BSC Biomedical Science University Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics Questions Science Assignment Help

BSC Biomedical Science University Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics Questions Science Assignment Help. BSC Biomedical Science University Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics Questions Science Assignment Help.



I will provide:

– Assignment brief + marking criteria/grid (ATTACHED BELOW)

– Potential topics for questions: Drugs targeting DNA, Platinum anti-cancer drugs, anti-psychotic drugs, anti-depressant drugs, Local anaesthetics, Mercury, Lead and Cadmium. (WILL INVOLVE A LOT OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND ORGANIC CHEMISTRY)

– The lecture slides to give you an idea of the topics.

– Any recommended reading from the lecturers.

You will need to:

– Answer the 3 questions (600- 700 words each).

– Send each question 1-by-1 after completion.

– Reference list at the end (maximum 15 PRIMARY SOURCES) within the last 5 years.


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University of Nairobi Build A Strong Professional Network and Brand Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

Connections to other professionals and organizations are important in the world of business and performance management. Though credentials and experience are important, many opportunities arise because of who you know – those individuals and organizations that have become part of your professional network.

How do you build a strong professional network and brand? Review the following resources to get started:

For this assignment you need to complete three networking tasks:

  1. Build a 90% complete profile on LinkedIn (Links to an external site.) to include your background, education, experience, skills, and accomplishments. Ensure your professional brand is consistent across social and professional platforms. (Consult LinkedIn Help (Links to an external site.) as needed.)
  2. Explore professional organizations within the degree field and consider the value of becoming a member.

To complete this assignment, submit the following in a one-page document: the URL to your LinkedIn public profile, a summary of and value assessment of one or more organizations in your field.


SPU Financial Ratios Can Be Useful when Comparing Different COs in Same Industry Ques Business Finance Assignment Help

The exam consists of five essay questions that should be answered with 60 words or more each. Review your work to make sure you have responded to every section of each question.

Essay Questions (2 points Each)

1. List and explain the 5 financial ratios and the significance or importance of each one.

2. Describe the Z Altman tests and what these tests are used for.

3. Explain the Dupont Formula and its significance.

4. Explain the difference between buyback and dividends.

5. In your own words, write what you know about mergers and acquisitions. Please provide examples.

1. What ratio is used to measure how effectively a company holds it investor?

4.Compare the accounts payable turnover ratio and the net working capital ratio.

5.Financial statements are particularly powerful because they can show the causes of problems. Do you agree? Explain.

6.Financial ratios can be quite useful when comparing different companies in the same industry, but do not work well for comparing different industries or time periods. Do you agree? Explain.


UWA How Did the Social Housing Program in Vienna Evolve in The 1920s Questions Writing Assignment Help

Weekly Prompt #3:

Read through Andreas Rumpfhuber’s article “Vienna’s ‘wild settlers’ kickstart a social housing revolution” and the 10 chapters of the online exhibition “The Vienna Model,” curated by Wolfgang Foerster et al.

1)How did the social housing program in Vienna evolve in the 1920s?
What were some of its triggers? What were measures that were taken in
order to improve living conditions for workers? Do you think it worked?
Would you have done it differently?

2) What do you think of the design of these early 20th century
“Gemeindebauten,” such as Karl Marx Hof? Could you imagine living in
such a large housing estate? And how has public housing in Vienna
developed since then, according to Foerster and Rumpfhuber? Are there
any current projects from “The Vienna Model” that seem interesting to

3) What about your own experience with public housing in the cities you
have lived in? Do you think these programs are working? Do you have any
positive or negative examples from these cities?

– Comment: ca. 1 page


– Wolfgang Förster & William Menking (Eds.): The Vienna Model -Housing for the Twenty-First Century

10 short chapters:

– Rumpfhuber, Andreas. “Story of cities #18: Vienna’s ‘wild settlers’ kickstart a social housing



Johnson & Wales University New York Subway Fire Tragedy Risk Management Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

For this assignment, select and research a recent event in which a risky situation occurred (ex. fire, crowd control issue, dissenting group etc.). Assume that you are the event risk manager for this event. Include a short description of the event, and then in a short essay address the following:

  • What are some of the problems you would have encountered?
  • What stakeholders would have been affected by a negative event?

Based on this week’s content, create a risk matrix, provide steps to minimize the risk, and develop a brief contingency plan for this event.



Educational Websites Sturgeon Point Productions SmartArt graphic Business Finance Assignment Help

I’m working on a business question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Step Instructions Point Value
1 Open the Word document Student_Word_1G_Educational_Website.docx downloaded with this project. In your document, if necessary, at the top, click Enable Editing. Display the rulers and verify that Show/Hide is active. 0
2 Type Educational Websites and then press ENTER. Type Sturgeon Point Productions is offering website tie-ins with every educational video in our catalog, at no additional cost. Press SPACEBAR, and then with the insertion point positioned at the end of the sentence that you typed, insert the text from your downloaded file w01G_Education. 5
3 Change the Line Spacing for the entire document to 1.5 and the spacing After to 6 pt. To each of the four paragraphs that begin Sturgeon Point Productions, As educators, When submitting, and Additional information, apply a First Line indent of 0.5”. 5
4 Change the font size of the title to 50 and the Line Spacing to 1.0. Center the title. With the title selected, display the Text Effects and Typography gallery. In the first row, apply the second effect.

5 Click at the beginning of the paragraph below the title, and then from your downloaded files, insert the picture w01G_Media. Change the picture Height to 2 and the Layout Options to Square. Format the picture with Soft Edges in 10 Point. 8
6 Use the Position command to display the Layout dialog box. Change the picture position so that the Horizontal Alignment is Right relative to the Margin. Change the Vertical Alignment to Top relative to the Line. 4
7 Select the five paragraphs beginning with Historic interactive timelines and ending with Quizzes and essay exams, and then apply check mark bullets. (Mac users, if the check mark bullet style does not display, click Define New Bullet, click Bullet, change the font to Wingdings, click the check mark symbol, and then click OK.) 5
8 In the paragraph below the bulleted list, click after the colon. Press ENTER and remove the first line indent. Type a numbered list with the following three numbered items:

The title in which you are interested
The name of the class and subject
Online tools you would like to see created

9 With the insertion point located at the end of the numbered list, insert a SmartArt graphic. In the Process category, locate and select the Basic Chevron Process. In the first shape, type View. In the second shape, type Interact and in the third shape, type Assess. 6
10 Change the SmartArt color to Colorful Range – Accent Colors 4 to 5, and then apply the 3-D Flat Scene style. Change the Height of the SmartArt to 1 and the Width to 6.5. Change the Layout Options to Square, the Horizontal Alignment to Centered relative to the Page, and the Vertical Alignment to Bottom relative to the Margin. 10
11 Select the days and times at the end of the document and then set a Right tab with dot leaders at 6”. 4
12 In the middle of Page 2, insert a Shape—the rectangle with rounded corners. The exact location need not be precise. Change the Shape Height to 1.5 and the Shape Width to 6.5 and then display the Shape Styles gallery. In the first row, apply the second style.

13 Use the Position command to display the Layout dialog box, and then change the position so that both the Horizontal and Vertical Alignment are Centered relative to the Margin. In the rectangle, type Sturgeon Point Productions and then press ENTER. Type Partnering with Educators to Produce Rich Media Content and then change the font size to 16. 6
14 Move to the top of the document and insert a Text Box above the title. Change the Height of the text box to 0.5 and the Width to 3.7. Type Sturgeon Point Productions and then change the font size of all of the text in the text box to 22. Center the text. 8
15 Use the Position command to display the Layout dialog box, and then position the text box so that the Horizontal Alignment is Centered relative to the Page and the Vertical Absolute position is 0.5 below the Page. 4
16 With the text box selected, display the Shape Fill gallery, and then in the next to last column, select the second color. Change the Shape Outline to the same color. 4
17 Deselect the text box. Apply a Page Border to the document. Use the Box setting, and then choose the first style. Display the Color palette, and then in the second to last column, apply the first color.

Mac users, on the Page Border tab, click the Options button, then under Margin, select Measure from: Edge of page. Set all four page border margins to 24 pt. Close the dialog boxes.

18 Change the Top margin to 1.25 and insert the File Name in the footer. 4
19 Save and close the file, and then submit for grading. 0

Educational Websites Sturgeon Point Productions SmartArt graphic Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ENG 201 GMCMC Homer the Iliad Textual Analysis & Primary Locations Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Textual Analysis – Instructions

Please choose ONE of the literary works you’ve read in weeks 1-3 (or a future week, if you’re reading ahead — see Course Schedule in Syllabus for a full reading list). If you’re interested in using a certain literary work as part of your larger research paper assignment later on, it would be a good idea to use this assignment as a way to dig deeper into that text.

For this assignment, begin by going back through the specific text you’ve chosen and performing an analysis of its literary elements. For this, you’ll need to engage in close reading, which we learned about during Week One in class.

In order to complete a textual analysis, you need to consider how individual elements of the text combine to create the whole. In order to do that, you will look at each individual element on its own. Essentially, you are mining the text for additional, specific details that you may have overlooked before.

In your analysis, please include sections on the following:

  1. Setting: What is the setting? Why is it important? Is there any information given about time and location? Is there anything implied? Why might this be significant?
  2. Character: Who are the major characters? What are their defining characteristics? Do any characters change significantly throughout the text? Does it seem like a certain character is meant to represent something?
  3. Plot: What is the basic outline of what happens in the text? What are the most important moments in the text? Include information about any exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
  4. Point-of-view: what is the POV? Why is it important? What style of narration is presented? How does this affect the text overall?
  5. Theme: What point or lesson is the author trying to highlight in this text? Are there multiple themes? Are these themes easily recognizable? How might viewers relate to these themes?
  6. Symbolism: Is there anything in the text that seems to stand for something else? Are there certain figures or objects of importance? Why might these items be made to stand out?

You might also include information about imagery, writing style, tone, and/or diction in addition to (or in place of) any of the elements listed above.


  • This analysis should be at least 500 words in length, and should be written in essay/paragraph form using the third person academic voice. Please address all significant elements of the text, based on the above list. An effective approach might be to devote a paragraph to each element.

MLA Style

  • Your paper must be formatted according to MLA format (this includes having a header, double spacing throughout the document, appropriate font, etc.)
  • Include at least one quotation or paraphrase in each element section with appropriate usage and citation, according to MLA formatting standards.


ENG 201 Georgia Military College Milledgeville Campus Sex Strike Paper Humanities Assignment Help

As we see, conflict between the sexes is one of the main themes of the Lysistrata. In your main thread, discuss your general thoughts on the play as a whole, and along the way, address some or all of the following:

  1. What seems to be the real motivation for women to withhold sex?
  2. In your opinion, is women’s strategy to withhold sex an effective approach to carry out their plan? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think the men are being treated unfairly in this play?
  4. Do you think the withholding of sex would work in modern times? Why or why not?


HCS 455 University of Phoenix Week 3 Health Policymaking in The United States Essay Health Medical Assignment Help

To prepare for this assignment, review the key components of the health care policy process in Ch. 3 of Health policymaking in the United States.

The policy cycle approach provides lawmakers with a pathway for developing a policy and guiding it through the institutions of our government. The cycle starts with identification of a targeted problem and ultimately ends up with providing a specific course of action. Along the way, the outcomes of a policy are subjected to various levels of review, evaluation, and revisions that result in a continual loop. In essence, the policy cycle consists of a series of interlocking steps that actually serves as a dialogue between the main stakeholders. As a health care administrator, it’s important to have a working knowledge of the process and how the process ultimately leads to implementation of health care laws that eventually will have an impact on what you do.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that explains the policy process. Be sure to do the following in your paper:

  • Explain the various stages and the key components associated with each stage in the policy process.
  • Discuss formulation, legislation, implementation, evaluation, analysis, and revision.
  • Identify who the main stakeholders are for each stage in the policy process.

Cite at least 3 reputable references. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works a textbook, or other sources of similar quality.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.


HUST Tessile SA Potential Hazards Threats and Risks Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Tessile, S. A., a company based in Turin, Italy, is a medium-size company that manufactures, sells, and exports textiles. An increased demand for the company’s high-quality textiles has led to the approval by its CEO, Giuseppe Franco, to implement a major expansion to other markets. Mr. Franco is seen as a visionary leader in the textile industry as he transformed a cotton plantation company into one of the major textiles companies in northern Italy.

Mr. Franco recently led an aggressive and successful series of acquisitions of wineries in southern and central Italy. Mr. Franco wants to follow these acquisitions by purchasing and introducing Tessile S.A. to the tourist and cheese industries. However, these last winery acquisitions left the company in serious debt and with its shares losing value due to the perceived negative view of Mr. Franco’s strategy by its shareholders moving away from their core textile business.

You have been assigned to advise Tessile, S.A. board of directors on identifying potential hazards, threats, and risks of Tessile’s business strategies.

Create a document presentation that consists of at least 7 sections as to considerations and process. Be sure to include the following information in your packet:

  • Explain the process you will use to identify potential hazards, threats, and risks of the company’s current business strategies.
  • Identify the potential hazards, threats, and risks that you discovered when using your process.