Brooklyn Institute of Business Technology Auditing Evidence and Risk Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Brooklyn Institute of Business Technology Auditing Evidence and Risk Discussion Writing Assignment Help. Brooklyn Institute of Business Technology Auditing Evidence and Risk Discussion Writing Assignment Help.

Assignment 1: Audit Evidence and Risk Assessment

As an auditor, you will be gathering evidence to support your client’s claim on assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses. In this assignment, you will need to describe not only what quality evidence is, but also explain the many risks an auditor faces during the course of an audit.

The questions listed below are found in Chapters 5 and 6 of Principles of Auditing. Answer the questions and submit your work to the instructor as outlined below.


Respond to the following questions.

Chapter 5:

  • Question Requiring Analysis: 5-36
  • Problem: 5-47

Chapter 6:

  • Question Requiring Analysis: 6-28
  • Question Requiring Analysis: 6-33

Please review the complete Unit 3 assignment details and rubric.

Submit your completed assignment to the Unit 3 assignment Dropbox. Assignments are due Tuesday 11:59 p.m. ET of their assigned unit.


Whittington, O. R., & Pany, K. (2019). Principles of auditing & other assurance services (21st ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Assignment 2: Evidence

Provide an original and substantive response to the questions posed in your assignment in a minimum of 200 words.

You read about how evidence is the heart of the audit. Auditors base their opinions on the quality of evidence to confirm what the client states to be true. If evidence was weak or incomplete, it is hard for auditors to gain assurance on the client’s claims. Suppose a lot of your client’s paper documentation from early in the fiscal year was destroyed in a fire.

  • What measures would you take to gather evidence from that time?
  • Would you just give them a “pass” from that time period and audit the rest of the year instead? Why or why not?
  • Would you ask the client to reproduce the data in some way?

Review complete Unit 3 assignment 2 details and rubrics.
Submit your completed assignment to the Unit 3 assignment 2 Dropbox. Assignments are due Tuesday 11:59 p.m. ET of their assigned unit.

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Strayer University Marijuana should be available for recreational use Maryland Paper Writing Assignment Help

The first step in choosing a subject or topic to write about is to notice things around you. Think about what subject appeals to you. What is a particular problem that drives you and motivates you to write? This is called your writing situation. This should be a topic that concerns you and may also concern others. This is something that matters. In persuasive writing, the writer’s goal is to move the reader. The persuasive writer uses evidence, reasons, examples and details to cause the reader to respond in a certain way.

Skillful writers appeal to readers in three ways. By appealing to their minds, emotions, and their ethics.

1)Logos means appealing to someone’s logic or mind and makes people think a certain way.

2)Pathos means appealing to someone’s emotions and makes people feel a certain way.

3)Ethos means that the writer is able to present themselves as an ethical or credible source. This is a part of the writer’s voice, which reflects the supposed personality of the writer.

The assignment is to choose a topic that you are passionate about. Your job is to appeal to the readers using skillful words, and persuade them to take your position.

Possible thesis statements include:

1)Same sex marriage should be legal and respected in every state.

2)Being biracial in our society is like being in a tug of war between two groups.

3)Marijuana should be available for recreational use in Maryland.

4)Turkeys lives should be spared on Thanksgiving.

5) NFL football players put their lives in danger during every game.

These are examples of thesis statements, but you may choose your own topic.

Essay should:

  • be two to three pages long
  • include supporting sources
  • include an image with a caption
  • be in MLA format
  • be grammatically accurate

You will receive a detailed rubric, and this assignment is worth 20% of your final grade for the semester.


Belhaven University Leadership Training Paper Writing Assignment Help

Prompt: If your boss called you in today and stated that

the company needed a new leadership focus….What would you present on? What

topics from this course would you focus on? What in this course was of an

interest to you and something you very much want to share with your

organization? This is your chance to take what you have learned and apply it. This

is a chance to show why you deserve that promotion. What will make this paper

great is your passion for wanting to lead and help people. Make it your own and

follow your passion.

A minimum of 10 pages not to exceed 15, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font,

using APA standard.

  • Title page, running head, including title of paper, your name, course name and course
  • number, date of submission (Page 1).

  • A minimum of 8 pages (Pages 2-13)
  • o Introduction of the need for Team Leadership training

    o Diagnosis of problems and potential solutions in team leadership

    o Discussion of current research on improving team effectiveness

    o Include Communication, Conflict, Creativity, and Culture

    o Include the Five Appreciations

    o Discuss the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    o Discussion of evaluation of training effectiveness

    o Brief summary of the biblical implications

    o Proposed syllabus for the training (1-2 pages)

  • A reference page (Pages 14-15)
  • A minimum of 5 references are required, The Holy Bible, books and articles from
  • academic sources (Online Library), and other periodicals.22


    ESL 2361 University of Toronto Fashion Industry Growing Your Own Clothes Essay Writing Assignment Help

    Watch the TED Talk – Suzanne Lee – Growing your own clothes. Brainstorm details related to this video. Review the transcript if you need to thoroughly
    understand its content.
    • Brainstorm aspects of this video about creating and growing clothing that you could
    compare to other related aspects, still within the realm of this innovation in fashion and
    the manufacturing of clothing. You could focus on ideas such as clothing manufacturing,
    marketing, practicality, sustainability or consumer confidence, among others not
    discussed in the video. This is just a pre-writing and brainstorming task.

    Your task is to write a comparison/contrast essay.
    • Reminders: the thesis statement and the introduction (and the summary statement and the
    conclusion) must clearly:
    o state the relationship between the two subjects within your topic;
    o indicate the main ideas addressed in the essay;
    o refer in some way to your audience and your purpose for writing; and,
    o develop a relevance of the comparison for the audience.
    • Decide which approach to use: the point-by-point or the block approach to organization.
    • Keep your audience in mind when you plan and write.
    o Make sure the content of your essay relates to your audience.
    There is no word limit or recommended word total. The ideas presented in your essay
    must be clearly developed and adequately supported.


    Southeastern University Human Resource Management Paper Business Finance Assignment Help


    Please read the case “Employees Make A Difference at Amy’s Ice Creams” HR IN SMALL BUSINESS at the attached PDF doc, and answer the following questions:

    Assignment Questions:

    1. Which elements of a customer-oriented HRM perspective does Amy’s Ice Creams seem to have? (See Figure 16.2. attached)

    2. Suppose Amy’s hired you as a consultant to evaluate whether the company has an effective HRM function. Which outcomes would you look for? How would you measure them?

    3. Generally, a small ice cream shop such as Amy’s cannot afford to pay store workers very high wages. How well do you think the company can achieve high employee satisfaction without high pay? What can it do to foster satisfaction besides the efforts described here? How could e-HRM support these efforts?



    ECOM 201 SEU Limited Options and Urgency to Sustain Performance Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

    Consider yourself as Global Manager for a Medical Company (Medawa) that is leading chain of retail pharmacy in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and United Kingdom. This company uses digital solutions for their business, but it focuses heavily on its retails sales. However, due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the way how they do business has been remarkably impacted. Not just with sales, the impact of this pandemic effected the way this company work, communicate and operate.

    Therefore, as the global manager of this Medawa medical company you are required to develop a detail strategy on the following:

    • Introduction about the topic.
    • Explain what are the limited options that Medawa currently have regarding dealing with the pandemic.
    • What is the level of technology urgency Medawa needs to sustain its performance?
    • As a global manager, leading from home involves the leverage of digital capabilities. What are these capabilities? List and explain at least 3.
    • Explain what type of virtual management characteristics will be implemented and why?
    • How the virtual teams will work together?
    • What tools are they using for communications and task management?
    • How you will manage delivering the new changes within a short time in different locations in terms of language, cultural, time, political, and economical differences?
    • What are techniques that you will be using to create a strong team with a high level of teamwork?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of managing a virtual team?
    • What type of conflicts might occur between members? When it happened how will you solve it?
    • As a manager how you will manage the outsourced projects?
    • What techniques that you will apply to encourage and motivate your team for improvement?
    • Conclusion.

    Keep in mind that the project MUST be supported by evidence and resources. Otherwise, your answer will not be valid.

    Please check the file attached for instructions and assignment guidelines

    ECOM 201 SEU Limited Options and Urgency to Sustain Performance Essay Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Philosophy the Round House Discussion Board Humanities Assignment Help

    Louise Erdrich, The Round House book

    For this week’s Discussion Board please choose ONE of the following options and write a three paragraph response making sure to refer to the text. Please also write a short (one paragraph) response to one other student. In every case, be sure to demonstrate that you have done the assigned reading.

    • What is the significance of the Round House? What is the importance of the Obijwe legends that are scattered throughout the novel? How do they reflect and deepen the main story? What can we learn from the old ways of people like the Ojibwe? Is Joe proud of his heritage? Discuss the connection between the natural and animal world and the tribe’s spirituality.
    • After the attack, Joe’s mother, Geraldine, isn’t sure exactly where it happened, whether it was technically on Reservation land or not. How does the legal relationship between the U.S. and the Ojibwe complicate the investigation? Why can’t she lie to make it easier?
    • Secondary characters, including Mooshum, Linda Wishkob, Sonja, Whitey, Clemence, and Father Travis, play indelible roles in the central story. Talk about their interactions with Joe and his friends and parents. What do their stories tell about the wider world of the reservation and about relations between white and Native Americans?
    • Joe’s whole family is rocked by the attack on his mother. How does it affect the relationship between his mother and father, and between him and his mother? Does it alter Joe’s view of them? Can trauma force a child to grow up “overnight”? What impact does it have on Joe? How does it transform his family?
    • “My mother’s job was to know everybody’s secrets,” Joe tells us. How does this knowledge empower Geraldine and how does it make her life more difficult?


    Grantham University A Quality Management Plan for Suburban Homes Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

    Final Project

    Suburban Homes realized that its ambitious plan of expanding its business to several Southern States in the United States is possible if it is known for its high-quality homes that meet local, state, and federal standards as well as exceed industrial standards for quality.

    Even though Suburban Homes did not place a strong emphasis on quality but focused on meeting industrial standards, the company has realized that it must exceed all the quality standards to expand its business successfully. Although Adam Smith worked for several years in the construction industry, he is not specifically trained in quality management and he is not well versed with quality management tools and techniques. He is actively seeking help internally and externally.

    In the previous chapters, you have learned about scope plans (WBS), schedule networks, cost estimations along RBS, and risk assessments for the project described. Now, the quality management plan needs to be added to make the project plan comprehensive project.

    Adam’s primary task is to develop a quality management plan. Further, he realized that employee turnover and the expansion of the business in the southern states has led to Suburban Homes developing a centralized quality management team. You are hired as a consultant to develop a comprehensive quality management plan.

    For your assignment:

    Assess quality expectations of a typical home buyer who is the primary stakeholder and other key stakeholders to develop a plan for stakeholder satisfaction.

    Identify relevant standards of quality.

    Develop quality measures for monitoring project performance.

    Develop a quality management plan as described in this chapter.

    Perform a qualitative assessment to prioritize risks.

    Develop a quality policy.

    Develop a process improvement plan.

    Define a quality assurance approach.

    Be sure to thoroughly address each question – 2000 WORDS MINIMUM




    18-20 points


    16-17 points


    14-15 points


    12-13 points


    0-11 points

    Comprehension of Assignment

    (20% of grade)

    Addressed the question completely and thoroughly. Provided additional supporting evidence, demonstrating a full comprehension of subject matter.

    Addressed the question(s) completely and thoroughly.

    Addressed the majority of the question(s).

    Addressed minimal portions of the question(s).

    Did not address the question(s).

    Application of Course Knowledge and Content

    (20% of grade)

    Thorough technical application of course knowledge and content in a complete and concise manner.

    Technical application of course knowledge and content is mostly accurate, concise and complete.

    Technical application of course knowledge and content is partially accurate, concise and complete.

    Technical application of course knowledge and content is minimally accurate, concise and complete.

    Technical application of course knowledge and content is inaccurate and incomplete.

    Organization of Ideas

    (20% of grade)

    Original ideas are effectively developed and presented in a logical, sequential order throughout the entire assignment. Includes adequate and appropriate supporting evidence.

    Original ideas are effectively developed and presented in a logical, sequential order within a majority of the assignment. Includes acceptable supporting evidence

    Original ideas are partially developed and presented in a somewhat logical, sequential order. Inadequate supporting evidence.

    Original ideas are not present and/or not presented in a logical, sequential order. Organization is difficult to follow throughout the assignment. Lacks supporting evidence.

    Little to no original ideas or organization present throughout the entire assignment. Lacks supporting evidence.

    Writing Skills

    (20% of grade)

    Mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) are flawless, including proficient demonstration of citations and formatting throughout the entire assignment.

    Mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) are accurate including demonstration of citations and formatting within a majority of the assignment.

    Partial errors with mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) including demonstration of citations and formatting within minimal portions of the assignment.

    Multiple errors with mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation), inaccurate demonstration of citations and formatting.

    Assignment is incomprehensible due to multiple errors with mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation). No demonstration of citations or formatting present.

    Research Skills

    (20% of grade)

    Accurate and applicable use of resources relevant to the subject matter that enhance the overall assignment.

    Appropriate use of resources relevant to the subject matter.

    Adequate use of resources, not all resources relevant to the subject matter.

    Minimal use of resources relevant to the subject matter.

    No evidence of resources apparent.


    Employee Motivation Bonuses and Commissions the Key Strengths Essay Health Medical Assignment Help

    I need you add a comment for that post to support my friend’s idea and add something new.

    the post is :

    The key strengths

    1. Employee motivation. Additionally, through employee motivation through bonuses and commissions, the quality of services provided during emergencies and disaster management.
    2. Inversion of Expertise: In emergency management, teams often consist of experienced professionals from multiple disciplines. Leaders of these multidisciplinary teams may not possess all of the technical knowledge. These leaders must be able to maintain credibility and transparency in spite of knowledge gaps. General Stanley McChrystal(2011) suggests “reverse mentoring” as a way to maintain credibility. The leaders’ willingness to learn from team members shows humility and helps build trust.
    3. Shared purpose. General McChrystal emphasizes that shared purpose and shared consciousness are essential to operate a team. While McChrystal was referencing team building in a transgenerational environment, the same concept can be applied in a multidisciplinary and multi-departmental environment. While the Rangers share several values, such as not leaving a fellow ranger behind, professionals within an emergency management team do not go through the same indoctrination process as Rangers do. Therefore, it is important for leaders to identify and communicate shared purposes of a team. In the field of emergency management, the desire to help the public is perhaps the most commonly shared value; and leaders should communicate and emphasize that shared value to bring together members from different backgrounds.

    The opportunities

    1. The market perspective. which will enable the hospitals to ensure that all the patients’ needs are taken care of. Putting the needs of patients above all other needs. During an emergency, every eventuality should be considered, including matters like insurance so that the doctors and nurses working have the correct answer for such questions. Market perspective helps the hospital streamline services to the patients’ liking.
    2. Organizational culture. The adoption of the correct organizational culture will help the whole organization work efficiently to achieve both organizational goals and satisfy its customers.
    3. Remote communication. McChrystal shares his military leadership experience in the 21st century, where he led teams into battles thousands of miles away via electronic communication. While that experience may not be useful to many in 2011, it certainly resonates with many professionals across many industries, including emergency management, during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, EOCs are no longer physically staffed with all the personnel like in the past. Instead, electronic communication became the primary mode of team collaboration since the pandemic. While the pandemic may be over at some point in the future, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology of remote teamwork and this trend is likely to stay long after the pandemic. Leaders must adapt to this new team environment where in person interactions become less frequent. How to appear to be credible on camera and how to speak confidently at video conferences will be new skill sets in the post-pandemic world.

    McChrystal, S. (2011, March). Stanley McChrystal: Listen, learn…then lead [Video file].…


    Arizona State University Conflict Situations Discussion Board Writing Assignment Help

    DQ1-Describe two different conflict situations that you are familiar with or have experienced.

    The first conflict situation that I have experienced is a personality-based conflict. We are not always going to like everyone we meet or work with but at the end of the day a job is a job and that is what we are here to do, we are here to work. Regardless if we like someone or not, we all have a job to do. I currently work in a place where it is very clicky and groups do not like other groups and if you are friends or talk to one person others will dislike you. I experienced this within the first 2 months of working in my current position. Because of the people I made friends with and decided to hang out with outside of work the other group I used to talk to all started to ignore me and pay no attention to me. It is like I have said before you may not like the people you work with but to create a hostile work environment is not fun or helpful in any way shape or form.

    A second conflict I am familiar with is discrimination. While I have not seen it happen I have heard stories of it happening, again, in my current position. I work in a female prison facility and there have been rumors about certain people being sexist and also discriminate against people who have accents. I tend to just let people talk and say what they need to say, because I have not personally heard anything I can’t say that these things have happened to me, but there are multiple stories going around because of these acts. I, myself, have not been discriminated against, that I am aware of.

    Explain various conflict-management techniques that are used by police managers to manage conflict.

    There are many techniques that police managers can use to manage conflict. One technique that I feel would be very useful would be problem-solving. Management that have great problem-solving skills, I feel, can solve many problems that come their way. Regardless of the situation, as long as they can stay calm and collected and solve the issues; that is a great technique to have and to learn. A second technique to manage conflict that I believe is beneficial is listening. When a group of employees or just 2 people are arguing and they cannot see either side of the situation because they are in a heated argument, as a leader listening to both sides I would be able to pull the important information coming from both sides or as a group. I would be able to explain what each is saying and what they need to listen to because sometimes when there is a problem and people are just yelling over one another they don’t tend to listen to the complaints or arguments or anything.

    DQ2- Functional conflict is a healthy, valuable difference between gatherings or people, while dysfunctional conflict is an unfortunate contradiction that happens between gatherings or people. Both functional and dysfunctional conflict can happen in any work environment. Managing it in a healthy, compassionate, and ideal way is basic to keep up and improve the profitability and proficiency of any association.

    Functional conflict is in accordance with the objectives and policies of the company or organization. It increases productivity and inspires representatives to locate an imaginative answer for the current issues. Dysfunctional conflict can emerge from individual contrasts and non-business related issues, for example, various belief frameworks. While the issues are not identified with the current work (side conversation), these conversations can meddle with peoples’ capacity to zero in on their assignments at hand and cause disruption in an organization. A great example that I was taught is that religion and politics shouldn’t be discussed in a work environment or a bar.

    Conflict creates new thinking. Despite the fact that it is frequently accepted that individuals maintain a strategic distance from the conflict, numerous individuals really appreciate it in a specific way since it tends to stimulate thinking. Thinking about an alternate perspective – which in specific cases represent struggle – can open up additional opportunities and help to create new thoughts that may some way or another have not been thought of.


    Diaries, H. (2020, September 15). How To Deal With Functional And Dysfunctional Conflict. Retrieved November 25, 2020, from…

    DQ3-Working for an agency or institution may at times bring strife automatically due to the differences with personalities and attitudes. Police departments will at times run into dysfunctional conflict. In part, some officer will have ethical obligations to do their job in an ethical manner, while some will be corrupt and unethical. These actions may bring dysfunctional conflict between supervisors and employees.

    However, supervisors must bring balance by deploying disciplinary actions when needed. Functional conflict is when employees are communicating effectively and efficiently in the effort to achieve a goal. A functional environment allows other persons to speak their mind without being interrupted. People engaging in a functional conflict know that the other party is a part of the group. It involves listening to what other has to say (Benziman, 2014).

    Benziman, Y. (2014). Ethos of conflict, culture of conflict, and films about conflicts: The gap between theory and fictional reality. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 20(3), 300–312.…

    Respond to these 3 discussion answers, each response should be 150+ words (around 500 words total assignment). APA style, citing and reference for each response is needed.


    Brooklyn Institute of Business Technology Auditing Evidence and Risk Discussion Writing Assignment Help

    Brooklyn Institute of Business Technology Auditing Evidence and Risk Discussion Writing Assignment Help