Capella University Role of Information Systems Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

Capella University Role of Information Systems Research Paper Writing Assignment Help. Capella University Role of Information Systems Research Paper Writing Assignment Help.

Write a 1750 word email

The CEO and CIO in your company wants to propose a new information system that may have a strategic impact on the business. They believe that by gathering data on competitors’ customers, the business will gain a significant competitive advantage. You are the primary lead when applying technology to the business and you have been asked for your opinion about this new opportunity.

In a 1,750-word e-mail response, provide your opinions about an information system such as this. Be sure to answer the following questions:

  • What would the advantages and disadvantages of the information system be?
  • Identify the type of information system this would represent.
  • What ethical problems might this type of system introduce? Provide at least 2 examples of potential problems.
  • Address this type of information system with respect to how organizational decision making might be impacted.
  • Does it matter whether the customers are individuals or businesses? Why or why not?

Make sure to use the APA style that and provide enough detail to fully support your opinion.

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American College of California Religious Studies New Testament Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Answer these questions with short answers (1-2 paragraphs each):

1. What are the Synoptics and why are they important for biblical scholars?

2. Please explain how Christology develops from the Gospel of Mark to the Gospel of John.

3. What are themes of the undisputed Pauline letters and how do they influence your vision of Paul?

4. Besides Jesus, which person in the Gospels do you feel makes one or more Gospels most gripping and why?

5. What can we conclude about the social context of Hebrews?

6. How do Ephesians and Colossians evince Jewish mysticism?

7. How does the imagery of Paul differ from the imagery of Revelation?


University of North Texas Teenage Pregnancy and Poverty Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Please put the concepts into your own works, not simply quote from your textbook or quote from another source. I do, however, encourage you to look for and bring in other sources! Respond to the following questions with a 200+ word reply per question, in your own words. Please number your answers to correspond with each question.

Preview the following video to provide the below discussion questions.

1. Discuss and address problems starting with the 11 year old child and overall video. (as discussed in the video), Define and identify the problems from the video talk? What are the priority problem(s)?

2. Translate problems into needs. What are some available resources needed within the community population? Meaning what organizations can help with this problem. Feel free to add any other relevant information you feel appropriate.


Stanford University Day of Mindfulness Reflection Writing Assignment Help

After reading Chapter 8 of Full Catastrophe Living, you will schedule a “Day of Mindfulness” for yourself. I encourage you to plan your day at any time after the semester mid-point; 6/17 on. Your “Day of Mindfulness” must include at least six uninterrupted hours of a variety of meditations that can include sitting, walking, lying down, body scan, yoga, lovingkindness, eating, etc. Ground rules include no talking or making eye contact with others, no leisure reading (novels, etc.), and you must turn off technology for the day (including phones, computers, tv, radio, etc.). If an emergency arises then you may attend to that of course, but otherwise you must complete all six hours of the day of mindfulness. During this time, you may meditate, journal, practice yoga or some type of movement, and eat. After you complete your day of mindfulness, you must write a 3-4-page response paper about your experience. Write about the joys and challenges of participating, how you felt before and after, thoughts and emotions that emerged throughout the day, pain/discomfort and other body sensations that occurred and anything else that came up for you during the day.

Paper parameters:

    • 3-4 pages (3 page minimum, no more than 4 pages)
    • APA Format
      • 12-pt Times New Roman font
      • 1” margins all around
      • Double-spaced, indent 5 spaces for new paragraph
      • Separate title page
    • IMPORTANT: Bold the names of at least 5 types of meditation (see information above) that you practiced and describe what the experience was like for you.
      • Body Scan Meditation – Chapter 5
      • Loving Kindness Meditation – the Metta Bhavana prayer you repeat while meditating
      • Walking Meditation (Mindful Walking) – Chapter 7
      • Sitting Meditation – Chapter 4
      • Still Meditation


Capella University Computer Aided Software Engineering Tools Paper Writing Assignment Help

Write 1250 words.

You work on the IT team at a local college. You are currently on an Information Systems (IS) project that is enhancing the registration system. You have a student intern who is inexperienced and untrained. The intern has only taken one information systems course. Your team lead has asked you to prepare a report about the project. In a 5-page report, complete the following:

  • Locate information about several computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools on the Web (note that you will also find helpful readings in Chapter 13 of your text).
    • What features do the tools offer that could be beneficial to use in the development of your project?
    • How do you think using them can reduce cycle time and increase quality?
  • What are some difficulties that you think the intern might have in trying to develop the information system?
  • What basic controls should be included in that system to ensure that students are enrolled in the classes they request?
  • What security should be included in the system to prevent inappropriate use of it?



ENC 1102 Florida International University Wk 5 Shifting Genres Memorandum Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will practice shifting genres. To begin, read pages 467-469 in our class textbook. Then, select one paragraph from a campaign speech and revise it into a tweet, a diary entry, and a business memo. As you complete this genre shift, you will need to make decisions about what information to keep and/or delete, how to best address the audience of the revised genre, the most appropriate word choice and tone, and how to take advantage of the digital or non-digital nature of the genre.

Your assignment should respond to the following:

  1. What is the campaign speech you’ve selected for this assignment? Here, provide the speaker’s name, the title of the speech, where the speech was delivered, and a link to the speech.
  2. Select one paragraph from the speech and copy/paste it here.
  3. Revise this paragraph into a tweet.
  4. Revise this paragraph into a diary entry.
  5. Revise this paragraph into a business memo.
  6. Look back over the genre shift you’ve just completed. How did the style change to match each genre and audience? In what specific ways did you adjust word choice and/or tone when moving between genres? How did you decide what information to keep or delete within each genre?


Small Assignments/Activities for ENC1101 & ENC1102 (Updated) (1)

Small Assignments/Activities for ENC1101 & ENC1102 (Updated) (1)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssignment submission is well-developed, thorough, and detailed.

6.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssignment submission responds to all parts of the assigned text(s) or prompt. If a word count is mentioned, the assignment meets minimum word requirements.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssignment submission shows evidence of proofreading and editing.

2.0 pts

Total Points: 10.0


ENC 1102 Florida International University Wk 5 Shifting Genres Memorandum Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

University of Illinois Greek Art, Drama, and Early Philosophy Essay Writing Assignment Help


There are three readings for this assignment, write one paragraph for each reading based on the reading questions.


  • Greek Art, Drama, and Early Philosophy.
  • Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and The Phaedo–Read pages 1-34 (Stop at “ Very true” )
  • “ The lliad” – Read ( pp. 43-95)
  • Antigone – Read it All.


1- What was the purpose of early Greek art? What are some characteristics?

2- What does philosophy mean? What were earlyphilosophers searching for?


1- How did Socrates differ from earlier philosophers?

2- Who were Plato and Aristotle? How were their philosophies similar? How were their philosophies different?

3- Who wrote “ The Phaedo?” What is it about?


1- What is the lliad about?

2- Does it give a moral lesson? If so, what is it?


1- What is Antigone about?

2- what lesson can we learn from Antigone?

3- How does the afterlife appear in Antigone?

Remember that you have to answer each reading’s questions in one paragraph.


LSTD 302 APUS Model Penal Code Case Study Law Assignment Help

Make sure your support your response with legal reasoning using the Model Penal Code (MPC). Again, it is very important to your overall grade on this assignment that you cite the specific sections of the MPC that support/ relate to each possible crime each person could be charged with. Remember that prosecutors typically charge as many crimes as they can in hopes that they will be able to prove some beyond a reasonable doubt. Also, again, please be sure to list possible defenses for each person/ each crime involved.


Mike and his young girlfriend, Tina, both out of work and penniless, thought that love was all that mattered and decided to get married. Although Mike had no money, he told Tina he was going to buy her an engagement ring. Tina inquired how he could afford it and he looked at her, winked, and said, “watch me”. The couple went to Malaguti’s Jewelry store and Tina picked out the ring of her dreams, which cost $5,000.00. Mike paid in cash and Tina could not understand how and asked where Mike got the money. Mike rushed Tina from the store with the ring.

Mike told Tina not to worry about the money and besides, it only cost him $500.00 because the money was counterfeit and he had purchased it earlier from his friend Tony. The argument ended as he kissed her and slipped the ring onto her finger. They got married the next day at the Justice of the Peace.

After the ceremony they decided to go to the local bar and drink to their wedded bliss. While there, several friends purchased multiple rounds of shots for them. Mike drank what Tina was unable to. When Mike ordered more, the bartender Tommy, refused to serve him further due to his condition. An argument ensued and Mike pulled out a gun from his pocket and fired a single shot which grazed Tommy’s arm, ricocheted and killed Maria, another bartender, who was standing behind Tommy.

Mike grabbed Tina and started to leave. Tina, who had come to her sense about Mike by now, resisted, but Mike forced her out and pushed her into his car. Tina insisted that if he did not turn himself into the police, she would. Mike drove to his friend Tony’s apartment. Mike pushed Tina, now hysterical, into Tony’s apartment and told Tony what happened. Mike, now panicked, aimed the gun at Tina. Tony, a small time x-con did not want to be charged with murder, so he stepped in front on Mike to try to stop him. Before Mike could accomplish this however, Tina had backed away from Mike to an open window from which she fell to her death. Mike then hit Tony over the head with the gun and Tony fell to an unconscious state. Before leaving, Mike filled his pockets with Mike’s phony money to use for his getaway.

Mike flagged a taxi down to take to his apartment. The taxi driver, Marie, realized the money was phony Mike had paid his fare with. In a fit of anger, and remembering where she dropped Mike off, Marie decided to get the money that was owed to her and went to confront Mike. After no one answered the door, Marie noticed a doggie door on the side door. She decided to slip through the dog door and tip toe into the apartment to get her money. In the dark, she tripped over a skate board, hit her head. In the morning the police were called to Mike’s apartment. Marie was taken to the hospital and eventually released.


Bloomsburg University M1 against real GDP for 1959 2018 Period Scatter Paper & Excel Writing Assignment Help

Construct a scatter plot of M1 against real GDP for the period 1959–2018.

a) Is there a positive or negative correlation in the scatter plot.

b) Is the correlation you observed in part (a) evidence that money is not neutral? Why or why not?

Hint: Neutrality of money is the idea that a change in the stock of money affects only nominal variables in the economy such as prices, wages, and exchange rates, with no effect on real variables, like employment, real GDP, and real consumption.

Additional Assignment Guidelines.png Guidelines

Write-up Guidelines and Assignment Submission

Using this upload box, you will submit a typed, proof-read 1–2 page write-up in MS Word documenting your process and the main findings. If the paper ends up being longer that 1–2 pages, that is fine, but aim for conciseness, if possible. You may use any write-up format of your choice, as long as the style results in a professional-looking document. Use 12-point size font, single spaced. Feel free to add headings and subheadings to structure your document into logical sections.

Since a significant portion of your work for this assignment will be done in MS Excel, please submit your Excel file with the data and graphs, as well.

This short paper is due by Saturday midnight, at the end of the third week.


Shoreline Community College Movements and Cultures of Resistance Questions Humanities Assignment Help

Learn Actively (LA): Learning is a personal, interactive process that results in greater expertise and a more comprehensive understanding of the world

  • (LA) Identify movements and cultures of resistance which produce political and social change aimed at reducing inequalities

Think Critically, Creatively, and Reflectively (TCCR): Reason and imagination are fundamental to problem solving and critical examination of ideas

  • (TCCR) Analyze and critique the production, reception, and circulation of cultural texts
  • –submit a 300-word post for each response.–share ideas, perspectives, and insights emerging from a specific history/media topic.Required Textbook: A Different MirrorRequired Reading: Fleeing the Tyrant’s Heel
  • Instructor’s Questions: What role can a “perception” play in analyzing the chapter titled, “Fleeing the Tyrant’s Heel?” Moreover, why does our master narrative leave out the contributions of immigrant groups in creating America?


ENC 1102 Florida International University Wk 5 Shifting Genres Memorandum Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]