Cancer Activity

Cancer Activity. Cancer Activity.

I’m trying to study for my Sociology course and I need some help to understand this question.



  • Review link from It is a PDF file and is 76 Pages
  • After reviewing, pick two items that stick out to you.What caught your eye based on the variety of statistics in this document?
  • 10 points: Five points for each topic and summary.Summary will be at least 4 sentences about the topic you picked.


Figure 3:I was shocked to see that estimates for Deaths in 2018 seems low, which is a good thing to see.I think see this it show that less people are having cancer or that the treatments are working. It gives a thought as to why men are projected to die more than women do in deaths.It is interested to see that Lung and Bronchitis is both number 2 for male and female in estimated cases.I enjoying reviewing stats to see who, what, when, where is going on.With new advances in treatment, it is good information to see that cancers are still relevant in today’s world.

Cancer Activity

Cancer Activity

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