business continuity plan Writing Assignment Help

business continuity plan Writing Assignment Help. business continuity plan Writing Assignment Help.

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Students will create a Disaster Recovery Plan for either the organization they work for or one they wish to work for in the future. The plan will follow the template/example provided.

The student should request prior authorization of the company to be addressed to ensure that all students are working on unique companies.

**Even though this is a technical document, for academic purposes, all sources should be cited and referenced.

*** Students may modify some of the sections per the company they have selected but all students will need to complete a DR Plan for the Portfolio Requirement.

business continuity plan Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Java assignment Programming Assignment Help

Given a water pipe network as an input and the source of the water. You need to determine
if water can be delivered to every junction in the water network.
Write a program called that reads in a water pipe network and a source
junction, and returns a list of all junctions that are not receiving any water.
The input comprises a number of lines divided into three sections. The first section of lines
lists all the junctions in the network. Each line consists of a single name followed by a space
and an integer denoting the “height above sea-level” of the junction. For example,
Alpha 20
denotes that junction Alpha is at 20 meters above sea-level. The section is terminated by a
line containing the word done.
The second section is list of pipe segments. Each pipe segment is denoted by the junctions
on its ends. Each line consists of two junction names denoting a pipe between the two
junctions. All names in this section should be from the list in the previous section. I.e.,
there will be no new names. For example,
Alpha Bravo
Denotes a pipe between junction Alpha and junction Bravo. The section is terminated by a
line containing the word done.
The last section contains a single line that has a single junction name, denoting the water
source of the pipe network. (See Example section.)


Activity 6: Affidavit and Search Warrant Writing Computer Science Assignment Help

You are a forensic examiner working for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).DHS has been investigating the possible threat of an attack within the U.S. by members of the Chechen mujahedin.

Your team has been conducting surveillance of suspected terrorist Anwar Tsarni, a Chechen native, currently working as a graduate teaching assistant at George Mason University.Anwar Tsarni is a known associate of accused Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and has traveled to a region with a known Chechen terrorist training camp in the past year.

After a six-month investigation including surveillance and wiretaps of your suspect, you have probable cause to believe that a terrorist cell lead by Anwar Tsarni is planning an attack on the U.S. and is operating out of an office located at:

4400 University Drive

Fairfax, Virginia 22030

  • Write your search warrant and supporting affidavit
  • See the “Handouts” folder on Blackboard for help
    • Warrants must specify the type of evidence that may be gathered and the locations that may be searched.Your affidavit must be DETAILED and explain your probable cause.
    • Your warrant should include:
      • Court Authority
      • Nature of crimes being investigated
      • Locations to be searched
      • Property to be searched and seized
      • Affidavit/Statement of Probable Cause
        • Fill in the details “how” you got to this point in your investigation. You can come up with the back-story to explain how you got to this point in the investigation, but follow the basic case scenario I provided.
      • Chronology of Events
      • Exhibits
    • Your warrant must be signed by the judge or magistrate. (ME!)
  • Search Warrant Template:
  • Turn in your assignment on Blackboard.It must be submitted as ONE file that includes both the search warrant and affidavit.

Turn in your search warrant on Blackboard.Bring a hard copy of your search warrant to class the week of the crime scene search.Remember you will only be able to seize items that are listed in your search warrant and your probable cause must support this!


The objective of this marketing strategy memo is to give an overview of your firms’ marketing strategy. Business Finance Assignment Help

I have to write one page single spaced on the lessons learned of a Markstrat Simulation. The outline is the following:

  • We can put less focus on shoppers for both brands because their buying intention is less than 1% for each brand
  • Produce less of Roll, we have a surplus from last period and roll is not selling many units
  • Increase production of rock, even with the 20% increase in production we still underproduced for the demand


Information Systems for Business and Beyond Business Finance Assignment Help

Please review the Chapter 7 & 8 from the above pdf and complete the below homework in your own words

Chapter 7 Homework:

1. What is the productivity paradox?

2. Summarize Carr’s argument in “Does IT Matter.”

3. How is the 2008 study by Brynjolfsson and McAfee different from previous studies? How is it the same?

4. What does it mean for a business to have a competitive advantage?

5. What are the primary activities and support activities of the value chain?

6. What has been the overall impact of the Internet on industry profitability? Who has been the

true winner?

7. How does EDI work?

8. Give an example of a semi-structured decision and explain what inputs would be necessary to

provide assistance in making the decision.

9. What does a collaborative information system do?

10. How can IT play a role in competitive advantage, according to the 2008 article by

Brynjolfsson and McAfee?

Chapter 8 Homework:

1. What does the term business process mean?

2. What are three examples of business process from a job you have had or an organization you

have observed?

3. What is the value in documenting a business process?

4. What is an ERP system? How does an ERP system enforce best practices for an organization?

5. What is one of the criticisms of ERP systems?

6. What is business process reengineering? How is it different from incrementally improving a


7. Why did BPR get a bad name?

8. List the guidelines for redesigning a business process.

9. What is business process management? What role does it play in allowing a company to

differentiate itself?

10. What does ISO certification signify?

APA Format

No Plagiarism/Spinbot/Synonymic Words

Minimum of 4 Peer Reviewed References

In-Text Citations mandatory



​Given the current events with COVID-19 Humanities Assignment Help

Given the current events with COVID-19, many faculty are putting their courses online. Video can be a large part of this process. Discuss in detail the theoretical and philosophical framework supporting the idea of using video as an online learning tool.

1) Specifically, I want you to address how different ideas of teaching and learning support your future research questions. This may include, but not be limited to people such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey, Bruner, Socrates, Plato.- How do different perspectives on teaching and learning support your future research questions

2) Are there learning opportunities using video that are not present in other forms of delivery?- How does using video/youtube (as a learning tool) allow for learning opportunities that you can’t receive in any other ways of learning?

Ex. To listen to your loosen from different speaker the ability to learn from different ways

3) What are the drawbacks(disadvantages) to using video?

What are the disadvantages

Due to current circumstances, those in the younger

o Talk about being a student during the shutdown

o Touch on how COVID-19 has changed the way online schooling functions

o Talk about how being an international student in the USA has changed your perspective on schooling shutdown etc…

o Talk about how society’s perspective of online schooling will change due to corona virus

o How learning things on YouTube can safe your time by allowing people to learn from anywhere they are.

o You need to talk about all what I mentioned above

**** Note:

– The response should be 16 pages not including references. The response should be double-spaced.

– You may add one or two diagrams as maximum to support your answer (with a clear explanation) if you think this is helpful.

– APA style required

– I will provide you a brief about my research questions subject and my research questions as well. So that you can make a connection between your answer and my future research questions as the question above asking

However, academic resources are important to use instead of utilizing more sites, etc..

​Given the current events with COVID-19 Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Fundamentals Mineral And Indutry ( MEM 501) Engineering Assignment Help

MEM 501 – Fundamentals of the Mineral Industry

Module 5-1 Assignment – Underground Mining (60 points)

Read the paper, Ernest Henry UG Mine, and answer the following questions.

1. What do the acronyms “SHUG” and “DUG” stand for?What are they describing and what was the resulting decision made regarding them in the prefeasibility study? (10 points

2. During the prefeasibility study, the authors determined that a decline would provide early access to necessary infrastructure.What were the other reasons behind constructing the decline? (10 points)

3. What happened to the project in Q1 2009? (10 points)

4. What happened in May 2010 and how did it impact the project? (10 points)

5. How did water impact the underground development?What steps were taken to mitigate or reduce the impact of water on the operation?(10 points)

6. This paper provides a real-world account of how planning of options can provide flexibility during implementation.What do you think would have happened had they not conducted a study for the “DUG” option?Do you think they would have been able to develop the underground operation? (10 points)

Module 5-2 Assignment – Underground Mining (60 points)

Read the paper, Re-Thinking the Underground Hardrock Mining Industry, and answer the following questions.

1. What do you see as the most important (or difficult) technical, commercial (business) and social challenges facing the mining industry?Do you agree or disagree with the paper?Why? (10 points)

2. Many predict that we are going to see an increase in metal demand as the population increases and at the same time, we will be mining deposits with lower grades and more challenging conditions.What do you think the industry should be doing now to plan for this scenario? (10 points)

1. Do you feel we are on the cusp of a new mining era? How so? (10 points)

# -Scenarios:

1. The mine that you manage has continued to move deeper and deeper into a massive deposit and you are now mining 200 meters below the initial design.The rock is becoming warmer due to geothermal activity and this is creating warmer and more humid working conditions.How would you tackle this problem?What steps would you take?What solutions would you recommend? (20 points)

2. An underground mine is wanting to increase production. They recently received a fleet of equipment from a closing operation.Corporate wants to use this equipment to increase the output at the operating mine; however, the ventilation system is currently operating at its maximum and the additional equipment will force them out of compliance with Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM).What recommendations would you give to corporate on how to increase production while not exceeding DPM regulatory limits? (10 points)

# .Submit your answers by the due date
and save the file as a pdf before
uploading to the Assignment 5-2 Dropbox under “Module 5” on D2L. Please contact me if you have any questions
or comments.


Due Date is April 03 ,please no late Assignment , no Plagiarism please no Plagiarism . I need a good work thanks


This is due April 1. Writing Assignment Help

After carefully reading the attached document and carefully reading the articles linked to in this message, carefully and thoughtfully answer the following.Notice I used the word “carefully” a lot and also included “thoughtfully.” Now why would I do that?

1. In your own words, describe the meaning of “The Medium is the Message” in such a way that McLuhan would say, “you got it, you accurately simplified my complex topic through your careful reading and deep analysis.”

2.When McLuhan says “the medium is the message” is he referring to an entire medium, a specific platform or a specific content producer?

3.In our multimedia environment where many companies are utilizing a range of media to communicate its message, how much does the same message on different media have its message changed by the medium?

4.If a theory is an explanation of a phenomenon, what phenomenon is McLuhan studying or explaining?


YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION, BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO READ THE PDF ATTACHED. Then Answer the questions, you can have help from internet but not too much, and if you use something please put sources and everything.



wrting an essay about nuclear fusion Science Assignment Help

the Question of the essay //// NUCLEAR FUSION – Is nuclear fusion every likely to happen on an industrial scale? Would it be viable?

Where to find sources ,

The New Scientist

The Ecologist

Popular Science



The Guardian

The Observer

The New york Times

The Economist

,4 sources needed

the sources should be like 5 pages

the sources should be less than or qual to 5 years old , citation APA , you must paraphrase the citation

need outline

1200+ words




-information the reader need to know

-thesis statement

3 body-

– solution

the concoction

restate the theses



The Positive impacts of Vaccine technology on children in the USA. Humanities Assignment Help

must be 5 pages MLA style plus citation page I will provide BC library sources
must be MLA style perfect

Research Paper Assignment

ASSIGNMENT: Final Research Paper

  • Research Focus: Your research focus is a specific form of technology and its contribution to society, whether positive or negative.
    • Outlawed Topics
      • NO Cell phones or Smart Phones
      • NO Mobile Devices of any kind
      • NO Gaming devices of any kind
      • NO Social Media of any kind
  • Length: 5 pages of content, not including the required works cited page.
  • Research Requirements
  • Five 5 academic sources.
  • Sources must be from the BC library.
  • No sources from the open internet (no Google searches).
  • No more than one e-book.
  • No textbooks
  • No abstracts.
  • No reviews.
  • No article less than 2 full pages in length.
  • Composition Requirements
    1. Incorporate and synthesize sources relevant to the thesis.
    2. Use sources accurately, including signal phrases and context statements before all borrowed ideas and correct in-text (parenthetical) citations.
    3. Organize paper logically with a clear thesis and pertinent topic sentences, relevant scholarship, and demonstrate critical thinking and development.
    4. Employ appropriate grammar, punctuation, diction, and tone.
    5. Use correct MLA format.

Possible Research Areas: You can consider our readings for topics, including Cinder. Other directions you can consider are cybercrime, health care, security, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, drones, privacy, etc.These are just a very few of the myriad areas you can explore. So, do some preliminary research on Google and see what ideas are out there; then pick a topic for your final paper and begin to narrow your focus.


business continuity plan Writing Assignment Help

business continuity plan Writing Assignment Help

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