Buying a House, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Buying a House, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. Buying a House, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Buying a House

Imagine you are a public administrator who has just
been promoted to a higher position but must relocate to another
city and purchase a different home. Using the five distributing
bargaining skills, present the steps and various aspects you would
consider implementing in buying a house. Be sure to address the

  1. Analyze the bargaining situation and whether or not it is distributive. If so, determine the reservation price.
  2. Present the initial offer you would make and apply bracketing to achieve your target price of $310,000.
  3. Indicate and frame the norms you would utilize in presenting your initial offer.

The Buying a House paper:

  • Must be four double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use at least three to four scholarly sources in addition to the course text.
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    Company (Tesla) Elon Musk Economics Assignment Help

    Scenario: Imagine you are a business consultant to a firm of your choice. You have been asked to analyze, advise, and create recommendations on how the firm can ensure its future success in its current market.

    Prepare a minimum 1,050-word analysis of economic data and business data to explain how the core economic principles impact the sustainability of the firm and what actions the firm can take to ensure success. A publicly-traded company operating in the U.S. market. Note: A publicly-traded company is a private-sector firm owned by its shareholders/stock holders.

    The purpose of this assignment is the creation of a research analysis. Every day, consumers make millions of decisions that impact the marketplace and influence firms’ decisions. Firms use economic concepts, models, and other “tools” of economics to help determine pricing, output, and profit maximization. As an MBA student of economics, you can apply the “tools” of economics to microeconomic and macroeconomic data to create recommendations for how firms can maximize revenue, profit and market share.

    Address the following:

    • Identify the market structure your chosen firm operates in, analyze your chosen firm’s current market share, and identify the firm’s local/global competitors. Analyze the barriers to entry in this market to illustrate the potential for new competition and its impact on your firm’s future in the market. Hints: Be sure you review the barriers to entry discussed in the course text. You might consider presenting the data graphically.
    • Identify and explain trends in current macroeconomic indicators for last three years including:
      • Current stage of the business cycle.
      • Real gross domestic product (GDP).
      • Inflation as measured by the consumer price index (CPI).
      • Unemployment rate.
      • Federal funds rate.
      • Current rate for borrowing funds such as the so-called “prime rate.” Note: A requirement of the Week 1 Influence of Economics on Household Decision Making report was to gather data on the CPI, GDP, and interest rates, so you should consider reviewing the feedback you received on the Week 1 report.
    • Evaluate trends in demand over last three years and explain their impact on the industry and the firm. Include quarterly (last two quarters) and annual sales (last three years) figures for the product your firm sells. Create business strategies by analyzing information and data related to the demand for and supply of your firm’s product(s) to support your recommendation for the firm’s actions. Remember to include a graphical representation of the data and information used in your analysis.
    • Examine available, current data and information, such as pricing and the availability of substitutes, and explain how you could determine the price elasticity of demand for your firm’s product. Assess how the price elasticity of demand impacts the firm’s pricing decisions and revenue growth.
    • Apply the concepts of variable and fixed costs to your firm for informing its output decisions. For instance, analyze how different kinds of costs (labor, research and development, raw materials) affect the firm’s level of output.
    • Based on the data gathered and analysis performed for this report write a conclusion in which you:
      • Create business strategies, including price and non-price strategies, based on your market structure to ensure the market share and potential market expansions and explore global opportunities for your business in a dynamic business environment and provide recommendations.
      • Develop a recommendation for how the firm can manage its future production by synthesizing the macroeconomic and microeconomic data presented.
      • Propose how the firm’s position within the market and among its competitors will allow it to take your recommended action.
      • Recommend strategies for the firm to sustain its success going forward by evaluating the findings from demand trends, price elasticity, current stage of the business cycle, and government policies.

    Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed references and a minimum of two government economic data sources/references.

    Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


    African American History Humanities Assignment Help

    All question must be answered in 4-5 paragraphs with work cites as well. No cover pages needed.

    1. Take one African American leader whom we have studied and carefully construct an argument for why that person was successful in reaching his or her goals. Include what the person’s goals were and make sure to have loads of context and appropriate detail.

    2. Compare and contrast the writings, speeches, and work of Dubois and Washington. Be sure to include context and appropriate detail.

    3. Choose one aspect of African American art or literature that we have studied or that is in your text. Explain what the historical context for this art or literature was, why it was important, and what its lasting impact is.

    4. Give 2 examples for when and why the federal government and executive branch intervened with the civil rights movement of the 50’s, 60’s and possibly beyond. Include examples from school desegregation and other examples. Be sure to specify what time period you are talking about and who the key people were.


    Midterm Take-Home Essay ,”World Affairs course” 1000-1500 words Humanities Assignment Help

    This assignment requires students to develop an argument in response to ONE of the following
    prompts focusing on key concepts and theories presented in the first half of the course. Essays that
    address more than one prompt will receive 0/100, with no option for resubmission.

    1. 1) Which of the three major theories of international relations introduced in this class—realism,
      liberalism, or constructivism—best accounts for the extended period of relative peace (i.e.
      the absence of major interstate war) between the great powers since the end of World War
    2. 2) How useful is Samuel Huntington’s “clash of civilizations” thesis for explaining the current
      conflict in the Middle East involving ISIS?
    3. 3) How useful are the “rationalist explanations for war” developed by Fearon for
      understanding the causes of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, as compared to explanations
      stressing domestic politics and/or identity?
    4. 4) To what extent are difference feminists correct in arguing that the world would be more
      peaceful if more states were led by women?

    Text : International Relations 11th edition by Jon C. Pevehouse , Joshua S. Goldstein

    Please see file for more detail


    US Military and National Strategy- Discussion Questions Humanities Assignment Help


    Please answer both question thoroughly and provide at least 1 example for each.

    Question 1:

    Current U.S. military doctrine recognizes four categories of power available to a nation: diplomatic, informational, military, and economic. Upon examination, it is apparent that only a nation/state can wield these elements of power; they would be beyond the reach of weaker powers or organizations. How then, can these lesser entities influence the powerful? Five “underdog” strategies are outlined as alternative sources of power for the weak (please read the attached document titled “UNDERDOG STRATEGIES”. If you are trying to influence the national policy of the United States, which of these five strategies do you feel would be the most effective? Why? (answer should be based on 1 of the strategies in the document)

    Question 2:

    The official declared national strategy for the US military is the two Major Theater of War (MTW) strategy. The central tenet of this strategy is that the United States must be prepared to fight two simultaneous MTWs. Is it possible to execute such a strategy today? Why or why not?


    Each question response should be a min of 350 words

    APA format

    Each question should have a min of 2 references cited



    Rhetorical Analysis ( Three paragraphs + work cited) Writing Assignment Help

    Rhetorical Analysis

    Hi, I have homework which to watch three commercial and then writing on it

    Each Commercial should be written in one paragraph

    So, it simple watch three commercial and then write on it in one page

    each commercial one paragraph. After that please do not forget to write a work cited page

    I will write for you some notes that I have taken it in my class today. She said the three paragraphs should related to these questions.

    1- What is it about ?

    2- Is it effective or ineffective ?

    3- Is it successful doest it make u buy something or not?

    4- If yes why ? or if not why .

    The three commercial that you should watch it , should be 1:30 minutes to 2:30. In the other word no longer than 2;30

    Finally, I will attach for you, Rhetorical Analysis Instructions, so, from this file , you will understand it more than what I have written. just be sure my idea similar from document.

    Rhetorical Analysis ( Three paragraphs + work cited) Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Data Backup/Disaster Recovery Computer Science Assignment Help

    Define, describe and identify the elements of (a) good Data Backup Planning, (b) good Disaster Recovery Planning, and (c) good Business Continuity Planning. Be sure to identify and describe any interdependencies in the planning.

    The paper must following the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing), and contain a title page, five scholarly references, three to five pages of content, and a reference page. More APA assistance can be found at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

    AND I want power point slides for presentation and I want description for each slide

    thank you


    Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed, revised, or left as it is, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

    Below are possible stands or theses (the plural of thesis) on this issue:

    • The Affordable Care Act should be repealed. (This would mean it would be annulled without any replacement. You will need to provide two reasons why it should be repealed.)
    • The Affordable Care Act should not be repealed and left as it is. (No changes would be made. You will need to provide two reasons why it should be left as is.)
    • The Affordable Care Act should be repealed and replaced. (In the body paragraphs following this thesis, provide two aspects of the law that need to be replaced and make clear what will take their place.)
    • The Affordable Care Act should be revised. (This argument would be similar to the one above, but the Act wouldn’t be repealed: it would simply be revised. In the body paragraphs following this thesis, provide two aspects of the law that need to be revised and explain what the revision should be.)

    Online you will find literally thousands of articles on this topic: pick several good articles or studies to support your thesis (i.e., articles that provide studies and data to support their arguments for or against change to the Affordable Healthcare Act).

    • In your introductory paragraph, provide background information on the Act, and end the paragraph with your thesis sentence, underlined.
    • Begin each body paragraph with an underlined topic sentence–a clear reason in support of your thesis. Be sure to use references that provide sufficient evidence for the claims you make in your body paragraphs. Using a quote from a source that simply restates your claim or reason isn’t sufficient support.
    • In your conclusion, bring your argument to a close.
    • Review the grading guidelines to be sure that you have met the minimum requirements for each part of the essay.

    References note:

    Use a minimum of 2 authoritative, credible online sources to support your argument, at least 1 source in each body paragraph. However, simply inserting one quote into a paragraph is rarely sufficient support. Each quote should be introduced in the text: let the reader know in advance whom you are quoting and the context of the source. All sources are correctly cited in the text using parenthetical citations where needed, and each source is included in a Works Cited or Reference section at the end of the document, following either MLA or APA style guidelines (see course textbook or the Purdue OWL consistently. Do not cite sources in the body of the essay with Internet addresses (URLs), nor only use a URL for the reference at the end of the document.

    Only has to be 750 words with a introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion


    correct 20 data entries with full citations using using owl english purdue edresource Business Finance Assignment Help

    Please correct assignment that is attached was missing cited with fiullcitiations and not just URL read the direction below. and amend the attached.

    I am returning this assignment because it is not in Times New Roman at 12 PTs.

    You should have this assignment in the correct format.

    Resubmit your work in TImes New Roman at 12 points.

    Do not forget that the Web sites must be cited with full citations and not just the URL.

    Go to the following web site to learn how to cite a YouTubevideo and web site.


    I need help with a business paper Business Finance Assignment Help

    As we continue our communication work, our attention will now move to developing effective written and oral presentations. Module 4 will focus on the following objectives:

    Define elements of effective business presentations. (M4-1)

    • Construct a well-researched written business report. (M4-2)

    Your oral and written presentations will be based on the same topic.

    Choosing an interesting research topic is your first challenge. Here are some tips:

    • Choose a topic that you are interested in! The research process is more relevant if you care about your topic.
    • Narrow your topic to something manageable. Talk about research ideas with a friend. S/he may be able to help focus your topic by discussing issues that didn’t occur to you at first.
      • If your topic is too broad, you will find too much information and not be able to focus.
      • Background reading can help you choose and limit the scope of your topic.
    • Think of the who, what, when, where and why questions: Finally, submit your topic for review. I will be happy to let you know right away if there is work for your still to do.
      • WHY did you choose the topic? What interests you about it? Do you have an opinion about the issues involved?
      • WHO are the information providers on this topic? Who might publish information about it? Who is affected by the topic? Do you know of organizations or institutions affiliated with the topic?
      • WHAT are the major questions for this topic? Is there a debate about the topic? Are there a range of issues and viewpoints to consider?
      • WHERE is your topic important: at the local, national or international level? Are there specific places affected by the topic?
      • WHEN is/was your topic important? Is it a current event or an historical issue? Do you want to compare your topic by time periods?

    The assignment – After consideration, submit your topic and your thesis statement as we discussed in class.

    I want You to talk about the Hyper Loop, and use good resources like NY times or any good source, and please follow the instructions and make it clear in the paper the intro thesis, body and conclusion. please make sure there is no plagiarism.


    Buying a House, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Buying a House, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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