Book Summary Business Finance Assignment Help

Book Summary Business Finance Assignment Help. Book Summary Business Finance Assignment Help.

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I need help on a summary assignment. The book has 13 chapters. I need 1 page for each chapter (total is 13 pages). You don’t have to cover all information, you can choose to summarize just the points you think they are important. Each chapter does not need to have introduction and conclusion. I only need 1 Introduction and 1 Conclusion for all.

The format should be:

Introduction for the book (1/2 page)

Body: 13 chapters: each need 1 page (3-5 paragraph for each chapter)

Conclusion (1/2 page)

The book is “Strictly Business Body Language: Using Nonverbal Communication for Power and Success” Jan Hargrave, 2nd edition

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Biology Module 1 Science Assignment Help

Module 1 – Biology in the News

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Each module you will a “Biology in the News” discussion board. For this discussion you will post a link to an article about a biology related topic and write a one paragraph summary/review of the article. Analyze the article from a scientific point of view by addressing whether the article showed data, had sourced information or was it opinion.

MODULE 1 – Think about the scientific method as you read your article and include how the researchers followed the scientific method for the article you selected.

Acceptable sources to look for articles are: You may also find articles through the library link (on the left hand side of the screen)


Hi need these 2 simple discussion boards Writing Assignment Help

Discussion boards based on reading a book called .. Free Will by Sam Harris

Free Will: Topic 1

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Harris writes, “How can we be ‘free” as conscious agents if everything that we consciously intend is caused by events in our brain that we do not intend and of which we are entirely unaware? We can’t. To say that ‘my brain’ decided to think or act in a particular way, whether consciously or not, and that this is the basis for my freedom, is to ignore the very source of our belief in free will, the feeling of conscious agency. People feel that they are the authors of their thoughts and actions, and this is the only reason why there seems to be a problem of free will worth talking about” (26).

You are 26 pages into Harris’ book. What is your reaction to the quote above and what do you think about his argument so far?

Free Will: Topic 2

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On page 62, Harris writes, “We do not change ourselves, precisely–because we have only ourselves with which to do the changing–but we continually influence, and are influenced by, the world around us and the world within us. It may seem paradoxical to hold people responsible for what happens in their corner of the universe, but once we break the spell of free will, we can do this precisely to the degree that it is useful. Where people can change, we can demand that they do so. Where change is impossible, or unresponsive to demands, we can chart some other course. In improving ourselves and society, we are working directly with the forces of nature, for there is nothing but nature itself to work with” (63).

What is your reaction to the above quote? Do you agree/disagree? I’d like at least a 250-word response.


need help asap due at 12 midnight today / plus a discussion is separate Business Finance Assignment Help

this is the paper

The most popular way for international expansion is for a local firm to acquire foreign companies. One of the most benefits for international expansion is global distribution capability that helps expanding the market share.

There are different implications of running a company that is within or outside of the European Union. If you were the head of a firm based in the United States, please answer the following questions, providing the rationale behind your answers:

  1. Would you seek to acquire a company within the European Union or outside of it? Why?
  2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the choice you made.
  3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages inherent in the option you did not choose.
  4. Explain why an MNC may invest funds in a financial market outside its own country.
  5. Explain why some financial institutions prefer to provide credit in financial markets outside their own country.

this part is the discussion which is separate from paper also due today

At the end of each unit, DB participation is assessed based on level of engagement and the quality of the contribution to the discussion. DBs allow learners to learn through sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content. Because it is not possible to engage in two-way dialogue after a conversation has ended, no posts to the DB are accepted after the end of the unit. Learners must demonstrate an appropriate depth of understanding of course content to receive credit for having submitted substantive posts. Typically, this is achieved with 3–4 strong paragraphs for Main Posts and 2–3 strong paragraphs for Response Posts.

Competencies and Knowledge

This assignment has 2 parts:

  1. What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing the course Comprehensive Project? How did you leverage knowledge gained in the intellipath assignments (Units 1- 4) in completing the Comprehensive Project? How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?
  2. Discuss the similarities and differences between shareholder wealth maximization and stakeholder wealth maximization.


Discussion posts Science Assignment Help

At the top of each post include a title that summarizes your post. Type at least 250 words PER POST and remember to cite your sources. Include ONE citation from our book Ocean of Life (including page numbers) and at least ONE other internet source, for a total of TWO sources minimum PER POST. Cite your sources using MLA format.

3.Many of the environmental problems that face the ocean can feel overwhelming and leave us feeling helpful, especially climate change. There are people working on solutions, however, and I would like you to research these solutions and pick one to answer this question: What do you think will be the most effective solution to mitigate* or adapt* to the effects of climate change on the ocean? Explain.Back up your position with examples.

4. For this week’s discussion post, we will again think about solutions to environmental problems that face the ocean. Learning about solutions to these overwhelming problems can help us feel more empowered and hopeful, which is a good thing! This week, I would like you to research some proposed solutions to problems of ocean pollution and pick one that you think would be particularly effective or that sounded very interesting. Then, answer this question: What do you think will be the most effective solution to ocean pollution? Explain. Back up your position with examples.

5. From small fishing boats to aircraft carriers, humans make the oceans a noisy place! How do you think humans can most effectively solve the problems of noise pollution in the oceans? Pick one or more types of noise pollution to focus on for this discussion post. Back up your position with examples.

6. As humans, we become sick when exposed to certain viruses, bacteria, fungi, or protozoa. Infectious disease in the ocean is a very complicated problem because, like humans, ocean organisms are more susceptible to disease when they are stressed by other factors. And they are already stressed by many things: noise, pollution, warming ocean temperatures, acidification, and the list goes on and on. For this discussion post, research what people are doing to prevent or ameliorate the effects of infectious disease in the ocean. Which example did you find to be the most effective or inspiring? Support your choice with examples.

7. If you had to pick one central reason why we have environmental problems, what would it be and why? Back up your position with examples.

8. Traditional solutions to ToC dilemmas tend to be focused on economic fixes, technological development, or government regulation. In your opinion, what is the best way to solve the environmental problem of climate change and why? You answer could be one of the three traditional solutions, a mix of the three, or something completely new and different. Back up your position with examples.



WHITE PAPER research Writing Assignment Help

Conduct research surrounding cost and reputation implications of damage. Write a white paper, in which you provide a solution for cost and reputation implications of damage.

Specific sections to your white paper should include:

  • Define the audience and their concerns;
  • State the problem;
  • Provide a recommended solution to the problem;
  • Summarize the potential benefits and return on investment from your recommendation.

Your white paper should be at least 300 words in length.



Gilbert, R. (2010). Chapters 4-6. Transport revolutions: Moving people and freight without oil.

Tokar, T. (2010). Behavioral research in logistics and supply chain management. International Journal of Logistics Management, 21(1), 89-103.

Tokar, T. (2010). Behavioral research in logistics and supply chain management. International Journal of Logistics Management, 21(1), 89-103.

WHITE PAPER research Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

IRAC Essay- Agencies and Warranties or Employment Law Business Finance Assignment Help

Use a newspaper, news magazine, or the internet to find a current article Briefly summarize your article and include some interesting facts or highlights. Lastly, and most importantly, discuss any concerns, issues, or thoughts you have about the subject matter raised in the article. This will be done by writing an IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion) about the article.

Note on the syllabus calendar that there are four categories for the assignments. The IRAC must apply to the subjects shown below:

IRAC Basics:

Issue(s) – are written in the form of questions! These issues are questions one might ask regarding how the law applies to the article you have chosen.

Rules – are the laws/rules that the writer thinks may apply to the issues.

Analysis – is where the writer either proves or disproves the application of the rules. This is a major focus of the paper and presentation….critical thinking must be applied.

Conclusion – will take one of two approaches. First, if the court has decided the case, do you agree with the decision? Why, or why not? If the court has yet to make a decision, what do you think needs to be done, and why.

There is no minimum or limitation to the length of the paper. The writer’s approach is to be concise, organized, and complete in the presentation of the case. If you need any further clarification of this assignment, please make an appointment to see me during office hours.

Be sure to attach the news article/court case to your essay. If the article/case is not attached a score will not be given. The attachment can be in the form of a link to a web page.


Physics Labs Science Assignment Help

There are a few physics labs on the attached document. I need a tutor who understand college physics very well. The document might seen a bit long but its majority is just pictures to aid you in answering the questions. All the answers need to be 100% correct. No outside sources of any kind. If instructions on lab say to show calculations then please show step-by-step calculations. Please remember to take screenshots of the lab simulations when necessary.

I have set budget to $35 but will provide a $10 tip upon completion of assignment if above instructions are met.


R studio, shiny app questions Programming Assignment Help

4 questions about make a shiny app in R studio.


Create three Apps in the appropriate folders in the homework repo in accordance with the instructions below.

    1 .Create a Shiny app based on the mpg dataset from the ggplot2 package.

  • Allow a user to select three variables from the dataset.
  • The app should output a scatterplot of two of the variables and color code the points by the third variable.
  • Make the default variables the ones in the image below.
    • 3.Researchers were interested in predicting residential home sales prices in a Midwestern city as a function of various characteristics of the home and surrounding property. Data on 522 transactions were obtained for home sales during the year 2002. The 13 variables are:

    • Price: Sales price of residence (in dollars)
    • Area: Finished area of residence (in square feet)
    • Bed: Total number of bedrooms in residence
    • Bath: Total number of bathrooms in residence
    • AC: 1 = presence of air conditioning, 0 = absence of air conditioning
    • Garage: Number of cars that a garage will hold
    • Pool: 1 = presence of a pool, 0 = absence of a pool
    • Year: Year property was originally constructed
    • Quality: Index for quality of construction. High, Medium, or Low.
    • Style: Categorical variable indicating architectural style
    • Lot: Lot size (in square feet)
    • Highway: 1 = highway adjacent, 0 = highway not adjacent.

    We’ve seen these data a few times before.

    3.1 Build a Shiny App with the following attributes:

    1. Three tabs. The first tab is for univariate analysis. The second tab is for bivariate analysis. The third tab is for a spreadsheet of the numeric variables in the data.
    2. The inputs/outputs for the univariate analysis should be:
    • The variable of interest.
    • Do the analysis on the log scale or not?
    • The number of bins in the histogram.
    • The null value for a one-sample t-test.
    • Output the results of the one-sample t-test. The results of the test should be done on the log or non-log scale according to the user options.
    • Output a histogram if the variable is numeric and a barplot otherwise.
    1. The inputs/outputs for the bivariate analysis should be:
    • The two variables of interest.
    • Whether to log each variable. Only numeric variables should be logged.
    • Whether to add an OLS line.
    • Output a scatter plot if both variables are numeric, a boxplot if one is numeric and one is categorical, and a jitter plot if both are categorical.
    1. The spreadsheet tab should contain a Data Table with only the numeric variables. Use a map*() function to select these.
    2. Try to make your Shiny app as visually similar to my app as you can.
    • Hint: You can make this a lot easier by taking advantage of the modularity built into ggplot2:
    • Hint: I found it easier to use geom_boxploth() from the ggstance library instead of using coord_flip().
    • Hint: Think carefully about which variables should be treated as categorical and which should be treated as quantitative. Transform as appropriate when you load the data.


Advanced Nurse Role Writing Assignment Help

APN Project Paper (30% of final grade)
This assignment will be an INDIVIDUAL project
APN Clinical Intervention Project
Purpose: To design an APN intervention that is consistent with the advanced practice role. Most projects
will include the design of a major clinical program. This program can be an educational program or
clinical service delivery project. For example, students may design such things including but not limited to
a program for the primary care of patients with diabetes, a clinic program for educating parents and
children about asthma, a weight loss program for adults including clinical and educational strategies, design
for a new rural clinic, or development of an NP independent practice. The program must be more
substantial than an intervention that includes, for example, only a brochure. Typically, you will not
implement the project but you will develop a detailed proposal to do so.
This individual project is considered a major project. As such, it is expected that the
project paper will be a minimum of 15-20 pages not including title page, reference page
and appendices. A minimum of 12 scholarly references are required.

*Note: Results of a clinical consultation and contact information of those consulted
are required to be submitted. Please consult with the faculty to develop the plan for
this. This will typically require accessing a clinical site.
APA format is required with a professional project paper binding or notebook (Include ALL
relevant materials in an appendix). APA errors and grammar/spelling errors will receive
deductions over and above component scoring. A paper that is judged by the faculty as very
poorly written (such things as incomplete sentences, multiple subject/verb errors, unclear
wording, multiple spelling errors, and/or combination of these errors) may be returned for
revision with an automatic deduction of 15 points that cannot be redeemed. Have someone
proof read the paper after you have proof read—it can difficult to recognize your own errors.


Book Summary Business Finance Assignment Help

Book Summary Business Finance Assignment Help

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