Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help. Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Case learning is a method of applying theory to sound practical real world applications. Each selected case provides a description of a problem situation taken from a specific company. The purpose of each case is to augment the course content with applications that enable the CalSouthern Learner to apply text materials to a problem and solve that application problem using Learner selected methods and procedures.

There are no exact answers or perfect solutions to case problems. Indeed, each recommended solution and justification can and is usually different comparatively amongst a group of respondents. The solution must fit the case and must be vigorously supported. The problem statement, analysis, selected solution, and especially the justification of the selected solution, are all critical elements in the case method. There are no short cuts to case presentations but a formalized methodology that enables the case presenter the optimal way to solve the case problem.

Be sure to answer all of the questions given for the case. Your responses must be complete, using terminology and concepts presented in the primary textbook as well as supplementary resources. You must read and follow the Case Submittal Format file found in the course resources area. Please double-space, use 12 point font, with one inch margins. Be sure to cite your resources and provide the references using APA format. Remember to reference all work cited or quoted by the text authors. You should be doing this often in your responses.

Complete the Mini Case Assignment at the end of Chapter 15 in your textbook. Use the Graduate Case Study Format found under the RESOURCES tab as a guide in writing your case analysis.

Assignment Outcomes

Explain how an organization’s valuation affects financial management strategies.

Describe the necessity of a realistic budget as a guideline to effective financial managem

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Answer the following regarding my choice of the topic “Walking​” Writing Assignment Help

Ecological Virtue Assignment

Virtue/Discipline Journal Reflection—

Each student will choose a virtue/discipline to put into practice during the second half of the semester.

**********From the list I have chosen this topic

Walking – Contemplative, ecological walking is a practice we see developed by people like Henry David Thoreau. This virtue would include taking regular walks outside of the urban areas surrounding the College without the distractions of other people or technology. The idea would be to contemplate the biosystems outside of the city and to cultivate feelings of appreciation and care for the more-than human world in which you live.

  • Ecological Virtues: Relationality, Solidarity.

You might supplement you walks with a reflection journal, or perhaps by reading Thoreau’s essay on Walking.

******I need you to answer the following question regarding my choice of the topic “Walking

Decision on Environmental Discipline Assignment

  • Answer the following .
    • Why are you choosing this one and what is the intended impact of this virtue on your own character and on the well-being of Earth’s ecosystems and creatures?
    • How do you anticipate fulfilling the requirements of the assignment and what do you think you will do to supplement the cultivation of your habit?


I take regular walks outside urban areas about 45 mins daily except when its snow or rain

Answer each question individually not as essay format

short answers 4-5 sentence, more if needed

very easy level of writing and English

write from perspective of “international student not christian”


Answer each question individually not as essay format

short answers 2-3 sentence, more if needed

very easy level of writing and English

write from perspective of “international student not christian”


need help with project management question Business Finance Assignment Help

Please don’t bid if you do not have MS Project!! One of the activities require MS Project Gantt chart!

I have completed assignments 1-6 but need help with 7-12. Please read below for details, also activity 11 needs to use MS Project so please make sure you have access to it. Thanks!

Activity 7: Prepare Economic Analyses: In this activity, the two work breakdown structures you prepared in Activity 5, along with their supporting data, should provide you with much if not all of the information needed to perform an economic analysis on each of your two final alternative solutions. Use the Economic Analysis Worksheet provided in the Economic Analysis reading from IT Economics Corporation. The reading and template are in the reference list.

You need to submit two completed Economic Analysis Worksheets, one for each of your two final alternative solutions. The worksheet is set up so that you can enter each on a separate sheet of the same Economic Analysis Workbook. All you need do for each worksheet is enter the name of your project, the project cost by calendar year, the benefits by calendar year, and risk probability data for each calendar year. Detailed instructions for completing the worksheets are provided in the Workbook. You should rely on the information you generated in preparing the WBS’s for each of your two best alternatives, which will help you make reasonable estimates for the calendar year(s). Submit the actual Economic Analysis Workbook Excel file that you downloaded and used to enter information for your two alternatives. Do not put the Economic Analysis worksheets into a Word document or a pdf file.

Special Note: The worksheet from IT Economics Corporation is “locked” so that only the information needed can be entered and the formulas can’t be changed to distort the spreadsheet results. Anyone can purchase software that unlocks spreadsheets. However, unlocking an economic analysis spreadsheet is not permitted in organizations because then the data it contains cannot be trusted. Moreover, the Workbook is copyrighted by IT Economics Corporation and there are ethical and legal issues that arise from tampering with copyrighted software. There is no need to unlock the spreadsheet and no spreadsheet that is unlocked or modified can be accepted in this course.

Activity 8: In this activity, you will perform a comparative value-risk analysis of the two alternatives, using Template 8 (IT Investment Assessment Rating Form). The template is in the reading from IT Economic Corp. titled Comparative Analysis of Acquisition Alternatives. It is available in the reference list.

Use the criteria categories and weights provided in the template to rate your two alternative solutions. Based on the results of your assessments, select the best alternative. In other words, you conclude that it is the best solution to the performance problem because it has the best balance of value and risk for your organization.

Activity 9: Write a value proposition for the alternative you selected. An explanation of how to write a value proposition is provided in the reading titled Value Proposition, which also gives two examples of value propositions. You can model your value proposition after the examples. The reading and examples are available in the reference list.

Activity 10: Develop an Acquisition Strategy Statement for your proposed IT acquisition project (that you selected in Activity 8 and summarized in your Activity 9 value proposition).

A template for preparing the statement, titled Acquisition Strategy Statement, is available in the reference list. Please use this template to prepare your Acquisition Strategy Statement. Keep your responses to the various sections of the Acquisition Strategy Statement as brief as possible, while still communicating your key points. As you likely know from your own experience, executives like brief, to-the-point documents, preferably only a page or two. They usually do not read lengthy acquisition strategy statements.

Activity 11: Develop a Gantt chart, using Microsoft Project, for the WBS you created for the alternative solution you selected as best.

A discussion of Gantt charts and an illustration of a Gantt chart generated using Microsoft Project are provided in the reference list. The illustration is similar to what you will produce for your Activity 11. It illustrates the level of detail appropriate for the Gantt chart you prepare for your project. Submit your Gantt chart as an .mpp file (a file produced by Microsoft Project).

Activity 12: Prepare the Performance Requirements Summary for your recommended solution. Use the PRS template in the IT Economics document titled T12-PBWS.pdf. This statement will be the heart of your request for proposal, assuming you will prepare and distribute one to solicit proposals. (You will not be asked to prepare an RFP in this course.)

The IT Economics Template 12 for a Performance Requirements Summary is provided in the reference list. Note: The Template material describes how the PWS and the WBS are related to each other and how they should be cross-referenced. You are not required to cross-reference them for your individual project.

Providing PWS Information to Potential Contractors

As stated above, the PRS summarizes PWS information. The PWS itself and other parts of the RFP provide contractors with related details. The attached document illustrates the more complete information that potential contractors receive in the RFP.

You do not need to prepare a written document such as the attachment. Rather, you need to use Template 12 to prepare your Activity 12. In doing so, you will summarize the required results that would be the heart of the RFP for potential contractors.


Which of these projects will actually be invested in? Which of the ones will people actually do? Economics Assignment Help

investment and real interest rate

The article is about how real interest rates drive planned investment. Think about the function investment as a function of real interest rates. Planned investment as a function of real interest rates. Talking about real interest rates, I’m really just talking about nominal interest rates factoring out or discounting what’s going on with inflation. There’s other videos where we go into more depth about that. Another thing if there were no inflation real and nominal rates would be the same thing. I want to tackle it with a very tangible example. Let’s say this upcoming year there’s a bunch of potential planned projects. Let’s call this projects. These are potential investments. You have projects, and then you have some level of expected return. Each of the people who are thinking about these projects, they all have their spreadsheets out, and they’ve taken in risk and probabilities and all of the rest. They’ve come up with their expected return numbers. Let’s say project A has an expected return of 20%, B 18%, C 16%. I’ll do a couple more. D is 10%, E is 5% and F is 2%. Let’s say initially in one state of affairs interest rates are relatively high. Let’s R1 is equal to 19% interest rates. We have 19% real interest rates. These are the real expected returns.

Which of these projects will actually be invested in? Which of the ones will people actually do?

You have to edit the attached research paper and prepare a wiki on the same topic in your own words.


SYP3060 Human and Sex Essay Help Humanities Assignment Help

Access to Sex Matters Book is necessary

In “’When There’s No Underbrush the Tree Looks Taller’: A Discourse Analysis of Men’s Online Groin Shaving Talk,” Hall (reading 25) highlights our society’s emphasis on penis size and penis appearance, and he explores specifically the phenomenon of groin shaving.What is Hall’s research question as well as his sample and methodology?Explain his main research findings.

In “’Basically, It’s Sorcery for Your Vagina’”: Unpacking Western Representations of Vaginal Steaming” Braun (reading 26) explores the practice of vaginal steaming.What is Braun’s research question as well as her sample and methodology?Explain her main research findings, and explain how neoliberalism and postfeminism play a role in her analysis.



Art 100 Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Memento Mori, Remember Death will come.

For this topic, let’s imagine how we’d like to “leave this mortal coil,” to “make our exit,” or to “start pushing up the daisies.” The chapter reading for this week gives us ample examples and suggestions, a kind of blueprint, for how we could image this. These range from the personally eccentric examples laid out in the “Going out BIG” section, to the monumental markers on an architectural scale laid out in the section on “Ego,” or would you prefer to be physically preserved forever for all to see?

These are just some starting points to get you inspired- you don’t have to answer these questions, they are meant to fire up some ideas within your brainstorming.

  • Are there special items that you’d like to accompany your corpse? Maybe it’s that favorite light saber, lucky hat, wedding ring, your baseball card collection, an important religious object, or that 1967 Chevy Camero with white leather interior?
  • Do you want to share your (cremated) remains among your loved ones? What should they do with them—put them in amulets on chains, in an urn on the mantle, or resting in more traditional place like a cemetery?
  • Or would you select a burial, in your favorite car perhaps, in a custom Kane Kwei-style coffin shaped like a chicken, or in a giant crypt with your favorite 60” television, with a full bar and a butler, or with any of the other things you need in the afterlife?
  • Do you want a ritualized celebration honor with fireworks, dancing, or the Pope, or any other religious figure’s, blessing?

These examples are all rooted in ancient traditions, the art of which is covered in this chapter, that predate our contemporary traditions. Keep in mind that these scenarios are imaginary, so be as creative as possible.


Provide the following for your summary:

  1. Describe your idea of how you would like to orchestrate your end of life ceremony.
    1. List a minimum of 3 specific ideas that are personal and individually tailored to the person you are.
  2. Provide specific examples of how your ideas are related to the art of this specific section of the textbook.
    1. All of your ideas must be related to an example from the week’s chapter reading. Describe how something you learned this week relates to the three personalized ideas listed above remember to be specific.
    2. Provide the image embedded within your discussion.
  3. Your summary must use this template below:

Your overall description

1. Your ideas

a. The example from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.

b. Image

2. Your ideas

a. The example from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.

b. Image

3. Your ideas

a. The example from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.

b. Image


Here is an example from a recently deceased pet in my family. Milli, our basset hound was 15 years old when she died a few months ago. For your summary, make sure to provide images.

1. She is buried in the back yard, where family can visit anytime. It’s a quiet space, with other pets that have passed, which is a “community” gathering place, like a traditional cemetery.

a. Traditional cemetery

2. We buried her wrapped in a favorite dog blanket, with a bacon chew toy, and sage. These are things she may need in the afterlife and objects that she enjoyed in life.

a. Ancient Egyptians/ Qin Shi Huang’s tomb (terra cotta warriors)

3. There is a memorial on my bookshelf, with ofrendas: a toy, a flower, some treats

a. Day of the Dead remembrances

4. We have an annual memorial planned for the future.

a. Dogon dama funeral; anniversary rituals

5. We saved some dog hair and placed it in a special container to hold onto a physical part of Milli to maintain a sense continued connection.

a. Reliquary that houses a physical part of the deceased


  1. Provide the information in the numbered format above.
  2. CITE sources, if you use them (it is not necessary to use another source other than your text book). Your submission will be scanned through for originality. I will use this data to inform your grade. If you do not cite, it will “appear” that plagiarism is taking place.
  3. Limit your Summary to one page. Exceeding WILL result in a grade drop.
  4. Must be submitted as a pdf file.

Art 100 Discussion Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Secondary Source #2: “The USA in Vietnam” Humanities Assignment Help

Primary Source
Analysis Guidelines

READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Write a 2-3 page paper (in paragraph
form) on the primary source provided (source and due dates are in

must include:

  • Historical
    context (who, where, when). What is the credibility of the
  • What
    type of document is it? (Example: legal, medical, etc.)
  • Who
    is the writer/speakers audience? Who is s/he writing for?
  • What
    does it tell you about the way people thought and behaved during
    this time period? How does the information in this document help you
    to understand how modern Western society thinks and behaves? Why is
    something that happened so long ago important to us today?

KNOWLEDGE, DO NOT QUOTE IT. Paraphrase the information and make it
your own.

Use the sample below to guide you in writing you primary source
analysis. 12pt, Times Roman or Calibri font, 1” margins, page
numbers, double space body of the paper, left-align (no centering!),
5 space indentation for first line of each paragraph. Use the page
break function in your word processing program to separate the cover
page and the bibliography page from the body of your work.

Include a cover
the Chicago manual of Style in D2L for formatting. Keep it simple, no
fancy fonts, no graphics.

of your paper (which includes introduction and conclusion)

1 will be your introduction, probably one to two paragraphs. This
includes the background information about the primary sources. That
means your historical context and what type of document you are
reviewing. Set the stage for what you are about to discuss. Get this
background information from your textbook but do
it. Your textbook is a reference source and gives you general

2 will include several paragraphs explaining what the document tells
you about the people and the time in which they lived. Provide your
reader (pretend you are writing this for someone who knows nothing
about this topic) with the information that you have learn upon
reading the assigned document. Do not simply give a string of quotes
to recount what the speaker/writer is talking about. Quotes should be
used only as examples of the point you are trying to make. 1

3 will be your conclusion (usually a paragraph or two). Summarize
for your reader (pretend that you are writing this for someone who
knows nothing about the topic) what you have learned. Then go on to
discuss what you think this information means for modern society.

Creating Your
Bibliography Page
All the information for the source will be at the beginning of the
source in D2L. You will need to take that information and create a
proper Chicago Manual of Style bibliography page. Again, keep it
simple, no fancy fonts or graphics. This is a separate page, use the
page break option to create a new one.

This is a footnote. You will use this to show where you are getting
information from within the document. You will use this primarily
for quotes.


Critical Artwork Analysis Writing Assignment Help

This project will require you to visit a museum or gallery, pick out one work, and respond to its formal, contextual, and conceptual characteristics. You will choose the work from those at the Evansville Museum. The minimum 1200 word paper will be submitted to, should include some information about the physical characteristics of the work that can only be observed first-hand. Make sure that the paper has a cover page, uses citations of source material, and has an associated bibliography. It is recommended to review the Artwork Analysis writing assignment before submitting the paper.

Form – These evaluations will be descriptive and use terminology related to the elements of art and the principles of design. This type of evaluation should be objective, but does not require any citation or bibliography because it is done from careful observation of the image alone. It does require a knowledge of the visual fundamentals of art.

Context – These evaluations will be researched and be factual information related to the background of the work. It may consist of artist biographical information, information about the medium used, associations that the title of the work implies, conditions that existed during the time period, associated information about the style or movement with which the work might be associated, or other facts about the work. This evaluation requires citations to note the source of specific information and a bibliography to support the citations.

Content – These evaluations are subjective and interpretive. These interpretations may be derived from associations based on observation of the form of the work, the context surrounding the work, the associated experiences that you bring when reacting to the work, or the impression others have written about the work (needs citation/bibliography). Since this evaluation is subjective much of it can be based on your own personal impressions and interpretations. No citation or bibliography is necessary unless an outside source is used. Content analysis includes Iconographic, Biographical, Feminist, and Psychological.

The paper must have the following characteristics:

  • an evaluation of the formal characteristics of the work
  • an evaluation of the contextual characteristics of the work
  • an evaluation of the conceptual characteristics or content of the work
  • have appropriate citations to denote any information taken directly from other sources
  • have a bibliography that directs a reader to the sources of the citations and other source material
  • The paper MUST evaluate the physical characteristics of the work that can only be seen when viewing the work in person. Even painted and drawn surfaces have a texture that can be described. I want to you to go see the work in person, do not try doing this work without going to a museum.

When evaluating this paper I will look carefully at:
– meets minimum requirements (word count, topic, etc.)
– well crafted (grammar, spelling, etc.)
– level of discourse (Are you challenging yourself?)
– relative to topic (Does the discussion reflect the work being analyzed?)
– creativity (inventive forms of expression used)


I attached a few files.

1)Sample of paper

2- Two pictures: one of them is the artwork I would talk about, the second one is some information about the artwork and the artist which should be used.

Resources recommended to be from websites.


Virtual Lab: Why Bipedalism? Science Assignment Help

In this exercise, you’ll explore an essential aspect of being human–walking on two legs.
Review the information from Chapter 10 concerning bipedality, particularly pages 248-255.
View this interactive display on the origins of bipedalism from Once you review the above material, answer the questions below.

1. Which of the hypotheses explaining bipedalism discussed in the book or the NOVA interactive seem most plausible to you, and why?

2. Is it possible to test any of the hypotheses on the evolution of bipedalism? What types of evidence (fossil record, reconstruction of ancient environments, tool use, etc) would be useful in evaluating the various hypotheses?

3. What disadvantages or negative side effects are there to bipedal walking? Do we suffer any health effects that can be attributed to the stresses of walking upright?


Article Review regarding children, families and communities that care about children. Writing Assignment Help


Choose an appropriate article. Articles should NOT be too short. An article with jus a few paragraphs, and internet blurb, or a page filled with pictures, are all considered inappropriate for this assignment.

Current event articles include news of politics, government, sports, entertainment and news from other countries, important: the article should involve children or families or communities that care about children’s welfare.

Article example #1: How Teens want to solve America’s Shooting Problem: (Links to an external site.)

Article Example #2: Climate Change is Scaring Kids, Here’s how to talk with them. (Links to an external site.)

Article Example #3: The Good Sport, The pro’s and cons of athletes as Role Models, (Links to an external site.)

Article Example #4: No Joke, Don’t take kids to see the Joker movie. (Links to an external site.)

Read the Article.

Write your Article Review:

Paragraph 1 and 2. Write a summary of the article. Summaries should be at least one good paragraph.

Paragraph 3. Give your opinion of the event or article, write one paragraph agreeing or disagreeing with the event or article, what are the possible outcomes of the event or article or any other opinion you have regarding the article.

Attach a copy of the article, or a web link to the article with your submission.


Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

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