instructional document that may be used to evaluate your peer’s writing.

Things to eliminate:

  • Spelling errors
  • Run-ons
  • Fragments
  • Slang, hyperbole, sarcasm, clichés biased language, argument fallacies, false assumptions…etc.
  • Contractions
  • Personal pronouns, such as you, your(s), yourself, me, I, mine, myself, we, us, our(s), and ourselves
  • Repetition, especially at the beginning of nearby sentences
  • Vague words, such as this, that, these, those (such demonstrative pronouns without an identifier)
  • Pronoun Agreement errors
  • Subject-Verb Agreement errors
  • Punctuation errors, such as comma, semi-colon, quotation marks, apostrophes…etc.

Things to include:

  • Use of the present tense.
  • Careful use of diction (detailed descriptions, concise language
  • Proper use of mechanics (good grammar, appropriate punctuation marks, strong sentence structure…etc.)
  • A combination of sentence forms (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex)
  • Parallel structure with parallel elements in a series (commas must separate three or more elements in a series)


  • Is there a correct in-text parenthetical citation after each directly quoted, paraphrased, or summed up passage from the novel that serves as a piece of supporting evidence?
  • Is there a full Work Cited page (not to be titled Bibliography or Citations) at the end of the essay that contains proper MLA reference citations (full source entries)? Refer to the MLA: OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the most current MLA rules and guidelines.


All questions are below Writing Assignment Help

[1]. Defining plagiarism

The reading for this assignment is the Harvard Guide to Using Sources. After reviewing the article, please do the following. Make sure to click on the links at the bottom (“Mosaic Plagiarism”, “Inadequate Paraphase“, etc.)

a. What is the difference between verbatim plagiarism and mosaic plagiarism?

b. What is the article’s advice on avoiding inadequate paraphrasing?

c. After paraphrasing an idea, do you still need to cite it? Why?

d. In your answers submitted for this seminar, what types of plagiarism were committed? Give an example of each from your own original answers.

[2]. Correct paraphrasing activity

The reading for this assignment is in this document.

a. Paraphrase paragraph 2 in two sentences.The Harvard Guide to Using Sources has a good example of acceptable and unacceptable paraphrasing. My advice: Read the paragraph first, take notes in your own words, then wait a few minutes. Then summarize your notes in 2 sentences. Make sure to include the proper in-text citation at the end of your answer.

b. Paraphrase paragraph 4 in one sentence. Make sure to include the proper in-text citation at the end of your answer.

[3]. Combining the use of quotes, paraphrasing, and citations activity

Now let’s combine correct paraphrasing, quotes, and citations. From the same document as question 2, paraphrase paragraph 5 in 3-4 sentences. Include at least one direct quote from the paragraph, and quote it properly. Make sure to include the proper in-text citation at the end of your answer and after the quote.

[4]. The importance of trust.

This assignment is described in this document. Send answers to both parts of the assignment in an email to me with your other answers.

[5] Review the Miami University Academic Integrity Policy. Pay extra attention to the section on “Procedures for Adjudicating Cases of Academic Dishonesty.

-What are the possible sanctions for a first-time offense?
-What is the automatic sanction for a second offense?
-Why is a second offense punished so severely?


The assignment should be done by gfortran not (C or C++ or other) Programming Assignment Help

Problem 1:

Write a FORTRAN 90 subroutine named compare that takes as its rst argument (named r) a row

subscript (between 1 and DIM inclusive). The second argument is an integer array with DIM rows

and NDATA columns. The third and fourth arguments are used to return two integer values as

described below. The subroutine source code is in a module in a separate le from the le containing

the main program source code. The subroutine compare calculates the sum of the values in row r.

The subroutine compare then nds the number of rows with the row sum greater than the sum for

row r, and the number of rows with sum less than or equal to the sum of row r (exclusive of row r),

returning these counts using the third and fourth arguments of compare. The main program takes

input from the keyboard to indicate the speci c row index passed to compare as its rst argument.

Elements in the matrix are generated in a column major manner as pseudo random integer values

between -10 and 10 inclusive. Do not change the starting seed from the default in the FORTRAN

90 compiler. The main program prints this matrix in a neatly formatted manner along with the

values returned by the subroutine compare. Provide test results for the user input of r=1, r=DIM,

and r=4. Use values for DIM and NDATA of 6 and 5 respectively.

problem 2:

Write a FORTRAN 90 subroutine named cc that takes as its rst argument a two dimensional

array of characters named arr with NR rows and NC columns where NR and NC are parameters.

The second argument to the subroutine is a character string of length 1 named ch. The subroutine

source code is in a module in a separate le from the le containing the main program source code.

For each row the subroutine prints (on a single line) at the screen the characters in the row up to

but not including the rst occurrence of the character in ch. If the character in ch does not occur

in a row, then all characters in the row are printed on a single line on the screen. Write a main

program that uses the subroutine cc.

Provide test results for the following data le which the main program opens and reads. (Use values

of 5 and 6 for NR and NC respectively)






Provide a run with user input character “3” and another run when the input character “1”


In addition to the above requirements, also satisfy the following:

1. Whenever you write a program that gets interactive input from the user running the program,

your program must prompt the user (with the appropriate print statement asking for the

required input) just before the related read statement.


Book Reading question Writing Assignment Help

Book Reading question Writing Assignment Help

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