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Business email Business Finance Assignment Help. Business email Business Finance Assignment Help.

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In a formal business e-mail, invite a small team of fellow employees to a strategic planning meeting to discuss planning strategies for the annual community outreach festival that you outlined in your Unit 1 memo. Because this will be a relatively informal and highly anticipated meeting, include tasteful graphics, and use a cordial and professional tone. Be sure to explain the goals of the upcoming meeting in this invitation. The format must follow general business writing guidelines. Be sure to include a To field, Subject line, greeting, signature, and signature block.

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HURD 741 organization davalopment Business Finance Assignment Help

1- A copy of the mid-term for HURD 741 is attached for your completion All responses should be submitted to me by email by 12:00 pm tomorrow 4.26.18. Please send me a text if you have any questions.

2- In an effort to complete your proposal for the Senior Management Team, consider the following as you develop a plan of action for the company:

• Use the Five Stages of Organization Development

• Determine the diagnostic tools

• Select a Systems Approach to manage the change

• Outline a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the change process

APA style with single space 1.0

size 11- 12


471- organization development mid term exam Business Finance Assignment Help

1- A copy of the mid-term for HURD 741 is attached for your completion All responses should be submitted to me by email by 4:00 pm tomorrow 4.26.18. Please send me a text if you have any questions.

2- In an effort to complete your proposal for the Senior Management Team, consider the following as you
develop a plan of action for the company:

• Use the Five Stages of Organization Development ( please check the attahmend, i am took a piture for it ” A MODEL FOR ORG-DEVOP”

• Determine the diagnostic tools

• Select a Systems Approach to manage the change

• Outline a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the change process


– APA style with single space 1.0

– size 11- 12


Quantitative research articles summary Humanities Assignment Help

Quantitative Research Articles Summary

After studying the introduction to this unit and completing the study activities, briefly compare the uses of the research designs employed in the studies. What is each research design used to determine (for example, relationships between variables, differences among groups)? For one of the quantitative studies, summarize how the sampling, data collection, and data analysis procedures worked together to address the hypothesis. The post should be written in your own words, not direct quotes from the article. Incorporate material from the course text in a meaningful way.

The suggested length for this post is 400–500 words. The subject is cyber-bullying in the schools.


Essay Corrections Writing Assignment Help


The course began with an examination of core values, their origins, and the role that they play in our society and in our professional and personal lives. For this assignment, you will:

  • Revise your initial core values essay. Your revisions should take into account:
    • The feedback provided by your instructor on your Core Values Essay, Part 1
    • The writing skills covered throughout the weekly course content of WRTG 100A
  • Then, you will write a reflection where you:
    • Refine your explanation of your core values
    • Discuss any changes in your core values and why they have changed
    • If there have been no changes in your core values, discuss why they have not changed.
  • You must submit both the revised version of your core values essay and your reflection.

Due Date and Grade Percentage:

This assignment is due by the end of week 7 and is worth 10% of your final course grade.

Connection to other Course Assignments:

  • This assignment provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your growth and the development of your core values over the course.
  • This assignment also provides an opportunity to demonstrate your growth as a critical reader, writer, and thinker.


For your revision:

  • Your revised Core Values Essay, Part 1 should follow the guidelines outlined in the original instructions for the assignment (see course content for week 1).

For your reflection:

  • Give a clear thesis statement and support your thesis with about 3-5 key points.
  • Be sure to include an introductory paragraph, 3-5 body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.
  • Include details and examples to help you develop and support your response to the essay prompt.
  • Show that you are really thinking about the development of your core values– honestly convey how and why your core values may have changed. If your core values have not changed, honestly discuss why they have not changed, and perhaps why you may feel even more committed to these values.
  • Take time to proofread after you have written your essay. Think about the kinds of writing mistakes you tend to make (like using “text-speak” or sentence fragments) and watch out for those.

Length and Format:

  • Your revised Core Values Essay, Part 1 should follow the guidelines outlined in the original instructions for the assignment (see course content for week 1).
  • Make bold ALL revisions from the first draft to the revised draft.
  • Your reflection should be a minimum of five (5) paragraphs (about 700-900 words) in length. However, the quality of the content of this reflection is most important. Be sure to fully answer the prompt.
  • Your reflection should be typed, double-spaced and in 12-point font.
  • Your reflection should be written in formal, academic prose. Be sure to pay attention to using complete sentences, correct spelling and grammar, and no “text talk.”



Renaissance Technology in western civilization from middle age to 20Th century Humanities Assignment Help

I need you to write 3 part about Renaissance Technology in western civilization from middle age to 20Th century.

Part 1: Write a proposal about the final paper from 1-2 pages with 1 research question, and 2 body of evidence you are using to uphold your argument.

Part 2: I need you to fine 6 sources (4 articles and 2 books) about the final paper. After you find the sources write a summary about one small paragraph under each source.

Part 3: This part is the final paper, I need to write from 6-10 pages and cannot exceed 10 pages.

NOTE: I need each part in separate Word Documents. Don’t forget to cite your sources. Make sure it is ZERO plagiarism. Be specific not general.

Renaissance Technology in western civilization from middle age to 20Th century Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Case study Gilbane gold Economics Assignment Help

please follow instructions on files attached, this is a case study for engineering economics.

EGME-401 Spring – F17

Case Study 4 – Gilbane Gold Report Assignment

Refresh your memory with the case synopsis and cast characters below and answer to the questions that followed.

Case Synopsis

“Gilbane Gold” is the name given to dried sludge1 from the Gilbane wastewater treatment plant. It is sold to farmers as a commercial fertilizer. The annual revenue generated saves the average family about $300 a year in taxes. Several years ago the city of Gilbane established limits on the discharge of heavy metals to the sewers in order to protect Gilbane Gold from the build-up of toxic materials that could end up in the farmer’s soil. These limits are ten times more restrictive than Federal limits. However, the limits are based on the concentration of the discharge with no restrictions on total weight of material discharged.

Z-CORP is a computer components manufacturer, which discharges wastewater containing small amounts of lead and arsenic into the city sewer system. By the current city test standards, the discharge usually meets the allowable levels for heavy metals. Z-CORP has just received a contract for five times as many computer modules as they presently produce. Diane Collins is the Z CORP vice president in charge of the Gilbane plant.

David Jackson, a young new Z-CORP engineer, is responsible for ensuring that his company complies with local regulations concerning concentration of arsenic and lead emitted in the company waste water. He has recently discovered that when measured by a more sophisticated testing equipment that Z-CORP waste discharge is slightly over the city allowable limit; thus, an expected fivefold increase in production will make the contamination much worse. The more sophisticated testing method using advanced equipment was performed and advocated by Tom Richard, a Z-CORP environmental PE consultant. After hiring David Jackson, Z-CORP terminated contract with Tom.

David presents this problem for the first time at an engineering staff meeting that includes Diane Collins, Z_CORP Vice-President, Frank Seeders, engineering manager and Phil Port, head of environment affairs and David’s immediate supervisor. Irritated at David’s timing in the eve of the new contract she asked Phil to help David deal with the problem – if there is one. She makes it clear that she does not want Z-CORP to either delay production or incur heavy environmental improvement costs.

When they discuss the matter, Phil tells David that meeting the letter of the law, however marginally, is good enough forZ-CORP;anythingelsewouldrequirecomplaintsfromthecity. Davidinsiststhatitisunacceptablemerelyto meet the letter of the law, a law which he feels is inherently flawed since it regulates the concentration only but not the total amount. David also points out that the metals will concentrate in the sludge no matter how much water is added and ultimately will end up on farmers’ fields. The intent of the law, he says, is to protect public health, but compliance with only the letter of the law does not provide adequate protection.

An ethical dilemma arises within Z CORP concerning whether to advise the city of the newer test. Acceptance of the newer test would require additional investment in clean-up equipment. This could cause Z-CORP to lose money on the new contract. The vice president contends that Z CORP’s responsibility is to provide jobs and a payroll and that the city should worry about the environment.

1 The city of Gilbane treats its waste water using the standard “activated sludge process”. The houses and industry such as Z-Corp discharge their effluent into a common sewer. The raw sewer water flows into an aerobic digestor which is stirred and aerated to encourage microbial growth. The effluent from the aerobic digestor flows to a clarifier, an unstirred tank that allows the microorganisms to settle out in sludge. The city returned most of the sludge to the aerobic digestor to maintain a higher cell concentration and sells the remaining to farmers as “Gilbane gold”.

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Researched Argument Graded Draft (8-10 full pages, Double spaced) Writing Assignment Help

Hi, I need to do a Researched Argument Graded Draft about Hate Speech in college campuses with the requirements bellow. There is a word doc attached with all the details.


  • Length: 8 (full!) -10 pages plus a Works Cited page and all of the necessary in-text citations
  • Use of at least 10 sources
  • Font: 12 point, Times New Roman, Arial or another standard font, Double-spaced
  • Format: Paper should meet all academic expectations for grammar, sentence structure, and style.
  • You must use page numbers.
  • You should develop a clear, useful title.
  • Please find 4 more sources, 6 are given,


creating files with Access and Excel Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 1 – ACCESS – Update and add content to the database

  1. Each student has a unique file for this assignment.
    Click the button to agree to the conditions of this assignment and create your data file downloads.
  2. Save the file with the name XXX.XXXXXX_Exam5 (your file should automatically be named)
  3. Start Access and open the database file you downloaded.
    If you see the yellow security warning then click the Enable Content button.
  4. Open the tblCustomers and verify that there are 3830 records in the table. – View Example
  5. Create a new table named tblTours with the following database structure
    Field Name Data Type Size / Type Primary Key? Description
    TourID AutoNumber Long Integer Yes Tour ID key field
    TourName Short Text 22 Name of Tour
    Capacity Number Long Integer Maximum Per Tour Group
    Expense Currency Currency Cost to Provide Tour
    TicketPrice Currency Currency Ticket Price
    FuelSurcharge Yes/No Fuel Surcharge Applicable
    SurchargeAmount Currency Currency Amount of Fuel Surcharge

    Figure 1 – tblTours Structure

  6. Input 7 records of data into tblTours

    TourID TourName Capacity Expense TicketPrice FuelSurcharge SurchargeAmount
    1 Canyon Narrows 6 19 55 No 2.10
    2 Eagles Landing 6 22 55 Yes 3.25
    3 Painted Canyon 18 26 75 No 1.50
    4 River Float 12 31 65 No 1.00
    5 Silver Springs 12 21 45 Yes 2.50
    6 Sunset Photo 24 15 30 Yes 3.10
    7 Valley Explorer 50 10 25 Yes 4.50

    Figure 2 – tblTours Data

  7. Create a filter to display only the records which have FuelSurcharge set to Yes
  8. Save the changes to the table

Part 2 – Import Data

  1. Import the tblReservations text file you downloaded in step 1 as a table named tblReservations.
    – Do not add an additional field as a key field or index during the import.
    – You will select a key field from the existing data in the imported file contents the table design update.
    – Any ImportErrors tables will be a deduction and indicate you had an error during the import. B
    – Be sure to correct the import error and delete and ImportErrors tables if they exist.

Part 3 – Update Table Design

Modify table design following for tblReservations following database design methods covered in your text. See your Access text pages 75 – 81.

  1. Set appropriate field types, format, and sizes.
  2. Analyze the fields in the table and select the field which would be a logical choice for key fieldfrom one of the fields you imported.
  3. Save changes to your tables.

Part 4 – Create Relationships

Note: Use the following as a guide in creating your relationships.

  • Customers make reservations.
  • The reservations are for tours.
    For additional information see pages 104 – 113 in your Access text.
  1. Create a relationship between the tables by analyzing the fields in each table and creating appropriate relationships.
  2. Add Enforce Referential Integrity and Cascade Update Related Fields to all relationships.
  3. Save the changes to the relationships

Part 5 – Create 4 Queries

Note: Sorting queries must be done in the query design grid not on the datasheet.

  1. Create and save a query named qryAllReservations. This query will include the following fields in this order, CustomerID, TourName, FirstName, LastName, State, Adults, ReservationMonth, PaymentType. Sort the query on the CustomerID field in ascending order.
  2. Create and save a query named qryNMMayRiverFloatCustomers.
    This query will include only River Float reservations in May from New Mexico (NM) customers displaying only the following fields in the query results: FirstName, LastName and number of Adults.
    Sort the query
    by LastName in ascending order.
    See example (your data may be different)
  3. Create and save a query named qryMayTourTotals.
    This query should be grouped by Tour Names with the total number of Adults having reservations in May and listing the number of adults in descending order.
    Change the Caption of the SumOfAdults to Adults.
    The query results should only display the Tour Name and number of Adults fields.
    See example (your data may be different)

    California requires companies to collect tax if they make sales and have an office in California.
    The tour company has an office in California so you need to calculate how much to collect.
    The California tourism tax is $1.85 for each adult ticket sold to Californians.

  4. Create and save a query named qryCaliforniaTax from tblCustomers and tblReservations tables for the total of Adults from California.
  5. Add a calculated field to the qryCaliforniaTax query by adding an expression multiplying the total of the of Adults from California times the $1.85 tax amount.
  6. Set the name of the calculated field heading to Tax and and the caption of the SumOfAdults to Adults.
  7. Format the calculated Tax field as currency. See example (your data may be different)

Part 6 – Create a Form

  1. Create a form named frmReservations including only the following fields:
    ReservationID, FirstName, LastName, State, TourName, Adults, ReservationMonth, PaymentType.
  2. Select to view your data by tblCustomers as a single form.
  3. Change the title of the form to Red Rock Reservations. See example

Part 7 – Export Data to Excel, set option to compact on close

To perform further analysis and create a chart you need to export the reservations to a new workbook.

  1. Export the query qryAllReservations to Excel
  2. Name the new exported workbook file XXX.XXXXX_Exam5
  3. Set the compact on close option for the database.
  4. Exit Access

Part 8 – EXCEL – Format Workbook

  1. Start Excel and open the spreadsheet you exported from Access
    Verify that you have 3830 rows of data, if not then you have an error in your Access export.
  2. Add the following 3 document properties via the Document Properties panel.
    Author: XXX.XXXXX
    Title: Exam5 Spring 2018
    Comments: location where you completed the exam examples
    if you completed it at home then list – “my home system
    if you complete it on campus then list the room and computer number
    using room E206 system 32 would be entered as – “E206 system 32
    using the Tech Mall system 15 then list – “Tech Mall system 15
  3. Change the worksheet tab name to All Reservations
  4. Insert a new row 1 (moving all the data down 1 row)
  5. Enter the title All Reservations into the inserted row, add a background color and increase the size.
  6. Format the column titles in row 2 to look exactly like the example below using line breaks and setting the column widths as follows: Customer ID 11, Tour 15, First Name11, Last Name 11, State 8, Adults 8, Reservation Month 11, Payment Type 15. These widths are in pixels not inches.
    Note: Adding spaces to make the titles look correct will be graded as an error.
    row format
  7. Insert the current date header/footer element in the left header area and insert the file name header/footer element in the center header area and type your name in the right header area.
    Header Footer
  8. Freeze rows 1 & 2 and column A so they do not scroll.

Part 9 – Import Access Table into Excel

  1. Import all tblTours records from your Exam 5 database – XXX.XXXXXX_Exam5 into a new worksheet.
    If you do not import the database table using the import command there will be a deduction.
  2. Adjust the column titles adding a space to split the words.
  3. Calculate the Profit for each tour in column H. The profit is the difference between the Ticket Price and the Expense.
  4. Calculate the Surcharge Total in column I.
    The surcharge total is the Capacity times the SurchargeAmount.
  5. Insert a column between H and I. Enter a column title of Total Profit.
  6. Calculate the Total Profit for each tour where the total profit is the Profit times the Capacity.
  7. Hide columns F and G.
  8. Insert a new row 1 moving all the data down 1 row
  9. Enter the title Tour Calculations in row 1 and format it
    the first 2 rows in your worksheet should look like this
    tour calculations
  10. Calculate the following for the Surcharge Total column, Minimum in row 11, Average in row 12, Maximum in row 13. Should look like this:
    rows 11 - 13
  11. Format the values for the Minimum, Average, and Maximum with 0 decimal places
  12. Name the worksheet tab Calculations

Part 10 – Create the Filtered Reservations Worksheet

  1. Copy the All Reservations Worksheet into a new worksheet
  2. Change cell A1 text to Filtered Reservations and set the background using a different color than the All Reservations worksheet
  3. Create a table from the data in the Filtered Reservations worksheet
  4. Sort the Sales data by Tour in ascending order
  5. Add a filter to display only River Float sales where the number of Adults is 1. See example
  6. Change the name of the worksheet tab to Filtered

Part 11 – Create the Pivot Table

  1. Create a Pivot Table from the All Reservations worksheet
  2. Set the pivot table as follows:
  • ReservationMonth as the Row Labels
  • Sum of Adults as the Values
  • Tour and State as the Report Filters
  1. Apply a filter to display only the River Float reservations.
  2. Name the worksheet tab Pivot Table. See example

Part 12 – Create a Tour Chart

  1. Create a Column Chart of the monthly totals from the Pivot Chart worksheet.
  2. Use the Move Chart command to move the chart to a new new worksheet and name it Tour Chart
  3. Add / Change the Chart Title above the chart to Monthly Totals
  4. Delete the chart legend. See example

Part 13 – Finish and Submit

  1. Create a new worksheet.
  2. Add a title to the worksheet and worksheet tab using the name Links.
  3. Move the Links worksheet tab so it is the first tab on the left.
  4. Add the name for each worksheet and then link the name to the respective worksheet.
    You don’t need to have a link to the Tour Chart.
  5. Format your links worksheet to look professional.
  6. Change the color of each worksheet tab as follows and arrange them in this order from left to right with Links being first and Tour Chart last.
    Links Red
    All Reservations Light Gray 25%, Background 2, Darker 25%
    Calculations Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 40%
    Filtered Gold, Accent 2, Lighter 40%
    Pivot Table Green, Accent 6, Lighter 40%
    Tour Chart Orange Accent 2, Lighter 40%

    view Theme colors

  7. Upload your Exam 5 files by clicking the
    Exam 5 Access link for your Database – XXX.XXXXXX_Exam5 and
    Exam 5 Excel link for your Spreadsheet – XXX.XXXXXX_Exam5


government essay Humanities Assignment Help

essay about 1000 words

please cite all the sources

When You Win…. #3

  1. Research the committees of the House ( ) and state senate ( )
  2. Choose at least three (3) committees on which you’d serve, if elected.

    1. Explain each committee’s functions (is it substantive or procedural?).
    2. Explain why your placement on these committees is justified. How does it serve you district’s needs? How does it emphasize your experiences/interests?
  3. What kind of constituent service would you be likely to do? What kind of “home style” would you create (and how?) Most Texans do not know who their legislators are. How do you seek to solve that problem?


Business email Business Finance Assignment Help

Business email Business Finance Assignment Help

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