Brief reflection paper Writing Assignment Help

Brief reflection paper Writing Assignment Help. Brief reflection paper Writing Assignment Help.

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Your final assignment of the course is a 1-page course reflection paper in which you will describe one (1) concept that was most important to you in this course and how it can be described from a biblical worldview. For example, if you found the information about the biological bases of behavior particularly meaningful, briefly discuss how brain structure impacts behavior and describe what connection this has to your worldview (i.e. does brain structure determine our behavior, or are there also other influences that come into play? Where does God fit into this discussion?).

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Project Delievrables3: Writing Assignment Help

Project Delievrables3:

Project WBS (MS Project Manager).

Attached is a flowchart indicator of the five phases in project lifecycle. Create the WBS of Initiation and Planning phases on Microsoft Project and identify the number of days each task will take (use your own estimation, i.e., the design phase takes 30 days to complete. the documentation is an ongoing task, and embedded with projects constraints, assumed risks, and members of the team assigned for each task, as the Project Manager, create names of people, (i.e., Robert Jones-Lead Developer, James Ford, CIO/Approving Officer) who will be assigned to perform each task in the WBS). Lastly, identify the outputs such as deliverables and milestones (dates) for each task, i.e., preliminary schedule, estimated/initial cost, project charter, organizational structure. etc. so that these schedules are reflected on the Gantt Chart.

Download Project Management Processes.jpg

NOTE: Apply the Week 3 Agile scheduling and planning process in creating the WBS


operational excellence Programming Assignment Help

  • Each student will create a new Wiki entry from peer-reviewed articles that pertain to this week’s assigned reading: chapter 15 Workforce Scheduling & Strategic Business Plan.
  • Conduct your own research and ensure to focus on selecting a high volume or low-volume organization of your choice. Explain their scheduling techniques in relation to the above four strategic business plans.
  • Apply Level 2 and 3 headings to capture the themes
  • Support your ideas and research with at least three (3) outside sources within the last five years.
  • Provide a substantive comment(s) on an existing Wiki entry posted by at least (two other classmates). You should have a total of three (3) Wiki posts – one Initial and two response to your peers.


Case Study Writing Assignment Help

CAPSIM simulation: Team Baldwin

Strategy Used: Niche Differentiator

Submit an analysis of Rounds 1 through 4 of the simulation by answering the questions provided in the Project 3 Analysis Questions template. Your report should be eight to ten pages (approximately 250 to 300 words per question), double spaced, excluding cover page. Any tables, graphs, and figures should be included in the body of your answers. Your report should have one-inch margins and be double spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. In-text citations and references should abide by APA format. Do not delete the questions as you complete the template.

1. What strategy were you implementing? Give examples of any three decisions over the four rounds that were consciously driven by your chosen strategy. Explain.

2. Which country and customer(s) did you target with your product (high tech, low tech, or both)? Why? Give examples of two decisions in R&D and two decisions in marketing that you implemented over the four rounds to enable your desired targeting.

3. In the market segment that you were focused on, what do your customers want most? Did your market share for the country where your products are sold change over the four rounds? Comment on how it changed and why.

4. Did you meet your potential demand in Round 1? Round 2? Round 3? Round 4? Hint: Look at Section 3 of the report (marketing). If you observed a stockout (inability to meet demand) in one or more rounds, pinpoint the reasons behind each instance.

5. Based on Section 1 (High Level Overview) of the the Round 1 Report, how did your sales results compare to those of the other five teams? If your sales results were extreme (top two or bottom two among the six teams), explain what other than sheer luck, caused that to happen. In other words, what decisions in Round 1 might have caused your sales to excel or suffer in comparison to its competition?

6. Based on the Round 4 Report, were your sales after Round 4 higher or lower than your sales after Round 3? How do you explain this change in sales in view of your team’s decisions in Round 4?

7. Did you need an emergency loan in any of the four rounds? If so, why? If you did not need an emergency loan in any of the four rounds, explain the decisions that you made to ensure that your company would not need an emergency loan to survive.

8. Explain your capacity decisions, including whether or not to use a second shift in each round. Compare the available plant capacity in each round (first and second shift) versus the number of units produced. Was there idle capacity in any round? Is it possible that you could you have used capacity more efficiently while increasing your plant utilization? Explain why or why not.

9.See Section 5 (Finance) of the Round 4 report. At the end of Round 4, do you have any current debt? Explain the presence or absence of current debt at the end of Round 4. At the end of Round 4, do you have any long-term debt? Explain the presence or absence of long-term debt at the end of Round 4.

10. Did your team’s decisions in Rounds 1–4 always align with the chosen strategy? If you found yourself deviating from your strategy, explain why. In hindsight, what decisions would you have made differently? Explain.

I will provide the text book once the question is assigned.


Please don’t use google content but can take reference, make sure that should be own and APA format with citations. Computer Science Assignment Help

Choose a subject area that requires strong IG. Some examples may be marketing, privacy and security, E-Mail & text messaging, social media, mobile device use, cloud computing. Research current issues and governance approaches.

Write a paper that addresses one aspect of IG as it relates to your subject.

Include the following content:

Background of the specific subject area

Current issues

Current approaches

Suggestions for improvement


Impacts to specific industries

Impacts to specific organizations

Minimum word count =3000 (12 double-spaced pages of content)

Minimum cited references = 5

Paper must be fully formatted according to APA style with header, title page, abstract, in-text citations, and final reference

Please don’t use google content but can take reference, make sure that should be own.



Assignment-6 Business Finance Assignment Help

Many companies and placement agencies require candidates to have knowledge about Excel as part of their recruitment process. Knowledge of Excel is useful in several fields in various industries, especially data analysis. Read the assigned chapter for the week. Come up with a use case for the concepts covered using real-world data for a business or organization.

In the discussion forum, post a brief explanation of your data, the business or organization, and the use case in the appropriate forum of the message board. You cannot use the same business or dataset as one of your peers. If you are uncertain of the data or organization to use for this assignment, use the discussion forum to brainstorm with your peers.

Once you have chosen a data set and organization, create an Excel file in which you apply functions to demonstrate the use case. On a separate sheet in the Excel file, write a brief overview and summary in which you:

  • Provide an overview of your data, business/organization, and use case
  • Analyze the data and give reasoning of why you think it is useful to the business or organization.
  • Articulate what Excel functions you have used and apply it to the dataset to demonstrate it.

Use this function: Consolidating Data

Assignment-6 Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Astronomy writing assignment -02 Science Assignment Help

Each question write about 200-300 words count.

  1. In the class material we make use of the Drake equation as providing a statistical estimate of the number of civilizations that might currently exist in our Galaxy and are capable of communication. Recently, however, some scientists have argued that the Drake equation is an inaccurate description. This new theory is known as the “Rare Earth Theory” (by Ward and Brownless). Do some research on this new theory and identify what the key components of this theory are that suggests planets like the Earth are much rarer than we think they are.
  2. Provide a set of arguments for why it is more likely that Life on the Earth originated in the deep ocean thermal vent environment compared to surface ocean processes.
  3. As many of you heard, or saw the movie, the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was thought to be the result of an asteroid impact. Since so many people are saying this it must be true. So, a) find out and report on how secure you think the evidence is that indeed an asteroid did strike the Earth and b) if this impact occurred how, in fact, did it cause a mass-extinction. In other words, what was the mechanism that extincted both ends of the food chain (e.g. the dinosaurs became extinct but so did most forms of ocean plankton). Something more than just blocking out the sun with some dust in the atmosphere must have occurred.
  4. The evolution of prokaryotes to eukaryotes remains uncertain as does the earliest time at which eukaryotes start to appear in the oceans. The text discusses the proces of endosymbiosis as the most like one that started this evolution but this still largely remains a guess. Research and report on alternative theories to endosymbiosis to account for appearance of eukaryotic cells and also research the lastest findings on when they first start appearing.
  5. Our Galaxy appears to be long overdue for the occurrence of another Supernova. Find some information on Supernova rates for galaxies like ours and report those results. When was the last Supernova to occur in our galaxy? Based on the supernova rate, do you think that our Galaxy has been deficient in the production of supernova over the last few hundred years?


Criminal Justice Capstone Project Partial Draft Five Writing Assignment Help

My topic is human sex trafficking


Apply an ethics-centered, evidence-based analysis to complex situations encountered by criminal justice practitioners.

  1. Apply ethics-centered analysis to the program or policy (topic) in a criminal-justice-practitioner context.
  2. Apply evidence-based analysis to the program or policy (topic) evaluation in a criminal-justice-practitioner context to assess effectiveness.

  • Number of References: 3
  • Length of paper: 4


Employ the professional communication skills expected of a criminal justice practitioner.

  1. Explain how professional communication skills are needed throughout the process of program or policy implementation.
  2. Describe how professional communication skills are needed throughout the process of program or policy evaluation.

Plus Abstract, Conclusion (1–1.5 pages recapping key

  • Number of References: 1
  • Length of paper: 1.5


Managing Groups and Teams Assignment Help

Assignment Overview

Group Dynamics and Teams

will continue our experiential approach to the study of Organizational
Behavior by engaging in a personal applied case on the topic of group
dynamics and teams. As in Module 1, use the following outline to
structure your 4- to 6-page paper. You may use the subtitles as headings
for your paper.

Introduction: Discuss the topic
of the paper and how you will approach it. It is best to write this
section after you have written the rest of the paper.

Concrete Experience:
Begin with a specific situation/event. Describe an experience with a
group or team that was meaningful to you. It may have been an
extraordinarily good experience – or it may have been an experience that
did not work out very well at all! The important point is that it
should be an experience which you would like to understand better. Be
objective and focus on just the facts: who, what, where, when, and how –
as if you were composing a newspaper article.

Reflective Observation:
Reflect upon that experience from multiple perspectives of persons
involved or affected in the experience. Step back from the situation,
look at the experience from your own viewpoint, and
from the perspective of all other parties involved or affected. You
want to look at the circumstances surrounding the experience from every
relevant point of view. Why did you behave the way that you did? Why did
others behave the way that they did? Did others have the same positive
(or negative) experience? Explain. (Note: your discussion of theories
and models from your module materials belongs in the following section.)

Abstract Conceptualization:
(This Abstract Conceptualization section is the “heart” of your paper.)
Use critical thinking skills to understand and interpret the experience
at a deeper, more generalizable level. Interpret and understand the
events you have described by drawing on the concepts, theories, and
models in the background material from this module. Explain how they
apply to your experience. For example, what behavior patterns can you
identify in yourself and others that are similar to the ones described
in the material on communication, teams, and conflict management? Does
the model of Force Field Analysis (home page) help you better understand
why people behaved the way they did? Be sure to apply at least
three concepts, theories, and/or models and cite all references to
concepts, ideas, and/or quotes that you use from any outside source.

Active Experimentation:
Identify ways to respond to the next occurrence of a similar
experience. What have you learned about the way groups work from this
analysis? What have you learned from your mistakes? How are you going to
put what you have learned to use? What actions will you take to build
more effective work teams in your job?

Conclusion: Sum up the main points of your analysis and the key learning you are taking from it.

Reference List:
List all references that you have cited in the paper using APA
formatting. References include materials from the required background
readings as well as any outside internet or library sources you used in
researching and writing your paper. If you have APA questions, refer to
the optional listings on the background page.

Module 2 – Background


Required Sources

Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis model is one that has been widely used to address
challenges in communicating with others, leading teams and managing
conflicts. Its goal is to move opposing groups or individuals toward
more effective cooperation. As its name suggests, this model analyzes
the factors (or forces) that influence situations in which
people are having trouble working together. By increasing the driving
forces for more effective communication and cooperation and weakening
the restraining forces against open communications and cooperation, one
can create a working situation that is more collaborative and

For a brief summary of the Force Field Analysis model, see:

Tutor2u. (2016, April 22). Lewin’s force field analysis model [Video file]. Retrieved from


begin this module by building a foundation of knowledge about
interpersonal communication. After all, communication is needed for
effective group activities. In gaining this foundation, we will refer to
Wikipedia for a “quick and dirty” overview of the topic. (Caution:
Wikipedia is an unacceptable source for academic papers because it is a
publicly edited site with information that can be incomplete, biased, or
incorrect. However, to get a quick introduction to a topic, it can be a
good place to start.)

Models of communication. (2016) Wikipedia.

discount the value of trust in strengthening communication and
improving work relationships. One way to build trust is to maximize what
we know about ourselves and wish to share with others. Conversely, we
want to minimize aspects of ourselves we are not aware of but are
readily apparent to others (our “blind spots”). This is accomplished
through a combination of self-disclosure and feedback.

Johari Window is an excellent model for improving communication
effectiveness and therefore trust. Created in the 1950s by two guys
named Joe and Harry (no kidding!), this model is still widely used in
organizations to improve communication between coworkers, bosses,
subordinates, and teams. Watch the following videos:

Leader Logic. (2018, February 5). Johari Window example in 5 minutes [Video file]. Retrieved from

Leader Logic. (2018, February 8). Johari Window for project scope development [Video file]. Retrieved from

Then read:

Apricot Training Management Limited: Self Awareness. (2013) Understanding the Johari Window. Retrieved from

Groups and Teams

structure of modern organizations is continually changing and work is
being done in teams more than ever. But teams are more than just a
collection of individuals working on a single project. Team workers need
a set of skills that exceeds those of individual workers to allow them
to collaborate effectively. Often, employers do not train employees in
these skills so it is a rare thing when teams live up to their
potential. This is particularly true of teams in the United States,
where the culture highly values individual effort and accomplishment.

this part of the module, we will increase our ability to manage teams
by learning what constitutes a team, how to handle conflict, and how to
build a high-performing team. To get an overview of this topic, view
this PowerPoint presentation on Group Dynamics and Conflict.

Tuckman model of group development is one of the most widely used tools
to understand the dynamics of team formation and development.

following reading offers a concise explanation of this model and as a
bonus, relates group development processes to the Johari Window (above)
and the Situational Leadership model to be presented in Module 3:

Chapman, A. (2016). Bruce Tuckman’s 1965 Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing team-development model. Retrieved from

of us think about trust in teams as growing over time and with
experience being with another team member. However, swift trust stems
from an initial assumption of trust which is confirmed, or disconfirmed,
over time. In this sense it is conditional and must be verified by the
actions of team members. Read this blog about the factors that
contribute to swift trust and how leaders can create it:

Swift trust—why some teams don’t storm (2011). In Management Pocketbooks. Retrieved from

Here is an interesting example of organizational theory being used to
solve practical business problems. This report is designed to help its
analysts avoid group decision-making biases such as groupthink,
polarization or “risky shift,” overconfidence, or composition bias. The
practical application of theory demonstrated in this source may be
helpful to you in preparing your case.

Mottola, G. & Utkus,
S. (2009). Group decision-making: Implications for investment
committees. Vanguard Investment Counseling and Research. Retrieved from

Conflict Management

working with groups, conflict is inevitable. Although conflict is often
viewed as negative, this is not always true. As we learned in the
earlier PowerPoint presentation, well-managed conflict can increase team
performance and result in better output. One trick is to learn the
differences between healthy and destructive types of conflict. Read the
following for more information:

Issues Teams Face: Managing Conflict (n.d.) Retrieved from

that you can recognize the difference between good and bad conflict,
take a few minutes to read about some techniques that can help you
manage conflict between people at work (or even at home!) and keep
situations from spiraling out of control:

Segal, J & Smith,
M. (n.d.). Conflict resolution skills: Building the skills that can turn
conflicts into opportunities. Retrieved from

Optional Sources


International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is the
premier international knowledge network for professionals engaged in
strategic business communication management. Examine their website which
includes news, events, workshops, a book store, and a research
foundation. Find out how you can become an Accredited Business

International Association of Business Communicators. (2016). Retrieved from
Groups and Teams

site provides library links to numerous topics in the field, a basic
overview to group formation and stages of group development, and also
information on team building.

Group dynamics: Basic nature of groups and how they develop. (n.d.) In Free Management Library. Retrieved from

Conflict Management

following site includes library links, and various perspectives on
conflict (e.g., dealing with conflict, conflict in organizations, etc.):

How to manage group conflict (n.d.) In Free Management Library. Retrieved from

the link below for an extensive collection of conflict-related
material. There are many interesting links to articles both academic and
practical. You should spend some time browsing this site. Pay special
attention to links dealing with conflict styles, conflict resolution,
negotiation, integrative and/or distributive bargaining.

Bacal, R. (2016). Articles on communication and conflict management. The World of Work. Retrieved from

some teams skip over the “storming” phase, particularly when they need
to come together quickly and produce output without having the time it
normally takes to build trust. See the following to continue your
learning about the phenomenon known as “swift trust”:

D., Weick, K. E., & Kramer, R. M. (1996). Swift trust and temporary
groups. In R. M. Kramer (Ed.), Trust in organizations: frontiers of
theory and research (pp. 166–196). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Retrieved

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4 pages, APA, no plagiarism


Business plan proposal- Business Opportunity Evaluation – (distribution services in Singapore) – 10 pages Writing Assignment Help

You will formulate a business plan proposal for starting a business (distribution services) in in your chosen country(Singapore). Your plan should be logically derived from the country analysis (I have attached .docx file ) and it should be organized per the format below:

1- Executive Summary including the purpose of the report, the opportunity you are proposing (where the opportunity is defined as starting a business in a country outside of the United States) and recommendations. See the attachment for more guidance.
2- Business Model Proposal (derived logically from the country analysis) with details of the proposal (business model, how you are going to make money, value proposition of your product offering, quantitative and qualitative benefits of the project, entry mode, trade barriers, financing decisions, etc.).
3- SWOT Analysis based on your country analysis and the business you are planning to start.
4- Strategic Plan with a 3-5 year sequential implementation plan.
5- Projected 10-Year Cash Flow Analysis including investment and Return on Investment (ROI) target with cash flows brought back to present dollars. Use a discount rate of 10%. Also pick at least 1 parameter (e.g., volume, price, etc.) and show a sensitivity analysis.
6- Issues, Risks, Contingency Plans and Metrics Identify and describe what issues and associated business risks may arise from starting this business in your chosen country. Briefly describe contingency plans to address these. Also include what metrics should be assessed to understand whether the business is achieving plan and how often they should be assessed.

The document should be no more than 10 pages – The title page, reference pages and charts/graphs/tables pages are not included (counted) in the 10-page count.

The paper has to be in APA format, and it must follow APA guidelines for spacing, font, font size and reference formatting and citations.

Please make sure to cite all sources. Sources not properly cited or not cited at all are considered plagiarism. Use scholarly sources such as scholarly journals, articles to support your research (PowerPoint, YouTube video, websites, Wikipedia are not considered scholarly sources.

Beside using credible sources, be sure to use the concepts and learning from your textbook as you develop your proposal and write your report.

Also, please prepare this report as if it will be given to your CEO or a Venture Capitalist for consideration. Good grammar, no misspellings, and logical flow are all very important!


How do I estimate sales?

Answer: Use market estimates, market growth rates and assume your market share for each year.

How do I do 10-year discounted cash flows and ROI?

Answer: See this website for guidance:

What is a Value Proposition?

A PowerPoint Slide for Value Proposition is attached.

What is a SWOT analysis?

A PowerPoint Slide for SWOT analysis is attached.


What is a Value Proposition?

A PowerPoint Slide for Value Proposition is attached.

What is a SWOT analysis?

A PowerPoint Slide for SWOT analysis is attached.


What is a Value Proposition?

A PowerPoint Slide for Value Proposition is attached.

What is a SWOT analysis?

A PowerPoint Slide for SWOT analysis is attached.


What is a Value Proposition?

A PowerPoint Slide for Value Proposition is attached.

What is a SWOT analysis?

A PowerPoint Slide for SWOT analysis is attached.


Brief reflection paper Writing Assignment Help

Brief reflection paper Writing Assignment Help

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