Calculate Investing in Productivity Improvements (HR) Business Finance Assignment Help

Calculate Investing in Productivity Improvements (HR) Business Finance Assignment Help. Calculate Investing in Productivity Improvements (HR) Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Prepare a policy position that addresses the issue, “Does it make sense to invest in the productivity improvements offered by the HR module?”

Suppose that you apply the maximums to recruiting and training. Here are the costs:

  1. Recruiting costs per new worker are $5000.
  2. Each employee trains 80 hours per year at $20 per training hour
  3. Workforce complement increases by 4.2% to cover the 80 hours people are in training.

For this exercise you need a spreadsheet and both the Capstone Courier and Annual Report. Use the Round 2 reports for the analysis. Human Resources statistics like workforce complement and turnover are on Courier page 12. Use Annual Report Income Statement’s total Labor cost to estimate payroll costs.

Assume the following productivity payoffs:

  1. Round 1 – 102%
  2. Round 2 – 105%
  3. Round 3 – 108%
  4. Round 4 – 112%
  5. Round 5 – 115%
  6. Round 6 – 118%

Therefore, in Round 6 each worker would be 1.18 times as effective as the beginning worker, and your workforce complement would fall to 1/1.18 or 85% of its current level.

For a quick evaluation, assume your total labor expenditure from the Annual Report Income Statement will stay flat for the next six years.

How much of a cost savings might you expect in the sixth year? For example, if the total labor costs on the Income Statement says $29M, and costs stay the same for six years, then in the last year your costs would fall to $29/1.18 M. Apply the same approach to years one through five to get a total savings over time.

Would this justify the necessary expenditures in recruiting and training made over time? Assume a turnover of 10% and no increase in workforce size. Since you are sending workers to training for 80 hours or two weeks each year, you also need to expand the workforce enough to cover the workers that are in training. We are looking for a ballpark answer, not a precise answer, so that you can decide whether or not a payoff in HR productivity justifies the expense.

So far we have assumed our workforce and labor contracts are constant. In practice the market is growing at about 14%, and your labor contract has a 5% wage escalator. How does this affect the numbers? At what level, if any, would you recommend that your company invest in recruiting and training? Are there any factors beyond the simple numbers that should be considered?

Length: 1 – 2 pages of analysis not including title page and references as well as all of the calculations that you generated to come up with your solution.

Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please use at minimum 2 outside scholarly sources for support

Calculate Investing in Productivity Improvements (HR) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Behavioral Neuroscience Writing Assignment Help

At the top of the next page type the source of the article. Begin with author(s) name(s) followed by year, title of the article, journal name, volume and pages. Here is an example of the expected format:

Rich, C.L., Ricketts, J.E., Fowler, R.C., & Young, D. (1988). Some
differences between men and women who commit suicide.
American Journal of Psychiatry, 145, pp. 718-722.

3. Structure your summary using the following headings:

A. Introduction. State the topic of the investigation and the major question(s) being
addressed including primary hypotheses or predictions.

B. Method. The method section should be subdivided as follows:

Participants. Who or what served as subjects? If human subjects were involved, provide the relevant information, e.g., 103 undergraduate students, 63 females and 40 males.

Instruments. What materials were used? Here you report the instruments or equipment used in the study (questionnaires, observations, tests, injections, mazes).

Procedures. What did the researchers do? What procedures did they follow? For example, “Participants were asked to memorize a list of words under 3 different conditions” (describe the conditions) “and were then tested for their ability to recall the words.”

C. Results. Briefly summarize the results. In many instances, results are reported in the context of the statistical methods used in the investigation. You are not expected to be able to understand this statistical information. Instead, go for words and report the major findings

D. Discussion and Evaluation. Describe what you learned from the study. Although a sophisticated methodological critique of the study is probably beyond your reach at this point in your education, feel free to comment on any flaws you find in the research, alternative perspectives not considered by the author(s), and other mattes that captured your attention. In most instances, it will be sufficient to simply declare what you “brought away” with you as a result of studying the article.

Note that one of the primary challenges of this alternative to research participation is to condense a great deal of information into a small (2-page) package. Clear, crisp, descriptive writing is essential.

E. Attachment. Attach a photocopy of the first page of the article you review at the end of your 2-page paper.


Supporting Home-School-Community Partnerships Writing Assignment Help


Create a professional presentation to address the relationships between the home, school, and community.


For this assignment, you will research a community organization and develop a professional presentation that focuses on Supporting Home-School-Community Partnerships. Your presentation should utilize PowerPoint and include a professional format to present your information. You are encouraged to use visual elements to enhance the presentation but make sure the overall visual components do not detract from the content.

Your presentation should include information on each of the pieces outlined below [a minimum of one slide per point].

  1. Title slide with title of presentation, your name, and date.
  2. Identify a community organization which supports early childhood education. Provide slide(s) that summarize the main focus of the community organization.
  3. Identify a specific need for children and families in your early childhood practice. Provide slide(s) that summarize the need.
  4. Provide slide(s) that address how this community organization supports the specific need you identified for children and families in your early childhood program.
  5. Address how the children, families and early childhood program can support the community organization.
  6. Include specific steps needed to from a partnership.
  7. Identify the communication plan needed to form the partnership. Provide information on why this is important.
  8. Provide the specific steps required to implement the communication plan.
  9. Identify the intended benefits of the model.
  10. Identify key theories that support the benefits of home-school-community partnerships. Include a summary of the information.
  11. Reference slide

Your PowerPoint presentation should reflect proper spelling and grammar.

All information sources and in-text citations must be done in APA format. Rasmussen College Library and Learning Services has developed a guide to assit you


Introduction-Methodology- Findings Writing Assignment Help


purpose of education the perspective of theaters of using project-based learning methods of private school in west Saudi Arabia

Findings (1,000 words)

What did you find: What is the answer to your research question and sub-questions, based on the data analysis that you performed? ….answer

  • Organize your writing according to the major themes and categories that you identified. Use sections with headings to separate one theme from the next.
  • When summarizing findings, you MUST reference the actual transcriptswith the coding, so that it is clear how your findings tie back to the actual data and coding. Do not “just make things up.” Use quotes from the actual transcripts to support your claims and reference them.

Example: One participant believed that homeschooling was a better option for his children because it provided them with opportunity to spend as much time as necessary on one topic. (Transcript # X, page# X, paragraph# X). Echoing this thought, a common theme in the narratives was parents’ concern about lack of opportunity to engage in in-depth study of topic in science:

Here you need to place a verbatim quote from the transcript that is illustrative and representative of this theme. (Transcript #X, page #X, paragraph #X).

Above words support the idea that the purpose of education is to allow an opportunity to engage deeply in learning about the world around us.


Guo, S & Yang Y, “Project-based Learning: An Effective Approach to Link Teacher Professional Development and Students Learning.” 2012. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 15(4), 214-224.

Fragoulis I &Mega G, “The Project Method and Visible Thinking: A Comparative Study.” 2009. New York Times.

Dhieb-Henia, N, “Improving Science Students’ Fluency through Project Work.” 2010. Universityof Chicago Press

Merriam, S. (2009). Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.


Implications of the Physiological Mechanisms of Substance Use Disorder Humanities Assignment Help

The various neurotransmitter systems each release a chemical of a
different “flavor” along a unique pathway from one brain region to
another. Furthermore, the brain may produce many different
neurotransmitter receptors, each responding differently to the same
chemical, such that the number of signals that can be transmitted in
the brain seems innumerable. Many drugs can drastically disrupt this
system, providing an artificial boost to pleasure centers. Some people
who experience this pleasure may find themselves in the throws of
substance use disorder, unable to refrain from drugs even in the face of
society’s disapproval and possible legal censure.

For this week’s Discussion, you select a substance that often leads
to substance use disorder. You examine the physiological mechanisms of
substance use disorder related to that substance and what knowledge of
these mechanisms can contribute to a societal response to the problem
of substance use disorder.

Part 1 a brief explanation
of how the substance you selected affects the body. Then explain the
physiological mechanisms of substance use disorder related to the
substance you selected. Finally, explain two ways knowledge of
physiological mechanisms of substance use disorder might impact a
society’s response to the problem of substance use disorder. Support
your postings and responses with specific references to the literature
and Learning Resources. Part 2

The Assignment:

Write a 4- to 5-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Describe the divisions of the brain that research psychologists are most interested in and explain why.
  • Describe what divisions of the brain you might be interested in researching and explain why.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources
used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all
resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.
Noe, A. (2011). Is addiction in the head? NPR. Retrieved from

  • Sinauer and Associates, Inc. (Producer). (2010). Agonists and antagonists. Available from
  • Breedlove, S. M., & Watson, N. V. (2018). Behavioral neuroscience (8th ed.) New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
    • Chapter 4, “The Chemistry Behavior: Neurotransmitters and Neuropharmacology”

  • Koob, G. F., & Volkow, N. D. (2010). Neurocircuitry of addiction. Neuropsychopharmacology, 35(1), 217–238.

    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

  • Volkow, N. D., Wang, G. J., Fowler, J. S., Tomasi, D., Telang, F.,
    & Baler, R. (2010). Addiction: decreased reward sensitivity and
    increased expectation sensitivity conspire to overwhelm the brain’s
    control circuit. Bioessays, 32(9), 748–755. Retrieved from



Write a 3pg essay Writing Assignment Help

Attached are the powerpoints that cover some of the material. Feel free to use the internet, however, make sure to CITE AND REFERENCE. PLAGIARISM will not be tolerated.

Here is the question.

Last assignment is devoted to the issue of slavery and the law.The overarching question you must address is how the law was used in the United State to make chattel slavery a race based institution.How did the law differ, if at all, between North and South?How did the federal Constitution deal with slavery, What political and economic forces led to the industrialization of slavery in the South. Why did Dred Scott not decide the issue of slavery?Were the legal principles state by Taney in Dred Scott sound or could the case have benn decided in a less confrontational way?Final, once the Civil ended slavery what steps did Congress take in the form of constitutional amendments and statutes to ensure that slavery would not return and were those steps successful?

Write a 3pg essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussion2 Health Medical Assignment Help

Review your lectures. Then:

  • Identify, how many Americans remain uninsured despite the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), using the most current scholarly resource available.
  • Identify how many Americans are currently signed up for and have paid premium for the PPACA.
  • Discuss the current cost to Americans in subsidies, which are financially supporting the PPACA. What is the current fine charged by the IRS to those without insurance and how much will it increase in 2016? Will this fine increase have a negative or positive impact? Explain why.

Review the following articles from South University Library:

Lurie, I. Z., & McCubbin, J. (2016). What can tax data tell us about the uninsured? evidence from 2014. National Tax Journal, 69(4), 883-904. doi:…

Impact of obamacare on coverage: Reduction in the number of uninsured. (2016). Congressional Digest, 95(3), 7.

Jost, T. S., & Pollack, H. A. (2016). Making health care truly affordable after health care reform. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 44(4), 546-554. doi:10.1177/1073110516684785

To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

Your initial posting should be addressed at 300-500 words. Submit your document to this Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Be sure to cite your sources using APA format.


Week3 Discussion:psychological experiment related to Gender Humanities Assignment Help

To prepare

  • Search the Walden library for an article or psychological experiment related to gender. (The Psychological Experiments Online database in this week’s Optional Resources is a useful reference to locate experiments.)
  • Analyze your article or experiment for evidence of gender-related bias or one of the difficulties in research related to gender (e.g., experimenter effects or participant effects) as noted in the Learning Resources.

By Day 4

Post a brief summary of the article or experiment you selected. Explain the evidence for gender-related bias or difficulties that you identified within the resource. Then, provide suggestions for how the researcher(s) might address these issues.


Criminal justice Science Assignment Help

with the ethical systems in mind.

  • Is it ethical for detectives to deliberately use deception during an interrogation? The Supreme Court has ruled that deceptions are legal, but are they ethical? If so, identify under which ethical system police would be permitted to use deception as an interrogation technique.
  • All police agencies make use of informants. Larger departments even pay their informants and keep track of their contributions to cases. Discuss the ethical problems of using informants to assist with investigations.
  • You have read about a concept known as “accepted lies” in police work. Give an example of an “accepted lie” and show how it is ethically permissible.c


Trace the history of Europe through colonization, imperialism, and decolonization from 1492-1989 Writing Assignment Help

Since 1492, Europeans have increasingly encountered non-Europeans across the globe, yet the terms of those encounters have changed over time.Write an essay that traces the history of European colonization, imperialism, and decolonization from 1492 to 1989. Be sure to consider changing power dynamics (e.g. slavery and abolition; confessional competition; nationalism; technological asymmetries), shifting economic motivations (e.g. bullion acquisition; sugar, coffee, etc.; tropical goods such as palm oil and rubber), and cultural consequences (e.g. cultural relativism; European ethnocentrism; racism; nationalist chauvinism; Darwinism; primitivism; cultural representations in middle class households, etc.).What led Europeans to be successful in their expansion through much of the period? Why did such expansion ultimately lead to catastrophe and retreat?

Be sure to organize your essay around a clearly stated explanatory thesis, and be sure to support your argument with concrete examples and evidence.


Calculate Investing in Productivity Improvements (HR) Business Finance Assignment Help

Calculate Investing in Productivity Improvements (HR) Business Finance Assignment Help

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