Case Study on Mechanical Hazard Business Finance Assignment Help

Case Study on Mechanical Hazard Business Finance Assignment Help. Case Study on Mechanical Hazard Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Choose one mechanical hazard (Chapter 14 of book) and one fall hazard ( chapter 15 of book). The hazards can be from a workplace you are familiar with, from the textbook. Create a paper containing two parts. The first part will be for the mechanical hazard, and the second part will be for the fall hazard. Complete the following elements for each part of your paper:

  • Describe the processes that create the hazard.
  • Perform a risk assessment using a risk-assessment matrix or a risk-assessment decision tree (example in chapter 14). Explain the steps required to perform the risk assessment. You can choose a matrix or tree that was covered in the lesson or textbook, or create your own. The risk assessment should be based on the assumption that no controls have been installed to date.
  • Evaluate the acceptability of the risk based on your risk assessment.
  • Recommend any controls that you believe would reduce the risk associated with the hazard.
  • Perform a second risk assessment based on your recommended controls.

Your completed assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. You are required to use at least two outside sources, one of which must be the textbook. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.

I will provide the link to the book.

Case Study on Mechanical Hazard Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

8 discussion responses using provided video for each Business Finance Assignment Help

Please be very organized and keep responses separated as they are different questions but the same file is fine.

Please check to see if all links work properly. I will help you if you cannot access the videos but you have to let me know. Please answer the question using the videos and ONLY the videos UNLESS you have knowledge on the subject. In that circumstance I grant you access in incorporate sentences not from the video BUT I still need information from the video in the responses.

Paragraphs should be standard 6-8 sentences. single spaced


Contrast Statistics by R Mathematics Assignment Help

Only use R for both problems and send the codes

Problem 1
Consider an experiment taste-testing four types of chocolate chip cookies: 1 (brand A, chewy,expensive), 2
(brand B, crispy, expensive), 3 (brand C, chewy, inexpensive), 4 (brand D, crispy, inexpensive). We will use
ten different raters randomly assigned to each type (40 total raters). Answer the following questions:

a. Design contrasts to compare chewy with crispy, and expensive with inexpensive.

b. Are your contrasts in part a) orthogonal? Why or why not?

A consumer testing agency obtains four cars from each of six makes: Problem 4.1 Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan,
Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes. Makes 3 and 6 are imported while the others are domestic; makes 4, 5,
and 6 are expensive, while 1, 2, and 3 are less expensive; 1 and 4 are Ford products, while 2 and 5 are GM
products. We wish to compare the six makes on their oil use per 100,000 miles driven.

where the car markers are coded from 1 to 6 corresponding to Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Lincoln, Cadillac, and
Mercedes, respectively. Data are recorded in the response variable.
a. Compute the Analysis of Variance table for this experiment. What would you conclude?

b. There are many meaningful contrasts that can be construced. Consider two of them below. Design
the contrasts to answer the following research questions and obtain the corresponding 95% confidence
interval for two-sided alternatives. Report the meaning of confidence interval for each contrast.

1. Design a contrast to compare the oil use in imported cars with that in exported cars.

2. Design a contrast to compare the oil use in cheap cars with that in expensive cars.

(please note that you need to change the format from .docx to .csv in order to be able to open the data, i was not able to upload the csv file)


Discussion with 2 replay Writing Assignment Help

Make sure you use this book… and there will be a 2 replay 2 student after you done with the main discussion

Case Discussion 3: Russia Options Menu: Forum

Part 1:

Briefly describe the making of the modern state of Russia. Then summarize the structure of the government, including both the state and the legislature. What aspects of the economy and society are significant influences on the politics of the state? What does the future look like for Russia. (Note: we have all read the chapter, so keep this part of the forum brief. Focus on what you think is most important for your analysis)

Part 2:

What do you see as positive and negative aspects of the system of government of Russia. Why do you feel this way and what are you comparing it to? Is there anything that you think should be implemented by governments of other countries or aspects that others should be cautioned away from? (Note: This is the most substantive part of the forum assignment. Critically analyze the information from this weeks reading.)


Group Proposal Humanities Assignment Help

I will send over access to the course textbook upon successful acceptance of the bid and provide these directions in a word document as attached.

Submit a written proposal for a group you would like to lead in the future. The purpose of this assignment is to provide hands-on experience in planning a group. This proposal should include an outline for six (6) 1.5 hour sessions of group and should include the following components:

  • Description of the group
  • Issue the group will address
  • Age the group will target
  • Leadership style of the group leader
  • Detailed agenda for 6 group sessions
  • Explanation of the transitions between group stages

Your paper should be in APA format (no abstract) and divided into the sections as listed in the rubric below:

Group Proposal Project Rubric

Paper Sections

(please ensure your paper is in this order)

Possible Points

Title Page


Introduction and Rationale (1 page or less)



Describe the type of group you are proposing and the need, or reasons, for the group you are forming. In your description of why you are proposing your particular group, make sure to include personal knowledge and research that supports the use and effectiveness of support groups with the targeted population.


Sessions Outline x 6 (2 pages or less). For each 1.5 hour individual session

List the specific goals to be accomplished.

Under each goal, list the specific actions, exercises or processes that will be used to accomplish each goal and the amount of time that will be given to each activity.

List the supplies needed

Describe the room set up and explain rationale


(7.5 for each session)

Marketing and Screening (2 pages or less)

Describe the intended audience/potential members

Describe the criteria for determining who should not be included in the group and why

Develop a flyer that will advertise your group so that potential group members will have enough information to decide on joining your group.


Theory (1 page or less)

Describe the particular counseling theory you will use and why

Describe how your theory will inform your particular goals


Consent (1 page or less)

Develop a consent form to be completed by each participant that is based on what you have learned in the course



Survey instrument

Develop a survey instrument (No more than one page), to be given to your group members at the end of the group, that will solicit information so that you can evaluate whether your group accomplished the goals stated above.


ProblemSolving (2 pages or less)

Based on recommendations from group experts, describe how you will address each potential group problem listed below:

o The chronic talker

o The silent member

o The member who attacks another in the group

o The member who stops coming


References (5 minimum)

All your ideas and assertions must be supported by professional books and articles only.

All references need to be current and scholarly within 10 years.


APA Format, Grammar, and Professional Writing

Your paper should be formatted in APA and include running head, subheadings, and page numbers. References within and in bibliography should be APA formatted.






Need to use IBM SPSS Statistics 22 to attempt assignment, after which need to do a write up on the findings. Business Finance Assignment Help

The main task of the assignment is to draft a report to recommend a human capital measurement system. Students should thus view the three proposed sections as interlinked. The analysis of the customer satisfaction survey data is to support your recommendation of the HC measurement system (i.e. the HR scorecard). The dataset is to help you understanding how the company is doing and the role of human capital in the business. With this, you can start to build your argument for HC measurement.

2. You may append the human capital-to-enterprise pathway as an Annex and use the space in the report to explain the map, especially the linkages. I also advise students to (a) identify a single competitive strategy for the company and (b) identify at most two business units that are critical to delivering the competitive strategy. This will keep to ensure that the maps are clear and explanation detailed. Given the five page word-limit, it will be difficult to cover more.

3. The HR scorecard comprises five elements: Business objectives, HR deliverable, HR efficiency, HR alignment and High Performance Work System. Each HR deliverable will require detailing of the HR efficiency, HR alignment and High Performance Work System as these are the factors that drive the HR deliverable. So, if you identifying two business output with one HR deliverable for each output, you will have two sets of scorecard.

Assignment required tutor to utilize SPSS application, after which do a write up on the findings.

Only take up Q if tutor have knowledge on SPSS application and Human Resource Management.

Attached is the Customer Survery Dataset which needs to be analysed. Thereafter, to attempt the assignment which is attached in file ( HRM 318 PT TMA Jan 2020).

Additional course materials are attached (HRM 318_ StudyGuide)

Need to use IBM SPSS Statistics 22 to attempt assignment, after which need to do a write up on the findings. Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Journals about accounting Business Finance Assignment Help

You will write 5 journals based on the material that I will attach for you. Journal 1 will correspond to week 1(part 1 and 2), Journal 2 will correspond to week 2(part 1 and 2), week 3 will correspond to week 3, Journal 4 will correspond to week 4, Journal 5 will correspond to week 5:

After discussing this week’s material with your group, write a 500-750 word journal discussing the topic and how it applies to your. Apply the material to your desired role after graduating (work in a company that import and export products). Use Microsoft Word — Double-Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font.

To get full points, you must meet all the criteria:

Reflection demonstrates a high degree of critical thinking in applying, analyzing, and evaluating key course concepts and theories from readings, lectures, media, discussions activities, and/or assignments. Insightful and relevant connections made through contextual explanations, inferences, and examples.

Conveys strong evidence of reflection on own work. Demonstrates significant personal growth and awareness of deeper meaning through inferences made, examples, well-developed insights, and substantial depth in perceptions and challenges. Synthesizes current experience into future implications.

Well written and clearly organized using standard English, characterized by elements of a strong writing style and basically free from grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling errors.


write about the country Mexico Business Finance Assignment Help

I need 8 slide powerpoint with pictures addressing the following questions, as well as AN OUTLINE. Include references at the end of the slides.

  1. What is the culture’s communication style like?
  2. What is the culture’s attitude toward conflict?
  3. What is this culture’s attitude towards working in groups and teams?
  4. What cultural customs are different than the United States?
  5. Considering all these factors, what do you need to know if you are treating a patient of the assigned nationality?

Develop a power point to accompany your presentation. Your PowerPoint should include at least six slides, have an appropriate background style and cover the following:

  • Introduction to the Culture (include geographic location, language, dominant religion, Food, etc.)
  • Body – Addressing questions 1 – 4 above.
  • Conclusions – Question #5 above.


question and answer Business Finance Assignment Help

all the cases in this link

: Surfer Dude Duds, Inc.

[1] What are Scott’s options?
[ [2] How might a going-concern explanatory paragraph become a “self-fulfilling prophecy” for Surfer Dude?
[3] What potential implications arise for the accounting firm if they issue an unqualified report without the going-concern explanatory paragraph?

: Murchison Technologies, Inc.

[2] Based on your review of the attorney’s confirmation, which of the three ranges of probability of loss do you think the Physicians Software Inc., claim falls? How does that assessment differ from management’s assessment of the loss probability?
[3] Assume that Dunn & King’s letter did not include their assessment that the outcome “…in this case, is more than remote but less than likely“ but instead included one of the following statements. What action would you take in response to each scenario (consider each statement independently)?
[a] “We believe the plaintiff’s case against the company is without merit.”
[b] “We believe that a negative outcome for Murchison is most likely, but we are unable to assess the amount of damages that might be imposed.”
[c] “This action involves unusual circumstances where there is no prior legal precedent. We think the Physicians Software will have difficulty establishing liability for Murchison; however, if Physicians Software is successful, the settlement would be substantial.”
: [5] Assuming that management and the attorney’s assessments differ, how would you resolve such differences when assessing the potential for an unfavorable outcome associated with the claim? What are the pros and cons of relying on the attorney’s assessment versus management’s assessment?

: Auto Parts, Inc.

[1] Describe whether you agree that capitalization of the tooling supplies is the preferable method of accounting for Auto Parts, Inc.
[3] Assuming the policy change is considered material, how should it be reported and disclosed in the 2018 financial statements and what would be the effect, if any, of the accounting change on the auditor’s report?
: [4] Do you concur with management’s assessment that the accounting change is immaterial and, therefore, requires no disclosure? Why or why not?


Write an Executive Summary Identifying the Risks and Benefits of Organizational Change Health Medical Assignment Help


Identify concepts in organizational decisions, strategic alliances, and managing efficiency and effectiveness.


As an outside healthcare consultant, you have been hired by Gotham City Hospital to conduct and write a risk analysis report about upcoming organizational changes at the hospital. The most important change being proposed by hospital leadership is allowing non-medically-trained staff greater decision-making powers and responsibilities in regards to management of medical staff, facility resources, and at times, treatments provided by the hospital.

Your role as an outside healthcare consultant is to develop a three-page executive summary to identify the risks and benefits of the organizational change at the hospital.

Write a three-page executive summary that will be sent to executive staff at the healthcare facility in order to make organizational changes and processes at the hospital.

Topics should include:

  • The pros and cons of having non-medical staff making medical decisions.
  • The importance of the management of resources, including staff, money, and inventory.
  • Getting the buy-in of facility staff and administrators with suggested changes.

NOTE – APA formatting for the reference list and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required. APA help is available from this link – APA.

For help writing executive summariesHow do I write and properly format an executive summary?


Case Study on Mechanical Hazard Business Finance Assignment Help

Case Study on Mechanical Hazard Business Finance Assignment Help

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