Case Analysis Writing Assignment Help

Case Analysis Writing Assignment Help. Case Analysis Writing Assignment Help.

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Please read the instruction carefully. Feel free to ask me for any clarification.

There will be two parts for this assignment.

The answer for the first part of the assignment is due in 12 hours. First part is just a short discussion post. After 12 hrs has past, I will extend the time for you to work on the second part.

For this assignment, you are to read the case link I provided here: and apply 2 of the 7 theories to the case. Please make sure you read and fully understand all 7 theories, especially pay attention to the bolded sentences.

Please check the files for more detailed instructions.

Case Analysis Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

anthropology 145-04 Writing Assignment Help

Need full 2 page essay, around 650 words.

For this week’s lab, review the biological concept of biome using the web sources listed under Week 6 Lab (5). (if you can’t open this website, check the attached file, there are biological concept )

Do this in conjunction with your reading in Chapter 6 of your text. Read the instructions carefully and completely.

First: Write about the concept in general terms and consider how such information and patterning is useful to archaeologists. Consider in what ways resource and environmental characteristics in each biome would affect archaeological sites, including such things as the likelihood of sites being preserved, how easily it would be to find sites, and the potential of such sites to provide evidence of past human occupation.

Second: In order to become more familiar with North American environmental and ecological zones, review the distribution of 15 major biomes found there. Then select one of these major biomes using the weblinks for the sources listed. Consider in what ways resource and environmental characteristics in your selected biome would relate to North American archaeological sites of differing types, including 1) the kinds of archaeological sites one would expect, 2) issues related to preservation of site contents, 3) how sites can be found, 4) value for excavation and data recovery, and 5) site conservation.

Answer your LAB 5 (Week 6) questions with the information provided here and in the website:….

If you use other sources, be sure to provide references and citations.

The map included under the first module link under Lab 5 is offered to provide a means to conceptualize the necessary patterns important for answering questions.

You may also look up additional information about your selected biome using reputable sources (e.g., library resources; university, museum, or government agency websites [like NPS, USGS, etc.], and journal articles; etc.).

Write 1½-2 double-spaced pages (12 font, no more than 1 line header with name, not including references) and discuss how the biome’s climate and environment might have influenced prehistoric occupants of the selected region.


rading and worksheet Writing Assignment Help

You will review and analyze a peer-reviewed research article in this activity. The article discusses experimental research on phenotypic plasticity in the flat periwinkle snail preyed upon by a common crab, the European green crab. Your assignment is to read the article and identify the important components of the scientific method as well as scientific research article. Participating in this activity will assist you in mastering module outcome #2.

Review the assigned reading: Trussell, G. C. (1996). Phenotypic Plasticity in an Intertidal Snail: The Role of a Common Crab Predator (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Evolution, (1). 448.

Download and complete all questions on the worksheet. Save your worksheet to your computer before beginning the assignment.

Compose your work in a .doc or .docx file type using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and save it frequently to your computer. For those assignments that are not written essays and require uploading images or PowerPoint slides, please follow uploading guidelines provided by your instructor.

Check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. When you are ready to submit your work, click “Upload Submission.” Enter the submission title and then click on “Select a file to upload.” Browse your computer, and select your file. Click “Open” and verify the correct file name has appeared next to Submission File. Click on “Continue.” Confirm submission is correct and then click on “Accept Submission & Save.”


This course has Turnitin® fully integrated into the course dropbox. This means that you should only submit your assignments to the dropbox below. Please do not submit your assignment directly to


Urgent! Capsim Final – Application of a Balanced Scorecard and Synthesizing/Evaluating Course Concepts Business Finance Assignment Help

Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)

Provide an overview of your paper.

Module-by-Module Analysis (3-4 pages)
Share your decision logic and what supported the decisions you made in the Capsim experience, as well as the learnings you gained from it.

Balanced Scorecard (3-4 pages)
Kaplan and Norton created the Balanced Scorecard model to serve as a dashboard for reporting a combination of financial and non-financial metrics for organizations. Executives, managers, and employees alike benefit from an understanding of what is important to the organization, what performance levels are expected, and how they are performing.

Your Capsim competition rounds used a dashboard to report selected performance metrics to your team. This allowed you to know where you were in relation to your goals and what levers of control you might want to adjust to continue making progress.

Read the article, A Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame Profile: U.S. Army (from your Module 8 required readings). Create a Portfolio Project that:

  • Applies an assessment of the five principles of a Strategy-Focused Organization to your Capsim experience.
  • Provides recommendations for further improvement in team performance.

Career Learnings (1-2 pages)
Discuss how you can take your Capsim and course experiences forward into your career.

Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)
Provide a brief closing to your paper.

  • Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, excluding the title and references pages.
  • Include a minimum of eight references to support your Portfolio Project, including four academic sources.
  • Be sure your paper adheres to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA. The CSU-Global library is a good place to find sources. (You might find it helpful to start with the course’s recommended readings.)

I can upload Capsim files after the bid is taken


presonal reflection paper about community service Writing Assignment Help

Hard thing is find two relevent theories in the book

2-3 pages in length, discussing what they learned about themselves while working on their team project.The reflection paper should incorporate the following components:

  • What you learned about yourself
  • Application of two class theories to what you learned (make sure to explain in your own words, cite in proper APA format (see Purdue online writing lab for help), and apply the theory appropriately).
  • What you would do differently (if anything) if you had the chance to do it again and why

The format of the paper should be:

  • Double-spaced
  • 12 point, Times Roman font
  • 1 inch margins all the way around
  • APA style reference page of sources cited

The grading rubric is as follows:

Did you properly explain the theories in your own words (please don’t simply quote the source)? (4 points)

Did you appropriately apply the theories (i.e., demonstrating an accurate understanding of the theory)? (4 points)

Did you provide proper in-text citations of the theories using proper APA style and were the citations properly placed? (4 points)

Did you discuss what you learned about yourself specifically and is it a novel learning experience (not simply what you learned in general or something that you already knew)? (4 points)

Did you specifically address what you would do differently and why (do not simply imply what could be done differently)? (4 points)

Is the paper formatted correctly per assignment instructions? (2 points)

Does the paper contain an appropriate and properly styled APA reference page ( and do the references match the in-text citations? (4 points)

Is your paper written clearly, easy to read and understand, free of grammar and sentence structure errors, and typos



Cultural and Contextual Considerations Humanities Assignment Help

For this Discussion, view the media Multicultural and Contextual Considerations Case Study: Marisol in the Learning Resources. Consider the decision of the counselor, Melissa, to intervene on Marisol’s behalf. Consider new and alternative methods that counselors could use to advocate for Marisol. Develop an action plan to assist clients like Marisol.

Post by Day 4 an explanation of how you would advocate for clients like Marisol. Explain at least one way as a counselor you could facilitate culturally and contextually ethical treatment of clients. Support your strategy with evidence from the Walden Library.

Cultural and Contextual Considerations Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Provide Robert M. Lopes With a Business Report Presentation Of Your Findings Assignment Help

The first of objective of this week’s deliverable is to provide Robert M. Lopez with a business report presentation of your findings.

Use the modified spreadsheet that you submitted in Module 04 for this deliverable.
Your report should visually identify:

  • Outliers
  • Sales consultants trending towards noncompliance

Using the Excel spreadsheet as input, create a visual representation of the data. Use the visual representation of the data in a 2-3 slide PowerPoint of your findings.

The second objective of this week’s deliverable is to provide Robert M. Lopez with an executive summary of your findings.

In a 2-3 page paper, APA formatted with references and citations, summarize your findings. Give proof for your analysis. Within your paper, explain the process you did to come up with the findings. Based on the findings, provide business recommendations to Mr. Lopez.


business questions Business Finance Assignment Help

1-1. Present an example of a business situation that you believe would lend itself to the use of a quantitative business model. Clearly explain how the model could be used in this situation.

1-2. Multiple models are often used in supporting business decision making. Outline a situation in your organization or industry that required the need for multiple models. What factors were unique to this situation? Support your response with rationale from the readings or external research.

2-1. Apply a business decision model to something you do every day, such as select an outfit, order lunch, or determine your exercise routine. Be creative in your approach. How did you select the model? Include rationale with support from the readings.

2-2. Using the decision tree resources available in the Topic Materials, create a decision tree for the scenario you outlined in 2-1. Attach the decision tree to your response and include insights in crafting the decision tree. How would you apply your experience to larger-scale decisions at an organizational level?

3-1. Identify two business situations or problems within your current organization or industry. Articulate how one of these lends itself to a simple linear regression and how one does not. Why is simple linear regression appropriate to address one situation or problem but not the other? Support your ideas with evidence from the readings.

3-2. You are the vice president of sales for TerraFirma, a company that manufactures outdoor sporting gear. You receive a report on your desk one morning that claims little or no relationship between the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI) and outdoor sporting gear sales. The claim is based on a very low R2 of the simple regression model, using these two variables (CSI and sales). Discuss how you would (or should) react to this report and why. What clarifying questions might you ask?



Read “Decision Trees: Analysis: Choosing by Projecting ‘Expected Outcomes,'” located on the Mind Tools website. (Note: This is a good site for gaining a high level of understanding of decision trees.)


Read items 1-6 in the Contents of “Chapter 15: Prediction,” from the online eBook, HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook, by Lane (2013), found on the David Lane (Rice University) website.


Create a website Programming Assignment Help

Create a personal mobile website. The website may list your hobbies and interests.

It should be based on the Chapter 8 exercise 8-1 on page 317. Use the web site layout and customize it with your information.

Use the following:

(a) Must have a home page with navigation bar with 3 items: Home, Hobby/Interest, and Contact information. Enough details about each page should be provided. Must include images, links to go back to home page etc.

(b) Create your own favicon. There are many website that will help you do this. This is one is easy to use – (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

(c) Web site will be hosted on a free web hosting site.

Host the website on: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

(d) As the website address is long and convoluted, we will use a simpler version. Convert the url to tiny url using (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Make sure the tinyurl is posted in the textbox.


Find Art Presentation! Writing Assignment Help

I need a presentation about a piece of art or a picture of art. one written page is fine and I will record my voice on the piece of art you wrote about.

the prompt of the presentation requirement is bellow. Please only write the one page because I need to be reading what you wrote and record it with my voice while showing the picture of the piece of art you have wrote about. ask me if you need more details.

Your Art Find will be a very hands-on assignment. You will record yourselves talking/discussing a piece of art either on location or via voice over . Your presentation is worth 100 points.

Step 1: Find a piece of art. It can be from a museum, public art, or street art (murals, stencil art but not letters aka graffiti). The art can be two or three – dimensional.

Step 2: Record yourself talking about the art. Discuss what is so special about the piece to you. You must provide a visual analysis utilizing the Principles of Design and items from the Visual Toolbox. If the artwork is 3-dimension, discuss sculptural terminology. Use terminology that applies to the type of artwork you have chosen. If you are able to provide some information about the artist, do so. Don’t forget to tell me where the artwork is located. Also, be sure to include good shots of the artwork that you are discussing.

Remember that this is not a grade school style book report. Avoid making the entirely about where the artist was born, who they married, the name of their dog or cat, etc. In addition, avoid plagiarizing art historical information. If you are using anyone else’s words, YOU MUST CITE THE SOURCE. So in the case of this presentation, you must say “according to so and so, they said that this portrait’s colours represent the anguish the artist felt towards the relationship with the person depicted on the canvas.” Things look/sound suspicious when all of the sudden you become posh art historians. Cite your sources.

In addition, you must discuss an original artwork. NO REPRODUCTIONS. I will not accept a presentation about a poster (reproduction) of a Van Gogh painting that hangs in a museum in Europe that you have hanging in your living room or other place, for example.

Step 3: Provide me with a link that will enable me to see your presentation. The length of your presentation should be a minimum of 45 seconds, although I’m sure going over will be no problem. Be sure to submit your link in Canvas. My advice would be to use Youtube, Google Drive or any other platform that stores video material to store your presentation.

Be creative! Have Fun!

Grading Rubric

Levels of Achievement





Historic Reference

(SLO 1)

0 – 10 points

Below average level of competency.

11 – 12 points

Competent level of application.

13 – 15 points

Exceptional level of application.

Visual Analysis

(SLO 2)

0 – 41 points

Below average level of competency.

42 – 52 points

Competent level of application.

53 – 60 points

Exceptional level of application.

Clarity of Communication, Creativity

(SLO 3)

0 – 17 point

Below average level of competency.

18 – 22 points

Competent level of application.

23 – 25 points

Exceptional level of application.

Grading Example:

Historic Reference: 11 Visual Analysis: 53 Clarity of Comm/Creativity: 22 Total = 86 (B)

Some Advice:

Avoid making your presentation a lengthy, super selfie. There have been presentations that show me 2 seconds of the art, and 1 and a half minutes of face shot. Remember, I need to see the art! Pretty faces are always nice, but I can’t grade your pretty face.

You can take a nice pic of the art and do a voice over. That works fine, but avoid doing voice overs while your phone/device is pointed at your computer’s monitor. Using an image from your monitor gives me the impression that you didn’t really go forth and seek art.

If in a museum, be careful. The Timken in Balboa Park will allow photos, and sometimes if it’s empty, they might let you record. The Museum of Art in Balboa Park is sketchy. I have had students get in trouble while recording inside. Pictures are iffy. Ask, before you end up surrounded by security. Be polite, use good judgment.

Remember to provide a live link to your video. Youtube works great, as do other apps. What you need to remember is that I do NOT want to be downloading movie files onto my own laptop. Files that require downloading will not be graded. Also, remember to check your settings on Youtube and Google Drive. Some settings will block my ability to view your video.

In addition, I will NOT accept PowerPoint presentations with audio attachments. These have provided way too much grief with the audio.


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Case Analysis Writing Assignment Help

Case Analysis Writing Assignment Help

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