Capella University Incident Response Plan and Comprehensive Plan Paper Writing Assignment Help

Capella University Incident Response Plan and Comprehensive Plan Paper Writing Assignment Help. Capella University Incident Response Plan and Comprehensive Plan Paper Writing Assignment Help.

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Write 750 words for each session.

The course project involves the development of a comprehensive approach for security and business operations. Three main elements comprise the content of the project.

  1. Identification and description of the key components of a comprehensive Incident Response Plan (IRP) for any attack on an organization’s network and data. The plan starts with the identification of trigger events and includes immediate actions that should be taken.
  2. Identification and description of the key components of a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for any incident that could disrupt the availability of an organization’s network and data. The plan starts with the composition of the disaster recovery team and respective roles and responsibilities.
  3. Identification and description of the key components of a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for any attacks or incidents which could affect Sunshine Machine Work’s network and data. The framework for the BCP is provisioned through the You Decide Exercise.

Capella University Incident Response Plan and Comprehensive Plan Paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

CHS National Debt and National Deficit Government Expenditure Discussion Writing Assignment Help

  • Address the difference between the national debt and the national deficit. Then, answer the question of whether the national debt poses a threat, of any kind, to the country? Explain your answer and describe what our nation’s policy should be.

This is a short research paper (2-4 pages). You should use MS word and attach in the proper place. You should include a title page, in-text citations, and a reference list using APA style guidelines. You should write in third person and there should be no direct quotes. Do not count the title page and reference page in the page count. Please use scholarly sources and submit in the proper place (below).

.doc file


CYB 601 National University Social Engineering Essay Computer Science Assignment Help

I’m working on a cyber security case study and need support to help me learn.

Read each question carefully and answer all three questions using your own words; although you should include supporting resources where necessary (use APA formatting and include any references immediately following each question, do not put them all at the end). Your essay answers should include an introduction, body, and conclusion for each question. Answer the three questions separately, starting each question at the top of a new page. There is no minimum or maximum number of pages; however, you need to write a complete and thorough essay for each question, making sure you address all parts of each question. Here are some formatting requirements:

  • Margins = 1 inch on all sides
  • Use 12 pt. font size, double-spaced
  • Use a standard font type (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Times Roman); do not use a script-style font
  • Do notcreate a cover/title page – only include a simple heading at the top of Page 1 (only) which includes the Course #/Title, “Final Exam – Essay Questions,” your full name, and the date (do not make it a repeating header)
  • Do not repeat the questions, just write your essay answers

Essay Question #1:

Social Engineering may involve the use of several different tactics, techniques, and methods – each of which have different characteristics and definitions. The instructor added the tactic of “trickery or deceit,” which is not on the textbook author’s list.

  • Name the five tactics given by the author.
  • The author also lists five techniques used by social engineers to get personal information – one technique is “urgency,” what are the other four techniques?
  • Finally, there are several different methods for conducting social engineering, for example “dumpster diving” to find discarded financial records, what are two other methods?
  • Describe two different social engineering schemes and the ways you would combine specific tactics, techniques, and methods to accomplish them.

Essay Questions #2:

  • Describe the basic functions of the two different types of IDS, including the benefits/advantages and disadvantages of each type
  • Explain the two primary methods used for detecting potential attacks.

Essay Question #3:


  • Read all of the scenario before you start to answer the questions.
  • Answer the question as you would talking directly to your customer (not to the instructor).
  • Explain both assumptions and solutions.


You recently opened your network security consulting business and a new customer comes to you with a problem:

“…You know that I have a Real Estate business in the small shopping area on Main Street. My office is in a great location between the Outdoor Café and the Outrageous Coffee Shop. Lots of high tech and professional people like the shopping area to sit, socialize, and work. Buyers come by the office and drop in to talk just because they are in the area. Business is GREAT. I have had three new loan brokers join our office in the last six months. I thought that I was too small to worry about security, but a kid got into my wireless and changed the SSID to “MrSpock_was_here.” Now everyone is asking how I am protecting their information. Talking to the owners of other Real Estate businesses, they said that they got a Security Consultant to help and explain security.”

Okay, you have done a great job explaining everything, like Kali, and securing my company, but I still don’t understand this “public and private key” thing. You keep talking about how important it is to maintain confidentiality and authentication, how does that happen with these keys?

Answer your client’s questions, ensuring that you cover the following information (these are not the questions, these are guidelines):

  1. What are the two types of encryption algorithms (other than hashing)?
  2. What is the difference between a public and private key?
  3. How can confidentiality and authentication be achieved using public key cryptography?

Create a single Word document with all three essay answers.


GCC Family Transitions for Immigrant Families Living in United States Case Study Writing Assignment Help

4 pages double spaced

Final Paper Outline

I.Transition Introduction this section you describe the transition you will be addressing

b.Provide a statement as to why you will be choosing this transition

c.Explain how you will be focusing on how this transition has shown to affect children based on your research

d.Provide a brief summary of normative and non -normative development of children to illustrate how the transition and these processes are tied together

II.Background and Significance

a.Detailed explanation of the transition based on the literature including a formal definition of it

b.Current statistics on transition (US only)

c.Have theories regarding why these transitions occur changed over time or do they remain the same? If so how?

d.Can the transition be prevented?

e.Explain how this transition affects children’s normative and non -normative development according to the research


a.Person you interviewed and why

b.Describe how the information they provided was or was not beneficial to your research and why

c. Ensure to tie in responses from your interviewee throughout the paper to strengthen the credibility of your statements




HRM 546 University of Phoenix FMLA Labor Laws and OSHA Powerpoint Business Finance Assignment Help

You are a first-year Human Resource Specialist at “State of Estates” estate planning firm. Norman is the mid-level manager responsible for the southern regional office. The following events have recently occurred in Norman’s office:

  • Ken, an estate planner in Norman’s office, recently adopted a baby with his wife. He applied for 12-week family leave, but was denied by Norman because his wife did not physically give birth. The corporate human resource department (where you work) was not given notice of this decision.
  • June, part of the full-time housekeeping staff, has been asking other employees if they would like to join a union. There are currently no unions within the organization.
  • Maria is concerned about ladders that are placed around the office for remodeling. Norman said not to worry, and that there are no official policies for safety in an office setting.

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes responding to Norman from a Human Resource standpoint. The video or presentation should address the following topics:

  • An overview of the FMLA and its key provisions relating to Ken.
  • Recommended resolution for Ken’s situation (both for Ken as an employee and as a company handling these requests moving forward).
  • An overview of key labor laws to briefly educate Norman on employee rights in unionizing.
  • A brief discussion of OSHA and possible application to Norman’s office setting.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.



Glendale Community College Freakonomics Film Analysis Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

write a 2 to 3 page critical analysis/review of the documentary film, Freakonomics.

Discuss at least two of the various segments of the film that appealed to you the most. In your reporting of those segments, explain which statistical concepts that we have discussed in class, could be applied to the topics and issues mentioned in the film. Tell me how well you thought the creators of Freakonomics used those concepts to explain and support the various claims they made throughout the documentary. Finally, what were your thoughts on some of those claims and theories they produced? Were those claims overly controversial or outlandish, or did they seem to be justified?

Remember, a critical review is not simply just a written summary of the issues discussed in the film, but a critical interpretation of them.

Glendale Community College Freakonomics Film Analysis Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Diablo Valley College Why Not Us Questions Writing Assignment Help

For this assignment, watch the document which follows a group of young people as they interview individuals across the U.S. While dated, it is a good example of how talking to professionals in different industries can give valuable insights into various careers and opportunities. During your college years, I encourage you to talk to people that have some of the jobs you are considering. You will never regret spending the time to research and invest in yourself.

This assignment should be at least 600 words of your own writing. As always, I encourage you to be critical, self-reflective, and honest. Answer all of the following and number each section. Help me maintain my faith in humanity and make me believe you watched it.

  1. What are your thoughts on the documentary overall? Can you relate to the struggle of first-generation college students?
  2. What are your thoughts on the value of doing informational interviews (talking to people that have the jobs you are interested in)?
  3. Which two interviews from the film were most interesting or relevant for your life? Why those 2 specifically?
  4. Have you talked with any professionals out there that have jobs that you are interested in? What did you learn?
  5. If you wanted to conduct informational interviews while in college, how would you go about doing it? Where would you look or how would you find people?


NRS 428VN CUMS Community Health Promotion Teaching Work Plan Proposal Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

The teaching plan proposal developed in this assignment will be used to develop your Community Teaching Plan: Community Presentation due in Topic 5. You are strongly encouraged to begin working on your presentation once you have received and submitted this proposal.

Select one of the following as the focus for the teaching plan:

  • Primary Prevention/Health Promotion
  • Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population
  • Bioterrorism/Disaster
  • Environmental Issues

Use the “Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal” resource to complete this assignment. This will help you organize your plan and create an outline for the written assignment.

  • After completing the teaching proposal, review the teaching plan proposal with a community health and public health provider in your local community.
  • Request feedback (strengths and opportunities for improvement) from the provider.
  • Complete the “Community Teaching Experience” form with the provider. You will submit this form in Topic 5.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


MNG 3217 The University of Manchester Social Exchange Theory Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Assessment 2: Report

Due:21 September, 2020 9am AEDT

Length:1500 words (plus/minus 10 per cent)


Weighting: 40%

The following assessment aims to examine how well you understand the relationship between key elements of the unit material such as authentic leadership, effective Leader-Member Exchange, management support factors, and the psychological capital of employees of different employee groups. It continues the development of Cultural Competence Learning Outcome and Graduate Attribute by facilitating students increased knowledge and awareness about how authentic leadership, effective Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and management support interact on employees outcomes.

This assignment must be submitted through the Turnitin link for this assignment.


Facilitators will present students with a concept model from the journals you have listed in the reading list in the Unit Content section of Blackboard.


This assignment is about using the model that your facilitator has given you and:

1. Identify the journal article that the model comes from (make sure you include it in the reference list with SCU URL details).

2. Explain the model. This involves critically reading and writing about the concepts discussed in the journal article. You are expected to use some of the academic literature to support a well-constructed argument (a minimum of 5 references to other articles from the course material – more for higher grades). What are the factors in the model that you are looking at? What are the outcomes that are being investigated? What is the relationship between the factors in the model? (600 words)

3a. Application. If you are in a (paid or unpaid) work context, examine whether the way the factors interact in the model is similar to your understanding of how leadership behaviours affect employees’ outcomes in a workplace. Justify your response with reference to your own workplace and other journal articles in the unit content and reading list (900 words) Note: if you select this option you must get approval from your facilitator and you MUST demonstrate evidence that you are currently or recently employed by the organisation you are analysing.


3b. If you are not in a workplace setting at the moment, think about the findings that are presented in the model (and the journal article). Use the model and journal article to explain the type of leadership, management practices that employees experience and consider how it affects employee outcomes. Justify your response with reference to the findings in the article and other articles in the unit content and reading list (900 words)


  • Do include a title page with a title that identifies the factors in the model
  • Do not include an Executive Summary or Table of Contents
  • Do structure your report with an Introduction, followed by the main body of the report where you explain the model and apply your understanding. Finish with a concluding paragraph.
  • Do use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double line spacing
  • Do number your pages
  • Do refer to the literature conforming to the SCU Harvard referencing style
  • You may use headings and sub-headings but they are not essential

Marking criteria


Assessing criteria


Identification of the model

  • The model has been correctly identified with reference to the journal article in which the model was first published.
  • The key factors/variables have been identified and explained (including the specific employee outcomes).
  • The relationship between the factors has been explained clearly with reference to supporting literature.
  • There is clear evidence that the relationships in the theoretical model are understood
  • There is evidence that the principles in the model could be effectively applied to a practical situation
  • There is a demonstrated understanding of the impact of leadership on employee performance

5 marks

Explanation of the model

10 marks

Applying the knowledge

15 mark

Paragraphing, formatting and referencing

  • The introduction should have a topic sentence detailing the topic of the report, and an outline of the report. Avoid using references to the literature in your Introduction (except for a reference to the article in which your model was published).
  • Each paragraph that follows should be a well-constructed paragraph comprising approximately 150 words each. A paragraph should have a topic sentence. This should be followed by sentences that are referenced (i.e. intext citations using SCU Harvard style guide) and add depth to the argument development.
  • The final paragraph should provide a summary of the report. It requires no references and is usually shorter than other paragraphs.
  • Sources reviewed are acceptable and referenced correctly
  • The formatting conforms to the specified requirements
  • Include a Reference List in alphabetical order formatted in accordance with the SCU Harvard style guide


Santa Monica College Visual Analysis of Alice in Wonderland Presentation Humanities Assignment Help

A visual essay communicates ideas, hypotheses, and/or analyses of a particular topic through visual aids. It contains the same information one would use in a traditional written essay, including an introduction, body, and conclusion, with one notable difference — an emphasis on visual cues to introduce, support and defend one’s perspective, rather than an overwhelming reliance on prose as a method of communication.

You may submit your visual essay in one of the following formats (see hyperlinks for examples):

  • Google Slide (preferred over powerpoint because of its ease of use in embedding youtube clips)


Please follow the format in your Visual Essay Outline for your Visual Essay Final Project, with three additions — written in orange:

  • Cover page/image (featuring your name, our course, semester, and title of project)
  • Table of Contents (listing each section your visual essay will include — i.e.: Introduction/Overview —> Works Cited Page)
  • Introduction/Overview
  • Narrative Form
  • Mise-en-Scene
  • Additional Film Technique (Sound, Editing, Cinematography)
  • Summary
  • Works Cited Page (please feel free to use the following MLA Works Cited Page generator (Links to an external site.)Links to an external help with this submission.
    • Note: Remember to include our course text (Film Art) as well as the film you selected in your Works Cited.


For Slide and Prezi Presentations:

  • Write in bullet points, not paragraphs
  • Use at least one slide per section.
    • Be mindful to text to graphic ratio. If your slide is “too busy,” because it has too much information and/or too many images, use additional slides so that your information stands out.
  • Use a graphic example (youtube clip or still) to support each point.

For Visual Essay Documentary:

  • Use on screen text to track your table of contents. For example, when we are discussing mise-en-scene, write mise-en-scene on the screen and write each element (ex: staging, lighting, etc.,) as you are discussing it in your essay.


Capella University Incident Response Plan and Comprehensive Plan Paper Writing Assignment Help

Capella University Incident Response Plan and Comprehensive Plan Paper Writing Assignment Help

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