Business Writing: Formal Report Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

Business Writing: Formal Report Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help. Business Writing: Formal Report Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Hi, I need a 10 page double spaced report proposal (not including title and references pages)

You have to write on the TOPIC of “Google Anti-Trust” – as found in the OUTLINE

make sure to include graphics and statistics from the news articles that you’ll find (most of your info will be coming from here)

DO NOT plagiarise!

Note: this is not an essay that has to be done. It’s way different and shouldn’t be as complicated. Look at the attachments. Thanks!

Find Attach:

– A 2 pages OUTLINE for you report proposal to guide you. Follow and fill all the steps and criteria inside. you have to use the information from the outline!!

– The 10 page TEMPLATE which has to be used when writing the proposal

– A completed SAMPLE 10 page sample proposal

Business Writing: Formal Report Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Critical Thinking Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Please answer both of the following questions:

1. Some historians call the Renaissance the birth of “modernity.” Why?

2. Discuss the long-term and short-term causes of the Protestant Reformation. Which cause do you feel is most important? Why?

For the essay about the Renaissance, you must use one primary source either from the Course Reader or Machiavelli’s The Prince to support your ideas

Critical thinking skills assignment

Your task for the critical thinking skills assignment will be to analyze a primary source from the

Course Reader. The essay should be 1 – 2 pages. It should answer the questions, who, what,

when and why? It is recommended you use this format:

Introduction: Who? When?

Next 1-2 paragraphs: What? What does the primary source say?

Next 1-2 paragraphs: Contextualize the primary source. Why does the author write what he/she

does? What historical events and trends are shaping the author’s perspective? This the

challenging part.


Ecosystems Biodiversity Writing Assignment Help

Should we mount a massive effort to restore ecosystems that we have
degraded even though this will be quite costly? For this weeks
environmental controversy we explore this question. Using the textbook,
and any additional outside resources, answer the questions below.
Write a 1-2 paragraph response to the questions posed to you. Remember
to cite your sources using APA.

Ecological restoration, which is discussed in your textbook, has a
critical role in protecting and understanding the Earth’s environments.
Unfortunately, even if personnel and financial resources are
available, many sites are too damaged to be effectively restored. In
such cases, alternatives to restoration must be pursued, including:
rehabilitation, remediation, replacement, or the creation of
artificial ecosystems.

Some individuals worry that large-scale ecological restoration could
mislead the public into believing that any amount of environmental
damage can be undone. Ultimately, a massive and expensive restoration
program could be offset by weakened regulations and increased
environmental damage in other areas. Furthermore, alternatives to
ecological restoration may be able to repair more sites at less cost.

Based on what you have read and researched, do you believe that the
loss of biodiversity is a concern for humans? Should the government
not only preserve but restore ecosystems that we have degraded the
biodiversity even though this will be quite costly?


Financial Analysis Project: of a publicly traded corporation (Max 9 Pages in APA Format) Economics Assignment Help

(You can choose the corporation you want but it has to be publicly traded -S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow 30-)

The project deliverable will be in a structured Word Document includes Excel spreadsheets.

  1. One page description of the corporation: its products, markets.
  2. Overall trend assessment of the company’s balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows for the last three years.
  3. Selected ratio and trend analysis. Ratios must include liquidity, asset management, solvency, profitability, and market value ratios. A three year ratio analysis is the minimum expectation.
  4. Analysis of the company’s stock price and EPS trends for the last three years. Analysis must include comparison to key market competitors.
  5. Evaluation of the firm’s Beta in relation to a specified market index (ie: S & P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow 30).
  6. Assessment of the firm’s capital structure including any significant changes in the firm’s capital structure over the last three to five years.
  7. (Balance sheet data).
  8. Assessment of the Firm’s cash flow and determination of the firms free cash flow over the last three years.
  9. Closing summary of the firms financial health in relation to the overall economy and with its industry.


Maximum 9 pages in length, not including a cover page , Appendices and supporting references.

Paper Format: APA required

Supporting Financial data prepared using EXCEL

Students may include additional reference materials such as financial statements

Students are not to copy and paste financial statements or other materials directly from the web into their analysis (Word) file.

Reference page includes all references sited, APA format for references.


forum + 2 responses Law Assignment Help

I don’t have the initial posts to respond to, so please just expand on the initial post so I can post them on ANY initial post. I need BOTH the discussion + the 2 responses.

1. Discuss the community policing philosophy.

Search your local or regional news web page and locate a current event
involving law enforcement officers, summarize the article or post, and
discuss your perception of the police officers’ actions. What
contributed to your perception? Please consider the media’s role in the
event, the leadership of the department’s role, and the community’s

Original responses to
the Forum questions each week need to be substantial (350 – 500 words)
and significantly supported by two scholarly references. Students must
also use proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. The in-text
citations and references will be in APA Format.

Students will also
be required to respond to at least two (2) other students posting with
significant comments that have substance (150 words). Comments such as,
“Good job!” or “I agree” do not earn you any participation points. Your
responses to another’s work should be posted as a sub-thread to the
student’s original posting whom you are commenting.



Cost-Benefit Analysis Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

You have just been hired as the Director of Safety and Health at US Jets, a mid-sized business organization that designs, manufactures, and sells mid-sized business jets in Dallas, TX. During a review of recent injuries, you noticed that 55% of all workers’ compensation claims were suffered by workers working in Assembly Department 22. This assembly operation was just started this year. There were 5 cases of tendonitis, 2 cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, and 2 shoulder strain cases associated with this operation this past year. There are 40 workers in this department. The average wage for workers in this department is $14.50 per hour. Workers work 40 hours per week each week.

You have decided to implement an engineering design change in Assembly Department 22 that will completely eliminate the hazard causing the work task which is producing the injuries in the department. In addition, productivity will be enhanced as wasted motions will be reduced. Initial purchasing cost for this change is $20,000. Engineering costs will total $7500 and training costs will be $1000. Recurring costs will total $800.

Using the Puget Sound HFES Cost Benefit Calculator determine the following:

  1. What is the total first-year cost of control?
  2. What is the estimated net benefit of the engineering design change after one year?
  3. What is the estimated payback period?
  4. Is this engineering design change justified? Explain your answer.

Answer the four questions by providing the answers and a short explanation. This assignment does NOT require APA formatting.

Grading: This assignment is worth 100 points. Each correct answer for Questions 1-3 is worth 25 points. Question 4 is also worth 25 points and is based on the 9.3 Cost-Benefit Analysis rubric

Cost-Benefit Analysis Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Analysis of immigrants ( racial hierarchies, social dissonance , colorism, assimilation, gender differences) Humanities Assignment Help

I have interviewed 2 people (immigrants) below I have described to people I interviewed in Los Angeles CALIFORNIA and I need you to write up a sociological analysis compare and contrast. Using data collected from your interviews in conjunction with course materials and 3 outside sources (2 academic and 1 non-academic), describe and analyze the migration and adaptation experiences of your interviewees sociologically in a 7 (double-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman) You must generate a claim/thesis (Links to an external site.)

I have attached a sample paper

must talk about Immigration and racial hierarchies

social dissonance



Gender differences

The two people interviewed:

My mother 1 generation immigrant (She had came to America FROM ARMENIA at the age of 21) she was a lower middle class person and stayed as a lower middle class person. she’s very open-minded faced a lot of adversities in her life. Traveled a lot and was discriminated a lot

My clients brother 1.5 generations (he had came to America FROM RUSSIA at the age of 14) he was a privileged very upperclass man who came here and became lower class and is struggling with assimilation and adaptation. He is very entitled and struggling fitting in focus on him more judge him and compare. very racist dude does not travel and thinks he is superior then everyone else but is not treated as such. very lonely sad guy


ASL paper Humanities Assignment Help

chooce one of these topic and do the following

Alice Cogswell (Deaf girl) or American School for the Deaf (1st American school)

  • Type 3 pages without the frontal introductory page and source page
  • 12 size font
  • Double-spaced
  • Chicago Style paper will be greatly accepted. Either of MLA or APA would be fine, too.
  • No citation is accepted. Or, for instance; Laurent Clerc was the first teacher of American School for the Deaf (Gannon, 1945).
  • Summary/Rationale: W’s
  • Reflection; did you connect to the selected topic? Ever you encounter the situation from your article before? Your point of view? What’s the best solution if any?


Matlab GUI programming Programming Assignment Help


this is a short project that is about GUI.

The professor said we cannot use guide.

here is a brief description about the project and also

there are hints will be given if you are assigned to this.

the hint is he used guide to do the very similiar thing

but he limited not to use Guide only GUI programming.

so If you are familiar with GUI i dont think it is a big deal to do this.

the due date is in 2days but i put one day so that I can email the professor and confirm the code works.

which means you can still do it in 2 days but I’d like you to keep me update the code so that i can ask the professor

also, I’d like you to explain how you did your work because i need to write the project report.

but i am going to do it so you can just explain me how you used the code to make it works.



ECON 5 Forces Economics Assignment Help

For this question, refer to the article “The Inside Story of Wawa” found here: and also posted on Problem Set 8 assignment page on Blackboard.

A.The manager of a newly opened store asks you to advise her on an optimal pricing scheme for specialty sandwiches, signature fountain drinks and combination packages of sandwiches and drinks. Market research reveals that the market size for the newly opened facility is about one million consumers of four types who can be classified as follows:

S: Have a strong preference for Wawa’s signature sandwiches

F: Have a strong preference for Wawa’s signature fountain drinks

SF: Like to buy sandwiches and drinks as a combination

NP: Have no preference for either product; stop in at Wawa and buy eats occasionally

Assume that the population is evenly distributed; 25% of the consumers fall into each buying group. The maximum each group will pay for the products is given in the following table.
















Given the information above, what is the optimal sandwich price, the optimal drink price and the optimal combination price (sandwich and drink sold together)?

As part of your answer for this section, provide some examples of how Wawa uses pricing strategy as part of its store operations

B. Use Michael Porter’s Five Forces framework to explain how Wawa applies economic concepts to business strategy. As a directed requirement, for power of suppliers, make labor one of the inputs you analyze. How does Wawa structure compensation and align incentives to control cost and achieve company objectives?


Business Writing: Formal Report Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

Business Writing: Formal Report Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

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