Book used “The Artist Way” fill out the assignment answer all questions Human Pot Arts Writing Assignment Help

Book used “The Artist Way” fill out the assignment answer all questions Human Pot Arts Writing Assignment Help. Book used “The Artist Way” fill out the assignment answer all questions Human Pot Arts Writing Assignment Help.

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I will attach an empty form. . I will send you the wrong one that was originally sent and was incorrect. Please modify the correct the wrong one or use your own source. Please do a correct one. follow the directions and make sure work is cited.. Let me know if there are any questions Thanks

My incorrect original assignment LI


It appears that you have plagiarized your Description comments from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston web site.

Neumann University as well as all colleges and universities do not allow plagiarism.

Please go to the Neumann University web site and read the information on Academic Honesty, which includes plagiarism.

However, after careful consideration, in regard to the Description response, I believe that perhaps you forgot to use quotation marks and to cite the source, rather than plagiarizing the written work.

Therefore, I am not reporting this to the NU Vice-President of Academic Affairs.

BUT, I would like you to do the all of the responses in this critique assignment again and write them in your own words. Then resubmit this assignment.

Always write everything in your own words. In the Description section, tell me what you see. If you see a man holding a teapot, say that. When you write something, be sure that you understand everything you are writing about and the meaning of the words you are using.

It is important not to copy anything in any of the assignments and in your ELP work.

You will notice in the NU Academic Honesty policy statement, your second offense means you would fail the course. You have worked too hard and have come so far for your degree to have any problems with plagiarism.

Redo this assignment in your own words.

This was the assignment I submitted: Thank You please modify or do another. Thank you

NAME: ___________________________

Location or Place Work of Art Was Viewed: _______ Museum of Fine Arts Bosto __________________________

Date Work of Art Was Viewed: ______February 15, 2017_____________________________________




  • Title of work: Paul Revere
  • Artist: John Singleton Copley
  • Era/Date of Creation: 1768
  • Type of Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Style: Photorealism
  • Classification: Painting
  • Size: 89.22 by 72.39 cm

DESCRIPTION: Write a General description of the selected work of art. – (Tell what you see).

This is a painting of Paul Revere dressed in shirtsleeves and shown at work. Revere is shown half-length, seated behind a highly polished table and casually attired. He also cradles his chin in his right hand and regards the viewer as if he has just looked up from the teapot in his left hand. The pot is finished but remains undecorated.


(The Elements of Art & Principles of Design are listed. Discuss each in relation to your selected work of visual art).

Line- There is vertical lines, which are a good illustration of his upright posture.

Color-The color is hue since it entails a mixture of several colors in an appropriate manner.

Texture-The texture is smooth although some areas like the teapot appear a bit rough.

Shape- The general shape of the portrait is rectangular.

Form-The form is free flowing with indentations.

Space-The space is two-dimensional

Value-The value is middle gray since there are balanced levels of black and white color.

Elements of Art:








Principles of Design:

Rhythm & Movement The look of Revere makes one conclude that he has just ended looking at the teapot and adjusted his eyes towards the viewer. The rhythm is exciting and active.

Balance The balance is symmetrical showing stability of Revere posture.

Proportion The proportion is varying with the main focus being on Revere and the teapot. Variety & Emphasis There is emphasis by contrast with the bright white shirt draw the eye to the man creating emphasis. The variety is achieved by using strong contrast.

Harmony The harmony is achieved by using different patterns and shapes such as that of a teapot and table.


(Ask and answer questions such as:

What is the artist saying in the work of art?

The open shirt of Revere reveals possibly an untied stock beneath. This is because the open shirt and the waistcoat worn without a jacket are associated with the work clothes.

What does this work of art mean?

In his portrait of Revere, Copley presented an idealized image of the artisan at work.

What were the artist’s intentions when he/she created the work of art?

This is however contrasted by the fact that other aspects such as cleanliness as well as the gold buttons do not accurately reflect the garments worn by Revere play his trade but rather to advertise Revere`s products.


(Write in the third person, but state your opinion of the “success” of the work of art and WHY).

The painting having by using oil on canvas shows a high mastery of color, which is a great success to achieve, and demands a lot of patience. Moreover, the elements of art and principles of design in this work are clearly brought out which includes value of color illustrated by dark areas and light ones across his face, texture as depicted by folds in his shirt and appearance of the teapot among others. These elements and principles all work together to form a full composition. In summary, Copley`s portrait of Paul Revere is very realistic and detailed.

Book used “The Artist Way” fill out the assignment answer all questions Human Pot Arts Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

U2 Business Law easy Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

U2DB-describe one example of a type of contract that a person may be involved in at some point in their life. Your example can not be similar to one that someone else has posted

U2L1J Which type of contract do you think is more likely to have fraud, concealment or misrepresentation involved, causing it to not be a genuine agreement? Be sure to identify the contract choice, identify which problem it is likely to have, and then explain why you think this problem is likely

U2L2COLLAB- Part 1: Write a scenario that would result in a defectiveSigning a contract agreement but do not identify what makes it defective.

U2L2J -Based on the reasons a contract may be defective, which reason do you think would be the hardest to prove? Be sure to explain why you think this would be hard to prov

U2L3-Post the following: Your name, indicate if you agree or disagree that minors should be able to return items they purchased while a minor. Also give a reason to support why you agree or disagree. Do not repeat a reason someone else already posted

U2L3J-Give an example of when you think a minor should be able to enter into a contract. State why you think a minor should be allowed to enter into this contract.

U2L4C-Part 1: Write a scenario that demonstrates a breach of contract. It can not be similar to another person’s scenario. Do not identify specific type of breach that occurred, just describe it. Do not identify the damages that could be claimed

U2L4J-Explain three damages that a person can sue for if a contract is breached


Reflection Essay, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Since 2015, approximately 1 million people are said to have arrived in Europe via the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Politicians labeled this a ‘humanitarian crisis’, but the reality is very different. Today, approximately 65.3 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Among them are nearly 21.3 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18. In parallel, the global average time a person spends in contexts of protracted displacement is 20 years.
Even if refugees manage to arrive to a safe third country, their rights are not immediately realized and often push them into further suffering. Their right to work remains restricted and they often have access to limited and inadequate assistance. In Greece, for example, once refugees have been registered by the UNHCR they are officially allowed to work, however, accommodation in remote areas with no access to transport and local community renders them unable to engage in community life, furthering their segregation.
The ongoing global humanitarian crisis has led to large-scale displacement of people, mounting pressure on the humanitarian sector and creating acute issues around policy, housing, healthcare, education and social integration.
This course will provide you with a basic understanding both in theory and in practice!


^^Open and Register

1. Reflection paper outlining your understanding about the global force migration issue.

2. From your reflection paper, you have to come up with a policy recommendation on how the Philippines can best address the needs of the Rohingyan.


3 pages.

Times New Roman, 11 pt

1.15 spacing

Again you can copy paste — don’t really care haha, just tweek it a bit. 😉


Website chairs, programming homework help Programming Assignment Help

Use the attached handout and the files to complete Tutorial 1

this is the project styles below.


/*This sets the style of the table that includes the top links table,*/
/*including the table, the link element <a> and the cell element <td> */
border:1px solid #663300;
font:normal small-caps;
margin:0px 0px 0px auto;
.top_links a{text-decoration:none; color:#663300; font-weight:bold}
.top_links td{ background-color:silver; border-left:1px solid #663300}
.top_links td:hover a{color:#FFCC99}
.top_links td:hover{background-color:#663300}

/*This table includes all contents of the page: the menus and the main area*/
border:1px solid #663300;
margin:30px auto 10px auto;

/*This table includes the left menu and the right section, */
/*where the main contents of the page is*/

/*This table includes only the left menu*/

/*This sets the styles of the left menu, inluding the table, */
/*the button elements <input>, the cell elements <td>, and the top cell*/
.left_menu{width:150px; text-align:center}
.left_menu input {width:80px}
.left_menu td {padding:5px}
.left_menu td#left_menu_top

/*This table includes the right section of the page with contents*/

/*This sets the styles of the footer and the link elements <a> of the footer*/
width: 450px;
margin:0px auto 0px auto
.bottom_menu a{color:#FFCC99;}

/*This is the style of the six panels on the Calalog page that contain product info*/

.panel_styles img {


Interpersonal Conflict in Television Business Finance Assignment Help

Choose one television show from the list provided below:

  • Black-ish
    • This television show can be found for no charge with closed captioning at ABC.
  • NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
    • This television show can be found for no charge with closed captioning at CBS.
  • Modern Family
    • This television show can be found for no charge with closed captioning at ABC.
  • The Big Bang Theory
    • This television show can be found for no charge with closed captioning at CBS.
  • Scandal
    • This television show can be found for no charge with closed captioning at ABC.

Watch one episode of one of the above television programs and identify and describe one interpersonal conflict that was not handled effectively APA Style. Based on what you have learned in Chapters 8 and 9 of Bevan and Sole (2014) (ATTACHED), write a two-page paper explaining why the conflict was not handled effectively and describe the strategies that could have been used to resolve this conflict. Be sure to focus on one particular interpersonal conflict and not the television show as a whole.



Accounting Business Finance Assignment Help


– Compute a predetermined overhead rate.

– Prepare schedules of cost of goods manufactured and cost of goods sold.

– Compute underapplied or overapplied overhead cost to close the balance in Manufacturing Overhead to the appropriate accounts.




– Compute the equivalent units of production using the weighted-average method.

– Compute the cost per equivalent unit using the weighted-average method.

– Assign costs to units using the weighted-average method.

– Prepare a cost reconciliation report.



Accounting Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Binary Logistic Regression in SPSS Mathematics Assignment Help

To prepare

  • Review the datasets provided.
  • Construct a research question based on one of those datasets.
  • Remember that your dependent variable must be dichotomous.
  • Think about how you might use the odds ratio in your analysis to simplify the interpretation of your results.

Use SPSS to answer the research question you constructed. Then, compose a 1- to 2-paragraph analysis in APA format in which you answer the following questions:

  • What are the null hypothesis & alternative hypotheses for your question?
  • What research design(s) would align with this question?
  • What dependent variable was used and how is it measured?
  • What independent variable is used and how is it measured?
  • How well did the model fit?
  • If you found statistical significance, what is the strength of the effect?
  • What is the answer to your research question?
  • What are the possible implications of social change?

Be sure to include your data output with your analysis.


Presidential PR Campaign, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Presidential PR Campaign

Write a paper that describes the PR campaign each candidate conducted in the last presidential election. Was the campaign a success or failure? Defend your position.

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

  • Write between 750 – 1,250 words (approximately 3 – 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.
  • Use font size 12 and 1” margins.
  • Include cover page and reference page.
  • At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.
  • No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.
  • Use at least three references from outside the course material, one reference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and other materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the three reference requirement.
  • Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paper and list on a reference page in APA style.

References must come from sources such as, scholarly journals found in EBSCOhost, CNN, online newspapers such as, The Wall Street Journal, government websites, etc. Sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. are not acceptable for academic writing.


US history, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

u3l2-Lesson Assignment – Election of 1912

After completing the activities in this lesson, in a new word document, detail the issues behind the election of 1912 and the candidates involved. Explain why Wilson won the election with such a resounding number of votes and what that says about American Society in 1912. Finally answer the question: “How did the election of 1912 change America?”

u3l4Lesson Assignment – Spanish American War

In this assignment, you are to put yourselves in the role of a journalist who has been asked to report events consistent with yellow journalism. Create a headline that would be considered yellow journalism for each event listed below.

  • Sinking of the USS Maine
  • Spanish-American War
  • The Boxer Rebellion
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    u3l6-Lesson Assignment

    Below is an excerpt of a personal war experience and a corresponding image done by a soldier who saw the fight first hand. After reading and analyzing both, write a poem from the point of view of a soldier that depicts both the same event as the excerpt and same mood as the image.ExcerptNeil S. Madeley, Company C”In the early morning the lieutenant came up and gave orders to get our gun fix[ed] for going over the top at 5:15. At the proper time we began the advance 15 degrees west of north. Unfortunately we got ahead of the infantry and advanced to a point of a pine thicket, a place badly exposed to the enemy and a place where they had previously aimed their guns on account of the prominence. Before we could get the gun set the Bosch had discovered us. They lost no time in letting us know it. All at once their machine guns laid a barrage; their heavy artillery belched its volley, and their snipers took aim. In a short time, one sergeant lay dead, the result of a sniper’s shot. Just a little later our gallant lieutenant and our runner were killed by a shell. At the same time wounded comrades could be heard gasping for help.During the clash our infantry rushed up and made a daring effort to cross the opening. Once they were repulsed but after a few familiar commands, the daring Americans pushed on despite the fact that fate was imminent. “On, Over the top” was the cry and the Sammies occupied the ground where dead Germans lay beside the guns that had just felled our heroes.

  • u3l8Lesson Assignment – Dear President Hoover

    Write a letter to President Hoover from the point of view of the family in the photo. Tell him the story of how your family got to this point. Include what you think he needs to do to help Americans who share experiences similar to yours.

  • u3l9Lesson Assignment – Critics of FDR’s New Deal

    Not everyone loved the New Deal. Analyze the cartoon below and answer the two questions that follow.

    1. Identify the point of view of the cartoonist. How did you determine point of view? What in the cartoon tells you this?
    2. What would be the cartoonist’s purpose? What in the cartoon helped you figure out the message of the cartoon?


Domestic Economy Analysis (2000 words) -R Economics Assignment Help

Domestic Economy Analysis (2000 words)

The product you select will be integrated into an existing economy. That economy will be very important to the success or failure of a marketing strategy. In some cases, a product may not depend on a macroeconomic analysis but that micro-economy still functions within the larger national economy. Some critical economic characteristics need to be considered:

  • What is the size of the GDP? (Total and Per-Capita)
  • What is the rate of unemployment?
  • What is the rate of inflation?
  • What is the growth forecast for the country’s economy?
  • What talents does the labor force have?
  • What is the age distribution of the labor force?
  • What key resources does the country have?
  • Are there critical concerns in the country as to its economic performance?

Here is what you need to do for this assignment:

  1. Provide a summary table of core economic data and growth rates for:
  • Inflation
  • Unemployment by race and gender and age, underemployed and long term unemployment
  • Real GDP
  • Stock Market Performance
  • Budget Deficit
  • Trade Deficit
  • Exchange Rates
  • Wage levels
  • Inequality measures in income, education, assets

You can find some of this core data at the Economist link below or even the Euromoney link has good summary data:

  1. Situate the country on the policy cross (see handout)
  2. Read economic analysis about the country from credible sources such as research institutes or international organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or OECD to provide a summary of economic risk in that country.

Suggested Resources:


Book used “The Artist Way” fill out the assignment answer all questions Human Pot Arts Writing Assignment Help

Book used “The Artist Way” fill out the assignment answer all questions Human Pot Arts Writing Assignment Help

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