Case study for a veteran – Please read all instructions attached Health Medical Assignment Help

Case study for a veteran – Please read all instructions attached Health Medical Assignment Help. Case study for a veteran – Please read all instructions attached Health Medical Assignment Help.

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I will attach the requirements as well.

You have been provided a case study of a veteran who presents him/herself to you for services. As a caregiver in a local faith-based setting, you decide that you need to develop a plan of action to assist. This plan of action or treatment plan will be designed to address the needs presented in the case.

Imagine that you are working with veterans, as a case manager, at a local faith-based (Christian) agency. You are not a licensed counselor, but you work with programs and develop services and plans that not only utilize professional counselors but also outside services as well.

Your Treatment Plan components:

  • Identify the needs presented in the case study. In this, your first section of the paper, you will identify the needs you perceive your client has as a veteran. Read the case very carefully. Some of the needs may be obviously presented whereas some may be unspoken. It is your task to identify and to describe them. This is the area that you will also use current research to affirm the validity of these common felt needs our veterans have.
  • What kind of services will be needed to meet these needs? This section will vary due to the complexity of issues veterans may have. Some of the needs may require a social support system of some kind; others may need more of an individualized care program, whereas others may need career workshops or various types of skill building classes. You will identify at least 6 needs presented in the case. These needs may be, but not limited to, spiritual, social, family, trauma related, and career/employment.
  • Develop a strategy to address these needs. Although you are not training to be a counselor, you are training to be a worker in the helping profession. This plan is designed to utilize services provided in various areas you identified in your first writing assignment this term to assist the veteran in your case study. Identify for each need where you would refer the veteran for care/service for that need, and what is your expected outcome. How would you measure the effectiveness of the service and the progress made toward meeting the veteran’s needs?

Overall instructions for this writing assignment are:

  • Length of paper: About 10–12 pages (excluding title page and references).
  • Include around 8 current references. These references, as cited in the body of the paper, should provide not only the various services recommended, but how they would be used to mee the client’s needs.
  • Follow current APA style.
  • Papers will be evaluated against the grading rubric, so be sure to review that document, too.

Structure for Paper:

  • APA title page
  • APA abstract
  • Introduction: Explain the purpose of the paper
  • Need 1: In priority order, identify the first of the 6 needs; explain what makes it a significant need warranting services (use research to support this section).
  • Describe the type of services or supports needed (use research to support this section).
  • Identify possible places where the services for this need will be provided (based on information from your survey of services paper).
  • Biblical perspective about this need and/or service required (repeat this format for each of the 6 needs).
  • Summary and conclusions
  • APA reference page

Case study for a veteran – Please read all instructions attached Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Critical essay Humanities Assignment Help

The argument needs a sharper focus. That the play is a revenge play is not quite sharp or argumentative enough; focus as soon as possible on some aspect of revenge in the play — perhaps the most significant ways each son’s approach is different. At this stage, the argument is unclear, and development stalls.

By the time you discuss Gertrude, there is a better focus for that particular sub-topic, and that might help you define the broader argument: Hamlet’s purposes seem more complicated that those of Fortinbras or Laertes.

The later development is good, and needs mainly to be reframed slightly after your main argument is clearer.

MLA: look up how to format various types of titles.

Although she wasn’t part of the conspiracy to kill his father, he felt betrayed by her decision to marry him so soon after his father had died (Stragman, 44) .

I think you should say Claudius instead of using singular third person view. “Him” here may confuse readers that it is Hamlet since you mentioned him earlier in the senten


Progress Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions

This assignment is a take-home essay consisting of 3 questions, 2 pages total, to test knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. Please exclusively use the course materials to support each answer. To answer these questions paraphrase, do not use quotations.

Please answer all three questions below in a paragraph format by listing the number followed by your answer. I recommend using the MEAL plan to organize your paragraphs. For more information, please check out this link. Please cite your sources using in-text citations; a reference list is not needed. Please review your work for errors before submitting it and ensure that it is grammatically correct. Your submission should be no more than 2 pages in length.

1. Explain what Zewei’s article from the week 4 reading was all about. Be sure to identify the thesis and conclusions.

2. What are the main ideas in Steinberg’s article?

3. Based on the Cragg, Arnold, and Muchlinski article from week 6, when and why did “business and human rights” become an international topic? What explains the delay?


Fieldnotes on the Cultural Construction of Gender Humanities Assignment Help

Fieldnotes: The Cultural Construction of Gender Anthropology 102


Observation & Note-taking Instructions

1.) Watch two different TV shows set in the U.S.: 1 drama (e.g., a police drama, legal drama, hospital drama) and 1 family sitcom or somethings similar. There will be more interaction to observe if you watch a show with a larger cast. Avoid shows set before 1960 and those involving supernatural beings, vampires, or aliens.

2.) Closely observe and take notes on how the shows portray genders, gender roles, gender performance and gender ideology or stereotypes. What is portrayed as acceptable, “normal,” or stereotypical? How are masculinity and femininity conveyed? For shows with LGBTQ themes, strive to use LGBTQ terminology appropriately.

3.) In the notes you submit, make it clear which characters you have observed and described. Are they a sister, father, detective, lawyer, doctor, or . . .? If necessary, add the characters’ names. Avoid retelling the whole plot of an episode; give only the minimum necessary to understand the fieldnote observations on the interactions and characters.

4.) Important: Use of terms from Chapter 8 is required — gender, gender roles, gender performance, gender stereotypes, gender ideology, masculinity, femininity. Incorporate these terms in your fieldnote descriptions as appropriate.

Remember, sex differences are biological, but gender “encompasses all the traits that a culture assigns to and inculcates” in those identified as male, female or a another category (Gezon & Kottack, Culture, 2nd ed., 146). Gender roles are the tasks, activities, and behavior that a culture deems appropriate for a particular category of sex (male, female, or third gender). Gender stereotypes are simplistic, preconceived notions about the characteristics and proper roles of males and females.

Notes Format & Length

1.) Length: 1.5 pages. Express each observation in a complete sentence. No sentence fragments or jottings. Use correct spellings, appropriate sentence structure, and punctuation to the best of your ability.

2.) Divide your notes into two sections, one for each show. Provide the exact name of the TV show in quotation marks. Identify the genre– is it a drama or sitcom? Provide the time and day you watched each show, even if you are using streaming video. (Noting the time and date is always a good idea with any fieldnotes.)

3.) Format

• Name in upper right hand corner, class & date. The space taken up by your name or the title of the assignment is not part of the required page length.

• Margins: one inch all sides.

• Notes must be typed.

• For this assignment, try to use space and a half (1.5) so your notes will be easier for me to read.


APA Style – CAT week 1 Writing Assignment Help

Below is a paragraph which contains a direct quote. You would like to use this for a reference but would like to cut down your similarity. Read the below quote and rewrite it in your own words so that the meaning is the same. Make sure to use a citation after your statement since this author gave you the original information. Make sure to add the reference to the bottom of your post. (Keep in mind to paraphrase the entire paragraph and not just the quote below). Please respond in APA style form , abstract not required. Please see attachment to guide for APA. Include citations.

A nurse is asked by another to sign off a medication waste, however the nurse did not show the waste to anyone because she stated it was too busy and no one was around. “How individuals respond to these ethical dilemmas depends on their previous experiences with unethical behavior, their individual personality traits, and their ethical values, as well as their knowledge of ethical principles” (American Nurses Association, [ANA], 2014).

American Nursing Association, (2014). Moral courage in healthcare: Acting ethically even in the presence of risk. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. 15(3). Retrieved from



Fun Nutrition Assignment Health Medical Assignment Help

Fun nutrition assignment, I did a chart for the assignment, I just need the remaining work to be done, since I’ll be busy with other classes!


For this project, you will do the following:

  1. Keep track of what you eat for 3 days.
  2. You can write a report or create a 2-page diet plan that aligns with RDA standards. Make suggestions on how you can add or subtract certain foods to or from your diet in order to meet/achieve 90-110 percent of the recommendations of Pearson’s Diet Analysis or MyPlate. If your intake of a particular nutrient falls between 90 and 110 percent of the recommendations, you do not need to include it in your analysis since this is considered a strength. However, if it doesn’t, then indicate how you could alter your diet to make it fall within the recommended intake. For example, if the diet analysis program says that you’re under for vitamin C, you could say that including a cup of orange juice with your breakfast would provide 124 mg of vitamin C
  3. Your final submission should include the report from Pearson’s Diet Analysis or MyPlate with your intakes and the recommended intakes, and it should include suggestions of dietary changes you could make to fall within 90 and 110 percent of the recommendations for any nutrients for which you fall outside of those parameters.

Fun Nutrition Assignment Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Research Proposal on Rhetorical Analysis Essay Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment you will do a 1 page research proposal prepare a research proposal composing a proposal .Below is an outline of the research proposal. Attache dis my paper on Rhetorical Analysis Essay to help guild you on the Proposal . The proposal should be in MLA Style

Below is the outline for the research proposal :

  1. Discussion of the Topic
  2. Indication of your specific focus
  3. Explanation of why you’re interested in the topic
  4. Research Plan
  5. Schedule

Remember, the topic must be on Rhetorical Analysis Essay and you need access to the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell pages 189 through 254.

Characteristic Features:

A research proposal should say clearly and succinctly what you want to research and how you’ll go about doing so. You’ll need to have done some preliminary background research first. Most of all, remember that the proposal is basically an argument. Your goal is to demonstrate that your project is worth doing and feasible given the time and resources you have available. Your proposal should cover the following ground.

  • A discussion of the topic
  • An indication of your specific focus
  • An explanation of why you’re interested in the topic–remember to demonstrate how your topic was inspired by our reading(s).
  • A research plan
  • A schedule

A discussion of the topic: Explain what your topic is and give any necessary background information. Give some sense of any issues or controversies you want to investigate. Finally, say why the topic matters—so what, and who cares?

An indication of your specific focus: As much as you can at this point, say what your research focus will be, including the research question you plan to pursue and tentative thesis.

An explanation of why you’re interested in the topic. Briefly explain what you already know about your topic and why you’ve chosen to pursue this line of inquiry about it. You might describe any course work, reading, or work you’ve done that contributes to your knowledge and interest. Also note what you don’t yet know but intend to find out through your research.

A research plan: Explain how you plan to investigate your research question: what type of source you’ll need and what your research methods will be. Will you conduct library and internet research? If you plan to do field research*, what do you have in mind?

A schedule: Break your project into tasks and sketch out a schedule, taking into account the writing you’ll need to do. Include any specific tasks required, such as in rough drafts or an annotated bibliography.

Please label the cover sheet

Name: Master Muhammad

Teacher: Professor Wilson

Course: English 101


Genetic Factors Science Assignment Help

Answer each of the questions below using information gathered from your readings, lectures, and outside research. You should provide at least a paragraph response for each of the questions.

  1. What is the difference between genetics and genomics?
  2. What genetic factors are responsible for the resemblance between parents and offspring?
  3. What additional genetic factors increase the resemblance between siblings? Which is important for evolutionary change and why?
  4. Why do some children look more like their mothers and others look more like their fathers?
  5. Explain why a characteristic can “jump” a generation
Be sure that each question is labeled and that you provide at least a 3-4 sentence paragraph for each response.


Bus Econ Forecastg (use R with RStudio) Economics Assignment Help

THE Project.docx

  • Type all your answers in a word document.
  • Provide the R syntax for each question. Do NOT include an R script file.
  • Produce all plots in R and then copy the graphs into Word.
  • Use THE Project-Answer Template.docx to organize your answers.

Yt: US GDP (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Xt:Employed, Usually Work Full Time


A course reflection essay. 2 pages. What did you learn and how will apply what you learned in your future and career Business Finance Assignment Help

the course is STRATEGIC PROCUREMENT AND LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT these are the chapters we cover in the course

Chapter 1 – International Trade

Chapter 2 –Supply Chain Management

Chapter 3 –Infrastructure

Chapter 4 –Methods of Entry

Chapter 6 – Terms of Trade / Incoterms

Chapter 5 –Contracts

Chapter 6 – Terms of Trade / Incoterms

Chapter 7 – Terms of Payment

Chapter 9 -Commercial Documents

Chapter 10 -Insurance

Chapter 11 -Ocean Transportation

Chapter 12 -Air Transportation

Chapter 16 – Customs Clearance


Case study for a veteran – Please read all instructions attached Health Medical Assignment Help

Case study for a veteran – Please read all instructions attached Health Medical Assignment Help

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