Business Systems Analysis

Business Systems Analysis. Business Systems Analysis.

 This assignment is an important practice opportunity for you to create a draft, and to get feedback from your instructor to improve your final draft. The rubric reflects that this is a practice opportunity. You should focus on getting the necessary information into your draft. No draft is perfect. This milestone aligns with sections I, II, and III of your final project. Use the questions in the critical elements as a guide. Use the Final Project Template document for your work. This template will be used for the Milestones and the Final Project.o Using the template will ensure you do not miss any items you need to address. The critical elements are highlighted in yellow in the template. The decision matrix is not required for this milestone; however, you will be submitting the decision matrix in Milestone Two. Use the template providedto help narrow your technology recommendation.Prompt: Imagine that you work for the small brick-and-mortar business described in the final project case scenario. The owner of your business wants to focuson generating new revenue through e-commerce, but she knows that this change in operations requires the company to integrate new technology. To gain anunderstanding of what the business might need for technology, she has asked you to create a business systems analysis. In this analysis, you will clearlyintroduce the problem that your business is facing. Then, you will determine the business requirements for solving that problem, including the requirementsthat any new technology needs to meet.Your goal in the final project is to establish an e-commerce presence, but you must improve the current technology first. Use the Decision Matrix document asyou conduct your research for assistance organizing your thoughts. (You will submit the completed decision matrix in Milestone Two.) For additional resourceson developing the decision matrix, refer to: Decision Matrix: What It Is and How to Use It: This article defines the decision matrix and discusses how leaders evaluate and prioritize all of theiroptions when considering solutions to a difficult task. Decision Matrix Analysis: This article explains how to use a decision matrix analysis, a useful technique for making a choice when many factors must bebalanced. Captioned version of this resource can be found here. Decision Matrix Example: Use this resource to view an example of a completed decision matrix.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Introduction: In this section, you will briefly introduce the small business from the case scenario, and the problem that it is trying to solve.A. Clearly state the problem that the business owner is seeking to solve. Be sure to address the question of what your business ultimately wants todo.B. Identify and briefly describe the two technologies from the list provided that you will research in your business systems analysis.II. Business Requirements: In this section, you will determine what the business requirements are to solve the stated problem, and establish the criteriathat will help form your technology recommendations. You will also articulate why the business owner should undertake the project of integrating newtechnology.A. Explain the objectives of undertaking this project to integrate new technology. In others words, what should the project accomplish, and howdoes it support the goal of your business?B. Provide a project description that explains the purpose of the project. Be sure to address the following:i. What does your business need to do to satisfy the objectives?ii. What are the desired results at the end of the project?iii. Why is it important for your business owner to consider implementing new technology?C. State the key technological requirements that will be required of any new technology in order to effectively solve your business’s problem. Inother words, what specifically does the technology need to be capable of doing? (These are the technology requirements in the decision matrix.)III. Competitors and Technology: In this section, you will describe two competing companies that operate in the same industry as your business. You willalso explain how a company uses the two technologies that you are investigating to determine if the technology may be appropriate for your business touse. Remember that a list of competing companies was provided to you in the final project case scenario.A. Technology One: Select one company in the same industry as your own that uses this technology. Briefly describe what that company does andhow it uses this technology to support its business in general. Include specific examples.B. Technology Two: Select one company in the same industry as your own that uses this technology. Briefly describe what that company does andhow it uses this technology to support its business in general. Include specific examples.C. Referring to what you learned in your research on the companies above, explain one specific way in which one of the companies is benefittingfrom technology, and describe the potential benefit to your business if you were to adopt the same approach.[supanova_question]

write two video summary and one journal about one book.

write two video summary and one journal about one book..

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this assignment have three part, I will divide each part separately.

1. video summary, you need to watch a video and write an entry by the following question( 1-2 paragraph, about half page)

This week you should watch The Latino Americans: War and Peace (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Your entry should focus on your response to the following focus questions:

How and why did the experience of WWII awaken expectations of equality in American minorities?

2. another video summary, you need to watch a video and write an entry by the following question( 1-2 paragraph, about half page)

you will write up a journal entry (one-two paragraphs) responding to the following questions about the assigned film:

Your entry should focus on your response to the following focus questions:

What did you learn from the film? How did segregation in the North present differently from the kind of Jim Crow segregation we are perhaps more familiar with in the South? How did African Americans organize against housing discrimination?

3. write a two-paragraph journal to answer the following questions about a book.( about one page)

draw on course resources (readings, videos, and document problems) to answer the following questions in a substantial (1-2 paragraph) response. You should use parenthetical citations to indicate when you are referring to a course resource i.e. (Theoharis, 99).

Jeanne Theoharis’s new book A More Beautiful and Terrible History: The Uses and Misuses of Civil Rights History is the assigned text and one of the inspirations for this course. She argues that it is not just important to learn about what happened during the civil rights movement, but that we must also understand how the history of the movement has been used and misused over time.

Most of you suggested in your introductory discussion that you understood the civil rights movement to be the fight against segregation in the 1960s, involving activists like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. What can you remember about how you formed this impression? How does the history of civil rights movements in the west in the 1940s and in the North in the 1950s and 1960s covered in this unit’s readings challenge this interpretation? Why does Theoharis argue that this longer, wider, and broader reading of the history is critical today?

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Week 4 Project: (4-6 references)

Business Systems Analysis Writing Essay Help Week 4 Project: (4-6 references).

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The USA PATRIOT Act was a comprehensive response to the 9/11 attack. It has been modified several times since its adoption. Considering the current state of the Act’s provisions, discuss the following points in an 8–10-slide PowerPoint presentation:

  • Describe how the PATRIOT Act increased the authority of law enforcement agencies in fighting terrorism. Critically analyze the Act, giving reasons and examples.
  • How effective has the PATRIOT Act proved to be in preventing attacks in the homeland?
  • Discuss the controversies regarding the PATRIOT Act. Critically analyze whether or not the PATRIOT Act allows the government or law enforcement to violate civil liberties.

Support your response using appropriate examples and references from the textbook, websites, other references, or personal experience. Cite the sources in the correct APA format.

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case study: the other hygienist

case study: the other hygienist.

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Write a 1 page report, double spaced, 12 pt font, times new roman, 1″ margin. A cover sheet must be attached which list name course title date and assigned date.

Reference at least two ethical principles and provide a rationale for their use as evidence.

CASE 11: The Other Hygienist

Christina DeBiase and Marcia Stewart

West Virginia University

Sue is a dental hygienist with 2 years of private practice

experience. She takes a new position in an office in which another

dental hygienist, Lynn, is also employed. Lynn has been associated

with this practice for 11 years and relies on this position to meet her

financial obligations. Sue and Lynn develop a real friendship and

often go to lunch together.

Sue quickly notices that many patients present with subgingival

calculus after Lynn has cleaned their teeth only 3 or 4 months

before. One patient even commented to Sue that the other hygienist

did not “clean as deep” as she did. When Sue had the opportunity

to watch Lynn, she found that she exclusively uses an anterior

sickle instrument and only scales supragingivally.

Sue’s immediate reaction was to inform her dentist–employer. He

replied, “Can you remove it?” Sue answered, “Of course I can.” The

dentist responded “Then just remove it!” Sue feels the need to do

something more, but has no immediate solution.

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distinction between 'good' and 'right'

distinction between 'good' and 'right'.

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You must reference any cases cited using OSCOLA.

legal philosophy often involves engagement with cases for philosophical purposes. In those instances, you should use the OSCOLA standards of referencing and reference carefully

question: Explain the importance of the distinction between ‘good’ and ‘right’. Critically evaluate whether Finnis’s work establishes a clear distinction between ‘good’ and ‘right’.

4000 words limit

All the readings are on the word document.

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Business Systems Analysis

Business Systems Analysis