business game:capsim report Business Finance Assignment Help

business game:capsim report Business Finance Assignment Help. business game:capsim report Business Finance Assignment Help.

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must know how to play capsim!!!!

I will give you my capsim account information


pleas writing the capsim report based on the data and information that present in each round and business plan

  • Introduction and company overview
  • Strategic Posture
    • Strategic history of the organization (over the 6 rounds)
    • Organizational mission statement and strategic vision
    • Business level strategy
  • External Analysis: Industry and Environment
    • Strategic history of the industry
    • Five-Forces analysis of the industry
    • Segment Analysis OR Competitive Dynamics Analysis
  • Internal Analysis
    • Functional analysis – Explains the business model that includes all the functions. You will address questions such as: What did the team do in in each functional level in each round? How the general strategy was implemented? That is, how did the strategic choices being made in each round relate to the general strategy? What were the observed outcomes?
    • Financial analysis – A financial analysis of the firm in comparison to the industry.
    • Organizational structure and culture (think about group-level dynamics among the TMT members)
    • VRIN Analysis
    • Core and distinctive competencies
  • Summary: SWOT (listing and explanation)

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Fix problems with calculator’s graphical user interface (easy) Computer Science Assignment Help

You are in the testing phase of a graphic user interface (GUI): a calculator.

Address the following:

  • Open the calculator executable file and source code file (attached).
  • Test your calculator’s graphic user interface and fix any problems you find.
  • Clean the interface so it is clearly understandable to everyone and consistent throughout.
  • Submit the revised file for this calculator.
  • Submit a 1–2-page Word document that explains the following:
    • Your testing, verification, and validation methods
    • All programming and interface problems you found
    • All programming and interface solutions you implemented
    • Your description of the software quality of the calculator


Criminal Justice police in society Humanities Assignment Help

Popular Media Analysis Assignment Instructions

The assignment is designed to assess your understanding of issues that are critical to the academic study of policing. The paper must engage with some of the conceptual and critical ideas discussed in the course in relation to the film you select from the approved list. You are expected to rely extensively on the materials from the course, using appropriate reference materials from the course readings, textbook and lecture slides. All citation from the lectures and readings should include in-text citation and a full reference on a works cited page. You are to use APA citation style in this paper. I will provide instruction on APA style in class. As well, you can find a comprehensive guide to APA style here:….

The assignment (worth 25% of your final grade) is a 7-10 page paper (not including your title page and references). The paper is to be typed on 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper, 12- point font, with one-inch margins. The title page should include the title of the paper, course name and number, name of the instructor, your name and student number. Please ensure you keep a copy for yourself. Normal university standards of correct spelling, grammar and organization are expected. The paper is due by 11:59pm on Nov 17, 2017. It must be submitted electronically through the portal provided on Blackboard. Late papers will be penalized at a rate of 5% a day inclusive of weekends.

What films may I choose from?

  • Training Day
  • Dirty Harry
  • The Departed

These films were uniquely selected for this semester and depict concepts we will be engaging with in the course this term. Ava and Kajuan will be grading these assignments and you should feel free to direct questions to them.

What should the structure of my paper be?

Your assignment should consist of five major sections: a title page, an introduction, a body section, a conclusion, and an APA formatted reference list. A clear thesis statement – this is what you aim to do in the essay – must be given in the introduction (no later than the first page) and the conclusion should summarize what you have covered. The purpose of this assignment is for you to critically consider how concepts from the course are represented (or not represented in the same way) in the film you select. This will involve thinking about the film in its entirety as well as particular excerpts from the film that serve to illustrate your statements. Your paper should include a brief summary of the film you selected, but the body section of your paper should primarily focus on analyzing how concepts discussed in class are relevant to policing as depicted in the film. In doing this, you will want to dedicate space to describing the course concept as well as discussing how it is represented in the film. Because you would be shocked by how few people actually read instructions: send me an email before the paper is due with the title of one of your favorite television shows for a one point bonus on your paper.

Strong papers will have a clear and logical structure, will engage with several concepts from the course, and will strive to link the popular media representation to a broader understanding of policing. You must use a minimum of 4 sources from the course not including my lecture slides (though you can reference the slides as supplementary sources). Each chapter from the text counts as a separate source but also must be referenced separately in your reference list. There is considerable opportunity for freedom in this assignment; focus on what interests you!

How do I analyze the film?

Using themes and theories from the course you are to analyze the film and explore what the film says about key topics such as: the policing mandate, the nature of police work, police culture, police misconduct and accountability, police use of force and coercion, officer health and wellbeing, or policing strategies (e.g., community policing, zero-tolerance policing). These are just suggestions. You can draw on any information that you feel is relevant from the course.

Note that some themes and theories of the course will apply to your film better than others – choose the theories and themes that make sense for your movie.

You can focus on certain characters, or particular scenes, or both in your analysis.

This is NOT a film review – but a critical analysis of the film to demonstrate that you learned something in the class and can apply it to a film using course resources to substantiate your key points. Presume that the reader has seen the film in question – do not summarize the entire movie, except very briefly. Your paper should be an analysis of the film.

What does the grade breakdown look like?


What am I looking for?

Spelling, Grammar & Mechanics


General writing competency. Clear unambiguous writing. Competent expression. Separate Paragraphs. Simple clear sentence structure. Punctuation. Correct grammar. Word usage/vocabulary (not complicated and used in the appropriate way). Correct spelling (spell check is not enough). No run on sentences (three sentences squashed into one). Clearly structured, clear development and flow of ideas with excellent transition of ideas or logical progression of ideas. Well organized and coherent. Focused and purposeful writing.

Critical Analysis


Depth of understanding and analysis of issues and ideas. Evidence of original thought and logical reasoning. Writing demonstrates unusual insight or superior understanding. Presents fresh thesis in an original manner while displaying unusual insight. Demonstrates more than a commonplace understanding of the topic at hand. There is a breadth of understanding. Opinions are based on fact and/or logic. The arguments are logical and consistent. Original and interesting ideas about topic.

Use of course materials, supporting evidence


Arguments supported by evidence, examples, sources and quotations. Shows clear understanding of materials. Makes appropriate use of sources. The relevance of the material to the point being made is clear. Evidence of excellent amount of reading. Provides close textural analysis. Persuasive and well-chosen use of sources. Used a minimum of four sources.

APA adherence


Proper in-text citation used, not directly quoted without page numbers, not paraphrased without citation, not plagiarized. Adherence to spacing, sizing and general APA formatting requirements. Title page and reference page on separate pages from essay. Reference page properly formatted according to APA style.

Assignment success


Did the assignment present an insightful analysis of the selected film and follow instructions properly?

Has the film been clearly described with strong examples selected to illustrate connections to the course concepts?



Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

What are the ethical considerations involved in “fetal reduction” procedures? Should there be legal limits on the number of fetuses implanted? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

  • Submit your assignment to using the submit assignment button below by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET
  • Your response should be approximately 500 words and use APA citations (use An EasyGuide to APA Style for help with citations)
  • Review this guideline for further details on expectations (rubric)
  • This is a graded assignment worth 30 points


Three common types of plagiarism you need to be aware of as a student:

  • Recycling a paper; “double-dipping”; self-plagiarism: Reusing a paper you have written for a previous course
  • Copying directly from a source without proper quotations or paraphrasing: When you try to pass something off as your own work
  • Not using proper citations


Writing Essay Humanities Assignment Help

This is the plan to write the “open letter” about the late issues of the shuttle buses on campus and off-campus

please i need the open letter clear and easy vocabularies and short open letter

Genre: open letter

Purpose: 1)To give opinion to provide more time in the shuttle bus schedule so we wouldn’t be late for classes 2) try to improve the transportation app and make it accurate

Author: TU Student

Topic: The late of the shuttle buses on campus and off-campus

Tone: matter of fact

Effect(s): students will be late to class or sometimes the shuttle app shows the arrival time but it suddenly be late or there is no more bus available (off-campus)

when we finish classes and wait for the shuttle the app shows different time arrival and sometimes he stops the bus and students are wondering what the reason also he don’t think if they will be late on their classes (on campus)

please no plagiarism from any web

please write your own words and easy vocabularies

clear and short letter



Classroom Dynamics Humanities Assignment Help

Use 3 practicum hours to observe and focus on classroom dynamics, student behaviors, teacher and student interactions, and student-to-student interactions. Design a data collection chart to record information about the observation and include the following:

  1. Classroom demographics: English language learners, special needs, socio-economic status, ethnicity, gender, and age. Exclude specific names or other identifying information;
  2. Student behaviors;
  3. Teacher and student interactions;
  4. Student to student interactions; and
  5. Other classroom dynamics.

In 500-750 words, include the following:

  1. Summarize your observations. Provide examples.
  2. Analyze the effect the classroom dynamics have on learning in the classroom environment. Provide specific examples in your explanation.

Use 3-5 scholarly resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Rural environment, all African American students

grades- 4th an 5th

low income area

average 23-25 students in a class and no asssitant teacher

Classroom Dynamics Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

​Writing a Museum Report Writing Assignment Help

Writing your Museum Report.

  • Describe the gallery name, title of exhibit, and the photographer; style– landscape, portrait,
  • size of prints, etc,

  • Interpret: Why were the photos made? Are they political, describe environmental
  • conditions, are about light, beauty, etc

  • Evaluate: Was the exhibit interesting? Did it make you think? How does it make you feel?
  • 700 words MLA 8 Style
  • Must write in your own words , do not plagiarize!
  • Make sure you follow the requirements below, Report that are not meet requirements are not acceptable.
  • Make sure finish on time.
  • HOW TO WRITE A MUSEUM REPORT2. Title of work, artist’s name, date of work, the medium used.
    3. Select 3 photographs that “speak” to you4. Clearly describe the scene in detail using your own words5. Use all the formal elements (see below) we discussed in class.6. BE CREATIVE in your presentation—make it personal7. More than 700 words8. Include some physical proof of your attendance: photo.This paper is to be a mixture of discussion on vocabulary, formal elements, and an
    incorporation of your personal reaction to the photography. pretend that you’re describingfor a blind person. Adjectives are important because they enable you to present a goodmental image of the artwork you are describing. The purpose of this paper is not only anacademic exercise, but it also enables you to use greater freedom of visual/verbal expressionin your reactions to a new way of seeing. Trust your instincts and feelings.FORMAL ELEMENTS OF FORMLINE – What kind of lines are used? What do they express? (the mood/feeling that isperhaps conveyed by a particular type of line)SHAPE – Geometric or OrganicVALUE – Is there subtle shading or strong value contrasts? Does the lighting create a specialmood? Can you find the source of light? Is the light source real?COLOR – Analogous, complementary, primary? Do the colors merely describe the subjectmatter or do they create a mood/feeling? Are the colors intense or subdued?TEXTURE – What kind is used? Implied or actual. Is it rough and primitive? smooth andsophisticated? velvety and sensual?SPACE – Does the artwork appear to have realistic three-dimensional space or does it appearflat? Shallow or deep space? Traditional linear perspective or new angles of vision?
  • [supanova_question]

    Supply Chain Management Business Finance Assignment Help

    Al Baik must ship replacement parts for their ovens, and the supply chain manager must choose between two shipping alternatives: two-day freight, and five-day freight. Using five-day freight saves 750 Riyal (SAR), but the primary consideration is holding cost, which is 38 Riyal per unit per year. Al Baik must ship 2000 units. In a 3-4-page paper, which alternative would you recommend to the supply chain manager and why?

    Be sure to use at least two current, scholarly references beyond any required course readings. Current sources are those published within the most recent five-year period, and scholarly sources are those from peer-reviewed journals.

    Make certain for each listed reference that you have at least one supporting citation in the body of your content. Your reference page is always the last page of the submission where all individual references get listed. The Saudi Digital Library is a good resource to search for these references. Submit your presentation into the Assignment Dropbox.


    6 economic questions that need help answering. Economics Assignment Help

    Question 1.

    Ethiopia has a GDP of $8 billion (measured in U.S. dollars) and a population of 55 million. Costa Rica has a GDP of $9 billion (measured in U.S. dollars) and a population of 4 million. Calculate the per capita GDP for each country and identify which one is higher.

    Instructions: Enter values to two decimal places unless it is a whole number.

    Ethiopia = $_______?________ per capita.

    Costa Rica = $_______?_________

    The per capita GDP of __________-?________ is much lower than that of _________ by $________.

    Question 2

    The Czech Republic has a GDP of 1,800 billion koruny. The exchange rate is 20 koruny/U.S. dollar. The Czech population is 20 million.

    What is the GDP per capita of the Czech Republic expressed in U.S. dollars?

    Instructions: Enter values as whole numbers (no decimal places).

    Per capita GDP = __________?______koruny.

    Per capita GDP in U.S. dollars = $__________?____________

    Question 3

    An economy starts off with a per capita GDP of $5000. How large will the per capita GDP be if it grows at an annual rate of:

    Instructions: Enter values to two decimal places.

    a. 2% for 20 years?

    Per capita GDP = $______?_________

    b. 2% for 40 years?

    GDP per capita = $_________?__________

    c. 4% for 40 years?

    GDP per capita=_______?________

    d. 6% for 40 years?

    GDP per capita = $_________?__________

    Question 4

    Say that the average worker in Canada has a productivity level of $30 per hour while the average worker in the United Kingdom has a productivity level of $25 per hour (both measured in U.S. dollars). Over the next five years, say that worker productivity in Canada grows at 1% per year while worker productivity in the UK grows 3% per year. At that point, who will have the higher productivity level, and by how much?

    Instructions: Enter all numerical values to two decimal places.

    Canadian Worker Productivity = $_______?________per hour

    UK Worker Productivity = $__________?_________per hour

    State which country is greater and by how much.

    The (UK, Canadian)________?_______ worker productivity is _________times greater than (UK, Canadian)______________worker productivity at the end of 5 years.

    Question 5

    Assume the following data for a country:


    Number of People (Millions)

    Total population


    Population under 16 years of age or institutionalized


    Not in labor force




    Part-time workers looking for full-time jobs


    a) What is the size of the labor force?________ million

    b) What is the official unemployment rate?__________%

    Question 6

    Answer the following questions on the basis of the three sets of data for the country of North Vaudeville:




    Price Level

    Real GDP

    Price Level

    Real GDP





























    a) Which set of data illustrates aggregate supply in the immediate short run in North Vaudeville?

    The data in ____________

    Which set of data illustrates aggregate supply in the short run in North Vaudeville?

    The data in __________

    Which set of data illustrates aggregate supply in the long run in North Vaudeville?

    The data in ________________

    b) Assuming no change in hours of work, if real output per hour of work increases by 20 percent, what will be the new levels of real GDP in the right column of A?

    Instructions: Enter values as whole numbers.

    Price level 110: New output =__________

    Price level 100: New output =___________

    Price level 95: New output =_____________

    Price level 90: New output =_________________

    c) Do the new values reflect an increase in aggregate supply or do they indicate a decrease in aggregate supply? __________________


    read these cases and answer these questions Business Finance Assignment Help

    Hi all

    i need someone to help me to answer these questions.

    Q1- Article: Ethical Content of Accounting Information

    Do you agree or disagree with premise of this article? Why?

    What other arguments would you make to support or challenge the idea that

    accounting disclosures can be decoded to reveal information about the ethics of a firm.

    Q2-Article: Ethical Content of Accounting Information

    What other measures or disclosures that currently exist or that you would like to see would you consider relevant when trying assess a firm’s ethicality based upon financial statements and related disclosures?

    Q3- Brooks Case: Marketing Aggressive Tax Shelters

    Is it right that accountants market aggressive or very aggressive tax shelter plans?

    Are tax shelter plans in the public interest and is the public interest responsibility that accountants have an appropriate consideration here?

    Notice ; after post your answer,I will give you three student’s opinion and you will replay to them.


    business game:capsim report Business Finance Assignment Help

    business game:capsim report Business Finance Assignment Help

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