Case Study Health Medical Assignment Help

Case Study Health Medical Assignment Help. Case Study Health Medical Assignment Help.

Hello follow instruction. Please review the following case study and answer the following questions. APA format with at least 5 references, no older than 5 years

A fifteen-year-old female presents to your clinic complaining of shortness of breath and a nonproductive nocturnal cough. She states she used to feel this way only with extreme exercise, but lately, she has felt this way continuously. She denies any other upper respiratory symptoms, chest pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, or urinary tract symptoms. Her past medical history is significant only for seasonal allergies, for which she takes a nasal steroid spray but is otherwise on no other medications. She has had no surgeries. Her mother has allergies and eczema, and her father has high blood pressure. She is the only child. She denies smoking and illegal drug use. On examination, she is in no acute distress and her vital signs are: T 98.6, BP 120/80, pulse 80, and respirations 20. Her head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat examinations are essentially normal. Inspection of her anterior and posterior chest shows no abnormalities. On auscultation of her chest, there is decreased air movement and high-pitched whistling on expiration in all lobes. Percussion reveals resonant lungs.

1. What is the chief complaint?

2. What is the diagnosis? Describe and define the diagnosis.

3. Based on the subjective and objective information provided what are the 3 top differential diagnosis listing the presumptive final diagnosis first? Discuss and define each of them

4. What treatment plan would you consider utilizing current evidence based practice guidelines?

5. What education you will provide to the patient and the family?

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On Page Case Brief Summary Rewrite Writing Assignment Help

I want you to rewrite ONE PAGE summary of case brief.

HERE’S ACCESS TO THE WEBSITE I WANT YOU TO REWRITE FROM . The website is only one page one.…











Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security Research Paper (7-10 Pages) Business Finance Assignment Help

Paper requirements 7-10 pages (does not count cover page or reference pages).

Select one of the topics below and write a research paper about it.

It has to be related to USA since the name of the course is Homeland Security.

You can check the news. It can be an event that is occurred in USA and took place in news about one of the five categories below.


–Cyber security

–Crisis communications

–Border security

–Illegal immigration

Please check the sample paper that is attached here and try to make it like that.

I’m expecting a good quality work. It should be more about your work and less citing.

APA format 6th edition


Week Two: Naming Your Practice Business Finance Assignment Help

Following the steps in these week’s required reading: (Insights for Acupuncturists. (n.d.). What you need to know before you name your acupuncture practice (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Retrieved from, you will name your practice in this assignment.

Some of you may have already settled upon a name for your practice. You must still follow the steps below to complete the assignment, as this will help you to determine if the name you have settled on truly represents the best choice for your brand.

Please note that this assignment requires you to interview and include feedback from three people. To indicate you have successfully received feedback from three people, you will include each person’s name and a contact phone number or email for them.

Each component of this assignment requires that you take time to consider your options, and may take several days to complete. As such, you have been given a week and a half to complete this assignment. Begin working on your assignment as soon as you have completed the required readings for this week.

Your assignment should include each of the following sections:

1. Begin by brainstorming several potential names for your practice. Write down three (3) potential names for your practice.

2. Get feedback from three people who do not work in or study Chinese Medicine. These could be your friends, family, colleagues in the complementary medicine field that is not acupuncture, or patients who are already receiving treatments from you in the student clinic. You do not need to indicate your relationship to these people; please only list the persons first and last name and a contact phone number/email. Tell each person the three names you have brainstormed. For each name, ask them what their first thought or image that they associate with each name, and write down a sentence or a few words to describe their response. Now ask them which of the three names they prefer. Indicate on your assignment which of the three names each person prefers.

3. Do an online search for each of the three names. Copy and paste the URL of the first three website hits for each name into your assignment.

4. Choose one of the three names. Write one paragraph explaining why you chose this name over the other two. Did the input you received from your interviews or web searches influence your decision? Why or why not? What do the words you chose mean to you and how did you decide upon them? In what way(s) do they convey your vision and mission? Did you include your name in the name of your practice? Did you include your location? Why or why not?


Some Rubric (2)

Some Rubric (2)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Brainstorming

2.0 pts

Full Marks

Student has presented three potential names for their practice

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Student has included two potential names for his/her practice.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Student has provided one or no potential names for their practice.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Interviews

2.0 pts

Full Marks

Three people have been interviewed. For each person interviewed, the student has provided the person’s full name and contact phone number. For each person interviewed, the student has listed a sentence or words for each of the three names describing the persons’s initial thoughts upon hearing the name. For each of the interviews, one of the three names is selected as “preferred”.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Two to three of the following components are missing: Three people have been interviewed. For each interviewee, the student has provided the person’s full name and contact phone number. For each person interviewed, the student has listed a sentence or words for each of the three names describing the persons’s initial thoughts upon hearing the name. For each of the interviews, one of the three names is selected as “preferred”.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Four or more of the following components are missing: Three people have been interviewed. For each interviewee, the student has provided the person’s full name and contact phone number. For each person interviewed, the student has listed a sentence or words for each of the three names describing the persons’s initial thoughts upon hearing the name. For each of the interviews, one of the three names is selected as “preferred”.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Online Search

2.0 pts

Full Marks

Each of the three names have been searched online. For each name, the top three URLs are provided from the web search.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

One or two of the following is missing: Each of the three names have been searched online. For each name, the top three URLs are provided from the web search.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Three or more of the following is missing: One or two of the following is missing: Each of the three names have been searched online. For each name, the top three URLs are provided from the web search.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Final Name Selection

2.0 pts

Full Marks

In one paragraph, the student has indicated their final name selection. An explanation has been given as to why this name was selected over the other two, including an explanation as to how this name fits with the student’s vision and mission, whether their interviews or online research influenced their name selection, and any other relevant aspects of their decision making.

1.0 pts

Partial Marks

Student has indicated their name selection, but the evaluation of why this name was selected is incomplete. It may not adequately explain how this name fits with the student’s vision and mission for their practice, or they may not have described how other factors influenced their decision.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Student either has not selected a name or has not given a explanation as to why that name was selected.

2.0 pts

Total Points: 8.0


I need help about some questions Business Finance Assignment Help

1. Write a brief summary about the company
(location, size, number of employees, products/services, industry, how many
years in business)

2. SWOT Analysis

A. List and explain the “barriers” and
“opportunities” in the external environment (general and industry environments)

B. List and explain the strengths and
weaknesses of the company

3. What is the competitive advantage
of the company?

4. How does the national culture
play a role in the company’s strategy?

5. What are the main strategies the
company pursues? Explain.

6. Discuss what types of
entrepreneurial pursuits, innovation, and strategic attempts the company
applies to minimize threats and explore opportunities.



Needing help completing one section of my paper Health Medical Assignment Help

I need help completing a section of my paper.. I have attached my chapter 2 and my draft of the section below.. The section I am needing revised is the highlighted portion of the document.

My instructor stated:

You are still using this ‘old source’. I recommend using the sources from Chapter 2 – you do not need any new sources here and I know it is redundant but that is okay to repeat yourself a bit for the reader to clearly understand that this was an evidence based project that bridged a gap in the orientation process. You only need a couple of strong paragraphs here. You identified a problem -> that orientation practices were unorganized and inconsistent. You developed an orientation checklist to bridge this gap. The orientation checklist that you created was informed by evidence from the research literature to bridge the gap that you identified. Cite 2-3 key studies from chapter 2 that support the decision to develop the checklist.

For example, (note how I have identified numerous sources within the same sentence and paragraph).

This project applied best practice recommendations from the research literature to bridge the gap in the current orientation process with an evidence-based solution that improves the orientation experience for newly hired nurses. Orientation programs are complex because they help to socialize newly hired nurses to the team (source, year), familiarize them with the workplace (source year), and provide protected time where they become integrated into the work processes of the organization (Source, year). Orientation checklists facilitate a comprehensive program that supports the needs of the orientee (Source, year), improves communication with the preceptor (source, year), and validates consistent orientation processes across the organization (source, year).

Needing help completing one section of my paper Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Quiz Isol 632 business continuity and disaster recovery planning Computer Science Assignment Help


This quiz covers material in Chapter 11 – 12. There are 30 total questions in this quiz, which consists of true/false statements, fill in the blank, and multiple choice questions. In the fill in the blank portion of the quiz, you will type in your response to the question(s). There are incidences where you can receive credit for your response(s) if marked incorrect. I will go through the quiz after its due date, to make those adjustments. Please double check the spelling of your responses, as you will not receive credit for misspelled words.

Multiple Attempts Not allowed. This test can only be taken once.
Force Completion This test can be saved and resumed later.


  1. A(n) __________________ is the total amount of time that an organization can sustain or tolerate its inoperability until a viable alternative function or capability becomes available.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _____________________ is a movement of employees within positions of the same organizational level rather than by progression or promotion.
    a. task job rotation
    b. horizontal job rotation
    c. vertical job rotation
    d. parallel job rotation

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _______________, in the business continuity policy development identifies workforce member who established policy are most applicable.
    a. purpose
    b. resource requirements
    c. policy
    d. scope

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _________________ actions are taken to manage its immediate physical, health, and environmental impact resulting from an incident.
    a. emergency response
    b. humanitarian assistance
    c. crisis communications
    d. cross-training

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _________________ actions taken by an organization to inform its stakeholders about the timeline of events, actions made, and the rationality behind those actions.
    a. cross-training
    b. emergency response
    c. crisis communications
    d. humanitarian assistance

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _______________ in business continuity policy development provides the necessary planning and coordination to facilitate its relocation of critical business functions if its primary location is inhabitable.
    a. resource requirements
    b. scope
    c. policy
    d. purpose

0.10000 points


  1. A distinction between managers and leaders is that managers influence an organization’s workforce and leaders administer its resources.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _______________________ actions taken by an organization to address services needed to get the business and its stakeholders back to its original level of productivity and satisfaction.
    a. crisis communications
    b. cross-training
    c. humanitarian assistance
    d. emergency response

0.10000 points


  1. Significant disputes that an organization may face when operating under its crisis deactivation mode is an impulse to camouflage specifics regarding its succession planning for its business roles and functions.

0.10000 points


  1. Parts of the business resumption planning process has equivalent structures, as business continuity focuses on resuming operations at the primary facility, while the disaster recovery efforts concentrate on restarting services at an alternative location.

0.10000 points


  1. Category 2 crisis is an organizational-wide disaster that requires evacuation and cessation of business functions pending the resolution fo the incident.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) ___________________ are individuals hired above and beyond the minimum number of personnel that an organization may need to perform its critical or standard business functions.
    a. temporary personnel
    b. recruited personnel
    c. redundant personnel
    d. supplementary personnel

0.10000 points


  1. The BS 255999 details Business Continuity Management Standard requirements in an organization from a risk management viewpoint.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _________________ assists employee’s to cope with changes in their life as a result of surviving a crisis.

0.10000 points


  1. The statement, “We thought we had more important issues to handle” is an example of which type of organizational response?
    a. Deferral
    b. Ignorance
    c. Denial
    d. Inattention to warn

0.10000 points


  1. A(n)________________, in the business continuity policy development provides clarity as to which individual directives an organization should implement and how it should allocate specific assets.
    a. scope
    b. policy
    c. purpose
    d. resource requirements

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) ____________________ is a process that enables an organization with coping with the loss of personnel with minimum disruption to its operational functionality.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _______________ is defined by the ICM as a disruption in an organization’s business that occurs without warning, generates disparaging media coverage, and has an adverse impact on its stakeholders.
    a. humanitarian crisis
    b. sudden crisis
    c. business crisis
    d. smoldering crisis

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _______________ specifics historical points where an organization’s application and data recovery will be restored at an alternative site.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) __________________ is a psychiatric disorder that occurs following experiences or witnessing of life-threatening events, such as, military combat, natural disasters, or a severe accident.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) ___________ is indispensable because it is not only the last response in the recovery process, but it is significant for the continuation of an organization’s major operations when faced with critical business operation interruptions.

0.10000 points


  1. A foundational step in developing a policy to engage in contingency efforts is to focus on instituting the plan.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) ______________ is the amount of information about the organization’s succession plan that its workforce has access before their need to know about the information.

0.10000 points


  1. The difference between fault and blame, is that blame is a human response to deal with the inexplicable travesty that associates with a loss, while fault is a failure to execute due diligence.

0.10000 points


  1. PD 25666 divulges workable strategies to help an organization run effective its business continuity programs.

0.10000 points


  1. PAS 200 is a standard that was designed to help an organization with taking practical steps to improve its ability to deal with a crisis.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) CM’s ______________________ is responsible for overseeing the actions of the crisis management team efforts and management when cooperating disaster recovery and business continuity planning, on an as-needed basis.
    a. communications coordinator
    b. team leader
    c. emergency services coordinator
    d. human resources coordinator

0.10000 points


  1. Business resumption assists an organization with rapidly relocating its critical operational functions to an alternative location until it can transfer back to its primary or new permanent site.

0.10000 points


  1. Smaller organizations may have fewer disaster recovery teams than its more massive business counterparts. At a minimum, the business must have a capacity to reestablish its software, data, hardware, purchase supplies, and coordinate with its leadership to determine what resources should be relocated to its business continuity location.

0.10000 points


  1. A(n) _____________ is a process of accounting for all of an organization’s personnel to determine their safety or whereabouts during an emergency.
    a. employee count
    b. head count
    c. individual count
    d. personnel count


CEGR 436: Elementary Structural Design Design Project Engineering Assignment Help

See the file

You are going to use STAAD Pro

Objectives : 1) To be able to idealize and analyze any structure using fundamental principles of structural design. 2) To understand the basic approach in the analysis and design by using STAADpro

Project Description: Modeling:

The project will involve doing the following mandatory procedures:

Create a model of a seven-story steel frame building in STAAD Pro. The plan of building has a regular beam and column arrangement through 7 stories. Story heights are as follows – first two stories are 15 ft, next 2 stories are 12 ft and the top 3 stories are 10 ft. The small squares indicate column locations. The columns are identified by the lines A – F and 1 – 6. Thus the column shown shaded would be identified as column C-1 and shaded area between C3, D3, C4 and D4 is open area.

Modeling structure includes: (nodes, beams and columns) using STAAD pro; input all primary load cases and LRFD load combinations. Analyze the structure and prepare table of member forces in frame members. All members of the frame – Beams and Columns – are W-sections

More info in the file


planet earth Writing Assignment Help

6.5 page minimum, double spaced 12 point font

Term Paper about Global Climate Change

Please study both sides of the Global Climate Change debate. Relate the two sides of the debate in your own words (no direct quotations, please), then critically evaluate the two sides (eg, who is making the claims, are the authors climate scientists or other “experts,” where do these authors get their funding, ie Heritage Foundation or NSF, etc.).

As a starting point, you can read…
and:; obviously, you should use some other resources as well.


1-2 Page Case Brief Rewrite Writing Assignment Help

I need you to rewrite the case brief below in 1-2( 2 page if needed).

There must be no grammatical errors.

Look up the case Hustler Magazine vs Falwell to get a better understanding of what case if about.

MLA format and please follow the format sample as given below

Facts: On the cover of the November 1983 issue of the Hustler Magazine, it showed a “parody” of an advertisement for Campari Liqueur that contained the name and picture of respondent, Jerry Falwell, and was entitled “Jerry Falwell talks about his first time.” Now Jerry Falwell is a nationally known minister and is known for commentating on politics and public affairs. The ad is about the first time he sampled Campari, but does play on the sexual innuendo of “first times.” The ad did have, however, a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that stated “ad parody—not to be taken seriously.” And in the table of contents, the title of the article was called “Fiction; Ad and Personality Parody.” Letting the readers know that the ad isn’t actually what it sounds like. They also created a caricature about Falwell and his mother, which is part of the politics world.

Issue: the issue is whether the ad’s publication was sufficiently “outrageous” to constitute intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Holding: Upheld yes by Supreme Court unanimous vote of 8-0

And to this I say it was not. For three reasons:

  • There was a disclaimer saying that the ad was a parody and to not be taken seriously and in the table of contents, the title for the article said it was fiction and a personality parody
  • The 1st Amendment doesn’t recognize anything such as a “false” idea.
  • The ad parody is in no way “outrageous” and even if it was that does not make it right(change word?) to bring about a lawsuit about Hustler Magazine.

Argument 1: There was a disclaimer at the bottom of the article and the title in the table of contents even said that article was a parody and to not be taken seriously. With this in mind, there is no reason that Hustler Magazine should have to pay for damages to Jerry Falwell. The ad is does not describe actual facts about the respondent. The ad is just an opinion and is therefore protected by the First Amendment. All over the internet, magazines, any kind of media source there are offensive things being shown. If every time someone got offended and brought up a lawsuit against that person or company, there would be no freedom of speech anymore. Everyone would be too scared to say anything in case they might accidently offend someone. The reason for the first Amendment is so no one has to be scared of what they can say. People can say whatever they want to and not be scared to get charged with something. What Hustler Magazine wrote was not false either; it was a play on words, which isn’t lying. They even made sure to put a disclaimer in the table of contents and on the article page itself to say that the article is fiction and to not be taken seriously.

Argument 2: The 1st Amendment does not recognize any such thing as a “false” idea. However, nothing put into the ad was false, but just a play on words. One of the rights of an American citizen is to criticize public men and measures. In NY Times Co. vs. Sullivan, the court ruled that a public figure may hold a speaker liable for the damage to reputation caused by publication of a defamatory falsehood BUT ONLY IF THE STATEMENT WAS MADE “WITH KNOWLEDGE THAT IT WAS FALSE OR WITH RECKLESS DISREGARD OF WHETHER IT WAS FALSE OR NOT.” At the heart of the 1st Amendment is the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas and opinions on matters of public interest and concern. Hustler Magazine did not write about anything false in their ad about Jerry Falwell. All they did in their ad was put a play on words. The ad could be interpreted anyway, but Jerry Falwell interpreted it as something offensive to him. The point of the play on words is to have people interpret it. Reading the ad, people will realize that it isn’t really about Jerry Falwell’s “first time.”

Argument 3: the definition of outrageous is “grossly offensive” “beyond the bounds of good taste” (unquote).” Just because someone says something offensive to someone else does not mean that they’re violating the law. Violating the law would not be allowing that person to express their own opinions no matter how different they are from the other persons. Just because Hustler Magazine used the term “first times” to describe the article, it was more to make people want to read it then to offend Jerry Falwell. When people actually read the article, they’ll realize that “the first time” that they are actually talking about is the first time Falwell sampled Campari.

People create political ads about politicians that include caricatures all the time and they are not labeled as offensive and have lawsuits brought against them. The point of a caricature is to create a silly picture. Originally, caricatures were meant to have an offensive side to them, but in this case it was meant as a silly picture. If the caricatures of politicians and even the president were thought of as offensive, they would have to be stopped, too. But since they do not find it offensive, unlike Jerry Falwell, they leave them up. “Graphic depictions and satirical cartoons have played a prominent role in public and political debate.” Since Falwell is known for commentating on politics and public affairs, and caricatures are a big part of that world, it makes sense as to why Hustler Magazine created a caricature about him and his mother when he first tried Campari.

Conclusion: Even if people thought that the ad was about Jerry Falwell and “his first time,” 1. Once they read it, they would have realized that it wasn’t about that at all. It was about the first time he sampled Campari 2. They would have seen the disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating that the ad was a parody and to not be taken seriously 3. They also had in the table of contents saying that the ad was fictional.

Comment : The first Amendment doesn’t recognize false statements either. However, the statement about Jerry Falwell’s “first time” was not false. Only a play on words. Which are protected by the 1st Amendment since the statements are not false.The term “outrageous” cannot be used to describe this situation because it isn’t outrageous. The only person the ad is offending is Jerry Farwell. No one else is being offended by it. Therefore, taking offense to something is subjective.

and:; obviously, you should use some other resources as well.