Career Advice for Cosmetologists Writing Assignment Help

Career Advice for Cosmetologists Writing Assignment Help. Career Advice for Cosmetologists Writing Assignment Help.

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have learned in various ways in which cosmetologists get paid and earn
their living. Now, imagine that you have to give career advice to the
individuals described below. Consider whether
commission, renting a booth, salary, or self-employment would be the best for each of the following scenarios, as well as where the person could work. Consider
expertise, client base, and any other factors that would shape the
individual’s choice.

Mario is a makeup artist. He has about five years’ experience in the field. While he is very good at what he does, he has recently moved from New York, where he did a lot of makeup for television shows, to a midsized town in the Midwest,
which is his partners hometown. Here, there is far less work in
television, so he will need to switch his specialty. In New York, he was
self-employed and had no problem finding work. Although he does not
have a lot of clients here, his spouse is well positioned to help him
get to know a lot of people in the area. Because the couple just moved,
they have a lot of bills, so a steady income is important.

had been working at the same spa for 15 years when the owner decided to
retire and close the business. Janine had been one of the most popular
estheticians there and has gotten certified to perform a highly specialized skin treatment. For years, she managed the salon but returned to just
providing cosmetology services because she wanted to spend more time
with her clients. She prefers not to work weekends because she wants to
spend that time with her
family and has been considering reducing her hours to work part-time.

Clara got started on her cosmetology license after having two children. She knew that she would want to go
back to work after her children started school and will be looking for a
job starting in
While she has been able to stay home with her children, that put her
and her husband on a very tight budget, and her husband had to work a
lot of overtime to make ends meet. She needs to be at her
children’s school by 4:00 to pick them up. If she has to pay for after-school
care, it substantially reduces her earnings. She did very well in
cosmetology school and has good
experience but is new to the industry.

out the chart below, ranking how important each of the following is to
the cosmetologist described. Use a scale of 1-3 where 1= very important,
2= somewhat important, and 3= not important. When you have completed
the chart, write a brief
paragraph for each person explaining whether you would recommend commission, booth rental, salary, or self-employment. Explain why you feel your choice is best for the individual described.

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4-1 Discussion: Ethical Considerations in Research Business Finance Assignment Help

After reading The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates and viewing Law Schools Still ‘Inaccurate’ on Employment Numbers, Says Law Prof (9:30), discuss the following in your initial post:

  • Describe at least two repercussions of unethical research.
  • Explain the impact that unethical research has on the results of that research. Provide an example.

In your responses to at least two of your peers, comment on the example provided. Offer possible alternatives to the data collection used that would ensure the unbiased collection of data for valid research findings.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing this discussion.


Shokun Steel Co. Humanities Assignment Help

Shokun Steel Co. owns many steel plants. One of its plants is much older than the others. Equipment at that plant is outdated and inefficient, and the costs of production at that plant are now two times higher than at any of Shokun’s other plants. The company cannot raise the price of steel because of competition, both domestic and international. The plant employs more than a thousand workers and is located in Twin Firs, Pennsylvania, which has a population of about 45,000. Shokun is contemplating whether to close the plant.

What factors should the firm consider in making its decision? Will the firm violate any ethical duties if it closes the plant? Analyze these questions from the two basic perspectives on ethical reasoning .


Leadership Organ Management, 3 question Business Finance Assignment Help

1,To have a culture really take hold in an organization it should be reflected and reinforced by its:

a. performance management system

b. information technology system

c .clients and customers

2. The ASA model is for maintaining company culture and finding good people-organization fit. Sometimes a person may be good at getting through the interview process but may not actually be a good fit for the company values, which step in the ASA process helps to eliminate these employees?





3 Organizational culture can be broadly defined as:




d. often intangible

e. all of the above


Summary and 2 Questions Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment you will read Shermer’s book Michael Shermer Why People Believe Weird Things pages 125-172 and , give a brief 200 word summary of them, so I can tell you have read the material. Then, discuss your take on whether we should teach both creationism and evolution in school. Explain your answer fully. Please only bid if you have access to the book Michael Shermer Why People Believe Weird Things pages 125-172.

2 Questions 150 words for each questions

Please provide two thought provoking questions for your classmates . Make sure to avoid yes or no questions and concentrate on questions that make your classmates connect to the material yet demonstrate an understanding of the reading. Each question should be 150 words each.



Interpretation of Flags Business Finance Assignment Help

Option #2: Interpretation of Red Flags

As a trainer for a forensic accounting firm, you have been asked to establish a matrix to provide the firm’s investigation teams with a “symptom” list to aid them in their assessment of potentially fraudulent actions. As part of this, matrix you have included a list of possible red-flag search results, which could be indicators of specific fraudulent activity that is occurring. For example:

  • Red-flag: Your research has uncovered vendor invoices that have alterations on the purchase order documents (e.g., back dating, white-out) that are supposed to support these invoices.
  • Potential Activity: Goods are being purchased for personal use.
  • Type of Fraud: Employee are committing purchasing fraud.

The red-flags noted during the investigation:

  • Duplicate payments to the same vendor with no backup documentation
  • Excessive number of adjusting entries, and repetitive use of adjusting entries for no apparent purpose
  • Price increases by one vendor of 30% year-over-year
  • No original contractor documents available—only photocopied documents
  • An employee who shares the same address, telephone number or bank account number with an accounts payable vendor
  • Missing inventory and equipment
  • Unexplained items on bank reconciliations and other account reconciliations.

In the last section of your paper, please discuss other types of red-flags that you would look for during an investigation as discuss their importance. Keep in mind that different types of investigations would likely lead to the analysis of different source documents and metrics.

Please submit a paper in a Word document of THREE to five pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. If you wish to include calculations in support of your response, place them in the form of a table within your paper. Cite at least two resources supporting your responses, other than the course textbook.

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Physics Lab report Science Assignment Help


– AC/DC Electronics Lab Board: Capacitors, Resistors, Wire Leads – D-cell Battery –Digital Multimeter – Stopwatch or timer with 0.1 sec resolution.

Purpose: The purpose of this lab will be to determine how capacitors behave in R-C circuits. The manner in which capacitors combine will also be studied.

Experiment data: Your circuit board contains a battery, 2 resistors and 2 capacitors.

Use the color code picture below to identify the resistors:

2. Record in Table 1 the resistance of the resistors by the color code and due to color confusion, it would be wise to measure the resistance using a multimeter. This time, use the multimeter across each resistor, with the dial on the resistor scale (M?) and record in Table 1. Do not forget to convert from M? to k? (multiply by 1000).

Table 1.


Color Code

Resistance by color code (k?)

Resistance by using multimeter (k?)

Resistor 1

Red, red, yellow



Resistor 2

Brown, black, yellow



3. Now take a look at the two capacitors placed on the circuit board. Read the value

written on them and record in Table 2.


Capacitance (µF)

Capacitor 1


Capacitor 2


Time constant ? is defined by the product between resistance and capacitor and it is measured in seconds.

4. Use ? =RC and your knowledge of units for both resistor and capacitor, to prove that ? is measured in seconds. HINT: show how units cancels out and what is left is seconds.

Show your work below:

5. For Table 3, despite the fact that resistors and capacitor are given in k? and ?F, when you calculate the time constant ? you have to convert in ?

and F. Table 3

Resistor R (k?)

Capacitor (?F)

?=RC (s)

Resistor 1= 220

Capacitor 1=47


Resistor 2= 100

Capacitor 1= 47


Resistor 1= 220

Capacitor 2= 100


Resistor 2= 100

Capacitor 2= 100


Measure the voltage at the battery using the digital multimeter. Record the value below:?6. Measured voltage of the battery ?= 1.3V

The time constant ?=RC is the amount of time it takes for the capacitor to store 63% of the voltage.

7. Based on this fact, calculate at what voltage reading will you reach one time constant?

Voltage after one time constant V=.819 V

Figure 1

1. Connect the circuit shown in Figure 1, using one battery, the switch, a resistor and a capacitor. All the components are already on the board, use one resistor and capacitor only.

2. Connect the Digital Multimeter so the black “ground” lead is on the side of the

Lab experiment procedure:

capacitor that connects to the negative terminal of the battery and set it so that it reads up to a maximum of 1.5 V DC (max voltage at the battery).

3. Start with no voltage on the capacitor and the switch off. If there is remaining voltage on the capacitor, use a piece of wire to touch the ends of the wire to points B and C as shown in Figure 1 to discharge the capacitor.

4. Now close the switch by pushing and holding the button down. Observe the voltage readings on the Multimeter, the voltage across the capacitor.

5. If you now open the switch by releasing the button, the capacitor should remain at its present voltage with a very slow drop over time. This indicates that the charge you placed on the capacitor has no way to move back to neutralize the excess charges on the two plates.

6. Connect a wire between points A and C in the circuit, allowing the charge to drain back through the resistor. Observe the voltage readings on the Multimeter as the charge flows back.

7. Now repeat steps 3-5, this time recording the time taken to move from 0.0 volts to VOLTAGE after one time constant (calculated previously at 7.) while charging, tC, and the time taken to move from the maximum voltage from the battery (consider highest value provided by the battery, it might not be 1.5 volts because the battery has been used by now) to 0.45 volts while discharging, tD.

8. Record your times along with the resistance of resistor 1 and capacitance of capacitor 1 values in Table 4.

9. Replace the capacitor 1 with capacitor 2 (you got two different capacitors on the board), keep the same resistor 1 and Repeat step 7, recording the charging and discharging times in Table 4.

10. Return to the capacitor 1, but change the resistor, now use resistor 2 in the circuit. Repeat step 7, recording your data in Table 4.


Resistance (k?)

Capacitance (µF)






















11. Return to the resistor 1, but use the capacitor 1 in series with the capacitor 2. Repeat step 7, recording your results in Table 5.

R= 220 K? C1= 100 µF C2=47µF

Calculate the equivalent capacitate using : 1/ceq=1/c1+1/c2

Ceq=0.031 (µF) record in table 5.

12.Now repeat step 7, but with the capacitors in parallel. Calculate the equivalent capacitate using: Ceq=C1+C2

Ceq= 147(?F) Record in Table 5.

Types of circuit

R (k?)

















Table 5:


1.How would you describe the manner in which the voltage changes? It would be reasonable to sketch a graph showing the manner in which the voltage rose over time.

2.How would you describe the manner in which the voltage falls? (It would be reasonable to sketch a graph showing the manner in which the voltage fell over time.) ?

3.What is the effect on charging and discharging times if the 2 capacitors are in series? How did it change compared with one capacitor in circuit? Why did it change? Discuss your finding. ?

4. What is the effect on charging and discharging times if the 2 capacitors are in parallel? How did it change compared with one capacitor in circuit? Why did it change? Discuss your finding.

5. What is the effect on charging and discharging times if the resistance of the circuit is increased? What mathematical relationship exists between your times and the resistance?


I need help with writing my contemporary issues paper in civil engineering Writing Assignment Help

This assignment focuses on contemporary issues in civil engineering as a double homework grade you are to identify ten contemporary issues in civil engineering. Please see the attached list of contemporary issues topics for an introduction to possible broad topics for consideration. Typically, these issues may have some controversy associated with them where the profession may be undecided on a stance or the public may not be convinced that the recommended policy from an engineering perspective is correct. There is no strict requirement on how you select these issues; however, their quality will be graded. You can identify and describe these issues based on personal experience, previous classes, interviews with other engineers or newspaper or professional articles. Your discussion of the issues impact on civil engineering and the public plus any supporting documentation will be submitted as the first part of the assignment.

choose any 10 topics write about them half page or 1 page as long as you identify the issue and what the problem is


Letter to Friend Explaining Court Processes Business Finance Assignment Help

You receive the following letter from a former friend:

Dear Friend,

I find myself in quite a predicament due to my own misfortune and bad judgment. My 6-year-old son and I were recently left homeless after I was laid off from my job and my house was taken by the bank.

I enrolled my son in a nearby elementary school when school started in the fall. I used the address where I lived last, because I don’t have a current address. The school district discovered that I wasn’t living at that address and charged me with fraud. I was arrested yesterday and haven’t yet been to court. My son was placed in the care of protective services.

I just want to get out of jail as soon as possible to reunite with my son. I have some questions, and I was hoping you could do some research to find the answers for me.

The police never read me my Miranda warnings. Will my case be dismissed as a result?

The police also haven’t questioned me yet. Should I agree to talk to them, if asked?

Is this considered a state or federal offense?

Will this be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony?

Do you think I really need an attorney? After all, I am guilty, and I can’t afford one.

I also don’t have any money for bail. Are there any options that would allow me to be released from custody prior to trial and that would not require money?

How do I get to see the police reports?

What is the difference between the grand jury hearing and a preliminary hearing? Which would be better in my case?

Do you think that I should just plead guilty so I can get this over with and reunite with my son? Why or why not?

Who decides if I’m guilty: the prosecutor, judge, or jury?

What happens if I am found guilty? What type of sentence do you think I’ll receive? Why do you think I’ll receive that sentence?

What are my options if I don’t agree with the verdict or the sentence?

Write a 700- to 1,050-word letter to your friend answering your friend’s questions.

Cite and reference the assigned text and at least one other scholarly and reliable source in your letter. Do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias as source material for this assignment.

Format your letter consistent with APA guidelines. The use of first person (I, we) and second person (you) is appropriate for this assignment.


Restorative Justice Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper to the community explaining the restorative justice process. Include the following in your paper:

  • Explain the process of restorative justice and why it is used in the criminal justice system.
  • Explain how the damage of a crime can go beyond the immediate victim.
  • Describe how the restorative justice process differs from contemporary criminal justice processes.
  • Reflect on how the restorative justice process can benefit the offender, the victim and the community.

Include at least two (2) references to support the information in your paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

[supanova_question] for directions on completing this discussion.